What I Have Done Today To Make Me Feel Proud

Pierced Through the Heart


Look at me, with my teeny little sensible hoop earrings! SUCH A BADASS. That must be why I'm giving myself the stink-eye in this photo.

Here's a close-up of the new hole vs. the old-n-busted sinkhole one:


And my peach-fuzz sideburns. You are WELCOME. 

So, obviously, I did it! I went to a local and reputable tattoo-and-body-piercing emporium and was all, hello, I would like to be your most boring customer ever.  I almost wished there was something else I wanted pierced just so I'd seem a little less lame. Honestly, it's probably amazing that I left the shop with just the ear piercing -- I could really see myself getting a giant impulse-buy dragon tattoo, out of a misguided attempt to be polite.


For Mother's Day, I slept in, then had breakfast in bed, then had to wash Hollandaise sauce from the sheets, then took my own solo self shoe shopping. While I was still sleeping, Noah (with Jason's help) wrote out a large Happy Mother's Day banner. Jason then photographed them all holding it, then made a card of the picture, which they then delivered to me with great ceremony and huzzah. It was all very sweet and overly-complicated, especially when I found the outtakes on our memory card:





Noah is so very proud of that banner, by the way. It says HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY on top, and EZRA JASON NOAH underneath, and he tried very hard to draw a heart. "For love, Mommy," he told me later, when he showed me the actual banner. "I drew that for love." 



Awwww. Just awwww.

That is all.

Hi, I'm Natalie.

Holy crap, Noah is the spitting image of his father.


That last line is such a sucker punch! I know this is a given, but damn you write well.

Megan (Best of Fates)

I can only imagine that a morning washing Hollandaise sauce out of bedsheets is a signifier of the best night ever.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Your boys are adorable!! What a sweet banner.

The earrings look waaaaay badass. I would totally believe you have a dragon tattoo. And not because you're polite. But because you are Bad. Ass.


That's really freakin' sweet! I love how Ezra's all DIS BANNER LOOKS YUMMY. Happy Mother's Day! Hope you got some uber cute shoes!


Oh my god "for love..." You just made my overies weep.


this strikes a chord with me. I got my ears pierced for the first time EVER at age 34. (Yes, 34.)
I wanted to get them done at a tattoo/piercing place, and I wanted the kind of hoops you got. But I was embarrassed about being their most boring customer ever, and getting a tattoo just to feel less awkward about it! So I went to Claire's instead! I chickened out but you stayed strong!




One of these days, my firstborn and my yet-to-be made may do something sweet like that, too. If they read your blog, that is. Because your hubs? Creative dude, that.


Your guys are so sweet. I have to brush my teeth right away.


Aw, too cute! I love the banner! The outtakes always make it more interesting. Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day!

And is that a macrame necklace you are sporting? Fierce!


I really need to quit pulling up this site at work, because I always, always, ALWAYS cry! I'm sure my superiors here think it's menopause or something.


My mom got her ears pieced 12 years ago--at age 65. She felt funny, too.

Love this post. Love it with the heat of 1000 suns.


Beautiful, lovely, precious boys as usual, of course!

But, um... what's the lip gloss you have on in the first picture? Because it's the shade I've spent a half a fortune trying to find.


I completely identify with the concern that you might have gotten a giant dragon tattoo just to be polite.


Your kids are adorable as usual, but it's Jason's personality in these pics that has me cracking up. I love outtakes.

teh Duchess

Ooooh, shiny! Are the macrame-type flowers in that first picture a necklace? Or are they part of your shirt?

Lastly, your boys are adorable and fabulous.


congrats on the earrings! woohoo! i am cracking up over the image of both noah and ezra looking down. hilarious! happy mother's day!


So adorable! My favorite is the picture where Jason looks very excited to be having his picture taken and the boys are totally engrossed in the banner. Super cute.

Heather Ben

so cute!


I wear gold hoops - they're TOTALLY bad ass.

Loving the outtakes.


I love the banner, what a super rabble of three boys you have. Well, I'm assuming "rabble" is the collective noun for boys.


really cute. I will be saving the envelope that my five year old addressed to mommy.

my two year old gave me puking on a towel and missing the couch. It was damn thoughtful gift.


Well, damn. Make me smile wistfully, why don't you?

M. Bailey

"I drew that for love" is just so precious!! I think maybe he likes you!! :)

Domesticated Gal

In between twitching and shuddering at the thought of having my baby rip out my earrings (but too scared to take them out for the next 2 years since I will NEVER be able to get them repierced) - Very proud of you for getting them repierced! I'm not sure how much whiskey it would take to get me back into a piercing chair, but I'm fairly certain we don't have it on hand.


I must say you are gorgeous in that pic with your new piercing!! Also, it is so sweet what Jason and the boys did for Mother's Day. One thing I want to know though is what shoes did you buy!?!


"For love Mommy". Nothing much sweeter than that.

You're rockin' those hoops.


You're one accomplished mom with a loving husband and wonderful kids. Thanks for being an inspiration. By the way, this personal safety devices for women like us might interest you. Thanks and more power!


Noah just melted my heart.. So very sweet and yay to your hubs and boys for being so creative.LOVE when you show the outtakes.. :-)

From Belgium

big huge 'awwwww'


Shoes! Show us the New Shoes from the Solo Shoe Shopping Spree please :-)


PaintingChef! With the VERY IMPORTANT LIP GLOSS QUESTION! It's Chanel Glossimer in Glaze. Looks weirdly purple in the tube but goes on as a perfectly perfect sheer pink neutral. Costs a fortune but it's soooooo worth it.


(Also the flowers are a scarf/necklace thing from Etsy.)


That is the best banner ever! How fun and so personal.


Am literally crying. Just beautiful. Jason needs to give lessons.
btw, my favorite outtake is Jason with the banner covering both boys' heads. Just awesome.
Ears look good, too!


Heart or no heart, the fact that Noah managed to make his "Happy Mother's Day" banner also sort of say "Happy Mother's... DAYUM" shows me that he's awesome beyond his years.

Parsing Nonsense

But what kind of SHOES did you buy?


aww, c'mon, you are holding out on us. show us the tatt.

Elizabeth @ Table for Five

The banner - awwww! I got a card from each kid, and Ryan helped Kaitlyn "write" her name in hers. Next year she'll be in preschool so I'm hoping for a messy, gluey handmade card.

Good job on the piercing! I didn't know about your ear thing, I'll be careful not to touch your ears when I give you a smooshy hug at BlogHer :) I think little gold hoops are classic and go with pretty much everything. I'm currently letting Kaitlyn's holes close up because when I took her to Claire's to get them pierced, they put one of the holes practically at the bottom of her ear!

And that Chanel lip gloss? I would have NEVER thought something that really does look purple in the tube would be such a pretty neutral pink!

Plano Mom

I could really see myself getting a giant impulse-buy dragon tattoo, out of a misguided attempt to be polite.

I laughed my ass off on that one - wish that could be true! The unbelieveably funny diet...

Pics are amazing. I still have my MD card from my five year old - he's 11 now. I keep each year's card framed in my office, to remind me of what is really my most important success.


Oh honey that's adorable! What an adorable mother's day gift.
Congrats on your new ear piercings!!! Losing an earring is one of my hugest fears as well and I have OK-placed piercings. Good for you for remedying what must have been a major fear when someone swooped in for a hug! And with children around you, too. Eee!

And I have to agree with Hi, I'm Natalie. Noah looks so much like Jason. SO cute.

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aww, c'mon, you are holding out on us. show us the tatt

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