My Natural Born Talent, Part Two


So, this has been happening:


Every night, they try to convince us to let them have a sleepover.


Noah promises me that they'll sleep. Ezra closes his eyes and pretends to snore.



Ezra cries when we take him back to his room and calls for NONA, NONA. Noah wails that he wants his little brother back because he looooooves him.

Add in the fact that Ezra's figured out how to escape his crib already, and I think you can see exactly what crazy arrangement we are seriously (AND CRAZILY) considering.


A big boy bed is imminent, as I really don't see this one being happy with a crib tent. So where to put it?


Because I have a feeling this is where he'll end up anyway, at least once he masters the doorknob. I know for a fact that this is where he'll be happiest, because it's really only sort of about THE BED, if you know what I mean. 


They go to bed and wake up at the same times. Ezra takes a nap in the afternoon, but Noah never spends that time in his room anyway because his toys are all elsewhere. 


But this room is really too small for two beds, and Noah's a year away from the recommended top-bunk age. 

On the other hand, this room is waaaay past due for a makeover anyway. (I MEAN COME ON.) And I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't mind putting Ezra's room to use as an office. Or maybe a nursery again, while we're on the subject of HAREBRAINED CRAZY. 


I shared a room with my sister when I was this age. We got our own rooms eventually, but I distinctly remember loving the arrangement when I was little. I liked the company. 

And I love that my boys love each other so much. Though I don't know if room-sharing will foster that bond or...have the opposite effect of HE'S TOUCHING ME HE'S BREATHING ON ME HE'S IRRITATING ME WITH HIS MERE EXISTENCE. 

So I'm wondering. Should we give this arrangement a test drive? Should we really possibly even be kidding ourselves about having them share a room, especially since there's no reason they "have" to? And maybe even a bed, and thus kidding ourselves that the end result will be anything other than no sleep and lots of all-night clobbering sessions? Should we look into something like this (only cheaper, my lands) and have Noah move to the top bunk when he's old enough? Figure out how to cram two beds in there, maybe using something like this for Noah and our old toddler bed? know...wait for them to get completely sick of each other and back requesting their OWN ROOMS and OWN SPACE within a week or so?

P.S. No, Noah doesn't usually sleep in a wifebeater. It was just all I could find because I forgot to take his laundry out of the washer and had to run the load again because it smelled all funny. Which I now realize probably doesn't really make the wifebeater situation any classier. 



Ahh, that's so sweet! My sister and I totally used to want to share a room but were never allowed (which was really probably just as well). Instead we'd sleep either crammed together in a twin bed, or on the sleeper sofa in the bonus room. Only on weekends and during the summer though, it was definitely a no-go on school nights.


Such adorable photos. I shared a room with a brother growing up and loved it. We did eventually get our own rooms, but I loved "the company".


All I have to say is it is BEYOND RIDICULOUS how cute your boys are.

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