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And now the full story can be told.

I arrived in New York with no less than 1,200 glow bracelets in my luggage. And two pounds of unicorn-shaped confetti. 

If I'd had my full control-freak way with everything, I would have been carrying 1,000 glow necklaces with me too, but Jason had a moment of common sense early Thursday morning and lugged those boxes to FedEx instead. I'd also, at one point, lobbied for driving to New York so I could have physical possession of 800 packets of Pop Rocks, 500 unicorn-horn lollipops, a 100 or so posters and half a dozen life-sized cardboard stand-ups of Darth Vader and Spock and the Jonas Brothers and our Commander-in-Chief. 

(All of these, by the way, I ordered from a coffee shop one morning during our power outage, spending literally HOURS scrolling through a dizzying array of posters, trying to find that perfect balance of GOOD pop culture crap and IRONIC pop culture crap. And then this guy was waiting for a seat and loudly bitching about how crowded it was and how rude everybody with laptops was being, saying something like, "I mean LOOK, some of them are JUST SHOPPING!")


If you bumped into me on Saturday, chances are the frayed edges of my nervous breakdown were starting to show. Don't get me wrong, planning Sparklecorn was 100% a labor of love and privilege and squee for Tracey and I, starting many, MANY months ago when we sat down with Mary Alice at Charm City Cakes, discussing the physics involved in a bucking unicorn cake, fighting back choking on our own tongues when Duff Goldman walked in. 

It was also a party with over 10 times the number of guests that attended my own WEDDING. 

But after a brief meeting with the Hilton events people, things seemed...okay. Together. Smooth-ish. They were like, "Yeah, we got this. It's kind of what we DO." I calmed down enough to participate in a dance-off with CoolMomPicks (SPOILER: I LOST) before heading to my room to get all dressed up and glittery, confident that I'd arrive in the ballroom just in time to see everything coming together and to toss that unicorn confetti on some tables and get my first taste of a Sparkledew cocktail.


We walked in to see...rows of chairs. No tables. No dance floor. No cake. No DJ set-up, no disco ball, no posters. Scads of bloggers still milling around and typing on keyboards. The closing keynote had run long, and the room was JUST NOW BEING TURNED, 45 minutes behind schedule, 75 minutes before the party was supposed to begin, and the Hilton people were officially Not Making Any Promises.

And there was nothing we could do about any of it. 

Or was there? DUN DA DA DAAAA!

Tracey sent out a Mamapop-wide S.O.S. email, asking for everyone and anyone to pleeeeeeease get down to the ballroom to help out. Turns out they were already there, waiting outside, and I looked up just in time to see this line of fabulously dressed-up people marching in with looks of singular determination on their faces: Goddamnit, they were here to SAVE SPARKLECORN.

Within seconds, everyone was shoeless and mobilized, grabbing poster after poster and scattering across the room to hang them. Other people wrestled with tape-dispensing duties and assembling Snape and Wizard of Oz stand-ups. I cracked glow-sticks over my knee 100 at a time and we scattered confetti and candy onto the tables as soon as the tablecloths landed on top. 

By 8 p.m. I was hoarse and sweaty and my hair had already gone flat, but DAMMIT, we'd done it, in just under 45 minutes or so.

And it was all so very worth it. I had the best time. It looks like a lot of other people did too.

Official Sparklecorn teaser video

Official Sparklecorn full video

Sparklecorn Flickr group photo pool

(Special thank you to the BlogHer ladies for all the sponsor-finding and hand-holding, our amazing photographer Ryan, and the Mamapop folks: BHJ, Palinode, Schmutzie, Amy, Laurie, Sarah, Kelly, Miss Banshee, Amber, K Best, Katie, Jodi, Marilyn, Melissa, TwoBusy. Thank you to Charlie for bringing me that vodka, and to Jason for remembering that I'd left the fucking glow bracelets in my room.)

(And thank everybody else for sticking with this entry. I leave you with this, from Friday night:)

Photo (50) 

(WHAT? I just think Endless Love is a really, really boring choice for karaoke, and decided to lie down until it was over. WHAT OF IT?)



Sparklecorn was awesome. You all rocked it.


Sparklecorn, what I can remember of it, was totally awesome. Thanks!


I didn't realize you hand-picked the posters. They were awesome.

Also, thanks for extinguishing the fire on my foot that I didn't know I had by dousing it with your alcoholic beverage while we were holding up that corner of the room during karaoke. And also flip-camming it for submittal to upcoming reality show When Karaoke Attacks.

cindy w

Sparklecorn was so much fun. Big thanks to you & the whole MamaPop crew for putting it on.

Julie K

Sparklecorn ROCKED! It was everything I hoped and sparkly-ier. All the last minute drama was TOTALLY worth it! Been there, sparkled that, got the t-shirt!


"Goddamnit, they were here to SAVE SPARKLECORN."

Everyone at the coffee shop just looked at me when I busted out laughing.

Black Belt Mama

Sparklecorn was the BEST party all weekend and that cake was AMAZING. I'm still thinking about how that delicious icing just melted on my tongue. Yum. You and your posse of sparkly people did a wonderful job of putting it all together.


HAA! In the danceoff video, Catherine looks like she is really feeling the muic, a la Goldie Hawn when she takes an Afrian dance class in "Housesitter."


Such a great party, and it really is a shame that there are very few occasions that a lady can wear a self-made glow-in-the-dark crown on her head. Ah, 2010, you are not as futuristic and awesome as you should be.


totally awarded you guys a pink sparkly donut award for best party EVAH

thanks for a great time!!!


I stand by kdiddy's business plan that due to our machine-like collective precision we should be fancily-attired party planners who get everything set up in record time and then stay and drink and dance.

May I not see double-sided tape for a very long time unless I really need it, and damn that was an excellent night.


It's terrible that you had to do all that work! I hope the Hilton made some concessions, if not for this event, then for some future one.


Linda - The Hilton people really kicked ass, actually. The keynote running long was just One Of Those Things. I'm actually glad we were ALLOWED to hang the posters ourselves (last year in Chicago that was verboten) and the Hilton folks seriously brought us every roll of tape they could find in every desk and office they could run to.

Something ALWAYS goes wrong, right? I'm glad it was something pre-party and not like, the sprinklers going off halfway through or the cake getting lost in NJ.


Everyone wants to be an event planner until they find themselves sweaty and shoeless. Linda, unfortunately every event at every hotel is always like this!

Katherine from Postpartum Progress

I met you at the party after it started and you looked great, no detection of sweatiness or flat hair.

Thank you for the BEST party. I had so much fun shaking these old bones, as evidenced by my cameo in the AWESOME Panic Room video (the weird one swishing her hair around).

You guys did an amazing job. Really.


I'm gonna need to see pictures of that unicorn cake!!

beta dad

"Endless Love" always does that to me. I hope you throw another shindig like this next year! I will DESTROY any 4 Non-Blondes song on karaoke.


You guys pulled it off spectacularly. Unicorntacularly, even.


It seems normal that I get a little teary-eyed hearing about Noah's trials and tribulations. Choked up at the thought of all the bloggers pitching in to save your party?--I probably need to get a life. (Also, attend Sparklecorn 2011!)


"Shut your whore mouth."

Stealing it.


A friend of mine and I were talking about how we need to make it to BlogHer next year but apparently what we really need to worry about is getting into Sparklecorn 2011. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty good at the karaoke...


A friend of mine and I were talking about how we need to make it to BlogHer next year but apparently what we really need to worry about is getting into Sparklecorn 2011. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty good at the karaoke...


I've never gone to Blogher because I gave up my blog a couple of years ago, but it always sounds like so much fun. Sparklecorn sounds amazing but the most exciting thing to me? Dude! You got to meet Mary Alice? I love her!


I had a Sparkle Dew. It was my consolation prize for not getting to meet you. hahah

It was a great party! I mean, sure, I'm DEAF and all and I'm sure the law suit won't put a dent in your financial position, but it was totally worth it, right? RIGHT???

(I'm too fucking old for loud parties. Sigh.)


Sparklecorn was the best fun and well worth the five tape-induced injuries I received while on the Save Sparklecorn Mission.

Aunt Becky

I would like to point out that I saw someone that I was CONVINCED was you and proceeded to wave like a loon from where I was standing. And I do mean LOONY WAVES. Full-on body writhing waves. I'm sure I looked charming.

Even more charming was that I realized halfway into it that it was not you. Which is a good thing that I didn't try to go up and molest her.


Brigid Keely

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?


They thing about mamapop is that we love the site, we love each other, we love sparklecorn, and we love our unicorn cake. So of course, WE HAD TO SAVE IT.

Goddess in Progress

Sorry the prep gave you a heart attack, but none of us were the wiser. It was a ROCKING party, well done. Loved it!


Okay, I am still stuck at "met with Mary Alice from Charm City Cakes". Squeeeeee!
And the cake - whoa - speechless!

I no longer have cable, so if your cake ends up in that show (which I dearly miss), someone gotta bootleg me a copy!


I saw the funniest video at brunch on Sunday. It was on a friend of mines phone....shoot, I can't remember who now. But it was mostly dark and every now and again you'd see the Obama poster. Cracked me up.

For what it's worth? It was one of the highlights of my weekend, that night. That party. You guys did great.

And holy hell that cake. So amazing.


You guys did a totally awesome job with Sparklecorn!


Ha! You had me totally laughing at this post! I had no IDEA that there was mad chaos-- everything looked FANTASTIC. The glow sticks were KEY and got me waaay noticed on my cab ride home through Times Square. The girls and I did Pop Rocks shots around the table. And I totally loved how you cut a chunk out of the unicorn's back. Chocolate!
Seriously, Amy, you guys did a great job with that party. Definitely the highlight of the night. Free drink tix helped, too!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

If I had to choose what I loved more - Sparklecorn or this " "JUST SHOPPING." YOU SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH, SIR. THIS FAIRYLAND UNICORN POSTER IS a) VERY IMPORTANT, and b) TOTALLY DOPE." I would pick sparklecorn, because duh, but it would be close.

Kerri Anne

I actually didn't think it would be possible for you guys to outdo Sparklecorn 2009, but then I saw pictures of the cake and the Obama cutout and I realized: These ladies (and gents) mean business.

Totally bummed to have missed it in person. NEVER AGAIN.


Oh Amalah

You are just so COOL. so much cooler than I!




M!! A!!!


Didja get to see Jeff too? I love his deadpan. :D


Thanks for such an awesome party. Sparklecorn was ridiculously good unicorn fun. We had a blast and the cake was super yummy too!


Thanks for such an awesome party. Sparklecorn was ridiculously good unicorn fun. We had a blast and the cake was super yummy too!


I'd like to thank you for the cardboard stand-ups because they meant this feet-too-sore-to-dance girl never felt alone while standing in a corner. You're never alone when the Jonas brothers are there to hold your hand.


That cake is awesome. The ladies, the less said the better. The cake and metrodad may be the only decent looking ones in those pictures.

Mrs. Flinger

I don't know if I can leave the same message on y'alls bogs, "OHMYGOD I WISH I WAS THERE" because a) I totally do and b) OHMYGOD I WISH I WAS THERE.

But clearly, reading about it is *almost* as much fun.

I just wish I could've seen sparklecon. Sob.


You are seriously funny! I stumbled on your blog and have chuckled over almost every post! :)

Matt in London

As a father who doesn't have a blog but has been reading yours for about 4 or 5 years or so, please can I come to the party next year? That looks fantastic fun...


You are a fabulous dancer, ma'am! That looks like THE BEST party EVER. =] Congrats!

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