How It Happened

It's All Downhill From Here. Check Back In June.

The same thing happened with Ezra -- unlike the first time*, I wasn't entirely sure of our conception date so every attempt at dating the pregnancy at the doctor's office resulted in a constant march backwards. I'd show up at an appointment thinking I was six weeks along and leave only five weeks. Then the next week it turned out that the bean-thing on the ultrasound was still only measuring five-and-a-half weeks. The doctor kept tossing out potential dates like, did you guys maybe do it on the 10th? Maybe the 14th?

Finally I just said something like, "Look, I think what's really important here is that my husband didn't go on any business trips this month, so whatever date you wanna go with, I can safely guarantee that he was home, present and likely wanting to have sex." And Jason nodded confidently in agreement. 

*January 5, 2005. 20 minutes after Lost ended, give or take 15 minutes for fast-forwarded commercials on the TiVo and probably brushing my teeth because I like to keep the romance alive and stuff.

This time, thanks to the wonderful world of iPhone apps, I'd actually kept a goddamn record, though I didn't really mean to. I was just bored and trying out the different features on a period tracker app I'd purchased. I wanted to see what happened if you added "Intimate" as an event. (It displayed as a little red heart. I was oddly disappointed, though I don't know exactly what else I was expecting. Porno MIDI, maybe.)

I still got tripped up though, because there was the LIKELY date of conception -- the one that fit into the normal range of normal cycles that normal people have -- but then the ultrasound lined up perfectly with the oddball date of conception, a full week later. At a point where the fertility books will start talking about luteal phase disorders and overly mature eggs and blah blah blah anovulatorycakes. 

Anyway, wow. This is all FASCINATING to you guys, isn't it? Behold! I am pregnant! The scope of my universe is now completely laser-focused on the state of my womb! I have nothing else of interest to offer! BABY BABY BABY OVARIES VAGINAS.

Okay. Wait. I THINK I started out this entry with some point about walking into a doctor's office seven weeks pregnant and walking out only six weeks. Which doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but still. I felt robbed. Those seven days equaled PROGRESS. And they were MINE. They meant being the mother of a blueberry-sized clump of something instead of a lentil! They meant arm buds and a visible heartbeat! They meant a May due date instead of June! They meant I was beyond the halfway point of the first trimester! Halfway through the dangerous miscarriage zone!

(Haaaalfwaaaay through the. DANGER ZONE. I'll take you. Riiiight into the...)



And those extra days meant that I had officially not puked for longer than I've ever previously managed to not puke. I mentioned this to my doctor, who nodded and said that yeah, that would make sense because it's still so early. "Probably still coming," he said, and as I briefly added the scene to my imaginary montage of All The TImes I Have Wanted To Lunge Over His Desk With An Ortho-Tri-Cyclen Pen As A Weapon. 

On the one hand, I would love an easy first trimester. To not throw up constantly and lose weight and constantly fight the urge to stab well-meaning strangers in the neck with pens. I would CERTAINLY love an easier pregnancy than my last one, with the six full months of puking and frequent blacking out from dehydration just because I forgot to drink some water IN THE PAST 15 WHOLE MINUTES OR WHATEVER. It'd be GREAT to stick with my current batch of uncomfortable-but-subtle symptoms (so much gas, you guys). 

But on the other hand, I am still very much the same neurotic little pregnant person that I was way back in 2005, when a day without vomiting meant OH NOES SOMETHING IS WRONG. I'm not even going to tell you how often I took pregnancy tests that first time around: I would seriously get it into my head that I wasn't feel pregnant "enough" all of a sudden and for some reason peeing on a stick at 9 weeks pregnant and seeing fresh lines made me feel better. Don't even attempt to argue with my past self about the many many logical and scientific flaws in that plan. I would not have listened, and perhaps would have shanked you with a pen. 

Today's most glaring pregnancy symptom (beyond an inability to LET LAST THURSDAY'S EPISODE OF PROJECT RUNWAY GO) was a craving for foods that I typically wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole (bologna and cheese sandwiches? Gross.), and foods that I know I probably SHOULDN'T eat while pregnant, but oh. The craving. (I ate a bologna and cheese sandwich. It was gross. But also heavenly, for at least the first half.) And then I was overcome with a huge desire to take a nap. 

(I started typing this entry instead. That probably explains a lot.)

(Okay. I just stared at a light switch for 10 whole minutes there. I should probably wrap this up.)

In summary: 6w3d. Old gross married people have sex sometimes. Ovaries do the darnedest things. Not puking. Yet. Crazy is totally a symptom, neurosis, pens, naps and bologna. I'm sorry, Internet.


Shannnon @nwaMotherlode

You make me laugh, Amy. Which is why I love. So happy for you, crazy lady.


See, all this does is remind me how my brain got fucked up when pregnant.

And also, when not pregnant.


The best thing about pregnancy is that it's the one time in life you are absolutely, unequivocally, allowed to be insane. Enjoy.


Congratulations! I have been 8 weeks pregnant three times with this baby, so I feel you. Once we really and truly hit 9 weeks, I think I celebrated with some Mickey D's. And then took a nap.


Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy and another beautiful baby!


Your post yesterday inspired me to take a pregnancy test because my bf and I had been doing the "when was the last time I had my period?" debate all weekend. And it came back positive. Twice. So...THANKS AMY. YOU MADE ME PREGNANT.

Love your blog though <3

Heather B.

Oh, man, this is gonna be fun.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I am so so very happy for you!!! Bologna and all.


maybe a weird question, but what is the period tracker app you use?

also - congratulations on #3, and not puking yet. :)

Granola Spice

8w3d over here. Went to see the doctor last week thinking we were 8w3d and lo, only 7w1d. Explains why the test was so faint, and yet made me feel so terrified. Somehow thinking I'd made it to the 8 week mark was huge and being told only 7 felt like a big set back. But then, we got to see the heart beating and the movement and I felt better.

Since all I can think about i my own womb, I'm so excited to follow along with you. Will make me feel less insane-o.


I went into my first ultrasound for the first pregnancy thinking I was at LEAST 7 weeks. Maybe 8! MAYBE I'm even like those people on tv who didn't know they were pregnant and I'm only days away from giving birth!

I was 5 weeks, 4 days. I was CRUSHED.

This time, even though there was a definite week where the, uh, conceiving must have occurred I still managed to convince myself I was more pregnant that I KNEW I was. WHY DO WE DO THAT?!


Thank you for reminding me about the puking and tired because I was feeling a little bit jealous. Oh, the puking. Right. (But still...cute little baby toes and a kid that stays where you left him/her and doesn't scream NOOOOO! when you try to put on the wrong color pants and...yeah, jealous again.)


I also have the crazy long cycles and so the first time I went to the doctor they said I was 14 weeks and then the ultrasound said 8 weeks so then I went back to the doctor a month and a half later and was again 14 weeks. I started in the 2nd trimester and then regressed, I guess.

As soon as I was officially 8 weeks I started with the puking. I liked 14 weeks better.


Now I kinda want a bologna and cheese sandwich.


Don't worry I'm confident that we're all here for the long-haul, pregnancy craziness and all. Also, bologna and cheese? EW. You must be pregnant.

Kristen Weiss

Are you going to do another pregnancy calendar? Because your first one TOTALLY got me through 40 weeks of misery. 41? Something like that.

Do it again! Please!? I think your entry above is a great start:-)


Yay! I just finished my pregnancy and you just started yours! So I get to enjoy all your pregnancy insanity from the safety of my just been there just done that smugness. Oh, and enjoy the sickness while trying to look after two others. Many a morning I ran from the bus stop to the toilet with the 4.5 year old looking at me like I was crazy!


Best wishes Amy!! Be as crazy as you want!


Love this, you're hilarious. You make my insane baby-wanting even worse.


And now I'm thinking, oooh I HAVE been really gassy the past few days... but it's probably that the vegetarian chili I keep eating for lunch. And now I've read 468934n325 pregnancy websites on early pregnancy symptoms (why so many abbreviations, why?! ttc bd dpo wtfbbq?), including one that said I should pee on a dandelion. Thanks Amy. Thanks a lot. (Yay!! Congratulations! Squeeee!!!)


Please don't be afraid to turn this place all babybabybaby all the time. I've been reading and loving your blog since you had the cherries theme, and I still think pregnancy talk is exciting. My second (and last if you ask my husband) kidlet is five months old, and my reaction upon reading your news (congrats by the way!) was such strong whiplash between envy and "oh thank goodness that's not me".

Anyway, I'm quite excited about following another amalah pregnency. Hope this one is a little nicer to you.

(P.S. You once mentioned a homemade Care Bear. My mom made me one too! I still have my hand sewn Cheer Bear.)


Congatumalations! I am so ridiculously happy for you.

Just a note to give you hope - I was so, so sick with my first two pregnancies. So sick. Admitted to the hospital with number 2 and on anti-emetics for the rest of the pregnancy. Urgh.

Number 3 and I was perfectly fine! Maybe because I knew no matter how nauseous I felt I HAD to shove some food down my throat. And it was always pastrami and cheese sammiches mmmm.

Keeping everything crossed the puke never begins.


I discovered and was entertained by you just as Noah was born. Then I lost touch when I got a new job and had to rediscovered you when I started staying home with my brand new daughter just as you had announced that you were pregnant with Ezra. Computers crap out, life gets in the way, and I lost touch with you again... until just last week when I looked you up to see how life was going in Amalah-land and SURPRISE! Within days you're pregnant AGAIN! If somehow my tuning-in to your website has a direct cosmic link to your uterus, then I am so sorry for tinkering with your life this way. On the other hand, I'm glad I gave you some time between pregnancies. ;) Congrats and you're welcome.


I once went into the doctor's office for a "just to make sure the baby is still alive" ultrasound at 7 1/2 weeks because my boobs weren't quite as sore as they had been the day before. Crazy, crazy, crazy hormones...but such a great reason for the crazy!


My favorite kind of Amalah post.


(You guys are so awesome. As crazy as I am, but that's part of your charm.)

(And now I want some pastrami, KATY.)


I so love reading about your pregnancies. I really do. Bring on every ridunkulous fruit/vegetable embryo comparison and hilarious descriptions of the many weirdnesses we endure during pregnancy. I will read every damn word. Thanks, little bean for letting pregnant Amalah back for an encore!


Hey, we share a conception date! Different year. Jan 5, 2002 ;) Our anniversary.


Oh, yes, I've peed on a stick "just in case," too.

My friend just about throttled her U/S tech - she kept insisting that my friend's date of conception was the same day that my friend thought "gee, it's been a while since my last period. Better take a pregnancy test." And my friend now has a happy, healthy, baby boy, so there you go.


I can tell you're really having a hard day because you didn't individually link each word in this sentence: "(OH. RIGHT. A LOT OF THINGS.)" with past blog posts.

Sorry to hear the lady brain and the lady parts are making life harder than it already was.


Congratulations, even though you have to wait an extra week.

June is a good month for a birthday. My daughter is a June baby- the birthstone in my ring for her is an alexandrite, which changes color from green to purple in an awesome kind of way. It also looks good with the amethyst and aquamarine stones for the boys.

I figured out I was pregnant with my third because of my cravings for really strong flavors that are usually things I only eat in moderation (roasted peppers on my salads, lots of bleu cheese on my steak). The "tired all the time" thing didn't tip me off because I haven't had a full night's sleep since about 1997.


So...Costco sells pregnancy tests in bulk. Dozen of the dam things in one pretty box. For idiots who drop them in the toilet (me), for people who are unsure of dates because they've always been irregular (me), and for people who need that reassurance every few days till say 12 weeks (me also).

Just so you know. ;)


Ooooookay, this is going to be a fun ride. I'm glad to tag along with you. I call 'Shotgun'!


Hee! I love these posts. They make me laugh.

Keeping my fingers crossed that there's no puking in your future. Puking sucks.


Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and your family. Any chance you will be revisiting zero to forty to make some additions for the third time around? The hubby and I are planning to "stop trying to not" get pregnant early next year (saying it that way makes it easier for him), and I love reading your experiences.


I have the exact opposite issue with the due date/conception date blah blah...I feel like every time I go in for an ultrasound they're all "whoops! Let's add a week!" and then I go to my doctor and she's like "man! You are measuring big! Let's add a week!" and dear God I'm having this baby tomorrow aren't I?


OMG amy. congrats! and i'm laughing so hard over here.


I didn't start reading until after Ezra was born, so I am totally excited and up for a whole new round of pregnancy posts :)


Oh, God, the craziness of the first trimester and the CONSTANT "amistillpregnantOMG?!"I drove my husband NUTS with my daily conviction that Something Bad Had Happened because my boobs weren't as sore or I didn't "feel pregnant enough" or I had a mild cramp (which was pretty much always gas).

How I envied Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for having their very own at-home ultrasound machine.

Incidentally, after I told my husband that I'd met you at BlogHer this year (for like ONE SECOND, hi!), he was like, "Did you tell her we loved her" And no, I failed to mention that, so please now add my (and his!) voice to the chorus of those for whom Zero to Forty was an essential gestational survival tool.


I'm so happy and excited for you. Our third baby is three months old and he's pretty awesome. We were very indecisive about having another for a long time and now we can't figure out why. Our family of five is perfect. And we now have that complete feeling everyone talks about.


Also, I really hope you have a girl. Just sayin.

charlotte santelli

You're a good writer! (and congratulations!)


OMG, I'm so with you on not being able to let last week's PR go! I mean, I cannot get over just how big a b**ch Ivy is. OMG!!


I live that somehow you mange to convey the whole tired, neurotic, bubble headed pregnant woman in your writing.


So maybe it's a girl. The last two were boys - you puked for 6 whole months but maybe a girl would be different. When I was pregnant with my daughter I felt GREAT! I Never puked. Never. I just got all skinny except for in the all important bustline where I had never had very much of anything. Except for being a bit tired and voraciously hungry all the time, It was wonderful.

I know that this totally scientific anecdotal explanation will make you feel 100% better about not puking yet. Enjoy. :)


I eat, breathe, and LIVE Project Runway for work (literally--I have to write about it) and I was blown away by what went down last week. Ivy's got some serious ball o' steel to start that shit after she was eliminated. And the needle thing was PRICELESS. good work, indeed, editing monkeys.

On a happier note, I showed your initial Yo, I'm Pregnant post to my fiance, and now he's all like, "What? Is that supposed to be some kind of hint?" And I'm all, "Why, yes dear. YES it is. We're two adult Spidermen and we love each other. Let's have another baby spiderman. Or maybe a Cat Woman, because I want to buy some goddamn PINK."



I'm 6w5d today, and I'm pretty psyched that I'll get to read along with your pregnancy at almost the exact same time I'm going through mine. I was always a little bummed out that I read 0 to 40 *after* I had my first child, therefore ruining all the fun surprises for myself when I was actually going through a pregnancy. I guess I'm a sucker for spoilers.


Loved this post!


I just tried to write "Congratulations" in the name field there. I'll write it here instead: Congratulations! I'm really happy for you! Three is an excellent number of children!

Parsing Nonsense

Welcome to the first trimester! Maybe the fact that it's going easy on you means you're having a little girl this time? Would you like a little girl or would you prefer another little boy?


Man. I am realizing that I am officially at the point where I feel that twinge of jealousy when other people announce their pregnancies.

Nevertheless, we all love everything you write, so bring it on. :)


Man. I am realizing that I am officially at the point where I feel that twinge of jealousy when other people announce their pregnancies.

Nevertheless, we all love everything you write, so bring it on. :)

E @ Oh! Apostrophe

I love the pregnant posts. I'm 16w6d and was all about reading your preggo archives... and now I get to read in real time. It's like Christmas!


So happy for you all!


Not puking yet=AWESOME. After 4 kids (3 pregnancies, 1st one was twins) my best pregnancy resulted in "only" 20 weeks of puking. The worst was the twins, with 37 weeks of puking, but the horrific part was when my "doctor" told me it was "normal" to vomit 18-24 times a DAY. After I had lost 30 pounds in two months from my already-skinny frame he said, "Hmm, that's weird." YA THINK.

Anyway. Congratulations!


Yay!! You're preggers again! With meeee! It's my first and stuff - and I'm just at the 6 month mark, but still - I've been reading you since before Noah so this feels special. Internet connectionnnns. Ok. Am creepy, I understand. But yay for you guys for serious. Hey - maybe less morning sickness this time means girl for you? I didn't have any, but I'm having a boy. Pregnancy is weird man, just weird. Oh - I almost forgot - love love love zero to forty - so thanks for that!


Yay!! You're preggers again! With meeee! It's my first and stuff - and I'm just at the 6 month mark, but still - I've been reading you since before Noah so this feels special. Internet connectionnnns. Ok. Am creepy, I understand. But yay for you guys for serious. Hey - maybe less morning sickness this time means girl for you? I didn't have any, but I'm having a boy. Pregnancy is weird man, just weird. Oh - I almost forgot - love love love zero to forty - so thanks for that!


I took 17 pregnancy tests when I found out about my current pregnancy. It was over about two weeks time, but I was still averaging more than one a day. I'm not proud. But at least that seventeenth one finally convinced me.

Congratulations to you!


Excellent news!

Little Dutch Girl

Congratulations! with our first kids we were on the same path, but I am not joining you this time. But I will love to read about it. (and yes I am a little jealous because you're right, the babies are so cute!)

Amy M.

I am so thrilled for you! And I'd love it if this was a little girl!! Your zero to forty was the absolute best thing I read during pregnancy - just thought you should know! Congratulations!!


Wow, I can't believe I will be going through your third already. Seems like only yesterday you found out you were preggo with Ezra.

------------------ (deleted by the author because it turned into a not-so-pleasant rant because the author is well...not-so-pleasant right now)

I would like to practice the platonic version of compersion right now, meaning I am happy for your happiness. To less nausea, very little weight gain, no preggo zits, naps when you want, Taco Bell when you need it, and the absolute most adorable maternity clothes at affordable prices...

Olney, Maryland

SO SO SO happy for you!!! I kept thinking, she is totally going to get pregnant soon. I know it. And I was riiiiiigggght. Don't you love your internet fans (stalkers) who think about these things too for you?!

Yay. What amazing, perfect, wonderful, fantastic, awesome news.

Congratulations to your family!


Just hang onto the thoughts that you ARE actually pregnant and that babies do not understand calendars and come out when they feel like it regardless of ANY due date proffered by the medical profession.

Re the puking, my mother had a theory that every woman reacts slightly (or not so slightly!) differently according to the baby's gender. Perhaps this one is a girl. Small possible shred of credibility is that a friend of mine sailed through her first two pregnancies - both boys - and spent most of her third attached to a sick bowl and gave birth to a girl. Maybe you will be the reverse. Worth hoping about anyway ;-)


OMG we're totally preggie twins because even though I am 8 weeks tomorrow, I really wasn't all that nauseous this time around until right at 6w5d and it only lasted 1 week! So far... that is based on 2 days worth of slightly quesy but not rush-to-the-bathroom YUCK! Maybe you will luck out, too! With my 1st I was UGH BLECH I don' wanna eat ANYTHING had to force food down my throat gag - never had a single craving. THis time? Today pickles sounded great, and just now a chick was eating tater tots and OMG TATER TOTS SOUND SO GOOD AND SONIC IS ONLY 10 MILES AWAY and afterwards maybe some apple pie.... ohhhhhh.


You gave the rest of the bologna and cheese sandwich to Ezra, right?... ;)

And congratulations!


Oh thank God I am not the only one that thinks about stabbing people with pens. You have helped my little pregnant neuroses. For fuck's sake, I teach kids anger management for a living and I cussed my husband out for hugging me because he was in the way of my sandwich. The drug company pens really would make the best weapons though so your logical skills are clearly unimpaired.


Congratulations! YAY YAY YAY!!!

Zero to forty got me through my pregnancy, truly. I would have *further lost my mind without it. Though I should go back and read the last 4 weeks or so I missed.

That said, me and my Steel-Magnolias-scene "I know you don't listen, does Jackson?!" reproductive status are probably going to check out for a while :-)


A few years ago, some doctors up here in Saskatchewan studied it and found out that our assumption that ovaries only kick out an egg once a month was just that, an assumption. Our ovaries often kick out more than one, and not always at the same time.

The more you know! *rainbow swooping over my head*


I can not tell you how thrilled I am that your are pregnant (sounds totally wierd considering Im a complete stranger). I am 13 weeks into my second pregnancy and have had every crappy symptom so far that my first pregnancy lacked (it tricked me with the fact I felt fabulous and swore it was the easiest 10 months of my life, now I see it was a conspriracy). I have loved your blog since my sister made me read the escalator entry and I read the whole thing allowed to my husband, who even laughed (impressive). My heart goes out to your family right now and I am so impressed with your character.


I can't think of what to write because I'm still thinking about how much I love that Danger Zone reference.

From Belgium

I craved brie and jam sandwiches. Strawberry jam preferably.


This is poetry. I have never read anything else that so accurately portrays the way early pregnancy screws with your brain.


I don't know if I should thank you or strangle you for getting The Danger Zone stuck in my head.

I also took a lot of pregnancy tests during my first trimester because I hardly had any symptoms except for fatigue.


I have to say your paranoia makes me feel so much better, because I am doing exactly the same thing. First pregnancy, 7 weeks, 4 days, and worrying about not feeling pregnant enough. (Despite, ahem, gas, soreness, and being exhausted.) Can't wait to read more about your experiences!

The Yak

No puking? Definitely a girl. Unless it isn't. Both pregnancies (two girls) I was STARVING for hot dogs, steak, burgers... a friend's mother sagely said, "Ah yes, it takes meat to make meat."


So excited for you Amy - especially since I'm 6w5 days right now! I'm excited to be able to read your blog through this pregnancy, as I, too, am completely neurotic - doubly so when I'm preggo. So far I've resisted the daily urge to buy more peesticks. My craving is mall pretzels - you know, dripping in some kind of garlic butter-flavored oil slick. (Unfortunately, we live nowhere close to a mall, so to the internets I go to find a make at home version, which kind of wrecks it.) And, while I generally want to kill my husband, I've otherwise been a weepy mess at everything. Amazing Race? Check. That stupid Parenthood show? Check. Dancing with the Stars? Not sure why, but yes. Chilean miners? Waterworks EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

Jill G

I haven't been reading as regularly lately (i am typing this with one hand while my 10 week old snoozes in the other) I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! I cannot wait to hear all the details. YOU MAKE THE CUTEST KIDS!!!


Aw, I miss that hyper-focussed pregnancy craziness. You're making me totally nostalgic.


Amy you crack me up! I love it when you're pregnant and nutty! Moar laffs for us!


If it makes you feel any better, my 2 pregnancies couldn't have been more different. Like with Son? One sip of OJ and I was puking for the next half hour. With Daughter? Craved OJ to the point of an easy half-gallon a day. So, maybe a girl for you this time??


Sound like one of my pregnancies, and I had girls.


Congrats, sweet girl.

Even though you and Jason's combined DNA produces some of the cutest little boy critters I've ever seen, I sincerely hope you have a girl this time. Because, dude...I seriously cannot wait to see how you will handle the drama that is the female child.


Congrats! I'm so happy for you.... and a little jealous, too. It took us 4 years (and a team of clinicians) to conceive our little guy. What I wouldn't give for a surprise pregnancy! You give me hope!

I loved loved loved being pregnant. Hormonal fatigue, nausea, bloating, all of it. Sounds like you do, too. I am really so happy for you.

And I'm secretly hoping you have a girl. (Grah! Dammit. No longer a secret!)


Sorry -- Not that a little boy wouldn't be awesome!!! I have a little boy and love him to pieces and little boys rule!!! A healthy baby. That's what I wish for you.


Sorry -- Not that a little boy wouldn't be awesome!!! I have a little boy and love him to pieces and little boys rule!!! A healthy baby. That's what I wish for you.


perhaps a lack of puking will simply mean it's a girl


I mean this is the most non-creepy, non-stalkerish way possible: I want to be your best friend and we can braid each other's hair and watch movies and prank call people.....

Ahem...What I meant to say was, "I think you're extremely humerous, and, as a normal adult, find your blog mildly amusing."


I have one girl and 2 boys... I was SOOOOO much LESS sick with the girl!!!! All my friends say the same thing. If your friends say differently, don't tell me! I have my totally unscientific study settled!

I say you are having a girl!


This is the most hilarious thing I've read all day. Take a nap you poor thing! Enjoy a funny video if you don't! The Canadian Greeter:


Right up until the puking bit (including the part about the Danger Zone song, which I totally started humming even before I realized you'd typed it as I was thinking it), I could have written this post. The ultrasound techs keep trying to push my due date up and I keep saying "Nope, biologically impossible, see my iPhone app?" (which also disappointed me with the little heart). The midwives are willing to believe me that I conceived on June 6, but the ultrasound people keep telling me I'm wrong. Even though it's the only time that week that we did it. Sigh. Stupid ultrasound techs, with their fancy measurements and math equations, trying to overrule my iPhone app.


Oh and also, I'm going to go ahead and put my vote in for "girl" this time. Dunno why, I have a girl vibe for you.

But I had a boy vibe for me, and my daughter most definitely does not have a penis, so clearly I'm awesome at this game.


Am SO glad I'm not the only serial pee-er on a stick. My first pregnancy, my boobs were polka dotted for the first 12 weeks because I was constantly poking them to make sure they were still sore. Good times! Oh, and CONGRATS!




WHUTHA...I step away from your blog for a measly week and you get all pregnant.


(PR recap was spot-on BTdubs)


You funny, lady. Love you.


Yahooooo! Congrats to you!! I'm 15w4d and read your pregnancy calendar religiously every week! I can't wait what your posts will bring! Congrats again!


This is not a brag, but I've had one and a half extremely easy pregnancies. I am convinced every time I go to the doctor that she's going to say to me, "Um, you're not pregnant; you're just fat. And crazy." I guess that's to say, I get it. Not that you're crazy. It's just hormones.


:) I am 18 weeks today(yay!) and I guess I'm lucky, since I still feel horribly sick in the morning and have to eat every 2 hours or feel shaky- I know baby Levi is in there still. Still wish the morning ughs would go away tho. New on the gender front: they have this new blood test they can do at 12 weeks on you, for any XY chromosomes in your blood-if there are, it's a boy-if not, a girl.


congratulations!!! don't stress over the not puking, enjoy it. i can totally relate to puking = things are going right, but that's only because i threw up for 6 months with my 1st and 5 months with my 2nd & 3rd (twins). i always envied all my friends who Didn't puke and had great pregnancies. things are ok. :)

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