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I'm finding it hard to write about Ezra. 

He is just so...much. And fast. And much. And Ezra.

He is 23 pounds -- small for his age, barely hanging on to the 10th percentile on the weight chart, though he seems plenty chubby enough to me -- but everything else about him is big and oversized and miles ahead of where you expect him to be. I don't know how that much personality fits into that little body, so I guess it makes sense that it oozes out and radiates from across the room all the time.

He has a temper. "MINE! MIIIINE!" he shrieks when Noah tries to commandeer one of his toys, or when his attempts to push his doll stroller through a doorway are blocked by an obstacle. He'll throw things, collapse in a woeful heap, kick the floor, and hit inanimate objects with a mouthy pout. "EH!" he says. "So there," he means.

We're trying to teach him to say "please" instead when he gets frustrated. He'll roar at his stuck stroller for a moment before turning to me. He cocks his head to the side and says "Peas?" He nods furiously. "Peas?" I free the stroller from Noah's bike and Ezra gives me a quick, barely noticeable chin-touch for "thank you" before barreling off to the next entanglement, where it will start all over again. 

He talks constantly. Shoes. Bye. Car. Peas. Bye. Yes. No. Oh no. Hot. Doggie. Bubbas. Daddy. Nona. Kitty. Backpack. Bus. Truck. Bye. Beep beep. Ball. Baybee. Shoes. Bye. Bye. Car. Yes.

Constantly! With the Bye and Car and Go. Let's go! Outside! Places! In the car! Let's not stay here! Staying here is for suckers.

This morning he wept with jealousy when Nona got on the school bus with his backpack. He could only be consoled by being allowed to take over his brother's seat at the breakfast table. 

He doesn't want to sit in a high chair anymore. He doesn't want to eat with his fingers. He will cast aside his sippy cup if he sees you drinking from a real one. He tries to climb on Nona's two-wheeler. There is nothing on the playground that he fears or won't attempt. 

In fact, the only thing he seems to fear are people getting hurt on the television. If anyone -- cartoon or otherwise -- falls or cries or even just gets really dirty, he wails. (I can't even imagine letting Noah graduate to Spongebob and Looney Tunes when his poor brother can barely handle Sesame Street.) He covers his eyes and comes running for a hug and reassurance. 

At the doctor's office this week, he heard a child crying in the room next door and frantically tried to open the door. He looked at me and pointed. "Peas? Peas?" He didn't seem scared, but just confused. Didn't I hear that? We have to go help! Go see! Come on, woman! Peas!

He's not really a cuddler, unlike his brother. I can rarely convince him to let me carry him or snuggle with me on the couch. I can, usually, get him to give me a kiss before he wriggles away, which he obliges, with tongue and the sweetest little "MA!" sound I have ever heard and cannot adequately describe.

I take pictures of the happy scrunchie face he makes -- but they're missing the expressions he makes just before and after, and look so flat compared to the real thing. I take video of him picking up his toys while singing the clean-up song ("keee bup! keee bup!") -- but it's not quite the same as watching him deliberately empty a drawer of measuring spoons just so he can joyfully clean them up immediately after. I try to write about his insistence on waving and saying hi to every. single. person. he sees. -- but you'd probably just think I was making up the part about how every. single. person. takes one look at him and melts into a smile, from cashiers to truck drivers to sullen teenagers. 

I could write hundreds of blog posts about how much I love this little guy, how thrilled we are to have him in our lives, how absolutely delightful I find absolutely everything about him to be -- but it wouldn't even come close to being enough.

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How do you not just eat him up whole?


Seriously. I'm with liz. there is some major cuteness going on in there.

chatty cricket

I would believe you because I don't even know him in real life and I want to eat. him. up.



Ah, the beauty of the second child. This sounds exactly like my daughter. The "mine!" and the temper and just all of it. They are thrilling, exhausting, beautiful and sometimes a bit scary. Has he tried to stab someone with a fork yet? Just wait.


Seriously, he is one cute little dude.

Brianna Storch

What a DOLL!
I felt that, in some places, I was reading about my little guy, now 2 1/2-years-old. My guy is *now* more cuddly than he used to be; used to be much like your little Ezra. Our boys are definitely similar though!

~Brianna Storch~
(no relation!)


He is so deliciously squeezeably cute! :)

Alison C

I'm with Vicky, this is what a second child is like.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Well, I am totally head over heels in love with him, just based on what little I know through your blog... so I can't even imagine how amazing he is in person.


I think our sons could be twins. Mine was born October 18th 2008 and there are so many similarites! Mine talks from the moment he wakes up till the moment he falls asleep - and throws tantrums - he does say please, with the "sign" which I say in quotation, because he's usually so excited or worked up that he uses both hands all over his body. I have also tried to capture so much on photo & video that I just hope the memories stay with me for a very very long time. Love your blog :)


He looks like such a BOY in that picture. So not a baby any more.

Deliciously gorgeous and munchable.


Ugh - you make me cry all the fucking time. My guy and Ez area bout the same age and whenever you write about him I scream 'i KNOW' at the top of my lungs - especially at this post. They would be bffs if they hung out... The one difference is my guy is a hugger, cuddler - all the time - this morning he saw other kids hugging their moms goodbye at daycare and ran over to hug them...insanity. I can't wait till Ezra is 16 and being a jackass and you show him this and say 'I remember when...'. Love the love you have for him.

Megan (Best of Fates)

Sounds like a fantastic little boy - and you do a beautiful job of describing him.


He is so dang cute!


Though we tend to think they are self-indulgent or uninteresting, I LOVE the list of toddler behaviors posts from you and other bloggers. My 15 month old is doing something new every single day and I cannot believe how cool it all is. Every word and gesture and imitation and discovery is amazing. I am not, and remain not, a baby person. Toddlers though? THE BEST.

Mary Beth (Cats, Books, Life is Good)

That is one of the most awesome little boys I've ever seen!


So sweet. All of it.


My son was born in October 2008 also and I swear he acts so much like Ezra it's scary! Talking talking talking, getting frustrated...OUTSIDE OUTSIDE OUTSIDE. I'm with the other commenters who have said when they read about Ezra its like reading about their own child. My kiddo is so BUSY! My husband left for work the other day and he said to my son, Can I have a hug or are you too busy? And my son said BUSY! BYE! BYE! Then the rest of the day BUSY! BUSY! BUSY! I wish we lived near you--they could wear themselves out together!

kari weber

I know. I.Know. This is how my second is too (it seems to be a pattern). My first, like "Nona" is totally a cuddler, but Jacks. No. Way. That would require NOT moving for a moment. Right now, he is totally fixated on this red-white- and blue pinwheel. He carries it EVERYWHERE. Grocery store, babysitter, car, nap, highchair. Do you know how hard it is to strap a child into the carseat when they are clutching a pinwheel? And when they scream BLOODY murder when you have to pry it out of their little hand to get their arm through the stinkin' strap? Geesh. It's no Victoria's Secret mailer... but I know you understand!


See, this is why Mother Nature should have given humans the ability to take pictures and video with their eyes (blink to press PLAY). I'll never understand why she didn't include that function. By the time you grab the camera the moments always gone or just not as good as your foresight told you.


i get that. i've never been a mommyblogger because i just couldn't capture my children with anything like who they really are or how i feel about them. it seems impossible to me. because no matter how i say it, it falls short, doesn't do them justice. or it feels that way to me.

you do an excellent job of letting us get to know them without the benefit of actually meeting them in person. this is a lovely post about Ezra. he sounds like an absolute joy.



sosocratic6!! (*cheerleaderpompoms*)
passionate(the little temper)AND compassionate("peas?" help him open the door to help w/the crying he hears in next room.TOO CUTE.great balance. sounds like you've got a budding little adventerouse, courageous extrovert developing on your hands (fireman?future bear grylls?) LLCOOLEZ all the ladies will love cool Ez when he gets older.
The temper will subside as hes better able to verbally express and channel his frustrations/wishes. and his cause and effect logic-emptying out the drawar just so he can clean up again-awesome.

you just keep writing you capture our imaginations even when not explicitly expressing the greatest moments of your EZ and Noah.(sometimes those are best kept for yourselves) thanks for a great Friday post


that would be adventerous.drawer.any other typos.
(sorry im sorta new here-in comments that is.proofreading future comments-no likely.)
as u were.


I'd say you did a pretty good job!


I was wigging out at his list of words b/c my son says all of those as well, even the Nona! Except that's what he calls my mother and i was pretty sure neither you nor Jason has any Italian blood in you.

Sometimes my kid will be laying on the changing table and list the names of all the people he knows, "Ernie, Elmo, Mommy, Daddy, Nona, Pop Pop!" In the way I imagine Ezra talking constantly. Kids this age are great, I agree :).


oh good god. this is too much. mark this up as the SECOND time i've teared up at my desk today. I just wrote, not too long ago, about how I'm finding it hard to update about my little guy b/c everything is happening so fast. I'd rather be living in it than blogging about, but I WANT TO CAPTURE IT ALL SOMEHOW. GAHHH. it's too much.

you're doing an awesome job on your end though. thank you so much for sharing.


I fell in love with him in the few minutes I got to adore him atBlogHer. I can see how hard it would be for people who can accost him on a regular basis to not absolutely adore him...


He is such a sweetheart. Clearly he's more than did a wonderful job. :)

samantha jo campen

You always make me cry. HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL, HUH?


He was so much younger last year at BlogHer and even with the little I got to see of Ezra I knew he was amazing. So joyful and chill and happy and social. Plus he loved my oatmeal squares so that's a cool dude in my book, mos def.




So, I'ma copy this and post it to my blog, m'kay, 'cause Grandma is giving me grief about not updating frequently enough, and I'm all - YOU try to keep up with the toddlerness of it all! (Plus I spend all my time reading Amalah!)

Snackbox has finally learned to say "no" with all the insousiance of a femme fatale - only half the time he actually means "yes"...


To kind of paraphrase The Usual Suspects, I don't believe in many things, but I believe in the patterns of birth order.

So much of what you described is characteristic of second kids. I know that Ezra has a universe of things that make him uniquely Ez, but I also love reading about the little things that reveal him as a second kid.


I think both of your sons are super sweet and adorable. But I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that it's really your descriptions and pictures of Ezra that have gotten into my head and made it okay for me to have a boy. I've ALWAYS wanted a girl.

Ezra is SO cute. I want one *melts*

Suzy Q

He wins over sullen teenagers with his smile? Wow, that's some talent.


I had similar feelings about my second child - I still do, actually, and she's almost 9 now.

I have a theory about it: with the first child there is so much time spent stressing out about things - schedules and feeding and milestones, etc. - not to mention the shock of how completely you life has changed. You spend so much time worrying and freaking out about things that you don't have the time (or energy) left to just enjoy your child.

By the time the second child comes around though, it's all old hat. (There's a joke about how, with the first child, you sterilize the pacifier by boiling it on the stove for 10 minutes; with the second child you sterilize it by blowing on it, or wiping it on your shirt.) So with the second child you're not nearly as stressed or uptight about things, and there's a lot more time to just kick back and really *enjoy* the hell out of that child.

I feel bad for the people who only have one kid, I really do, because I think they're missing out on something truly amazing.


What a sweetie. You melted my heart.




I have to agree. My daughter is about the same age, and my son is Noah's age, and There are so many days where they just make me SO happy!


I really enjoyed this post. My youngest daughter (Ha, gotta laugh, she all of 9 minutes younger than her sister) is similar to your son Ezra. He is very adorable.


Well a million posts may not be enough but this was pretty terrific. Lovely boy.


What a great entry about sweet Ezra. He is so cute! I'm on my last month of the pill, yay! Ever since I started reading your blog when Noah was born, you made me want kids:)

Miss Britt

Our first child was so cautious and careful and just. so. with. every. thing.

And Emma? She, too, is SO MUCH. And I find myself thinking the same thing - you'd never believe it if you didn't see it for yourself.


He looks so much like Noah in that picture. You have beautiful babies.


Don't you just love this age? My daughter is about a month younger than Ezra, and she LOVES to say goodbye to everything. In the store, she'll say 'goodbye cans', 'goodbye milk', 'goodbye eggs', etc. It's hilarious.




I understand this. I always had a harder time writing about BubTar, too.

Ez is totally awesome.


Another on the "me too" bandwagon. I have Oliver, born in January 2010, and I think he and Ezra were somehow mistakenly separated at birth. The tantrums! And the no cuddling! And he will only call me "Dada" even though he talks about "Mama" when I'm not there to hear it. Friday, he bit 3 kids at daycare, and no one can figure out why. Just to see what would happen, it seems.

But he also laughs, deep, deep belly laughs as he climbs as high as he can. And says "Hi" with his head cocked and a huge grin to everyone he meets. He charms the pants off everyone he sees. All I can do is love him as hard as I can and wonder where this determined, fearless little being came from. It's awesome and terrifying and I'm so excited to see how this all ends up. You've captured this perfectly here.

We're up the road here in Baltimore. Maybe Ezra and O will meet one of these days, and the sun will explode.


I think when we have kid #2, sometimes they just become "the kids." And though there are milestones that cause us to pay special attention to one or the other, sometimes it's really nice to take a moment and just remember all the reason you love that person--not because he's your kid or it's his birthday or it's his first day of school, but just because of all the wonderful things he is.


i'm pretty sure you just described my daughter to a T.

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