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Crime & Punishment

I'm fine! I'm fine! The EVERYTHING IS OKAY alarm is going off at full volume, I promise. Much like our neighbor's car alarm two nights ago, in the middle of the night, to which we responded by getting up, muttering a lot of curse words before slamming the window shut. The next morning, we discovered that another neighbor's house had been broken into around that time, along with a good half-dozen cars in the area. Including ours. Although "broken into" makes it sound more dramatic than the reality, because our cars were unlocked. coughMORONScough. Nothing was taken from mine, though... Read more →

Why We Probably Never Get Invited Places

This story requires some background. In fact, I'd say this story is probably a good 95% background. This is the kind of story I would submit to my creative writing professor in college and get back with the words YES, AND....???? scrawled after the ending because the denouement was basically me running out of time at library that morning and then pretending that the unsatisfying, abrupt ending was ON PURPOSE, like even the WHOLE POINT, god, nobody GETS ME, it was DEEP and SOCIALLY-COMMENTATING-Y. Anyway! It is true, I was very misunderstood. Now let's all move on and pretend that... Read more →

Eight Weeks

Dear Febreze No Spill Wood Diffuser Scented Thing In My Bathroom, I hate you. I hate you so much. I don't even know what you smell like, except that once upon a time I thought it was fairly nice but now it's the loudest, most-gag-inducing smell I have ever smelled, and I once spent my first trimester in an office with a coworker who liked her English muffins "blackened" every single damn morning. I hate you especially hard when your loud, gag-inducing, flowery, musky, whatever scent combines with the smell of the toothpaste or the shampoo or GOD HELP ME,... Read more →


A doctor flat-out told him to stop the chemo. An infectious disease doctor, there to discuss the team's inability to 100% identify whatever mysterious infection he has this time, with a side of brutal bluntness. "You need to stop this." He's not going to stop. He refuses. A nurse told him it was time for a hospital bed in the living room. An at-home nurse, one he's known and trusted since his heart surgery, and her opinion was echoed by just about everyone at the hospital. "You cannot climb the stairs anymore." He's not getting a hospital bed in the... Read more →

Miracle Man

I've been waiting all day for more updates -- something more substantial than what I have pieced together right now -- so I could post something...well, MORE. But there's no nice narrative today. The first text message I received from my mother after day two of chemo was a good one. No bad reactions. One more day of treatment and then three weeks off. He's amazing. He's a Miracle Man. I put the phone down and walked away from it. When it rang during dinner I didn't even get up to check the caller ID. Shut up, telemarketers, we're all... Read more →

The Thing I Didn't Tell You About Because I Don't Like Making You Worry

(Edited to add for clarity: This is a story about something that happened LAST THURSDAY. As in, before I posted yesterday's ultrasound results, which were YAY and GOOD. Yes, I have chosen to discuss my pregnancy before the three-month-mark, come good or bad or disaster, because...well, it's my blog and I'm like that. Have always been like that, actually, because I very much depend on the support network I have here...again, come good or bad or disaster. I did not mean for this story to sound insensitive -- it happened, it was scary, it was okay.) (Seriously, about that last... Read more →

Seven Weeks, Take Two

I am currently in possession of a sure-to-scan horribly photo of a healthy, seven-week-old 3D-ified blobby thing. Said blobby thing is totally getting photobombed by a giant yolk sac, which I actually thought was my baby's head for most of the ultrasound until the doctor corrected me. Be careful what you commit to calling "cute" out loud during these things, I guess is the lesson I'd like to pass on to y'all. Said blobby thing is also in possession of a nice, strong heartbeat. So. Breathe out, and stuff. We're a go for baby. Read more →


Ezra. You are sunshine and stubbornness. Independent, yet anything but a loner. A mimic, but with your own ideas about anything. Easygoing right up until the moment you've been pushed just far enough. Fearless, except for when you are not. You still seem so small to me, but your personality is as oversized as the 2T hand-me-downs currently are. You make friends everywhere you go, charming adults with your smile and cheerful greetings and offers of plastic cupcakes or empty teacups. You are easily the best two-year-old conversationalist I've ever met, chatting about everything from shoes to elbows to WALL*E... Read more →

It's All Downhill From Here. Check Back In June.

The same thing happened with Ezra -- unlike the first time*, I wasn't entirely sure of our conception date so every attempt at dating the pregnancy at the doctor's office resulted in a constant march backwards. I'd show up at an appointment thinking I was six weeks along and leave only five weeks. Then the next week it turned out that the bean-thing on the ultrasound was still only measuring five-and-a-half weeks. The doctor kept tossing out potential dates like, did you guys maybe do it on the 10th? Maybe the 14th? Finally I just said something like, "Look, I... Read more →

How It Happened

Well, sweeties, sometimes, when two Spider-Mans love each other very very much... Okay. Not going into THAT kind of detail or anything, but still. I'm pregnant. I'M PREGNANT. For those of you who were thoroughly gobsmacked by this news, trust me, I'm only about a week ahead of you on the WHAAAA? And HUHHHHH? And HOLYSHIIIII? But let's back up. Once upon a time, there was a crazy girl who, in the end-stage throes of baby fever, practically had to twist her husband's arm into having just one single little puny baby. And after many many many months and a... Read more →