Farmville, Part Two

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And how was your weekend?


Ours could have been a little better, honestly.


This is all thanks to a mosquito bite. 


Ezra's always had fairly -- ahem -- DRAMATIC reactions to mosquitoes. He gets huge, hot, blistery red welts that take ages to heal. And of course, he's always been an absolute magnet for the little bloodsuckers. 

(Noah, on the other hand, doesn't even ever appear to get bit in the first place, and gets only the faintest passing bump when he does.)

This year, though.


The mosquitoes started biting just a few days ago. I've gotten a good half dozen already, and Noah actually complained of itching for the first time in his life. Ezra got one on his calf, and it swelled up so much you could see the difference in his leg size from across the room before it blistered and scabbed over. So I knew we were in for it when we spotted the bite on his cheek Sunday night. 

Kind of. Little did I know. Yesterday he mostly looked like he'd suffered a little fall into a table's edge -- a big oversized patch of red to match his bitchin' forehead scars. But as the day went on he got increasingly...puffy. We dosed him with some Benadryl and hydrocortisone cream before his nap...and when it was time to wake him up it was something like GAAAAAAHHHHH WHAT HAPPENED TO MAH BABY. 

Whole side of his face. Burning hot and hard to the touch. Eye swelled completely shut. Trouble chewing and swallowing. ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS. ALL WE WANT IS ONE NICE GODDAMN BARBEQUE WITHOUT DRAMA OF OBSCURE MEDICAL ORIGINS.

(As did, I am sure, our pediatrician, who probably loved getting her own day off interrupted by a description of a mutant mosquito bite.) (FROM SPACE!)

So. Yeah. This was all very fun. "Skeeter Syndrome" sounds like made-up hillbilly talk but is like, an actual thing that you can have. Because everything is a thing! Round-the-clock Benadryl is helping (these photos are from this morning, once he was on the mend), and we're off to talk to the doctor again about some allergy tests. (I admit I'm worried about what this might mean for spiders and bees.) Oh, and maybe a permanent undercoating of lemon eucalyptus and DEET. 

Welcome, summer! You asshole.


Barbara Martin

I used to have the same reaction as a child--so they gave me like a 1/2 tsp. of Benadryl every day for the whole summer. That was a kazillion years ago so lord knows if that's still an accepted method of overmedicating your child, but it did totally work.


My older son did the EXACT same thing. One time he fell into a mess of them at my MIL's house, and got bit seven times. He ran 101.0+ fever for four days.

Luckily, he grew out it, because. Damn.


Marielle has the same thing. Around the eyes is always the biggest, and after sleeping is the absolute worst. Something about circulation blah blah blah. I wasn't really listening at the doc's by then.

I sent her to school last year with her eye swollen shut and I'm pretty sure they've been eyeing me suspiciously ever since.


My brother had the same problem. One bite and a limb or his face or even one side of his chest would swell to epic propotions. Good news is he out grew it and now bites are just annoying like they are for the rest of us. So don't worry... there's hope. :)

Heather Ben

poor baby!

Sprite's Keeper

Poor Ezra! Hope he's back to 100% soon, he's got the pout down perfectly. :-)


Oh mah goodness! I have about 2 dozen photos of myself as a toddler/child/teenager looking exactly the same. I always told people I was allergic to mosquito bites (and they would look at me like I was an idiot), but didn't know there was a name for it! Poor Ez, sheesh. We both suffer skeeter syndrome, apparently. If there is one mosquito in the room, I will get attacked repeatedly. Every summer growing up I would have swollen shut eyes, huge lips, ears... you name it. (Why do they always go for the face?!) It seems to stop as you get older. Not fun. Evil bloodsuckers. Hope you got some bbq eventually.


Poor little man!
(I am crazy allergic to fire ants (I have to carry an epi-pen!), so I can sympathize). Mosquitoes love me, too.


P.S. I don't have any other allergies (to bees, spiders, etc.) if that is any consolation.


OMG, your poor baby!

I want to cry just looking at him. But I'm really effing tired, so don't mind me.

From Belgium

Oh my. Your poor baby!
You can try to put a cotton drenched in vinegar on the bite when you first notice it. This (for reasons I do not understand) helps with the swelling.


Poor Ez.
I had the same thing growing up in the south - the mosquitoes are apparently different up here in Philly.

No problem with bees or spiders.
Vitamin B helped me not be so tasty to them in the first place.

And oddly enough, toothpaste (not the gel) helped with the swelling and the itching (not on broken skin). You get desperate enough, and you'll smear anything on those suckers.


My son has the exact same reaction to mosquito bites, and spider bites. He is 5 and a few weeks ago we went to see our family doc for a similar reaction on his face. The side of his face and eye were so swollen! Our doc said that the allergists here (in Canada) won't see him unless he is allergic to bee stings. So far he hasn't been stung by one, but I am afraid to see what will happen when he is. But half of me wants him to get stung, while I am around, just to see if he reacts at all. Yes I want my boy to get stung. Mother of the year I am!

FreeRange Pamela

Oh, goodness. I think you just helped me diagnose what I thought was "a little fall onto a table's edge" -- those darned beasts! Makes me happier (if this is possible) that we are moving to a place with no outdoor space.


Ohhhh - Poor baby! Can I feed him some ice cream? He totally looks like he needs a snack.

My Maxx, who is almost 6, used to swell up like that with black fly bites - he has seasonal allergies, asthma and nut allergies on top of extreme reactions to bug bites so he gets dosed with all kinds of antihistamines and bronchio-dilators daily. Last year wasn't as bad as the year before and this year he hasn't had any big reactions yet so maybe you and Ezra won't have to deal with this for very long.


Holy crap, that poor baby's face! I used to do this as a kid...bites would swell really big and get really, really hot, but it seems like I've outgrown it and bites just itch like normal now.


My little guy was the same way as a wee thing. Have photos as well. He seems to be outgrowing it now at nine. Hugs.


Poor baby :(

Have you tried dosing him up on b1? We went to cam in a swamp and after our first week there my sister looked like she had the chicken pox. One of the counselors suggested we try taking vitamin B1 and it really seemed to help. In any case it's a water soluble vitamin so it probably can't hurt.


My brother was the same when we were kids, plus allergic to a million other things too. I don't think he reacts like that anymore. My mom used to put meat tenderizer on the bites. I use it now on my kids and it works like nothing else, seriously. Better than any kind of cream you can get at taking away the swelling AND the itch. Just mix it into a paste with a little water and try it, really.

Two of my kids react fairly strongly to mosquitoes (like me) and the other one takes after Daddy and hardly notices them. Jerks.


Poor guy!!

Katie Kat

Oh dear - he looks so MAD! Poor little bunny! I have never heard of "Skeeter Syndrome" - I think the doc made it up so they can charge you extra. :) Hope he feels better fast and some of the home remedies here help!


After Bite works great.

Or else mix some Accent/MSG with a drop of water or two into a paste and apply. You know, in case you ever put your kid into a car seat, and he cries all the way home, you get annoyed, and then when you get him out you discover he was sitting on a bee the entire time and had been stung.


There's a picture of me as a kid with the same thing! One bug bite and I blew up like a balloon. I'll have to see if I can find the picture. Wouldn't want poor Ez to think he's alone in his misery.

On the plus side, I'm not allergic to bees. Like, I get stung and it hurts but I don't stop breathing or anything. But sometimes the stings get swollen like a bug bite.

Hug that cute muffin for me! Poor thing!


Seriously? Mosquito bites? Jeez, what's next? I have a similar, localized reaction to wasp stings but who'd have thought getting bit by a "skeeter" would do that to him. I feel terrible for the poor little guy (and you and Jason - you must have been freaked OUT when you got him up from his nap). I hope the swelling goes down quickly.


Poor Ez, it looks like he went ten rounds in the ring with the blood suckers.

Good luck at the doctor's office.


Oh and I remember thinking the fact that it got hot was alternately the coolest and most irritating thing ever.

I used to hold my free hand to wherever the giant swollen bugbite site was. and hold cold sodas or ice packs to it. It helps...


Wow, that is one heck of a reaction! Poor guy ..... I love how he looks mild to moderately pissed off about the whole thing, though. Not funny at all, but great look on his face ..... :)


I knew what had happened before I even read it! My daughter had the same thing happen when she was about the same age, mosquito bite on the corner of her eyelid, then swollen within hours. And she also had the same problem as Ezra, it got worse after her nap. Her pede said that from sleeping on that side, the fluid and pressure build up is what made it worse. Her eye was swollen completely shut, and they thought she had cellulitis because the golfball size eyelid she was sporting was so purple. But because she also had another one on her wrist they chalked it up to a bite and told me to do benedryl (the old stand by.)

If there is a mosquito in the room, she will get a dozen bites to everyone else's one or two. It has to do with the hormones and pharamones that a person gives off that attracts mosquitos to one person over another.


Get thee a thermacell! They are awesome, works like a charm.


Poor little mite, clearly he's too delicious. I'm fortunate enough to not be considered a mosquito delicacy. Just as well, really, because I'm strangely scared of being bitten.


I used to do the same thing as a child. Big red, hot welts. I once got bit on my face like that and it was fairly nasty looking. Good news: I'm not allergic to nay other bugs and I no longer react like that. Bad news: the little buggers still like me better than everyone else and will pick me to do their vampiric nastiness on over someone sitting next to me.


poor baby, that's got to be uncomfortable!

it's good to know that there's a name for the massive swelling that happens to me when I get bit.


omg. my son jack has the same thing. i actually talked to the pediatric resident on friday morning about a plan of attack for the summer. we aren't in a particularly wooded area but those stupid insects seek him out.

our glory story last year went a little something like this. Friday of labor day weekend, jack playing outside, mom vaguely remembers him getting bit on the eyebrow. Saturday morning at breakfast, hmmm jack your eye looks a little puffy. 3 hours later on our way to the Outerbanks, wow that eye looks really swollen lets stop at this wal-mart and buy some benadryl. post-nap still en-route to OBX in labor day traffic, OMG that cannot be a bug bite must be orbital cellulitis. fast-forward to one panicked call to the pediatrician and several doses of benadryl later we could finally see his eyeball again.

i hope to god he doesn not get bitten on the face again, not that the arm/leg welts are any more enjoyable to look at, but at least we are armed with permission now to liberally give benadryl, cortisone cream and apply combo sunscreen/insect repellant on him (also may discuss giving him zyrtec as a prophalaxis). we will also be using yard gard or something on the sort in our patio area. i realize that these may not be entirely environmentally friendly but there is no way i want to chance reliving the panic i felt last september. we'll just be careful to avoid the herbs :)...


Oh, poor baby. He looks so miserable. I hope that they can give him something to help.

I'm sure that all the snow this winter and rain this spring did not help with the mosquite population at all this year.

Plano Mom

My son did that as a baby. Now he's 11, and a recent bite on the cheek resulted in only a dime sized red spot. So to add to what was already said, hopefully he'll grow out of it. In the meantime, they make Epi-pens very convenient to carry.


Brooke - I LOVE our Thermacell!!! But sadly, it was on and going strong when he got bit. AND he'd been double-coated with both a natural lemon-eucalyptus oil and Off Skintastic, AND we used AfterBite immediately. Those are some goddamn determined bugs.

I'm guessing if we didn't have the Thermacell and all the sprays he would have gotten multiple bites instead of the one, but DAMMIT. Insane. Doctor recommended daily Zyrtec to help dial back the force of the reaction.


I hate mosquitoes. I think my permethrin bandanna, tied around my neck, really does help keep them away from my head. Would Ezra wear a bandanna? (Will try to put in some links for you to the kind of product I mean, but may get caught by spam filter?)


That picture just breaks my heart! He does have quite a cute little pout though. I hope he's on the mend very soon!


my little neice Lea always wears an anti-mosquito patch whenever she's outside because she reacts to the bites like Ezra does! She uses the smiley-face one =)


And here I was feeling sorry for myself for simply being a mosquito magnet (I too will get the dozen bites to other people's one). I just wish the bats and birds and spiders were doing a better job of controlling the population so we wouldn't have to resort to DEET. I'll definitely be trying some of these suggestions!


Poor baby! Although I have to say his pout is a perfect look for the situation!


Oh, poor Ez! I don't think I've ever seen such a sweet widdle pitiful face.

Hope the allergy testing goes okay. They don't have to do that scratch test nonsense do they? I think when I had that done as a child, I had sad, pitiful face too.


My first thought when I pulled this page up was "Omigod, what has Ezra done to himself now?"

My daughter used to have that same thing. Her arm would swell to triple its size and the doctor wanted it kept warm and moist which meant wrapping it in a wet towel with garbage bags held on by duct tape. Trashy chic! She was 2 1/2, and that's the only summer it bothered her, but it was fun while it lasted.


Poor baby! I am tearing up looking at his swollen little face and his sad little pout. Give him an extra squeeze for me. I hope he feels better soon, and that the zyrtec keeps this from happening again.


i'm allergic to mosquito bites too. worse some years than others but i get the big hot red bumps that take FORVER to go away and itch like absolute insanity. mine turn into big nasty bruises when the bump goes down (even if i do not scratch at all). i look a right mess all summer. stupid mosquitoes. what business do they have doing this to people? TO BABIES?! :(


And how juvenile am I that when I saw the word "skeeter" all I could think of is that catchy little ditty that the boys used to say - "I got a skeeter on my peter, whack it off."

Yes, I am a 13-year old boy. Apparently.


My girl has dramatic bug-bite reactions like that She looked like Ezra's twin last week (bite just under the eyebrow), and this week she has one on her shin that looks like a golf ball. A squashed golf ball.

My mom gets them too, and says what helps is a daily 24-hour antihistimine like claritin. I got a child version for Elizabeth and we'll see; I'm also going to talk to her pediatrician about it at her appointment next week.


poor ezra! i am the same and always have been. it's my sweet blood, my parents always told me. (i don't have allergies, just huge reactions)


Poor Ezra! OMIGOSH! I'm glad that he's okay, but still. WOW! My dad is severely allergic to mosquitoes and bees, so I was worried about Nathan.. But he appears to be safe.

I'm so sorry, Amy. Hopefully there are some good strategies available.


Friends of mine spray their yard with a garlic spray such as this:

(also used to spray the yard at our daycare center, and it has helped a great deal)


More proof that Ez is delicious!

Poor baby! I hope those buggers leave him alone and go bother some of the annoying neighbors.


When we lived in Korea, everyone would get mosquitoes in the house. Like 20-40 at a time. They sold this awesome plug in thing that emitted something toxic in the air to kill them. I But until it did, those little suckers were feasting on us. Don't laugh...but what actually worked for us (both in Korea and when we lived in DC) was a little clip-on frog that made the sound of dragonfly wings. It was a nice subtle humming. If we wore them during the day when we were out, the amount of bites we got decreased noticeably. I put one next to everyone's bed and the middle of the nigh bites stopped almost completely. We bought them years ago from One Step Ahead, but they make more subtle, grown up ones now, too. Unless humming frogs are your thing.

When I get bit, I swell up very badly - hot to the touch and painful, followed by bruising. Back in Korea I actually looked like someone had beaten me all up and down the back of my legs.

We moved to Colorado last year (in foothills of the Rockies) - we don't have mosquitoes.


Oh - I agree with what Swistle said - 24 hours on Benedryl, followed by a child's version of Claritin or Zyrtec, whichever one works best for your child. We'd keep the Claritin going all summer after the initial Benedryl and it worked great. I did the same thing for myself, but with adult dosage. You'll still get bit, but you'll react normally.


I watch my niece on weekdays, and she's the exact same way. We spray our lawn for mosquitoes and cover her in Family!Off but of course there's only so much that does when your neighbors feel no need to spray (and why should they?). Poor baby Ez. I hope the swelling goes down soon.


OMG! Poor BABY! I could barely even look at this... Why is it that mosquitoes LOVE some of us and others...not so much? Hope he's feeling better soon.


I've never commented here, but considering Ezra's reaction to the bug bite, I thought you might be interested in a brand of kids clothes are insect repellent and have a u.v. protectant (spf 30). You don't have to constantly apply bug repellent and the clothes are really soft and comfy. My friend Sam is the creator of buggies and pukies clothing and my family has always been huge fans (that chunky baby in the orange buggies onsie on the top of the website is my youngest boy). Sam has no idea I am posting (this is not some ploy for publicity), I just thought that her products would be helpful for your little guy. Good luck!
Heidi (mom of 3 boys)

Margie Stroman

My daughter (now 20) had the exact same thing - I didn't know until today it had a name. It has become a bit less dramatic over the years, but now she gets hives whenever her immune system senses assault. Eh, it's a thing.

Zyrtec helps.


My youngest has the same thing. He tends to look like he's been beaten all summer. People never believe me when I tell them it's a mosquito bite. He actually gets lumpy from all the bites. It does seem to be improving greatly as he gets older (turning 10 in a couple of weeks). Our doctor told us to douse him in DEET before he goes outside. Said we needed a sprayer that would get him when he opened the door. Hee. We use the highest concentration of DEET we can find and it helps. Any of the more natural or organic products don't work at all on him. 1 mosquito in a five mile radius and it will find him.


Poor Ezra! I must say, even with the mosquito-ed eye, he is so adorable. Hope he feels better soon!


Poor Ezra!
I have a husband with similar reactions, though I admit I've never seen his face like that.
Didn't read the other comments, but assume you are getting all kinds of assvice. However I would really like to add my own, for you or the general public, and for all ranges of mosquito bites ('normal' to 'oh-my-god-what-happened?!'):
It's a homeopathic. We were skeptical too. But basically, when you get bit, take 5 pellets, and an hour later, you'll look down and realize the bites are gone. My husband gets huge, blistery, swelling goose-egg bumps, too. These have greatly reduced heal time, and can sometimes prevent the reaction from getting into full swing. And hey, always worth a try since its homeopathic - either helps or does nothing, though with a baby I would of course speak to the doc about the safety of it. But you could always try it first. Whole Foods has it.
Poor baby, though! I really hope you can get some good advice from an allergist. That's pretty severe!



(My interpretation of Ezra's face)

((Poor baby))


Oh, those pictures. That little pathetic swollen face. Poor baby. I don't have any bug bite horror stories, just sympathy.


Poor Ezra! His sweet little face! I had the same reaction to the diagnosis of "Skeeter Syndrome" for my 18 month old son, Dillon, and actually laughed at our pediatrician at first. But lo, it is real, and it is mighty and IT SUCKS. :(

I hope Ezra feels better soon. He's such a cutie. :)


I react the exact same way to mosquito bites. I got bit on the cheek at age 12 and my mother thought I had Mumps. I'm 27, and the reactions have gotten a bit milder in the last few years. Extra-strength topical Benadryl applied as soon as I notice the bite minimizes the reaction a lot.

I hope Ezra feels better soon. Even with a swollen face, he sure is cute.


Awww, poor little man! but that 3rd picture is priceless!


Oh, oh, we had that. Particularly bad is if your kid comes home from a sleepover with a tiny bite in each eyebrow, you think nothing of it and next morning: boom ...

Our son could not open his eyes (both!) for an entire weekend. Most cranky weekend ever!!!

Miss Britt

And of COURSE the kid is still pulling off boat loads of personality in these pictures.


You need a million drinks for dealing with that nightmare. One dose of benadryl for thee, one shot of vodka for me.


Poor little boo! That used to happen to my sister, she outgrew it. It happens to her son now, and while it's 'like whoa' when you first see him, we no longer freak out about the eyes swollen shut. Can't say the same for him tho.

Amy M.

Poor Ezra! I hope you at least got the satisfaction of killing the skeeter!


This sequence of photos is incredibly adorable. He's a ham!


My daughter's face looks just the same! She was bitten by a mosquito and could not open her eye for two days. Glad to know what the syndrome is called! :)


aaaw poor baby. I'm super sensitive to mosquitoes, but nothing that bad. wow.


Poor little Ezra, I hope he's better soon. Also, is anyone else feeling itching just reading this?


Poor thing. :( I'll seek out and kill a mosquito today in his honor.


Poor baby! His face is so hilariously awesomely pissed in that picture. Which, I would be too, and actually was as a kid. Same thing, eye swelled shut, red hot and hard bumps that blistered and scabbed and oozed clear gunk. AH! just the worst every. summer. yuck. I grew out of most of the terrible terrible reactions, but I still get bit and swell, it gets red and hard and super itchy. Usually by the end of the summer the reaction has tempered a bit. But for years it was no fun.


Ow! Poor guy!

I react poorly to mosquitoes, too, but not to the extent that Ezra does. Mine just get really red, hard and hot.

Hope he gets some relief soon.


Poor Baby!
Same thing happened with my daughter. Corner of the eyelid, swelled completely shut. My pediatrician made me feel better when he explained that the eyelids are one of the easiest places to swell up because the tissue is so thin and flexible. He then told me that his own son was playing naked in his kiddie pool and got bit by a mosquito on a similar area of thin skin (but further south). They couldn't put him in diapers for three days, which got interesting. On the plus side, he insisted on showing everyone his terrible boo boo. Now, he's in his 40's and a partner in the practice, and just LOVES this story!!


OMG--I first thought he had barely survived a car crash or an unfriendly encounter with The Hulk ...

Poor baby. Lots of cuddles!


Poor Ez! My heart just hurts seeing his little face like that.

You need to get him a t-shirt that says, "You shoulda seen the other guy!"


My (then) 9 month old had a God awful allergic reaction to an antibiotic (erythema multiformae) and my Ped. prescribed oral steroids to help speed the healing and reducing the swelling and all over discomfort. It did help him significantly. Maybe it's not something you can use for every bug bite but maybe for this one on his poor little face. She said she prescribed it regularly for kids with nasty cases of poison ivy. That and an extra daily dose of Zyrtec, which helped with the itching. Worth a call maybe. Feel better Ez!


We've had really good luck with a product called "Ultrathon" from 3M - And when in area's where the bugs are thick (and unavoidable) in combination with Repel clothing spray. You might even get away with just the clothing spray if you want to keep the spray off his skin.


I had the same reaction to spiders as a kid. And my parents were dumb and never vacuumed under my furniture, which we found later was full of spider-nests on the underside. PARENTING FAIL.

Poor Ezra. My youngest gets targeted too, because he's slower and lowest to the ground. But no reactions like that!


I swell up like this when just about anything bites me. Poor little dude. I hope medical science has evolved enough that he will not have to spend his childhood summers in a benadryl haze.

C @ Kid Things

Oh no! Poor thing! And I'm really sorry I'm laughing, but my god he's cute when he's puffy.


Poor Little Guy!! He looks so aggravated by the whole thing. I'm of no help but I feel so awful for him. Good luck with the allergist!


Oh my goodness. I've never swollen up that much for a mosquito bite (I don't think...). I swell up a bit (more than pretty much everyone else I know) when I get bitten by an ant or mosquito or get stung by a bee. Jellyfish stings are horrible for me... one summer I got stung around my ankle & it looked like I had stuck my foot in a fire or something. Ant bites are the worst for me... at band camp one year I got about 5 bites on my ankle & I wasn't able to put my shoe on because my foot was so swollen.

Poor Ezra! He most likely will grow out of it; it seems like most people with reactions like this grow out of them. The 3rd picture though... that is the cutest little pout I have ever seen. Hope he feels better soon!


Poor little guy and you, Amy. Could he possibly be any cuter though (even with mosquito madness going on his face)?


Poor baby! The looks he's giving the camera are priceless. Good luck with allergy testing.


Ask your pediatriciain about Vitamin B12 -- when I was a kid (back in the dark ages), ours told Mom to have us take it all summer, because the little league baseball/softball/football/cheerleading fields in my hometown were built over a swamp, and we were constantly being attacked by the deep-south skeeter bombing squads. I rmember that my borther and I didn't seem to get bitten as often as the other kids.




omg. *heart sinks* not the EZ. "hot and hard to the touch" ouch. hope he gets better really soon.even w/swollen mug u can still see his personality come thru


Skeeter syndrome! That sounds so made up. Get better Ezra!


Oh my... those pictures are absolutely hysterical. Please don't take that the wrong way... I can't help but giggle!

I hope he gets better soon! Poor baby!


Please. PLEASE! Get that baby an Epi-pen. You know, "just in case".


My son reacts the same way, it's sheer hell! His ped. prescribed Zyrtec all summer. It helps a lot.


Oh, and not that you need something else to think about but better to know than think you are crazy...Zyrtec can make some kids hyper, hard for them to focus etc. Both of my boys get nutty on it but it's taken me a couple of years to really confirm that it was not just Mom over reacting. So I figured I'd share just in case.

ashley w

I had this as a child, I have this as an adult, and my poor son has it now. Growing up, I lived indoors, with long sleeves, and lots of bug spray. My parents and I have tried literally every thing known to man to prevent me from getting bit and/or a reaction, including taking me to the top allergy specialist in our state, that was how bad it was. Of course, the allergist could do nothing but tell my parents to keep me covered up and sprayed down.

That being said, as I grew older (I'm 26 now), my reactions slowly grew less severe. Instead of getting so swollen my skin splits, I just get huge bruised welts.

The best protection I've had against mosquitoes is a couple step process. Make sure that any and all standing water is removed, immediately. Spray your lawn with mosquito killer. Try and keep Ezra inside during prime mosquito hours (dawn and dusk). Citronella candles and incense work as do the high pitched mosquito repellers. Nasty Avon's Skin So Soft actually worked the best for me as a child, but, like I said, it's nasty smelling. Nothing's fool proof and he will get bit.

When that happens, lots and lots of ice cubes on it to help numb the itch. Hydrocortizone cream helps, as does calamine. Benadryll is a super last resort...I spent all of my summers from ages 2-14 in a benadryll haze. I hated it.


Oh, Amy. That little FACE.


Poor sweet little boy. I hope you are able to find a good solution or at least something to help comfort the little man when these bites happen. I live outside the beltway in MD and I swear we are going to have to buy stock in Deep Woods OFF this summer. It's nasty already!

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