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How It Happened

Well, sweeties, sometimes, when two Spider-Mans love each other very very much...

Okay. Not going into THAT kind of detail or anything, but still. 

I'm pregnant.


For those of you who were thoroughly gobsmacked by this news, trust me, I'm only about a week ahead of you on the WHAAAA? And HUHHHHH? And HOLYSHIIIII?

But let's back up. Once upon a time, there was a crazy girl who, in the end-stage throes of baby fever, practically had to twist her husband's arm into having just one single little puny baby. And after many many many months and a couple years of trying, they agreed to stick with that one single (not-so-little-or-puny) baby. Until said baby was all of five weeks old, when her husband suddenly announced, "THIS IS FUN. LET'S DO THIS AGAIN."

And so, after many many many months and a couple years of trying, they had another baby. Who was definitely supposed to be the last baby. The crazy girl even thought so too, most of the time. But then...I don't know. The crazy spread, and her husband just never seemed ready to make that appointment for the big snip, and the feeling of "completeness" that everybody talks about never really settled in to stay. Especially because dammit, these babies are AWESOME. How could you not want more awesome babies like these?

So the consensus became, "Okay, we'll keep that option open, for later, for someday. Probably not super-soon though." 

Meanwhile, they both kept not-so-secretly hoping for an accident, just to spare them the actual decision-making involved with OH YES, WHAT THE HELL, LET'S DELIBERATELY HAVE THREE WHOLE SOLID CHILDREN.


We found out about my dad's leukemia on September 15th. On the 16th, Jason called the babysitter and took me out for dinner. At some point during this dinner, he looked me in the eyes and said, "I think I'm ready for another baby." 

I said, "Me too."

I was already pregnant, but of course we didn't know that.


Over the next couple weeks the topic seemed to come up in conversation a lot, with friends and family, and I tried the idea on out loud, saying that yes, we were definitely going to start planning to think about actively trying for another baby. Just to see how crazy it sounded, on a scale of one to 10. Maybe a seven? 

But of course, it was still all just big talk at that point, because my cycles have been just as crazy as ever over the past year. 35 days, 47 days, 56 days. We couldn't even start trying after Jason's declaration because my period would just. Not. Show up. Annoying!

I blamed the stress of this month, of course, and wondered if maybe it was a bad idea to start trying -- already a tough process for us -- in the midst of all the illness and grief and turmoil. When Jason had his health scare I couldn't even fathom the cruelty of everything -- here we'd gone from happily planning our future as a family of five to...well. Whatever. Not even worth discussing.

I had a dream about a positive pregnancy test the night before I had to drive Jason to an upper endoscopy appointment last Tuesday, because he'd be knocked out with anesthesia. I dropped him off and stopped at a grocery store for a box of tests -- I was nearly two weeks late, though I scoffed at myself in the self-checkout line anyway. 

I drove home and took a test...which was screamingly, distinctly positive before I even had a chance to STAND UP. I stared at it for awhile and burst out laughing. 

Then I scribbled HOLY SHIT!!!!! on the inside of a blank note card before shoving it and the test into an envelope, which I gave to a groggy, still-woozy Jason in the car immediately after picking him up after the procedure.


I thought I was about seven weeks along, so when the doctor had trouble finding anything on the ultrasound, I was concerned. When he found the gestational sac, I was relieved, until we all realized that it looked completely empty. 

"Oh," I said, looking at Jason. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I even bothered thinking something this good was possibly going to happen. I should of known.

"There it is!" the doctor announced. "You're only about six weeks. Do you have long or...just kind of weird cycles sometimes?"

I was laughing already. "You have NO IDEA." 


So. There it is. The most planned-for unplanned pregnancy in the history of ever. I'm going back next Monday for another ultrasound to confirm the heartbeat. (We all saw something definitely flickering, but it was too small to see for absolute sure.) I'm actually feeling pretty good, apart from the headaches, sore boobs, fatigue, bloating and lightheadedness. You know, the usual. I have no idea how in sam hill we're going to afford to buy a damn minivan and I guess I need to make good on those plans to move the boys into a single room and I have to organize the hand-me-downs and and and and etc. 

I am so happy, you guys. 



Sarah O

Yay! Congratulations! I am so happy for you.


Yay again! Our stories are pretty similar. It took a long time to convince my husband he would be a good father. And then when we started trying when I was the ripe old age of 22, it took three years and a miscarriage to get our son who is just a couple months older than Noah. So then we decided to start trying when he turned one. A month after his first birthday had a positive pg test. Had our little girl. Finally decided to maybe start thinking about a third when she was 18 months old and I got pregnant and then had an ectopic complete with tube removal. So the chances of me getting pregnant again were slim. I felt like you though, that we just weren't done. We never really decided to try but somehow that one tube still worked and I became pregnant around 8 months after the ectopic surgery. So now with a 5 year old boy, 3 year old girl, and 7 month old boy. It's totally and completely amazing. Being pregnant while caring for two smallish children was not easy but the end result was so worth it. I seriously could have one more cause like you said, once you see how awesome your kids are, how could you not want more? But with three healthy children we decided we shouldn't push our luck. No way I'm selling hubby on any more. It's always amazing to see how much more your heart can grow with each child. And how stupid you become and utterly forget how freaking hard it is to do anything with a newborn like get them dressed or take them anywhere. But really, awesome!


Oh, Amy--I have happy tears in my eyes right now! I'm thrilled for you. I can tell you from experience that baby number three is totally the icing on the happy-family cake. :)

Donna P

Such wonderful news for you, Amy. Congratulations!

Also, thanks so much for continuing to include all of us cyberfriends in your daily life. I've read your blog for years (I can't believe Noah is 5 already) and even though we've never met, I feel like you're an old friend and maybe even family. Good things happen to good people, and you're the best.

April F

me---> jealous I'm done with babies. Must live vicariously through u I guess.


Congratulations Amy! I read your blog all the time, and have been just heartbroken for you and your family. This news is indeed due for you all!

I'm 12w5d pregnant with my first as I type this, and couldn't be more thrilled. Hope you keep feeling pretty good!


Congratulations!!!!1!!!eleven!! Hahaha11!!!!
Girl power - you, go, girl.
But I beat you. I got 5 kiddos.
Love, love, love each and every unplanned one of them.
But I am DONE. As in, I got snipped, cause my hubby's a baby (get it?)


Congratulations. I recently found out I was pregnant with #2 (my first, a boy, is 6). This very happy news is on top of the tragic news of my father in law dying from stage 4 cancer. It's the circle of life I tell you.


YAY!!! Congrats!! :D You totally deserve this and all the joy it'll bring with everything else you guys have had going on.

Carla Hinkle

How amazing! And as a person who is still squeezing 3 kids into a house we thought we'd move out of after the 2nd was born ... it is amazing how you can make that little person fit (car, house, rooms, etc) anywhere you need. Congratulations!!


hi Nice THanks


It couldn't have happened to a better mom, a better family. And just when you quit Bounce Back, too! I hope it sticks and is joyous and...not too much digestive/refluxy misery.

I swear, I've not enjoyed pregnancy at ALL (35 wks and counting) and your continuing enthusiasm despite having been put through the wringer twice has totally encouraged me to stay strong. My hero.


Quite possibly, the best OMG I'm pregnant story EVAR.

So insanely happy for you.

die Frau

I am so so happy for you yet admittedly so insanely jealous of your super fertility. Still trying for #1....

I'd love to see you have a little girl after your two sweet boys!


HOLY SHIT! I just got goosebumps about a pregnancy for a woman I don't even know...but know that she DAMN WELL deserves something good to happen in her life!

So happy for you Amy (is it weird to have so many strangers excited for you guys!?!)



Oh wow!!!! I am so, so happy for you. You deserve this so much after all the unhappiness of late. I am happy for me as well! I get to look at even more pictures of your adorable children.


I second the comment on the Sunshine Radian carseats - a great alternative to the minivan (and WAY cheaper)! My oldest son is the same age as Noah and still fits in his with the harness. We love them!

So happy for your family! You're making me seriously consider trying again after many months of sitting on the fence. 2 miscarriages in between my boys is inducing major anxiety about it, but I just don't feel done yet...hmm. For now, living vicariously through you! :)


Check out the Mazda 5. When we had baby #3 that was the way we went. Everyone has their own bucket seats - 3 rows. But it looks like a car. Love it. :)


Yay for good news! Congratulations!


Just reiterating what has already been said. GAH! So exciting! Three boys (oh the football & race cars) or two boys and a pretty pretty princess to have two older brothers to watch over her. Either scenario: SO EXCITING!


The same damn thing happened to us when our second boy was 13 months old. I remember the moment vividly; he was pattering through the kitchen in his fuzzy Carter's footie pajamas, and my husband and I both got these goofy grins and said, "Hey, let's have a third," and "Oh, heck yes, he's so CUTE." It helped that he was sleeping through the night every. single. night. Love that kid.

We said, "We'll wait till he's two to start trying." "Yes, let him be a baby a little longer."

That MONTH, I ovulated early. Which I never, ever do. I am like clockwork and ovulate on the 14th day of my cycle (I know, you hate me). Except for that month. And BOOM we got pregnant. Two kids in just under two years.

And you know what? Going from one to two was HARD. Going from two to three? Not so much. Don't be scared. It'll be fun. Crazy, but fun.

Oh, and I hope you have a boy. I have three boys and it's awesome. I'm not really sure what we'd do with a girl at this point, the poor thing would be lacking sorely in Barbie hand-me-downs.


The fact that HE called the babysitter? Makes me want to have Jason's baby. Congrats.


best news i've heard all week!!!


OMG! ME TOO!!!! I'm so excited to be pregnant with you even though I do not know you IRL. And I read Zero to Forty every week and think "I wonder if Amy would read this when she gets pregnant again" so now you can answer the question for me, and maybe even add another "NEW THIS TIME AROUND" to all your weekly posts! Huzzah to you!


Ha! The minivan. "We're gonna need a bigger boat" — we had a similar reaction to discovering kid #2 was going to be, in fact, kids #2 and 3. Logistics are fun.

This is all beside the point, of course. HUGE congrats to you & Jason.


yeah! best wishes to you and Jason.


So happy for you. So Exciting and I wish you a healthy, easy pregnancy.
I am !SURPRISE! pregnant with our 5th. Husband is on the waiting list for a vasectomy. We had decided we were done but frequently joked about, just one more, obviously weren't as careful as we could have been.
Three is great, you and your husband are now outnumbered, but that just makes it all the more fun.


oh HELL yeah!!!!! :O)


Oh Amy! Oh yay for something truly, truly wonderful! This is joyful news. Believe it or not (because of course it's all about me!), I needed some joyful news today. So thanks!! And ooohhh baby toes and sweet baby hair! Yay for all of you. Noah and Ezra will make a great big brother team. Savor the joy!

Black Belt Mama

I'm happy for you! You deserve some good that was easy to come by! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a girl too. You have such cool style. A girl would love you for a Mom. ;-)


I'm having a midday glass of wine and making a toast to you right now! CONGRATULATIONS!


oh and I will 2nd...3rd the comment about the Sunshine Kids car seats. They really do fit three across the back seat.

At this point I am waiting to see if we really can juggle five into the van or if we have to move up to a bigger vehicle. It will all depend on if the oldest moves out of her booster seat or not.
And the house, we out grew that a couple of kids ago. When they are little they really can be put anywhere!


I am so happy for you!! Your 0 to 40 column and sense of humor got me through my pregnancy. Thanks for that, and best of luck with number 3!


OMG I get to be pregnant at the same time as Amalah!
What? This isn't all about me?


Since my husband won't go for a third I'm going to live vicariously through you, if that's ok?!

Congrats again, and lovely story.


Wonderful news. You can have the 3rd since I'm too chicken shit and I'll watch from afar.


Congratulations! And Hooray for good news! Three is a magic number :-)


Amy, my most sincere congratulations to you and Jason (and Noah and Ezra!)!!11! So wonderful to get happy news in the midst of all that's been going on. As a longtime lurker - and someone whose window of fertility is sadly but slowly closing - I get my baby fix from reading about your adorable boys. It was almost like I found out a family member was pregnant. So until (fingers and ovaries crossed) that day comes for me, I will continue to enjoy the stories of your growing family. All the best. :-)


Came late to this party, but congratulations! Best wishes on a relatively easy pregnancy and a happy, healthy shiny new baby! You two do make some cute ones.

And yes, you were overdue for some good news. Squee!


I am so happy for you too. That story is just awesome. And, a whole new person to join your family. Congratulations again!


Congratulations!! :)


This is such good news! And you and Jason make the most adorable babies I've ever seen. And now my uterus is crying....

the bee

And we are over the moon for all of you. I know that Noah and Ezra will be awesome big brothers.



I am absolutely thrilled for you. Warmest congratulations.


Oh, Amy. So so so happy for you & Jason & Noah & Ezra & especially your parents, who must be ecstatic with this wonderful news!!

BTW - I got goosebumps & immediately thought "girl" looking at your ultrasound pic. :)


First: Congrats! Second:

So um... you inspired me to take one because I thought I was a little late, but I haven't been great about keeping track, etc. And, so, yeah! Definitely got two lines. HOLY SHIT!!! This is my first (and my first time peeing on a stick, even!), and now I am in utter and complete shock. Thank you for writing this so I know I'm not alone!!


That's a great story!

Also? If we should ever have a fourth child (because three is off the hook in both the awesome and the crazy sense), I'm totally telling my husband the same way you told Jason this time. Because that's pretty much going to be his reaction anyway.


i found your blog years ago when you were pregnant with Noah. I've since checked in periodically to see how things are going and also to see if you're having more children. Imagine my surprise and happiness to hear of your pregnancy!


Holy crap - I was NOT expecting this! Awesome - best wishes for #3!

Sara H

Congrats, lady! Here's hoping for a smooth as can be pregnancy.


Congratulations! I am so happy that something so joyful is happening to you right now. Good luck with the pregnancy - happy & health 9 months to you!


YAY! Congrats! Can't wait to read the Bounced, Bounced Back blog. :)


O.M.G.!! Amy! So happy for you!! Congratulations! :D :D

(And yes, you just made me cry! lol)


I have happy tears in my eyes for you! That's amazing!! Another OMGSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE BAAAAAABBBBBBBBBBBBBEEEEEEE for you!

So Happy! :)


Hahaha. Love how you gave Jason his "present"--I shoved my peesticks into a little jewelry box and gave them to the hubs on his 50th birthday, a couple of weeks ago. He made big eyes.

BTW, if your due date is June 4, mine is June 2. Wanna race?


I wished good things for you, but I had no idea this was the direction they'd go! Couldn't happen to a better couple!



I must admit my mouth fell to the floor, but - WOW!! I'm sooo happy for your family.

Personally hoping its a girl :)

Some other Amy

Wow; congratulations! So very happy for you!!


Amy, I'm so happy for you. Congratulations. Who ever is about to join your family is really, really lucky.


Amy, I'm so happy for you. Congratulations. Who ever is about to join your family is really, really lucky.


Amy, I'm so happy for you. Congratulations. Who ever is about to join your family is really, really lucky.


SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! YEAH!!!!! We just found out that we are pregnant too(due May 10th) OMG so happy for you!!!!


You'll do it; and do it well! What you need just appears when you do. Hit me on the dark side when you need affirmation. My kids are now 22 19 & 18. I wouldn't change a thing. Even the times I worried about $.
What a blast! Love to all.


I think that is the best picture of you that I have ever seen. Congrats Sweetie -


Yay, I am so excited for you! When our 2nd son was 9 months old we decided to ditch birth control and see how that worked out. I was still breastfeeding, but a month later I was pregnant. I laughed when the test showed positive too. My boys are now 7, almost 2 and 5 months. Third babies are fun!

Michelle Pixie



Congrats! Totally the way to retell the third pregnancy--- all filters off. We love it that way!


Yay! Hooray for some happy news.


So, so exciting!! Congratulations!


HELL to the YEAZ!!!
Congrats lady!!


We have been having our own we are ready....no we arent....next baby talk for weeks.
Years of trying for the first two kiddos.
We got our surprise today! We are due in June :)


So very happy for you. What wonderful, wonderful news! Love the picture too :)


oh my god. i love how that happens. just - BOOM! yer knocked up. alla sudden.


congrats, lady. you are lovely. i, for one, am waiting for belly pics.
much love.


I can't say what hasn't already been said but I wanted to add another voice to show how big your circle of supporters is.

My heart is bursting with happiness for you!


Best. News. Evar! Secretly hoping that that scream positive is due to extra hormones because you're having twins and you just haven't seen the 2nd bean yet -- twins are the craziest and best surprise ;-)

So truly happy for you -- can't wait to hear about this little one!


Best. News. Evar! Secretly hoping that that scream positive is due to extra hormones because you're having twins and you just haven't seen the 2nd bean yet -- twins are the craziest and best surprise ;-)

So truly happy for you -- can't wait to hear about this little one!


couldn't be happier for you guys. sending lots of good wishes and prayers for the happiest and healthiest pregnancy.


I'm so happy for you! :) Such a lovely, fabulous surprise. I think a girl would be a wonderful addition to your family. But if not, we already know you guys make great boys! :) Just SO happy.


i am so unbelievably happy for you!!! :-D


Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.

shriek house

OH MY GOD!! Congratulations!


Holy shit, woman. You really know how to do a year up right. God bless you all. (and I don't generally believe in god)...


I am laughing through my tears of joy for you. I can't wait to read all about it and see how that minivan makes its way to you.

(we are attempting to figure that out before we go and knock me up again, but we shall see if any of our not so carefulness changes our game too).

couldn't be happier for you, Jason and your two wonderful babies.






(And your picture? Is priceless.)


CONGRATU-FREAKIN-LATIONS! PAST due is more like it! SO happy for you!!! (Obviously this is news requiring too many caps AND exclamation points.)


Both of my sons were the unplanned-planned sort. It's the perfect surprise and I'm so happy to hear about yours!


Oh Amy! I gasped, literally GASPED and had to re-read your opening lines to make sure I wasn't seeing things. I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!
I've been a loyal lurker since right after Noah was born (Dave Barry and the Toasty Nipples post - YAY!) and just adore you. I send you Giant Weepy Hugs and massive CONGRATS!


now waiting for a pimp my minivan post...



And I am so happy for you! Remember, it's all about the zone defense now ;-)

Amy :)

Congrats! I had my first about 6 months after Noah was born, and my second about a year after Ezra. In keeping with that pattern, I'll be buying some tests myself in about a year and a half :)


my third was a total accident but the best gift of all! i so think it's a girl!

best wishes!

can i borrow it for awhile? when it's here. i promise to return it the way you left it.:)


so thrilled for you and your beautiful family, amy! you and jason make the prettiest babies. i think this baby will grow up to be one of those gifted people who shows up exactly when they're needed - his or her timing is already perfect. of course it doesn't negate the grief and pain of your father's illness but really, could this have happened at a better time? i think not.


Three kids rocks. Kicks your ass, but also rocks. Congratulations!


I read you every day. EVERY day. I never, ever comment. Today, though? CONGRATULATIONS! This part?:

We found out about my dad's leukemia on September 15th. On the 16th, Jason called the babysitter and took me out for dinner. At some point during this dinner, he looked me in the eyes and said, "I think I'm ready for another baby."

I said, "Me too."

I was already pregnant, but of course we didn't know that.

That part made me cry. Such wonderful news and you were SO overdue for some wonderful news.

Best of luck for a happy, healthy pregnancy. Btw, having three kids is pure awesomeness! :-)


Congratulations! It's definitely time for some good news for your family, and I can't think of a bigger blessing than this. :)


So! so so very happy for you! What a gorgeous surprise!

(I have been hand-wringingly on the fence about whether to have a third baby, but now I get to enjoy it vicariously through you!)

You are an amazing mama and an inspiration to me.


Congratulations! I'm so freaking excited for you guys!


soooooo happpy for all of you! maybe a little girl??? :)


That's AWESOME news!!! Especially with everything you and your family have been going through! Congratulations!!!!

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