First Day Baby Blues
*insert strangled heart-in-throat sounds here*

The First Steps Into a Larger World

Hey look! I'm LIKEABLE, dammit! Likeable! I'm having a hard time refraining from typing a riff on Sally Fields' Oscar speech that includes the word "cocksuckers." But you're all probably imagining it now anyway. So there. I'm done here, let's move on!

So. Noah. Costumes. Playing dress-up. Not at all a thing he enjoys. We successfully got him into a costume last Halloween at the 11th hour when he suddenly realized that Mommy and Daddy weren't playing: There was free candy to be had if you wore one. Okay Earthlings, I will indulge you this time in your strange fun-sized candy-procuring middle-man ritual. THIS TIME.

Afterwards, though, whenever I mentioned next Halloween, he would do some kind of dramatic fainting-couch thing and announce that he was NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN. NO. NOT EVEN. 

Time went by, and he seemed a bit more open to the idea -- probably because in the wake of us cracking down with a righteous vengeance on food dyes in his diet, he's figured out that Halloween is his once-a-year window to fuck up his nervous system with all the Red 40 and Yellow 5 he wants because CHILDHOOD IS AWESOMMMMMME -- but he said he would only wear the same blue monster costume from last year. Which was actually purchased (and rejected) the year BEFORE, and was already a size too small when he wore it. 

If I told him that I was sorry, that costume doesn't fit, we'll need to find another one or something different...back to the fainting couch he went. 

Over the summer, there were a number of little girls at his camp who loved to play dress-up, and the classroom had a wide variety of fairy wings and tutus and tiaras that they favored, but seeing them dressed up would send Noah into total meltdown mode, with screaming and sobbing and...well. He really, really didn't like it, to put it mildly.

So you can imagine my shock when one day this past weekend, out of the blue, Noah donned Ezra's bathrobe, declared it a "cate" (cape) and started calling himself Obi-Wan Kenobi:



He wears it everywhere and all the time -- except right after bathtime, when Ezra starts shrieking MINE MINE MINE because it is, in fact, a size 24-months and HIS HIS HIS -- I've even caught him wearing it to bed a couple nights, sweating profusely but sleeping peacefully, with a lightsaber fashioned out a Tinker Toy tucked in his hands, under his chin.


I've always listened to other parents' stories about the wacky things their children insisted on wearing day after day or the crazy outfits they proudly assembled for themselves and felt a little twinge because Noah has never been that kid. His clothing preferences begin and end with what I pull out of the closet every morning, provided I conceal the fact that anything might be "new" by ripping off tags and hiding shopping bags. We buy him Star Wars shirts because we think he'll like them, but I'm not sure he really notices them all that much. Part personality, part other issues, who knows, but oh, I love the sight of other kids who think rainboots and pirate hats and bumblebee wings are perfectly sensible day-to-day ensemble.

I let him wear his cate to OT yesterday, because why the hell not, and his therapist's confusion quickly melted into laughter when she realized just what he was wearing, and then to a triumphant fistbump with me when it dawned on her that he wasn't just wearing a bathrobe, he was wearing a costume. That he'd come up with all by himself. We got a couple WTF looks from other parents in the waiting room, but I honestly could not have been more proud, as I watched my kid run around with his Baby Gap microfleece freak flag high.

"I love Thursdays," she laughed.


Me too. 



Last year - my oldest nephew (6; also named Noah) dressed up as Obi-Wan while my younger nephew (2) dressed up as Yoda. It was too cute watching them walk down the street w/ their lightsabers and candy buckets.




Love it! awesome costume, awesome kid. Star Wars duo for Halloween?


And I love Fridays, because of the Thursday stories! Happily laughing out loud, which is a much needed relief from a pretty suck-y week over here. Thanks for sharing, and especially for the pictures!


Way to go, Noah!!!

And AWESOME, AWESOME post title, Amy. Perfect for the true Star Wars geek fan.


The force is strong in that one!


Way to go little man!


Way to go little man!


That is awesome! And am I the only one who noticed in that first picture-like, woah-Noah looks like he's 8 or 9 and on the verge of 18? Is it the perspective or something? Either way, that's one good lookin kid!


My mom used the "indulge the Earthlings in their strange customs" thing on me on more than one occasion....I didn't have SPD though (at least, not badly), I was just incredibly socially awkward. Still am, really.

Yay for capes!


My mom used the "indulge the Earthlings in their strange customs" thing on me on more than one occasion....I didn't have SPD though (at least, not badly), I was just incredibly socially awkward. Still am, really.

Yay for capes!


My mom used the "indulge the Earthlings in their strange customs" thing on me on more than one occasion....I didn't have SPD though (at least, not badly), I was just incredibly socially awkward. Still am, really.

Yay for capes!


My mom used the "indulge the Earthlings in their strange customs" thing on me on more than one occasion....I didn't have SPD though (at least, not badly), I was just incredibly socially awkward. Still am, really.

Yay for capes!


oh shoot. Sorry about that!


It's really important, when someone calls you 'likable' not to wonder if they're being sarcastic. Luckily, I never have this problem.

I have the same cate!


Love it!

I'm thinking of doing a Handy Manny costume-that-is-clothes for my son, whose SPD casues him to hate costumes, too.

kim at allconsuming

When Felix decided he was Obi Wan (which I spelt obi1 for far too long) there was the classroom incident where they were being divided into groups going off their surnames. Felix sat patiently well past the Bs of his surname and when the teacher quizzed him he replied that obi wan was much further down the alphabet.
Year 2 I believe that was. Hilarious.


You are the most likeable. Although I am also fond of Alice Bradley. I hope you are SO likeable that someone rich just has to give you huge sums of money and Noah can then have whatever OT you decide to give him. And also vacations to places with pools.



And I very nearly almost kinda sorta didn't get choked up reading this! Good job!


CRYING. AT 9 AM. THANKS A WHOLE BUNCH. (goNoahyouaresoawesome!)


Oh so awesome!


Whoops, I forgot to say what I was going to (being distracted with the whole crying issue) but I wanted to tell you that because of reading about Noah and his struggles and triumphs, I decided to seriously look at working as a special ed teacher, and am working in the classroom right now. The kids there are so wonderful--even when I'm telling them to "Sitdowncontrolyourarmsnoweaponsinside" they are so fun, so quirky, and after a particularly difficult activity when the little boy slips his hand into mine and beams up at me, my whole heart just melts.

So I wanted to say thank you, because if I hadn't read your blog and your "Isn't that Special" posts I would never have thought to try.

Plano Mom

That is a freakin AWESOME cape.

Also, at least here in Texas, Dollar Tree sells glow sticks that are designed to look like fairy wands, but you can take off the star and they become light sabers. Just sayin.

Anna Marie

I swear I think OTs are going to be the salvation of the human race. I would adopt ours if he would let me.

Congrats to Noah. I love that kid.


Speaking as a parent to one of those "must wear a pirate costume 365 days a year wherever I go" types, while I appreciate his creativity and dedication, it can really complicate matters. Especially when you're running late and the baby waited until you have strapped her into her carseat to poop and you can't remember where you left the *important item that you need for this particular errand* - chequebook, birthday present, insurance card, whatever - and you maybe brushed your teeth, definately not your hair and oh wait. You have to drop *everything* and look for a motherfucking pirate hat because Captain Hook over there is having a fucking meltdown kicking and screaming and general hysteria and you kinda feel for him because with his hat, he's Captain Feathersword and without it, he's just some kid holding a feather duster...
Anyway, if you're anything like me, you've rushed out and bought him a real costume by now.
Star Wars. The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.


Where did you find that precious R2D2 shirt? It is sooooo cute!


Where did you find that precious R2D2 shirt? It is sooooo cute!


It's the hood, sensory kids love hoods. Or at least that's what I've read a hundred times. My sensory kids costumes revolve around pajamas that can be animals. This year, a skull and bones sweatshirt from The Gap and a pair of black pants. SHE loves bones. I won't show it to her until about a day before though, because, the thought of Halloween is just too much.


I always thought that too, about mine. That he never particularly cared what he wore. But lately, he's learned to completely dress himself, from head to toe. So every morning, he picks out his clothes, and I hated to make him change, because this was a triumphant milestone for him, but dude, sweaters and line pants in the middle of summer would make for a very unhappy kid.

But now? He prefers to pick out his own clothes. And I've stopped caring if he matches. Because I'm so proud that he can do it himself.


Wow. What a great moment. Thanks for sharing!

beta dad


It's very generous of you to write stories like this in a way that's amusing to your readers (fear of fairy wings, fainting couches--lol), even though it's probably not so funny to you. Thanks.

Cheryl S.

Hooray Noah!! Love hearing these stories. I have one of the little girls that believes that a red shirt and a pink and yellow tutu and pink Hello Kitty rain boots is a perfectly acceptable Saturday outfit. (And yes, I did let her wear it out of the house). I'm glad Noah's getting into it!



No really, super YAY!!


"Baby Gap microfleece freak flag"?

Thanks for the great abs workout.

And yay for Noah, the cate wearer!


"Baby Gap microfleece freak flag" got me too. Hee hee!


Noah's the cutest Obi Wan ever!


Noah's the cutest Obi Wan ever!


I so get this. All of this.

Epic WIN for Noah.

And as far as costumes go? This year, mine is okay with a long sleeve t-shirt and a pair of white sweatpants fashioned into a Tron costume, because this is his favoritest movie ever.

Love the pictures of Obi-Wan the most. Melts my heart into a puddle of goo.


I wonder if you know how much we all love Noah out here in blog-reader land. This post made my day.


Maybe you'll be able to find a bigger size, yet identical robe he can use for halloween.
My son was a pimp last year, the only costume he would pick or even consider(at 2 years old) was a bright purple shaggy/chenille hat. I couldn't figure anything else to do with that. So a pimp he was for his first trick or treat.


That is so awesome!!! Maybe he will want to be Obi Wan for Halloween?

And totally unrelated (sort of): I'm totally reading through your archives (because you are funny and tell good stories and make my life a little less stressful) and some of your pictures have been replaced with baby pictures of Noah (I believe). It's like, ooh, Amy's making peanut butter cups, and now, baby! (Yay baby! Who is no longer a baby but an awesome Jedi!)

Dawn K.

"Baby Gap microfleece freak flag high."

This post makes my crappy week of a desk full of loan documents piled high seem less sucky.

Also, I believe I spy peaches in the background? Was this before they started to rot? :)


In that last picture you'd think he and Ezra were brothers or somethin...


It was so funny to me to read that someone actually wanted her child to dress in something unusual. My son would only wear pajamas for about 18 months. It drove me and my husband CRAZY..for awhile. Then we got used to it. One day he walked downstairs wearing a t-shirt and shorts and said, "Look at me!" He wore clothes from then on. That was it. Your blog helped me appreciate those pajama-only times. I have a daughter who insists on picking out her clothes and I kind of love it when they are the craziest combination. On picture day (ok, I forgot it was picture day)..she wore a brown shirt with pink butterflies on it and red pants with little different colored flowers all over it. She's three. And I love that picture.


If you're looking for something to do with the family this weekend, the Burke Center Festival is this weekend in Burke (VA). I tell you this because... noon - 4pm both days, there will be roving Star Wars characters!


brilliant. all of it.


Totally, totally cute and funny and precious and oh so normal! It could be worse he could be obsessed with Britney Spears and insist on wearing a pleated plaid schoolgirl skirt and white shirt tied at the waist and your high heels shoes. Yeah explain that to all the moms at the grocery.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

We really need to get Ian and Noah together.

In their robes.

The only problem I forsee is that Ian is a Sith.


You would think in a freaking OT office that more parents would get it! and I know a kid who would only wear his sisters tutus out o the house. adorable.


you are an aMAZing mom... :) love this one.

Heather, Queen of Shake Shake

My favorite costume of my OHMYGOD, DRESS UP COMES FROM THE DEVIL! child was in first grade when he decided to be a Naked Sole.

Oh. Dear. God. The people's expression when he told them what his costume was. "I'm a naked sole." Ha! It was worth every year he screamed about costumes and dress up.

linka72 it me or does Noah look like a pretty cool preteen in a Aeropostale style cardigan?? (he needs more bangs tho)..weird, he looks like an almost grownup in these pics but SO cute!!

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