My Natural Born Talent, Part Two


So, this has been happening:


Every night, they try to convince us to let them have a sleepover.


Noah promises me that they'll sleep. Ezra closes his eyes and pretends to snore.



Ezra cries when we take him back to his room and calls for NONA, NONA. Noah wails that he wants his little brother back because he looooooves him.

Add in the fact that Ezra's figured out how to escape his crib already, and I think you can see exactly what crazy arrangement we are seriously (AND CRAZILY) considering.


A big boy bed is imminent, as I really don't see this one being happy with a crib tent. So where to put it?


Because I have a feeling this is where he'll end up anyway, at least once he masters the doorknob. I know for a fact that this is where he'll be happiest, because it's really only sort of about THE BED, if you know what I mean. 


They go to bed and wake up at the same times. Ezra takes a nap in the afternoon, but Noah never spends that time in his room anyway because his toys are all elsewhere. 


But this room is really too small for two beds, and Noah's a year away from the recommended top-bunk age. 

On the other hand, this room is waaaay past due for a makeover anyway. (I MEAN COME ON.) And I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't mind putting Ezra's room to use as an office. Or maybe a nursery again, while we're on the subject of HAREBRAINED CRAZY. 


I shared a room with my sister when I was this age. We got our own rooms eventually, but I distinctly remember loving the arrangement when I was little. I liked the company. 

And I love that my boys love each other so much. Though I don't know if room-sharing will foster that bond or...have the opposite effect of HE'S TOUCHING ME HE'S BREATHING ON ME HE'S IRRITATING ME WITH HIS MERE EXISTENCE. 

So I'm wondering. Should we give this arrangement a test drive? Should we really possibly even be kidding ourselves about having them share a room, especially since there's no reason they "have" to? And maybe even a bed, and thus kidding ourselves that the end result will be anything other than no sleep and lots of all-night clobbering sessions? Should we look into something like this (only cheaper, my lands) and have Noah move to the top bunk when he's old enough? Figure out how to cram two beds in there, maybe using something like this for Noah and our old toddler bed? know...wait for them to get completely sick of each other and back requesting their OWN ROOMS and OWN SPACE within a week or so?

P.S. No, Noah doesn't usually sleep in a wifebeater. It was just all I could find because I forgot to take his laundry out of the washer and had to run the load again because it smelled all funny. Which I now realize probably doesn't really make the wifebeater situation any classier. 



Ooh! This is one of my favorite parenting topics. We have three boys, aged 10, 5 and 3. When the youngest was still a baby we put the oldest and the middle in the same room. They loved it. We just squashed two queen mattresses in the room, no bedsteads, and they ADORED it. Because half the room was beds!

Then the youngest was still--at 2 years old--getting up in the middle of the night. He wasn't hungry, he wasn't thirsty, he was TIRED..but he sounded scared, too.

At our wits' end, and probably from sleep-deprivation, my husband said, "We should put them all in the same room."

And that did it. Turns out the youngest one was scared being alone at night, now if he does wake up (rarely), my oldest will wake up too, tuck the baby back in and tell him to go back to sleep. I don't even know about it till the morning.

Their bedroom is, well, all beds. We managed to fit two queen and one full mattresses in there. Is there a lot of room to walk? No, but they don't mind. They hop from bed to bed. It's a grand place to play, and sleep. All their toys are in other rooms, our rule has always been no toys in the bedroom aside from stuffed animals.

We always tell our oldest, though, that if at any time he wants his own room, just say the word, we'll make it happen. So far he's loving having roommates.


Oh, and as for why we don't have bunk beds (everybody asks, since we have three boys in one room we must have bunk beds): I fell out of a bunk bed in college, while sound asleep, and broke my back. So Mama has some issues. Yes, the bed had a rail. No, it didn't keep me in. And YES, I was sound asleep. I woke up a split second before I hit the floor.


My sister and I slept in the same bed together for years! We shared a room, but had seperate beds. As soon as mom and dad said goodnight, my sister would climb out of her bed and into mine.

If they dig it, I say don't worry about it! Let them share. Now my sister and I are both in our late 20's and still the best of friends.


We used a pullout trundle at a 90 degree angle underneath the big bed. It was perfect!

anne nahm

Zomg, cute!

Also, I have no idea if someone has already suggested this (zounds comments) but maybe a trundle bed to see how they like living together? The down side is that then one kid is kind of the 'visitor'. My mom has a trundle in her guest room and my kids could not freak out harder with happiness. Makes cool forts, I hear.

Also, when I was considering putting two kids in a smaller room, I looked at this:

which seems to have the higher bunk much closer to the ground. Then we moved and I didn't need it.

Good luck!

Sarah N.

My girls (6 and 3) have shared a room since the younger was a few months old and they love it. We got rid of the crib this spring and got a twin over a full futon bunkbed. The 6yo sleeps in the top bunk occasionally and goes up there to read when she first goes to bed but most night she sleeps in the full bed with her sister. Then during the day the bed on the bottom can be a couch if we want it to. When we stayed at a vacation house with an extra bedroom I asked if they'd each like a room and they looked at me like I was crazy.


You get this bed from IKEA:

(It's the Kura bed from IKEA in case the link doesn't work.)

It's reversible so it can be a low bed or a low bunk bed. At IKEA they have it on display as a low bunk with another mattress on the ground under it. It's like training wheels for real bunk beds and at $200 (plus mattresses), if the experiment fails, you're not out that much money.

Laura Jackson

My girls are 5 1/2 and 17 months and have been sharing a room since the youngest was born. They both LOVE it! The baby would sleep in her sister's bed if we let her. Which we won't, since she hasn't mastered climbing out of the crib. Yet.


My two oldest boys (8 and 4) share a room and a bed. We have the twin over full bunk bed, but after we all read together in the bottom, my older son always wants to stay "downstairs". They love it and although sometimes they do keep each other up, for the most part it works out great. They have a lovely relationship, and I love that they enjoy each other's company so much. Now, when the youngest brother (1) needs to move out of his crib, we'll just have to figure out how to fit him in!


It looks like Noah has the same IKEA twin-bed-that-will-eventually-transition-to-bunk-bed that my C has. C is 4 (nearing 5) and K is 2 so similar situation to Noah and Ez. Their room is very small and we're not quite ready for the bunk bed situation so what we did is put K's crib mattress straight on the floor at the foot of C's bed. I felt really weird about sticking him on the floor for awhile, but it actually has worked out really well. And they LOVE sleeping together (most of the time). Here's a post I did on the arrangement that has pictures:


Go for it!
Initial bed-sharing followed by trundle bed seems reasonable. Plus you get an office out of it!

Also, your boys are adorable.


Not excited to be commenting after Miss Babyzilla, but here to say that the dudes will be FINE. I'm sure of it.

We moved Graham and Nathan in together when they were that age and they slept better and LONGER. They love the company.

Emily's slept on their floor for the last eight days (on a mattress) - they've been having a blast talking before bed and then sleep fine.

(The cuteness of these photos is killing me, Amy. KILLING ME.)


Let them share the bed for a night and see how it goes. They will love it.

Then tell us all about it and don't forget the pictures. :)

The Yak

Yes. One word: trundle bed.


Let them have a sleepover a few times and see how well it works (I expect the first night will be especially giggly and not a good test run). My boys are 3 1/2 years apart and I noticed almost from the very beginning that they (when napping) would both sleep better when they slept together. This eventually became sharing a bed (when the youngest was around Ezra's age) and is now, at 8 and 5, sharing a room with bunk beds. They still do better together than apart.


I vote for just moving Ezra right in to the room/bed with Noah. If the bedsharing (or room sharing) doesn't work out, you haven't invested any money in the arrangement, and if it does - hey, you haven't invested any money in the arrangement!


I've heard of kids who could climb out of their crib at 9 months, so I figure if he's made it to a year, you're doing good. :D

My boys are almost exactly 3 years apart and shared a bed for several years, starting when the younger was at least 2 1/2. They shared a huge waterbed for a long time -- so big there wasn't room for much else in their room, so their dresser(s?) were in our room.

At some point, probably when they were 8 and 11, we got a used bunk set for them (cheap! it already had scribbling from other kids on it -- no worries about them marking up something new!), and they stayed together there until the older son was in college.

Younger son is still in college, but removed the bottom bunk after his brother left, and sleeps in the top. The space where the bottom bunk was holds a loveseat, so he has a comfy place to sit when friends come over. :) One of the dogs monopolizes it most of the time, but at least #2 son has the good sense to cover the loveseat with an old sheet.

I say start with once-a-week sleepovers (on the weekends?) for a while (a few months?) and see how that goes. Then you could move towards having them share a room for a while. It looks to me like you wouldn't need two beds until they're a lot larger (or have vastly different sleeping schedules).

Deanna Piercy

Our kids chose to sleep together (boy/girl) for several years, despite having their own rooms. We ended up giving them our king size bed and getting a queen for ourselves. After years of the family bed, I was just thrilled to have them happily sleeping anywhere, under any conditions. They eventually chose to sleep in their own rooms but I'm convinced those years of sharing a room strengthened their relationship. They are now 26 and 23 and consider one another to be their best friends.


Costco has the twin over double bunk instore every year where I live, for half the price of PBK.

Definitely just give it a try before investing any money.

I have three kids sharing a very small room right now out of necessity. We put the big kids in a bunk when they were 3.5 and 4.5, with the 3.5 choosing the top. They were given very strict rules and the beds would be taken apart if not followed. They are both girls and while there has been jumping and silly play going on now that they are older, 7 and 8, there was only one fall from the top for the littlest and she was fine. Bunk behavior will completely depend on your children. They love sharing and will all curl up in a pile on the floor even, there is a lot of extended playing and laughing and me wishing there were more rooms to lock them in...I mean put them to bed in.


Oh yeah... there was arguing about who got to sleep in the top. I had hoped that they'd alternate a week at a time, but no...

For years I would write "TBJT" every other day on the calendar, which stood for T on the Bottom, J on the Top (the off days, T was on top, and J on the bottom).


When we moved from a 3 BR house where everyone had their own room into a 2 BR apartment last year I put our 4 and 2 yr old boys in one bedroom (the baby is still in our bedroom, but will be moving in with the boys if she ever sleeps through the night.) In our old house, I was looking for a bunk bed solution since the baby would need her own room eventually, and I'm sorry I can't find the link, but I found a very low L-shape loft (like the top bunk was only about 3.5 feet off the ground) and the lower bunk was practically on the ground. Alternatively, Ikea has a low loft with a tent top, and you can put another mattress on the floor underneath it for Ezra.


My girls slept in the same bed from about 2 and choice, for a bit over two years. Shrug. I'm a believe in, it works until it doesn't and then I'll do something different.

I'd say give it a shot. Even if you bought bunk beds now, they still want to share a bottom bunk. Try letting them share. See how it goes.


My 7 and 4 year old have been sharing a room since the 4 year old was 6 months old. There was a summer when we were temporarily living in a furnished apartment and they shared a bed for that time and it worked just fine. For the last 2 years they have had bunk beds and that has worked out great. I think most kids do quite well sharing when they are little like this. Go for it!


My 2 older boys have not only always shared a room, but even a bed for most of their lives. They are 7 1/2 and barely 6, have always had their own beds, and have always chosen to sleep snuggled up anyway. They both sleep better when they are together, and they both wake up happier. IT doesn't work for everyone, but it's worth a shot.


My boys (two years apart) shared a bedroom until they were 13 and 15. Not because we didn't have the rooms. Their personalities were nothing alike - one extraordinarily verbal and active, and one quiet and bookish - and it was great because one talked, the other listened. It sure cut down on cleaning and general mischief. The only reason the older one finally got fed up and moved out was his younger brother's snoring.


He was in bed with the WB, not church! No worries. :)

Trunndle or co-sleep. Giv it a shot, why not?

Katy (knitterpated)

What about the Kura bed from IKEA? it's cheap, and higher than a regular bed, but I would think it would be doable for Noah. We just bought one & are painting the side panels with dry-erase paint, so our girls can decorate it.


Oh yeah. Forgot this until I saw the other post.

At 8 my brother dived off the top bunk in the middle of a dream. Trip to ER.

At another age, fighting, one fell off, bit his tongue. Trip to ER.


Sigh. DOVE off . not dived off .. .


I concur with the trundle beds.


We've got two rooms of two boys each, and it works well. We have bunk beds. One set is the set my dad made for my brother when my brother was a child, and the other set we bought for about $250 at a furniture store. We thumbed our noses at the recommended ages and used the top bunk for a responsible 4-year-old.


My kids (girl & boy, 24 months apart) moved from the king family bed to a queen bed where they slept crosswise to give more room. When they were ready for twin beds, we switched bedrooms and they shared the master bedroom for 3-4 years until the office was turned into my son's room. Worked great for us.


There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with sharing rooms. We intentionally bought a small home so that our kids can learn how to share personal space like, you know, everyone did up until a generation ago. They'll deal. Not every kid needs his own space.

Note: We were completely won over when we learned that the previous owners of our 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home had NINE CHILDREN. Who shared TWO BEDROOMS. Ha! And I thought 3 kids was pushing it!


I am preggo now and if it is a boy, we are totally doing this. We don't have a basement and can't afford to sell and buy something bigger. If it is a girl, than obviously, we can't put them together. Since Noah and Ez are so close in age...I say go for it!

shriek house

My kids share a room. The baby was climbing out of his crib before he was even ONE YEAR OLD. Imagine. We got them this bed:

which is shorter than a normal bunk so has two advantages, 1) it's not as high a ladder to climb for the kid on top (mine was 4 when she moved up there) and 2) the lower mattress is actually on the floor, so you don't have to worry too much about the baby falling out and whacking his head. It was seriously one of the BEST kid gear purchases we've ever made.


Coming out of lurkerdom to say that my six-year-old was looking at the picturesover my shoulder and shrieked "Oh! A Pillow Pet! I want one!"



I say, go old school and put them both in the same bed - maybe a full size with a simple frame. Or get the bottom of that bunk system to start.

I think you will be doing them a huge service - physical contact supports a healthy nervous system, and I think it will help them both become good sound sleepers. When they go to college, they won't have trouble sharing a dorm room.

How totally adorable BTW.


What about something like this from JcPenney --|71405

It's a bed w/trundle (twin size) originally $1000 on sale for $400. I love their stuff - always have since I worked there, had a discount and bought all my furniture/dishes/towels etc... I'd never realized that there stuff is actually pretty great quality.

You could use something like this for a couple years and then resale for a good deal to someone who could use it and get a bunk bed :O)


Well then... my link apparently did not work! lol, imagine that - they never do :O)

If you go to the JCPenney home page and type in "Noah" in the search box (hey - the bed even has his name!) then the bedroom set will pop up.


I am sorry, those are the cutest most adorable pictures of those boys that you have ever subjected me to. Please let them sleep over, please, please, please!!!! I could not say no. I am weak.


My girls (two years apart) had their own rooms, but still would always sleep together. So I bought bunks. They still slept in the same bed by choice. This continued until my oldest was about 13. You can guess what happened then. I never had a problem when they were Noah and Ezra's age about going to sleep. It was great.

Michelle B.

I am apparently a rule-shunner, our 4 year old has been sleeping in the top bunk of his bed since he was 3, never a problem. We got a bunk with a full bed on the bottom, knowing we were losing our guestroom with the arrival of kid #2 and the first time Liam had to sleep on the top bunk when we had guests here, he never wanted to move back down (and can you blame him?).

Our option is similar to this with the staircase but with a full bed on the bottom:


I'd say get a trundle bed, or maybe a murphy bed? They actually have ones that look like furniture --

Such big boys!


I concur with everyone who says give it a whirl in the current bed. If it works, than you can look at trundles versus bunks versus a full bed. Sounds like a lot of fun to me. I had two brothers and I was SO jealous that they got to share a room and I didn't.


my 2-year old BG twins sleep in own cribs but in same room at home & love the company. on vacation when they were on inflatible toddler beds and so had access to each other they choose to sleep together every nap & overnight. So add me to the 'try out co-sleeping' chorus!


We just bought a twin-over-full bunk bed VERY SIMILAR to the Pottery Barn one on Ebay for 375. New. Free shipping. Best. Purchase. Evah.


So, I'm realizing that 146 comments into this means that you possibly may never read this...BUT I still have to comment. I have a 9 year old boy, a 7 year old girl and a 2 year old girl. My 9 year old and 7 year old have slept together since they were 2 and 4. Let me be clear on this point...they DO actually have separate rooms, they are just never used. Every now and then I lay down the law and say "SEPARATE ROOMS!!! YOU KIDS NEED YOUR REST!!" But then someone inevitably comes downstairs at three a.m. all sniffly and crying over a bad dream and then instead of being a GOOD mother I roll over and say, "Go get in the bed with your brother/sister." No think the WIFEBEATER looks bad?? Anyway, the bond is strong between the two of them. They fight like cats and dogs sometimes, but they love each other and are best friends too. My advice? Go for it. I don't think you'll regret it. And then, like can wonder what the heck to do with the third baby???


I've shared a room my whole life (really - went from home with my sister, to college with roommates, to being married) and I'm a huge proponent of room sharing. My little guy (19mos) currently sleeps in his own room and it's... weird for me. I imagine that he gets lonely. I'm looking forward to the day when he's old enough to share a room with his sister. (He STILL doesn't sleep through the night, so it's not possible right now.)

So, obviously, I think you should try having Noah and Ezra share a room. I like the suggestion of putting Ezra's crib mattress on Noah's floor for a no-cost trial. If you do end up going for it, I highly recommend the kind of bunk bed you linked to. My sister and I had one of those in our room for years and it was awesome. We'd sleep in the double bed together sometimes, and in separate beds when we weren't feeling like sharing. It worked beautifully.

Good luck deciding!


my sister and I shared a twin bed from when I was in 4th grade til 6th (and I'm sure we slept in the same bed many times before that, it's just that I remember the 4th through 6th time frame so well). Not because we had to, but because we wanted to. I had a bunk bed in my room for as long as I remember. I, in theory, was to sleep on the top bunk and the bottom was reserved for when my sister wanted to sleep in my room, though I always ended up sleeping in the bottom bunk, and if she wanted to sleep in my room, we'd just share the bed.

In 4th grade, my parents upgraded my bunk bed from the normal bunk variety to the variety that you linked to (though the bottom was a futon on a frame that could be pushed into a couch)


I'm doing that figuring out who-sleeps-where bit myself, except that it's my oldest that's just learned (at 22mos) to escape the crib. We dropped the mattress down to the floor, and are trying to think ahead to the day when little sister (currently 3 and a half mos) will need to leave the cradle in our room.

The IKEA mini-bunk that's been mentioned ad naseum is a definite front runner.


I have two boys, 2 and 4, and we moved them into a room together when they are 1 and 3. It has worked out fabulously, they LOVE sleeping together, and if for some reason one is missing (i.e. sick and ends up in our bed), the other is like a lost puppy not knowing what to do. We used our youngest son's old room as a play room, which has worked out fabulously as well.

By the way--I'm calling you out based on several comments in various posts over the last few weeks and I'm gonna say your pregnant. Could be wrong, but I have a way of calling these things :).


I have two boys, 2 and 4, and we moved them into a room together when they are 1 and 3. It has worked out fabulously, they LOVE sleeping together, and if for some reason one is missing (i.e. sick and ends up in our bed), the other is like a lost puppy not knowing what to do. We used our youngest son's old room as a play room, which has worked out fabulously as well.

By the way--I'm calling you out based on several comments in various posts over the last few weeks and I'm gonna say your pregnant. Could be wrong, but I have a way of calling these things :).


That first photo has me all gushy inside. What beautiful boys you have! and how wonderful that they love each other so much.
(i was going to be all original and suggest a trundle! that goes under the bed! and then I read the other 150 comments saying the same thing. so anyway, cute kids!)


My girls (now 2 and 4) decided last winter they wanted to share a room. My response was something like, "Riiiiiiight. Not going to happen." (They're both rotten sleepers and I was terrified of making the problems worse.) But they wore me down and we let them try it. We put the older one on a cushioned mat on the floor next to the crib for a couple of days, which turned into a couple of weeks. Eventually, we just moved her bed in there. And you know what? They sleep better now. I assume when they get older they're going to want to split up again, but for now it works beautifully.


My boys (ages 5 and 2) have a full/twin bunk bed. Sometimes they sleep together on the full, sometimes one is on top, sometimes one is in bed with us. When they do sleep together, sometimes they hold hands. I say go for it.


I didn't read all the comments before mine, so forgive me if this has been suggested: if you do end up letting them bunk together, set up a baby monitor so you can hear them and set up some way to record what you hear. I had friends who had their three boys share a room and they have priceless hours of conversations the boys had while they were dropping off to sleep, about pirates and forests and baseball. It's both heartbreaking and wonderful.


My sister and I shared a room until high school and my boys have always shared a room. They like being together and it hasn't caused any issues. They don't have to share a room, they just want to. We got bunk beds when our oldest was five and he did just fine on the top bunk.


In my experience, kids don't mind sharing rooms when they're young. I shared one room with all three of my sisters for a couple years of my childhood. We were ages 2-6, and I don't remember any of us minding.

I guess important factors in that situation were 1) the room was fairly large and 2) we had a big house and huge backyard, so there was plenty of room to roam if we didn't feel like being in the same space as each other.


I'm still in the 'hoping to have child # 2' stages, but I'm also hoping (planning!) that when I do they'll share a bed. For all kinds of (space (we live in a large city), only people in the first world sleep alone (is it really optimal?) etc etc) reasons. So I say... try it. Just as is, let them share. You can always move to bunk beds or whatever else on down the road if it's not working as you'd like.
And, congratulations on considering #3. I always feel like thinking about adding another child is a sign that things are going pretty well for a family.


Of course you should! What is there to lose?

Auntie P

If you consider trundle beds, test how easy it is to pull out the trundle on your type of flooring. My only child has a lot of sleepovers, and I grumble when I have to pull out the trundle (one of the Pottery Barn kids styles). Her room has carpet and it is VERY hard to slide the trundle.

You would probably think of that, but I was lazy and ordered over the internet without testing it. My child hates change so I am not going to spend the money on something she does not want i.e. a new bed. So I grumble under my breath like the good passive aggressive I am.


Try the half bunk. Noah on top (it's only adult-chest high) and Ezra on his crib mattress on the floor underneath. Same room, own space. Our kids (girl, 6.5, boy, 3.5) have loooooved it.

Hm. We're actually changing things up here. I'd sell you our set (it's white, w/a detachable slide) for cheap. (I'm in the DC area).

Jen @ das Sushi

My kids (7 and 4) *insisted* on having their own rooms when we moved into our new place. And, yet they both sleep in my 4 year old's room every night. Every. Night.


I say go for it! Let them share a room. I bet they'll love it. My two girls have been sharing a room since they were 2 and 4 1/2. We bought a bunk bed with stairs (COOLEST THING EVER) so we were never worried about the top bunk/ladder. The rails were plenty high enough and the 4 1/2 yr old had no trouble on the stairs at night, if she had to go to the bathroom. The 2yr old was told very firmly that she was NEVER to go to the top bunk unless Mama or Daddy were in the room. If they wanted to be together, the older one had to come down to the lower bunk. I found them sleeping in the lower twin bed together quite a few nights. The first two nights we had to go upstairs a few times and tell them to be quiet because they wouldn't stop giggling and talking. But after the 2nd night they started going to sleep quickly. They love sharing a room, even now (they're 7 and 4 1/2) and I'm not sure what they'd do if we tried to separate them.

mrs. q.

We live in a 4-bedroom house and my two kids (5 year-old son and 3 year-old daughter) have shared the same bedroom for two years... because they want to. I know that the day will come when EWWW they want their own space, but for now, they only want to sleep in the same space.

At first, the excitement winds them up, but in a few days they will get into a routine.

I set up two twin beds in an "L" shape which they sometimes beg to have pushed together into "the big bed" for fun. And most of their toys are in the other bedrooms, which make great playspaces. I also have added a chair, for me or my husband to sit and read while they fall asleep.

Give it a try. If they have similar bedtimes, it makes it much easier. They will love it!

mrs. q.

We live in a 4-bedroom house and my two kids (5 year-old son and 3 year-old daughter) have shared the same bedroom for two years... because they want to. I know that the day will come when EWWW they want their own space, but for now, they only want to sleep in the same space.

At first, the excitement winds them up, but in a few days they will get into a routine.

I set up two twin beds in an "L" shape which they sometimes beg to have pushed together into "the big bed" for fun. And most of their toys are in the other bedrooms, which make great playspaces. I also have added a chair, for me or my husband to sit and read while they fall asleep.

Give it a try. If they have similar bedtimes, it makes it much easier. They will love it!


My two girls wanted to share a room....we only had a double bed in there...they shared it for a year and then begged to have their little brother sleep with them. I warned them that once they started having him sleep with them, he would get used to it and then when they no longer wanted him to sleep with them it would be too late. But of course, what does mom know any they all shared the double bed until they got sick of their little brother....and of course, mom was it took a long time and a cool comforter and room makeover to get him back into his own room. And the girls share a room for a few more years adn then moved into their own rooms. Whew!


My two are a little over three years apart. When the oldest turned five, he and his brother insisted on bunk beds. Eventually, we caved and made the other bedroom a playroom.

They loved it.

Salome Ellen

Bunkbeds with a trundle! Noah can move up when he's ready, and the trundle can be use for Ezra now, and FRIEND (!) sleepovers later.


My two eldest nephews have been sharing a room for years even though they don't have to, they have plenty have room in the house.
It goes surprisingly well with little to no screaming/killing/bloodshed


My two older ones share a room and often a bed and love it. The only issue we found was then they did not have their own space, and it is harder to send them to their rooms to seperate the.

Also, we put our older daughter in the top bunk before she was old enough and she was fine.


My twins (almost 5 boy and girl) sleep in the same bed together and now their 3-year-old sister sleeps in the same room with them. It is rarely a problem and they love the company. I don't know why I had to move out to the country to a five bedroom house, but whatever.


twin beds? That's what my sister and I had for years...


Ikea has a really short loft bed that can easily be converted into a bunk bed by putting slats into the bottom area.

This is what we did with our kids (ages 5 and 2) and they love it. The top "bunk" also comes with a tent that my autistic son LOVES because it feels secure.

Here's a link to the site:


Ez is such a big boy!


This brought back wonderful memories for me. My brothers shared a room until I moved out of the house at 18.
I remember one night, my dad got a babysitter for us, and we 'tricked' her into letting me sleep in their room. ON A SCHOOL NIGHT. This was obviously never would've happened if my dad had been home. It was so amazing! Ahh, I remember when my brothers were my best friends. :-)

Trying for a baby again isn't Hare Brained!!
I would LOVE it if y'all tried again. Maybe a girl?? I can totally see Ez and Nona being the protective older brothers of their baby sister.


We have that PBK twin over full (bought off Craig's List for MUCH less) and we actually only left the top bunk on for a few weeks - our boys (almost 3 & almost 6) hated it because they couldn't play on the bed anymore... we left the bottom full bed, and stupidly brought back the toddler bed. Our youngest almost NEVER sleeps in it; he crawls in with his big brother almost every night, and I swear, those are the sweetest pictures I get of them. They end up cuddled close every time, and they sleep so much better... I can also remember climbing down to sleep with my big sister for years... We are expecting another baby in about 2 months, and I think I will prob just take apart the toddler bed, put the crib in its place, and give up any pretense of them sleeping separately... They love it & we need the space - why fight it? (We still have the twin top bunk put away, so I may bring that back out so our poor middle kiddo doesn't feel like he's lost 'his' bed completely...)


My big boys are the same age as yours (minus a few months. We moved little brother's crib into big brother's room when we had a surprise 3rd baby boy. It didn't work. My good sleeper became my worst sleeper so we separated them and moved the new baby in with biggest brother, which is going okay. Anyway, we went on vacation and the two big boys shared a queen bed. There was kicking, but once they were asleep it went fine. Oh, except the little guy fell out so a bedrail might be a good idea. If they want to share a bed, why not?


Hmmm. Mine (5 years age difference) didn't really start knock-em down drag-out fighting and super getting on each others nerves 23/7 until the little one reached 24 months. My older son, who never used to play in his room, now spends a lot of time there with the door closed. Makes me sad, but I sure do enjoy those moments of sibling peace.

Of course you should try it. If nothing else being able to threaten them with separation gives you an extra card to play. But girl, good luck with that.

Thrift Store Mama

Agree with PPs on trying to let them sleep together. Another option that we will use soon is to have two twin beds pushed up next to each other. We've ordered bunkbeds that can also be twin beds and will use them as twin beds for the next couple years. We have 3 bedrooms and guests with some regularity, so we really need the 3rd bedroom to be the office/playroom/guest bedroom.


Let them share the bed but Ezra keeps his room for his own things/space/privacy when he needs it. This has been the perfect solution in my family (and was recommended to me by a friend who's a child psychologist and did it this way in her family--she said when the little guy woke up it really helped him to have his brother sleeping right there).


I have all three of my girls share a room, 6 year old twins and a two-year old. It's working out fine, although it is a little hard getting them to go to sleep, the little one cries and keeps them up sometimes. But it's a necessity for us, and it's basically the master bedroom, so there's plenty of space. I agree with the people who recommended the ikea loft bed; I have friends whose kids use that, the younger kid sleeps underneath on a mattress on the floor, and the older sleeps on the loft. And it's only $200!


Haha I shared a room with my brother, who's four years younger than I am, until I moved out at 18. Not a big deal until he hit puberty and got smelly. :) Before that, most of the time we ended up sleeping in the same bed and it was great. I say go for it!

Joy Estelle

I remember my cousin had a bunk bed with his SUPER AWESOME COOL Star Wars sheets. I slept better because I was swathed in those sheet - I know it. Do it


I have several friends who have made this work with their two boys who are similar age. One friend tried for YEARS to put her boys in separate rooms and would find them in the same bed in the morning, without fail. I think you should go for it. My two boys do sometimes want to have a sleepover, but it would not work at my house as a regular arrangement, because we do have much more of the I HATE HIM HE TOUCHED ME MOOOOOOOMMMMMM! I was hoping I would get I LOVE YOU MAN, but, no. Oh well.


My boys are the same age as yours and have shared a room since the youngest moved out of the bassinet in our master bedroom. I say go for it!


YES. Let them share. They are ASKING to share something; a mother doesn't turn away from her kids WANTING to share.

My middle son and my youngest (a daughter) love to share a bed. it's only been recently that I've been enforcing the whole separate rooms thing and it broke their hearts. It was nice to see them get along over SOMETHING since they try to kill each other every hour of daylight...


my husband shared a room with his brother for most of his entire life, until he was like 16. he LOVED it. and has decided that our children will share rooms as well (not only to conserve space but to foster community and sibling bonds). the benefit to parents is that they learn that you can't keep secrets when you have roommates. :P


I would let them try this out for a month or so in your existing bed just to make sure this works out. Since your oldest is still to young for the top bunk, how about a trundle bed? Here is a sample:

Once they go back to their own rooms, this bed would be great for sleepovers.

Nancy R

Room share and/or bed share. They'll probably be good with it until they hit pre-teen/teenage.


FWIW, my children (a boy and a girl, boy is 2 years older), slept in the same bed from ages 3/5 to 5/7 because that was the only way they wouldn't come sleep with us! They fell asleep easier and bedtime was much more pleasant. They still had their own rooms for their toys, etc. They let us know when they no longer wanted this arrangement. Don't over think it, go with what works for your family.


My two kids (girl and boy) shared a room for a couple of years when they were around the ages of your boys. It was really nice for them. We did have room for 2 twins in that room though.


My two oldest have shared a room since #3 came along. They were 7 and 3 when that happened, but they love love love it. We now have a house big enough for them each to have their own room and even though they are 10 and 6, they still do the bunk bed thang (we asked them if they wanted their own or to share, and it was unanimous). And then we have a 'toy room'. I love it. they punch each other, but they wouldn't have it any other way.


I just bought my four year old a bunk bed with stairs, like this one (but a much, much cheaper version): I have NO IDEA how I'm going to keep the six month old off the stairs when he gets mobile, but I'll rig that gate up when it becomes necessary. My older boy is also a rule follower, and the threat of giving the bunk bed to our eight year old neighbor if we ever catch him walking or bouncing on the top bunk has thus far been sufficient to deter any monkey business.


What fricking cutie pies, totally let them be roomies while they still want to and separate them when they're old enough to need their own space. But whatever you do don't get a bunk bed, especially with a quirky kid. My son and (older) daughter shared one and when he was 3 he climbed up to her bunk and jumped off. Then did it again cause whee, that was fun! Then did it again and shattered his femur so badly it looked like he had an extra knee.
His daddy demolished it with a chainsaw the next day! So I say share the room, skip the bunkbeds!


I roomed with one of my sisters until I was in 8th grade. We loved it! Although, she did sing herself to sleep at night. Not sure how I survived that one! My sister just moved my two nephews (5 & 3) into the same room and the boys love it. It's been six months and no one has flipped out yet.


I'm an only child but have a cousin who is only 2 years younger than me. Growing up we would BEG our parents to let us move houses so that we could have sleepovers every night. Forget just sharing a room!

I know that I'll be a total sucker for the "sleepovers" once we have some kids who will hopefully like each other to want to have sleepovers.


My sister & I shared a room & a bed until I was nine. Then I decided to make our play room into my room. So there space for me to have my own room but it was easier & more comforting for us to bunk together while we were smaller. We had a full sized bed pushed up against the wall with rails on one side so no one fell out. So it can totally work, even without a total bedroom re-do.

Chris in NY

We bought my daughter a cheap foam toddler-sized futon fold out couch as we knew it would not last and would get ruined by bodily fluids over time for about $20. She would not sleep with sheets anyway so a blanket underneath and a blanket on top and we were good to go.


My 2 and 4 yo boys share a room, and have for over a year now. They really never get tired of each other, above and beyond the usual brother stuff. You should try it with your boys!

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