A Very Good Weekend
Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before


So help me, I'm potty-training the baby. 


Okay, so far it's technically been more of an exploratory mission to gauge potential interest, but early results appear to be promising, though the paper towel usage readouts have been...lengthy. Also: damp. But still. I think we're on the verge of a breakthrough, because the kid's got heart. He's hungry. He wants it. Eyes on the big boy pants prize.  His coach is just having a hard time with the fancy iPhone app she got to help her with the timing. Also: keeping her business/sports metaphors consistent. 

Obviously, this is not a process I shall be extensively documenting, but here is a photo that I believe demonstrates that yes, I am fully aware of how insane I sound right now:





Wait. There is an iPhone potty training app? OMFG.


Lauren: Seriously, there's like a DOZEN of them. The apps are going to rule us all, in the end.

Suzy Q

Good luck, and go for it! I was one of those precocious children who was trained at 18 months. I think it was because my mom didn't have a lot of patience with the diapers.


Wow. I thought the apps for timing contractions were ingenius and now this. Going to the app store right now as I am desperate. Do you think there's an app for breaking them of their pacifier as well?

Parsing Nonsense

Woo hoo, good luck with that! My niece used to get ice cream as a reward for pooping in the toilet, so we'd line up all the quarts of ice cream along the bathroom wall and she'd stare at them for motivation.


Holy Crap! That is awesome. Are you also using some sort of reward system? My son thinks the toilet is where you sit without any pants on to "read" magazines (He's 2 - he points out if there's a truck or a cat). He refuses to actually do anything. So please keep us updated!!!


I have a friend whose daughter trained at 10 months...not even the slightly freaky elimination communication way, just straight up put a potty seat in the bathroom by the toilet one day. By 10 months she would use it on her own whenever somebody else went.
They used cloth diapers as well and she HATED being wet (only used natural fabrics so no moisture wicking).
My 12 month old hates being wet, but likes to wear anything remotely hat looking on her head so I've yet to experiment with the potty seat (hat).
What I am getting at is that its not all that insane potty learning the Mighty Ez.


Kids were potty trained by two in the 1950s--statistically. It wasn't until recently that parents began waiting until the child was "ready." I don't mean that in a condescending way at all, just to be clear. I have a factoid obsession.

Also, I don't have kids. I know next to nothing about potty training.


Good luck and go Ez. I have a 20 month old and I've thought about it, but we have wall-to-wall carpet. So... no.


Good luck to you! My almost 3 yr old loves sitting on his potty when someone else is going but has a distinct aversion to actually doing anything on it, or even taking his pants off for that matter. Requesting such from him is akin to inciting a riot.


Wow. Go Ez! Though I'm a little disturbed how the apps are going to run our lives pretty soon.

And that is quite the 'Major Award'. At least Ceiba is suitably impressed...

Sprite's Keeper

Sure, there's an app for that, but is there a wet wipe for it too?


No mention of Star Wars Day!!! May the 4th be with you....


We did elimination communication early on with our 14 month old, then when he got mobile we dropped it (he also started day care at that time and the logistics were too much). Now that he's a bit more aware (and can walk) we're starting to get him used to the potty, what it's for, etc., though not exactly "training." I wish you could/would chronicle your process here, just so I could use you as a role model!


My son, just a month or two older than yours, recently decided that he really likes to sit on the potty. So all day long he wanders around asking for the "potty," though he has yet to actually DO anything on it. But I'm with you, we are so almost there. Right?! My 4yo didn't decide he wanted to sit on the potty until he was 3-1/2, and only then after I goated him with a potty fairy (long story). Anyway, this seems promising.


In the pre-disposable diaper era, babies were routinely potty trained by 18 months. (And no, they didn't all turn out to be obsessive compulsive). We cloth diapered and my son was 22 months old when he was completely, even night-time, potty trained. And we were extremely gentle and not at all pushy about it. It can be done! Go Ezra!


I second the request to keep us updated.. a few months behind you and I have NO idea how this process works (quaking in corner)!


that's a pretty big... bird.


My daughter is 18 months, and we have had the potty chair out "to get aquainted with" for months. She drags it around and puts the bowl on her head too. Luckily (I suppose) she's only put pee in it a couple of times, so I guess it's not too dirty.

She does like sitting on it before/after bathtime, and she is starting to tell us (sometimes) when she needs a change (signs "stinky" or "diaper" or, once "pee pee" then "diaper") so there's some awareness there.

We cloth diaper, so I'm hoping she'll train on the earlier side, as they say they do.

Oh - and the other day, my partner was tickling her and she signed "pee-pee."

Yes, Honey, it has that effect on me, too!

Jen L.

I kind of want a poster-sized print of that Ceiba picture!


I heart Ceiba.


I'm sorry, I'm just in denial Ezra is old enough to be potty trained.

It is so Sunrise, Sunset.


Good for you! I'm also in the share your experience or at least tips camp.

We cloth diaper also and I am hoping MP trains early (she's a year old on the 18th). I'm hoping this not because using cloth is SO HARD (as some of my friends say), but I am super sick of having throw downs with her over diaper changes.

LD's Mom

That's cool about Ezra. My LD who is the same age is not showing any signs of readiness yet. However, I'm totally on to you. The only reason you posted that picture was because you wanted to show us your prize bird. It is mighty big, I must admit. :)


WOW, that IS a GIANT duckie.

Daily Cup of Jo

Okay, yeah, I think it's most important not to screw up the sports metaphors, especially with boys. Sweet Jesus, I don't miss the potty training days. Great picture, though.

Genevieve @ Adventures in Suburbia

I agree with the many others who want updates! :)


Ugh. The potty training. How I am not looking forward to you, and yet... how I long for the days I am past you. I think my 18-month-old is allllmost ready for it, with effort I probably could have done it in the past few months. However. With a new bebe being added to the mix shortly (like, really shortly. I'm due in a week), I figured we had better wait, since I hear all this talk about "regressing when the baby comes" and I really don't want to have to potty train the same kid multiple times.

So, I'm thinking that this summer might just be naked summer at our house. Naked and learn to pee in the potty summer.




Hee - Quixotelah. I love it.

Duckie = OMFG WIN!

Ceiba = nom nom little fat dog, soooo want to rub your fat belly (is that, like, totally wrong and sick?)

Potty training = holy crap (pun!) another reason I'm too scared to have kids.


My sister-in-law took so long to be potty trained she used to wrap herself in diapers at night. I think she was about five when she finally made it.

What I am trying to say is, way to go starting now and good luck! :-)


Mine's 14 months, and this will definitely be a naked bottom summer! We are also cloth diapering, but our super awesome wicking BumGeniuses might be replaced with wet and soggy pre-folds just for a few months!

gotta go get "an App for that"


I can't believe your neighbors haven't lined up begging for a chance to pet that duck.

Good luck with the potty training. I just wish my almost 6 year old would stop with the bed wetting. I guess with sensory issues and a disrupted toddlerhood, I may be shelling out cash for Goodnights for a little while longer. Sigh.

From Belgium

My cat would love to have a go at your bird. My daughter would love to get her hands on your dog. Good thing there is an ocean between us...


Go, Ezra, GO!


Yes!! We are just starting to train the baby as well! She's 17 months. We're hoping by 2, she'll be good.
It can be done, right?


Good luck with the potty training! I hope it goes alright for you. And i loved your post about the weekends. It was so sweet!


OK - so you've driven me out of lurking with today's post. PLEASE tell me which iphone app, and also, as a sage second-time mum, can you share the wisdom on how on earth do you potty train? Do you just remove the trousers? Do you bribe? My 16 month old is ready I think, and I thought it might be a good idea to do it before we replace the hallway carpet. But he refuses to sit on the cheap ikea potty (is it too uncomfortable?) and so that's where I get stuck.
(oh and thank you for sharing your life with us and everything - you are brilliant xx)


It will be a naked bottom summer at our house, too - Snackbox is 17 months old TODAY and loves playing with his potty (but has only mimed sitting on it). He spends two days a week with my inlaws through June, and I don't want to have to train them on potty training, so we'll wait until July. That gives us almost three months to get it ingrained before Baby #2 disrupts his universe...

I am so far behind on the iPhone I might as well go back to a rotary-dial wall-mounted telephone... OF COURSE there's an app for potty training!

pomme foolery

After potty training two boys and starting on a third, I can say with confidence that the potty you choose is KEY, and that different children have different preferences. Most recent discovery that makes me wish I had know about it with my first: a miniature free-standing urinal that actually flushes (no, I am not kidding, and it's the cutest thing ever and not icky or difficult to keep clean)

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