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Seven Weeks, Take Two


Ezra. You are sunshine and stubbornness. Independent, yet anything but a loner. A mimic, but with your own ideas about anything. Easygoing right up until the moment you've been pushed just far enough. Fearless, except for when you are not. 

You still seem so small to me, but your personality is as oversized as the 2T hand-me-downs currently are. You make friends everywhere you go, charming adults with your smile and cheerful greetings and offers of plastic cupcakes or empty teacups. You are easily the best two-year-old conversationalist I've ever met, chatting about everything from shoes to elbows to WALL*E to choo choos to meatballs.

You can kick a ball or hit it off a tee with a bat, you think stretching your arms behind you while crouching before tossing them up in the air counts as jumping, you can walk down the stairs alone, slowed only by your tendency to stop and applaud for yourself. You watched some big kids breakdance once and now like to put your head on the ground and kick your feet when music comes on. If your big brother can do it, well dammit, you're going to give a good try too. You love to climb and run and scream and laugh and dance. 

I've already had some twinges of regret over the past two weeks that you will probably not remember the time when you were our baby, our youngest. When you were the one doing everything new and different and for the first time, the unsteady rocket-powered center of our world. But you were our baby, my baby, the little boy with the smile that made all of us smile, the one who -- no matter how tired or stressed or out-of-patience I felt -- could instantly lift my mood just by lifting you out of your crib. "Uppy!" you'd say. 

"Wuv woo," you also say. 

"Ock and ting!" you demand at bedtime, referring to a new step in the routine that you now insist on. We curl up together in the old rocking chair, wrapped in a blanket, and sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. You put your head on my chest and hum along, and like everything else you do in the world, it makes me simply, beautifully happy. 

Ezra's Second Birthday
Music: Here Comes Your Man by Meaghan Smith



Ezra, you are a light to all of our lives out here in the Internets. We look forward to watching you grow and change and become yet more awesome. We love and are invested in a cute little guy we've never met. Hugs and kisses from your internet aunties. ;)

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Happy birthday, sweet Ezra!!

Anna Marie

Aww, happy birthday Ezra. You are awesome.


Happy Birthday, little Big Guy.


Happy Birthday, Ezra!

Mary Beth (Cats, Books, Life is Good)

We're in need of a new receptionist - can I borrow him if I promise to pay him a salary? He would certainly light up the place and he would fit right in with the guys I work with:) Happy Birthday Ezra.


Happy Birthday to your little man! He is going to make an awesome big brother!!!


Happy birthday, sweet Ezra.
By the way, I couldn't stop my mouth moving as if to take the food off the fork. Fortunately there's no-one around to wonder why I was eating invisible food.


Happy birthday Ezra! What a great video!


Happy Birthday, Ezra! I have always loved your birthday posts. He is, like Noah totally gorgeous.

Sprite's Keeper

Absolutely beautiful! Happy birthday, Mighty Ez!

Amelia Sprout

Happy Birthday Ezra. I'm pretty sure holding him last year at BlogHer was the beginning of me seriously considering having another kid. He's magical.


Happy Birthday, little man.


Yay Ezra! Happiest of birthdays, little guy. From the looks of this he's going to love having a chance to be the big brother!

Nancy R

What a cutie - he can rock some pig tails!

Happy Birthday, Ezra!


Happy, Happy B-day Ezra!


God, he is adorable. You guys make really cute kids. I especially love the repeated water-bottle-drop in the pool--such joy. Happy b'day, Ez!


I tried not to cry, I really did!

Happy Birthday Ezra, you sweet little boy!


It blows my mind that in the one year from 1-2, he's grown to look like an actual little person and not a baby anymore. Happy birthday, Ez! The magical internet world loves you.


happy birthday mighty ez! you are the cutest little thing!

beta dad

Happy Birthday Ezra!


Happy Birthday little man! The videos and pictures of you light up my day and make me do a happy dance. Today I shall celebrate your birthday (especially since it is also Friday) with cake and attempting to break dance in my office, as only a very white middle class girl in heels can do.
Happy Birthday gorgeous!

Katie Kat

OUCH! That made my ovaries hurt!!!!!

Happy birthday to the Mighty Mighty Ezra! Such a sweet, sweet boy and wonderful little brother. Have a great day little man!


Happy 2nd birthday to Ezra! Thanks for such a great post and such a cute video.

I, too, am currently pregnant. Nearly 14 weeks with our first baby. Watching the videos just now of you and Ezra just hit me with the realization: I'm going to be a mom. Not just 'I'm having a baby', but I'm going to be a MOM.

For Pete's sake, now I'm tearing up over here. Stupid hormones. :)


Such a perfect song for that little man. Happy birthday, Ezra!! Can't believe you're already two. :)


Happy Birthday Ezra!

Jen L.

Happy birthday,Ezra! Wow. Thanks for the cry.


Happy Happy Two, Ezra!


Happy birthday, ZA! So excited for you to be a big brother! But I'm pretty sure that's a secret to you still so, never mind! You're such a big boy and you are very loved. Have a super fun day!


So delicious. And now I need to get this damned bit of dust out of my eye.


Happy birthday, little man.


Happy 2nd Birthday, Mighty Ez! :)


Happy birthday to the Mighty Ez! And geez, lady, STOP MAKING ME CRY. Though I kind of like it too, because your boy and your writing are both so wonderful. To many more of everything.


Happy Birthday, Ezra!!


Happy Birthday Ezra! You make the internet happy. Currently pregnant with 2 boys and this just made me cry the happy cry.


Happy happy birthday big boy EZ!!!

And now my ovaries hurt.


Good grief your birthday videos are adorable! And make me feel terribly guilty for not doing such things myself - how long does it take you to put one of those together, out of curiosity? iMovie, I presume?



Mo - Honestly, the most tedious part is finding and importing all the relevant clips off the camcorder, Flip cam, my phone, Jason's phone...ugh. Every year I SWEAR I'm going to keep things organized better but I never do.

Once I have the videos in iMovie and a song picked out it takes about...four hours? Maybe a little more? It's really fun to do, since I'm certainly not aiming for slick professional movie-making here or anything.


That was ridiculously adorable. Happy birthday, little dude!


Happy birthday, little man. you're adorable.


Happy birthday Ezra! Just so you know, being the middle child is he BEST! Take it from the middle child who married a middle child. You will get the best spot in all the pictures. :)

Donna P

Amy, like everything else you do in the world, you make us simply, beautifully happy too.

Happy Birthday, mighty Ez!


Happy Happy Birthday to the Mighty Ez! We love watching you grow!!


Happy Birthday Ez! and now i need a box of tissues! It all goes by way too fast, my baby is 6 mos old and i feel like i was just pregnant with her! Can't you make time stop?!

Jessica V

Happy happy birthday to the Mighty Ez...what a sweet little guy.

Both your boys melt my heart and make me smile - thanks for sharing them!


Gosh our sons really need to get together because they are so. much. alike. Have a happy Day Ezra.


Oh, god. Ezra in pigtails. I just died.

Happy birthday, cutie! It's been so much fun watching you grow.

Maxine Dangerous

*tsk* So sweet! Happy birthday, Ezra! :)

Mary Lou

So sweet! Happy Birthday Ezra!!

Amy, your writing is beautiful. I totally teared up : )


The tears! OMG, so so sweet! I love these vidoes Amy even though they make me baby crazy and i'm way too broke to have a kid right now!

Happy Birthday Ezra! You are a remarkable little boy! Big hugs from me!

Shannnon @nwaMotherlode

Happy Birthday, preshus!


Happy 2nd birthday to Ezra.


Happy Birthday Ez! This was so sweet, my little boy is a few months younger so I can't believe Ezra is 2!

LOVE the pigtails, holy crap hilarious and adorable.


Amy, This video is amazing! You got skillz:)

Happy 2 year old birthday to Ezra!


OMG, Ezra is the cutest little guy EVER!! And your writing inspires me. Happy Birthday, little guy!


Excellent video! Happy Birthday, Cutest Ez. By the way, Ezra in pigtails looked eerily like my 16 month old baby girl when she lets me put pigtails in her hair, which is never.

Oh and Love that song, and although I still prefer the original Pixies version, it works so well with this video!!!

Parsing Nonsense

Happy birthday Ezra!


So, sitting here at work, reading your post & watching Ezra's Bday video as I'm eating lunch. I burst out laughing and almost choked on my food when I saw Ezra in pigtails!! So Cute...

Read you regularly Amalah and feel a connection, because our boys are mere months apart in age. I absolutely LOVE the videos you make for your kids. What a treasure..

My thoughts continue to be with you and your family as you experience both the good and bad of lifes' offerings...


Aww, that wrecked me, perfect choice of song.

Happy day, Ezra!


Happy birthday, Ezra. We should get him together with my Mabel and listen to the conversation.


I don't know if you have thought of this or if anyone else commented on it (I didn't have time to read them)...but I think it would be awesome for the boys to have their birthday letters made into a book with some of the years pictures mixed in. What a treasure that would be!


I'm doing the ugly cry.

Happy Birthday, Ezra! I hope one day I have a little boy that looks just like you; your face makes me melt.

Pinkie Bling

T is for Two...and Tears! That was beautiful.

Happy, happy birthday, Little Man! He's just too cute.


Bawling at my desk right now. Thanks a lot, Amy ;)

Happy birthday Ezra!


So sweet! Happy Birthday Ezra!


Woweeeeeee! I just want to eat him up...nom, nom, nom, nom!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EZRA!!!!!


Happy Birthday Ezra!


Happy Birthday, Ezra.
:') Thanks for the tears, Amalah.
It goes too fast, doesn't it?


Happy Birthday Mighty Ez!

Patti B.

How wonderful! Happy Birthday, Mighty Ez!


Pigtails. Oh man. My son will curse you later.

Happy birthday, little big Ez!


Apropos of nothing:
A couple of nights ago, I had a dream in which some the children of my favorite bloggers all went on to sports superstardom - football, baseball, and so on.

Ezra became a professional rugby player, in case you were wondering, and was so famous that he moved your entire family to New Zealand so that you could all be together. Which I thought was a lovely gesture.

Noah, ever the firstborn, quit his job in major league baseball (he was a coach, not a player, oddly) to move to NZ as well, and to manage Ezra's career, and you all lived happily ever after. :)


Happy birthday, Ezra!


He's such a DOLL! Happy 2nd Birthday to the Mighty Ez!


I LOVE the video and am feeling so guilty for not making more videos of my boys! Happy Birthday to your little man!


My little girl will be two in a couple of weeks, so I'm sitting here boo-hooing and also thinking "Oh yeah, I need to put together a video...."


Ok, very teary-eyed over here! I am pregnant with my second child and was so hoping for a girl. After this video, particularly with your adorable boys in matching Christmas pjs, I think I shall be thrilled with another boy!

Happy Birthday Ezra :)


Happy birthday!


omg, made me cry. and for one split second want to have a third baby (i have two boys, 18 mos apart).

happy birthday, two year old!


Happy Birthday little man! god, those piggy tails just about killed me.


A lovely post. Captures the essence of the age perfectly.

They are always our babies no matter how old they get. The first sight and smell of every single one of them is locked away in your memory forever. Those chubby toddler limbs, the gawky teen years, their individual triumphs - and disasters - always there no matter what. My first baby is going grey and the second appears to be losing his hair, but they are still my babies ;-)


thanks, now I totally want another baby. gah.


Happy Birthday sweet boy! There is something universally precious in the way that little boys look up at the video camera.


What a perfectly delightful video to a completely delightful little man.


Yay, Ezra! Adorable video, though I was secretly hoping for a "Havoh?" when I saw him on the phone. I've been saying havoh in my head every time I answer the phone for months... and no always just in my head.


Happy Birthday Ezra!!

Love this so much. Just found out yesterday my baby coming in March is a BOY! Soon I'll be a Mama to 2 boys...I'm so happy. :)


I just fell down dead of the cuteness. The pigtails made me laugh out loud. (I put flower clips in my 11 month-olds hair last night, and he looked like Chaquita Banana. His daddy was not amused. Everyone's a critic.)


And that might be my new favorite song.


Happy Birthday Ezra! You rock.

Maria Freeman

Okay, I wasn't going to cry. But I fell apart when he started to swim away in the tiny inner tube and you were there just protecting him. He is beautiful. I'm pregnant with #3 and have some of the same fears but he will have such fun being a big brother and getting to be the one teaching a little one how to do everything...his way. :)


Happy Birthday, Mister Ez - you're the sweetest kid teh internet has ever laid eyes on!

(I was holding my breath when he was in the floatie - I thought for sure he was going to slide through & sink to the bottom of the pool. Because that's what my naughty kid would have done.)


Happy birthday Ezra! Great videos.


Ezra, you are a true blessing. Please know that we're enjoying watching you grow up and celebrating the awesomeness of you!

Happy Bday!


OMG the pig tails were too cute, but he's gonna hate that evidence later in life. =)

Happy birthday from North Dakota little man!


AAAAAMMYYYYY...that was so exquisite, and I too am weeping. He has grown so fast and is so beautiful.

Your kids are so blessed to have a mom like you, Amy. It will be wonderful to have all these wonderful mementos when they are adults. Those of us from the generation before are lucky when we find a few old black & white photos, much less graciously shot and edited videos!

Keep doing what you do, sweet girl, and we'll all continue to feel lucky to be riding along!

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves)

Happy Birthday to Ezra. It was my daughter's 2nd birthday on the 17th. I have to say I kind of love two.

Congrats again on the wee one on the way.

Dr. E

You make the BEST birthday videos--clips and music. Those boys (plus girl? or another boy?) are so lucky!

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