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How It Happened

Well, sweeties, sometimes, when two Spider-Mans love each other very very much...

Okay. Not going into THAT kind of detail or anything, but still. 

I'm pregnant.


For those of you who were thoroughly gobsmacked by this news, trust me, I'm only about a week ahead of you on the WHAAAA? And HUHHHHH? And HOLYSHIIIII?

But let's back up. Once upon a time, there was a crazy girl who, in the end-stage throes of baby fever, practically had to twist her husband's arm into having just one single little puny baby. And after many many many months and a couple years of trying, they agreed to stick with that one single (not-so-little-or-puny) baby. Until said baby was all of five weeks old, when her husband suddenly announced, "THIS IS FUN. LET'S DO THIS AGAIN."

And so, after many many many months and a couple years of trying, they had another baby. Who was definitely supposed to be the last baby. The crazy girl even thought so too, most of the time. But then...I don't know. The crazy spread, and her husband just never seemed ready to make that appointment for the big snip, and the feeling of "completeness" that everybody talks about never really settled in to stay. Especially because dammit, these babies are AWESOME. How could you not want more awesome babies like these?

So the consensus became, "Okay, we'll keep that option open, for later, for someday. Probably not super-soon though." 

Meanwhile, they both kept not-so-secretly hoping for an accident, just to spare them the actual decision-making involved with OH YES, WHAT THE HELL, LET'S DELIBERATELY HAVE THREE WHOLE SOLID CHILDREN.


We found out about my dad's leukemia on September 15th. On the 16th, Jason called the babysitter and took me out for dinner. At some point during this dinner, he looked me in the eyes and said, "I think I'm ready for another baby." 

I said, "Me too."

I was already pregnant, but of course we didn't know that.


Over the next couple weeks the topic seemed to come up in conversation a lot, with friends and family, and I tried the idea on out loud, saying that yes, we were definitely going to start planning to think about actively trying for another baby. Just to see how crazy it sounded, on a scale of one to 10. Maybe a seven? 

But of course, it was still all just big talk at that point, because my cycles have been just as crazy as ever over the past year. 35 days, 47 days, 56 days. We couldn't even start trying after Jason's declaration because my period would just. Not. Show up. Annoying!

I blamed the stress of this month, of course, and wondered if maybe it was a bad idea to start trying -- already a tough process for us -- in the midst of all the illness and grief and turmoil. When Jason had his health scare I couldn't even fathom the cruelty of everything -- here we'd gone from happily planning our future as a family of five to...well. Whatever. Not even worth discussing.

I had a dream about a positive pregnancy test the night before I had to drive Jason to an upper endoscopy appointment last Tuesday, because he'd be knocked out with anesthesia. I dropped him off and stopped at a grocery store for a box of tests -- I was nearly two weeks late, though I scoffed at myself in the self-checkout line anyway. 

I drove home and took a test...which was screamingly, distinctly positive before I even had a chance to STAND UP. I stared at it for awhile and burst out laughing. 

Then I scribbled HOLY SHIT!!!!! on the inside of a blank note card before shoving it and the test into an envelope, which I gave to a groggy, still-woozy Jason in the car immediately after picking him up after the procedure.


I thought I was about seven weeks along, so when the doctor had trouble finding anything on the ultrasound, I was concerned. When he found the gestational sac, I was relieved, until we all realized that it looked completely empty. 

"Oh," I said, looking at Jason. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I even bothered thinking something this good was possibly going to happen. I should of known.

"There it is!" the doctor announced. "You're only about six weeks. Do you have long or...just kind of weird cycles sometimes?"

I was laughing already. "You have NO IDEA." 


So. There it is. The most planned-for unplanned pregnancy in the history of ever. I'm going back next Monday for another ultrasound to confirm the heartbeat. (We all saw something definitely flickering, but it was too small to see for absolute sure.) I'm actually feeling pretty good, apart from the headaches, sore boobs, fatigue, bloating and lightheadedness. You know, the usual. I have no idea how in sam hill we're going to afford to buy a damn minivan and I guess I need to make good on those plans to move the boys into a single room and I have to organize the hand-me-downs and and and and etc. 

I am so happy, you guys. 




HOLY WONDROUS UNICORN CRAP, you crazy kids! Chills, circle of life, magnificent, and all that jazz hands stuff. YAY! Just yay!


I'm so very happy for you.

And thank you for sharing your good news. I really needed to hear good news.


What an awesome Surprise! You deserve a good one for a change. :) (I was slightly afraid last week that I was in for a similar surprise at almost 41 and I was terrified. I'm so glad that it's you and not me!)


Congrats! And welcome to the crazy club! Three kids is... well, you'll find out soon! :) The first year and a half isn't so bad with three little people, it's once the "baby" becomes a "real" person, it hits the fan. But still, sometimes I find myself thinking, "hell, what would be ONE MORE BABY? I'm already loosing my mind with three, it can't get any worse, right?"


I am so happy for the four of you!

A friend was in a similar situation (Dad terminally ill, with two little ones) and was wavering on the topic.

I shared what someone said to me "When you look around the dinner table, does it feel like someone's missing?" She said that it made her think.

It sounds like you and Jason came to that decision as well, that you really like the idea of a third. And I'm expecting to see another Food Network show with the two of you on it (that Throwdown has aired eleventy hundred times in the past month)


i read you every day or, you know, whenever you post and i'm so glad when it's every day because you always have something that hits me where i live. not to be crrreeeepy or anything (probably too late. dang.). so when your posts about your dad started coming, my heart just ached for you. nothing i could do, nothing i could say, nothing anyone could really say, but just know that there was one more person sending good thoughts toward you and your family.

and then yesterday and today and...can i just say that the Lord just pours out such amazing miracles in the unexpected ways? whether you believe that's where it came from or not means little, i think. just...wow. such a gift. such a blessing. such a YOU TOTALLY DESERVE THIS awesomeness.

you will bring another amazing kid into the world to populate it with awesomeness, and minivan or not, it will be extraordinary.

i'm only about 8 weeks ahead of you (15 weeks this week), so i can't wait to read your take on pregnancy...take 3.

congratulations! i'm so excited for you! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

Sara R.

Congratulations to you and the family! So glad you got a "surprise" baby after having to try so hard with both the boys, and so happy that something good is happening after your last couple of terrible weeks. I guess it WAS time to stop writing for bounce back, just not for the reason you thought!

So, so happy for you!


Your decision making process is EXACTLY like ours. We both hoped for an accident for a long long time and then one night said "What the hell, let's go for it" and then WABAM, HOLY SHIT, OMG and all of that.

SO thrilled for all four of you.


Somehow, I've actually been waiting for this :) Congratulations!


I love happy surprises! You most certainly deserve this one.


Congratulations again!!

That was nice of you to share the story, you certainly aren't obligated to tell us so we appreciate that you did!

Ok I'm going to admit I also have my fingers crossed for a girl, just for your sanity ;)


Congratulations, so happy for you! I'm 31 weeks along with my first two and have loved reading all your pregnancy columns and posts!


Congratulations, so happy for you! I'm 31 weeks along with my first two and have loved reading all your pregnancy columns and posts!


tee hee! The pic just tops this post off!


Girl this time please!!!!

Congratulations :) xx


It is about freaking time that something good happened to you!

Congrats. I'm a teeny bit jealous.

Is it wrong to wish for the 2 words that strike fear in the hearts of Dr's who perform vasectomies "Spontaneous reversal"?


Congratulations!! So happy for you. I squealed a little (a lot) when I read the news yesterday! Here's hoping that you have a wonderfully uneventful pregnancy.



I'm in kind of the opposite situation. We've been trying. My period is late, but the tests say no. Hrm.


Congratulations! So thrilled for you guys :)


Congrats :D an I hope you let s all know how you end up getting a minivan. We're in the same boat...


Congratulations! Are you starting up Zero to Forty again? Or adding to it with that paragraph at the bottom on third times? I know my mom said her third time was different. Congratulations. You guys seem like such awesome parents and it'll be fun for Ezra to get to be a big brother, too.



I went for my 7.5 week scan a month ago.

We'd been trying for no 2 for a year.

So just to make up for all the waiting i got two for one. Yeah twins!! I am just about getting over the shock lets just say there weren't tears of joy on the ultrsound table.Freaking out about the money. New car needed... where will we fit these babies in our house. But we had our 12 week scan last thurs and there they were waving at me!! Kinda excited now. :)

Glad to have u pregnant with me!! Hope it all goes well for you.


Babies are the best surprises ever. I found out about my third when my twins were six months old. We had trouble getting pregnant, then we, uh, didn't. Is it me, or does that ultrasound picture look like a girl?


CONGRATULATIONS!!! dude.....i mean....dude! i'm sooo happy for you! it's been dumping big stink loads in your yard for a while so i'm happy that this little guy (could it be a girl, omg!) has attached and decided to stick.

i thought i was pregnant last week. was hella late (nearly 2 wks) and went and registered on babycenter and everything. would have been due june 7. period came friday. i cried. turns out i'm ready for a baby after all. i declared that we were going to start trying january 2012....instead of the previous plan of talking about it again and maybe plan to start planning in jan 2012. screw that. dh is on board.

don't know why i'm telling you all this....need to tell SOMEbody.

i shall live vicariously thru you. God Bless!

All Things BD

From laughter at your opening sentence to getting a little teary-eyed at the last. So happy about you being happy right now.


Giggling at my desk for you--congratulations!


So happy for you! Been trying for our second for one month, and got pregnant right away. I was totally shocked (thought we'd have more time "trying" to get used to the idea. The due date would have been one week before yours... But then my period came 4 days late (should have known it was too easy). Somehow your good news gives me hope - fingers crossed for positive pregnancy tests two months in a row!


I got that definite ' I am done, I have all all my babies' feeling, right after I had #6. Congratulations and welcome to mini van heaven!


Yea! Congratulations! I love how it worked out! And I have to share (even tho you don't know me and you a ba-gillion comments, b/c I'm female and this is how we work), we had #3 and I was so sure I was done. It. Gave away all the 0-3 mo. clothes. BUt then I was seeing how well my 2 older boys loved their baby brother. And realizing next year both big boys will be at school all day and I wanted the younger one to have a buddy. So I started thinking "Maybe in a year or two we'll try for one more" (Not implying AT ALL This will happen to you). The point is, after months of trying with the other 3, it took ONE TIME of "oh, we're ok, don't worry about it" and a few weeks later I was wondering why my period didn't come and wondering, and no, it couldn't be?!?! Surprise! Crazy how it can work out. Excited for you (and due in March).


Still so very, very happy for you!


Hee, a minivan.

This is all kinds of awesome. And I am inexplicably envious of the surprise pregnancy -- inexpicably because my first baby is merely seven months old. It is not TIME for Numero Dos yet, body! Shut up with your baby-want!




Seriously! I just laughed out loud at a very innapropriate moment during a work meeting while supposedly checking my "work email" and looking like I was totally paying attention... budgets, shortfall, synergy, coordination blah, blah, blah... Then I see something I had a feeling might pop up one day on my screen, but hee hee, sorry Mr. Chief Executive... What great news!


Crap, there goes my eye makeup.

Congrats! After months of all of your blogger-stalker-fans asking, "does this mean you're pregnant? Huh? Maybe you're pregnant? Are you trying to tell us something?" you took (at least me) by suprise! Sooooo happy for you, you have no idea. <3


Yay! So exciting! My husband had a dream of a positive pregnancy test about a week before I got one - and we weren't trying either. This was our first baby - and very much in the stage of I'm-twisting-his-arm for this baby, like you. She's 7 months old now. And he's thinking, "Hmmm, maybe we should have 3". HA! Them babies sure do grow on you :)


Three kids! THREE KIDS!

Sigh. I think I want three kids. Which is kind of funny when you consider I have ONE kid, and I'm almost 35, and have no idea what TWO kids is like.


You have always been my beacon in the way of having children -- like, you had Noah, and I felt like I could have a kid, and then you had Ezra, and I felt like I could have TWO and now ... SHIT.

I'm so happy for you.

Alicia Millis

oh my god! so happy for you! yay


I am SOOOOO SUPER happy for you!! Crazy, I think I'm less surprised than you! I feel like you've been dropping hints that you've been thinking about this here and there lately. I'm excited for you guys!!! This is going to be fun!!!

A selfish moment here, I don't understand all the ultrasounds. I am 17 weeks with my (finally!!) first. I am so jealous!! I have to wait until 20 weeks for any kind of ultrasound at all! Did I chose the wrong doctor???




Moar Bay-Bees! Yay!

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! Too bad you are not my real-live-in-person- friend...I'm about 5 weeks away from a scheduled C and would love to give my maternity clothes to someone who could use them rather than a random donation at the Goodwill. Although, I'm sure you kept everything...you know, just for this exact reason!


yay! I never comment, but yay!

Pinkie Bling

I totally remember Ye Olden Tymes when you were trying so hard and going through so much BS to get pregnant even once. Who could have guessed you'd get THREE?

Fully rooting for a girl this time, but your brand of boys is pretty damn awesome, too!!


I'm so happy for you! You have the cutest kids ever and I can't wait for the new addition :)

Jessica V

I am so happy for you too! This is awesome - I can't wait to read all about this latest pregnancy and new baby stuff...so exciting! I have 2 boys as well and, as we are done having kids, I will live vicariously through your adventures as a soon-to-be family of 5!


Congratulations! I'm pregnant with my third, too.... and our reaction was "HOLY SHIT" as well. So happy for you. You deserve some good news.


Congratulations! I planned and stressed over this baby we're having so I would love the next one to be a happy accident. You guys were definitely due for some good news. So happy for you.


Stop it. I'm one and done. AND DONE. Quit it with your adorable babies making me think maybe kinda more wouldn't be so bad. STOP IT.

And, you know, congratulations!




Oh my GOD! I was SO Excited when I read this and so happy for you guys! You are the reason I felt confident enough to go ahead and have a baby of my own - I've been reading since before Noah was born. I'm just so happy for you!


Gasped out loud when I read this, prompting immediate, "What? What's wrong, Mommy?" Mommy's invisible internet friend is preggers, that's what.
What wonderful news in the middle of all this stress. So happy for your family!


YEAH!!! Congratulations!! I hope you have a very boring 9 months!


Squeee.... so hoping you have a girl! Also curious what accidentally Biblical name (I love both your name choices!) your next child will have :)


Congratulations!! My boys are 3 and 1 so I always follow your blog to see what's going to happen with mine! We plan on trying for #3 next year, so hopefully I'll be following again!


Awww man you make me want another one...and mine is only 17 weeks old. I must live vicariously through you until we add on to this house (way harder than trying to afford a minivan!)


Seriously, I am like SO excited.

Now you'll have to go back through your old posts and see how many times you posted the disclaimer of Not Pregnant when you really were.

Elaine C.

So did not see that coming! Good teaser on Friay though, like you're due... :) And you are! I'm pulling for your whole family.

Goddess in Progress

This story makes me so very freaking happy. YAY! Grinning from ear to ear on your behalf.


Bless your ever-loving heart!!!!

(I can't help thinking that your daddy is fighting so hard because of this happy news.

Or just because he's as stubborn as some Amalah he knows - xoxoxoxoxoxoxo)

Shauna (Fido & Wino)

Congratulations! So exciting :)

The Domestic Goddess

Wow! Congrats. that's truly awesome. And, believe me, we're not done, either.


Holy Shit!! You're Pregnant!! Congratulations!!!


HOORAY! I'm so pumped and I can't wait to watch the process along the way. xoxox to you and the boys!


Much congratulations to you and your family!!!


Maybe you'll have triplets and can start competing with the Duggar family! :)

A Little Coffee

OH MY GOD. Congratulations! It's about time for something good to happen for you guys.


I'm crying, I'm so happy for you. Yaaaaaayyyyyyy!


Best. picture. ever. :)

Congrats again.

Jen L.

Squeee, baybeeeeeeeeees!


So happy for you! You totally deserve this good news :)




And as someone who just went through endless rounds of woe about a vehicle that can handle 3 car seats - Mazda 5! not a ton of storage space if you've got 3 kids in it, but can totally handle 3 carseats.


Yes yes yes! So happy for you! So happy!


wow 1st time commenting but I just had to this time around! congrats!! our 3rd (a boy) was a surprise too, struggled for 3 1/2 yrs for our 1st daughter, 2 yrs for our 2nd daughter and got pregnant by surprise when our 2nd daughter was 11 months old - the best OOPS ever!!
Congrats again :O)

Jess F.

Congratulations! I am due in February with my first (a boy) and your blogs have been my favorite guides to read. I am so happy for you and your growing family!





Yay, Amy and Jason! Just. YAY!!!

Lauren @ Land of Douglas

Yay! So happy for y'all and looking forward to reading about the journey.


I knew it! Every time you even mention that you "are not pregnant" you end up pregnant! I've been waiting for this great news! So happy for you!


Congrats!!!!!! Just had my 3rd last monday!!!! Good luck!!! Hope your pregnancy is as smooth as can be :) PS- I have 2 girls and now a little boy, maybe you will get the reverse :)

Lumpy badger

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Sooooo exciting!!! And massive overuse of multiple letters and exclamation marks!!!!!111!!!!1!

Anyway, phew! Congratulations, Amalah! Wonderful news. Things like this make me think there is some sort of balance in the world.

Best of luck and love for the pregnancy - can't wait to follow your journey again (especially now I have one of my own - currently 15 weeks! And starting to think hmmm, more babies nom nom nom)


Her Ladyship

Awww, congrats! That's wonderful news!!!


I was so excited to see your news last post and checked back a few times to see if there was more info! Talk about wishful thinking....bam! Congrats, and seriously - call the Zero to Forty updates - 3rd time is a charm...


Until yesterday, I thought I was about as far a long as you. Oh well.
I'm crossing my fingers for a girl! So that you can have ribbons and the cute clothes.
Yeah! COngrats


Hooray for you!! I can't imagine. Two was plenty for me and I originally wanted 3. You are super-mommy, though and you will all be sooo happy!


So very happy for you all. What a blessing!


Yay!! Congratulations! So very very happy for you!



Hubs has 4, the two big girls don't live with us, and honestly I could totally stand to have one more. But that would mean five for him and he is just DONE with the waking in the middle of the night. So... slightly jealous.

Also @missbritt... definitely was the first thing that popped in my mind! Gotta balance all that testosterone.


So so happy for you and your family. Congratulations!!


Congratulations!!! Same thing happened to me after my two boys! Maybe you'll have a little girl like I did! So glad you have something positive to offset the sad.

Shannnon @nwaMotherlode

Rock on, hot mama!!!! SO HAPPY to hear your great news :)


Joy joy joy.


I absolutely love my minivan. It certainly makes life easier when you have three kids to tote around. That being said, if you're really strapped for cash and/or hate the idea of a minivan, you can get three Sunshine Kids Radian carseats into just about any backseat. I installed three in the backseat of our two door Toyota Yaris, and cars don't come much smaller than that. Yes, the carseats were wedged in there, but all the more security in the event of an accident, right? I know others who have done it too. So I'm pretty sure you can get two Sunshine Kids Radian carseats and a booster seat (Noah is in a booster now, isn't he?) in there. The Sunshine Kids Radian does have an extremely high back - which makes it a pain when the baby is still rear-facing. So when #3 is an infant, you'd probably be better off sticking with the infant/carrier carseat. If you don't install the base (they can all be installed without the base - the base is just a convenience feature), they take up very little room.

Best of luck!


And we're so happy for you!


Congratulations on the excitement and happiness you all deserve so much. My heart is bursting for you, my favorite blogger!


Yay! That is so such an awesome thing to happen in the midst of all this. How did your parents respond? (If you don't mind me asking.)


I'll just go ahead and put in my request for a girl now. See what you can do on that, will ya? :)



(Don't you mock me and my psychotic turbo clapping. I CANNOT HELP IT!)

Yay, baby! And fuckin A, Amy, something positive AT LAST. (Ha. See what I did there. Test, positive. Happy, positive. Shut up.) Congratulations, a million times over.


Thanks for the details - can't wait to read all about this pregnancy! I am recovering from my 2nd c-section as I type...and still in the "can't imagine doing THIS again" mode, but still, big picture, I totally hope we too get to do all this a third time. Good luck with everything!!



Amy, Jason, Noah, Ezra...and...another bunch of cuteness! Congratulations...I'd say I'm Jellis, but...really I'm just SO happy for you all! It was high time for some good news!!!


I am so freakin' happy for you!! I'm also so happy that you were already in a place where you knew for sure you wanted a third. My third baby just turned 1 and it basically took me until the day he was born to be happy I was having a third (unplanned pregnancy after infertility can mess with a girl's head). Of course you already know how this ends -- he is fucking awesome. Best. Surprise. EVER. I'm regretting the day my husband got snipped because, OMG, I totally want another. It's crazy. Anyway, so happy for you!!

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