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9 1/2 Weeks

(Yes, I do totally loathe myself for typing out that cliched and groan-worthy post title. But I'm leaving it because it's truuuuuue.)

I'm somewhere in the middle on my ninth week of pregnancy. If I look back to my writings from the previous go-rounds, I see that I was 1) in maternity clothes already, 2) insanely sick all the time, and 3) insanely obsessed with being pregnant ALLTHETIME LIKERIGHTNOW ANDNOW.


The bloating of the first couple weeks has passed so I'm back comfortably in my regular old jeans. I still wear belts and can tuck shirts in, if I feel like it. I guess technically going up a bra size would help, but they seem like they'd be sore no matter what cup size I mash them into so I haven't yet bothered.

I can count on one hand the number of times I've actually thrown up, rather than just feeling vaguely unsettled or heave-y. The two very worst days, symptoms-wise, were directly related to the prenatal vitamin my doctor prescribed. I stopped taking them, switched to a gentler OTC version and immediately felt better.  I'm still sensitive to smells but not to a run-to-the-bathroom extreme, and I've yet to encounter any major food aversions like before. (Chicken, for example, and I remain on good speaking terms, for the first pregnancy ever.)

My cravings are the same, though, like total clockwork: Chipotle burritos with hot salsa (though now I want carnitas instead of vegetarian), Paneer Mahkni and chocolate pudding. If I don't get them I'll live. And more importantly, so will you

There isn't a room in our house that doesn't currently (and desperately) need new paint/furniture/flooring/cabinetry/redecorating/something and I'm sure this will start driving me crazy at some point, but right I'll live. We all will. 

Jason spends his time comparing the various larger-car options (and seething at the jackass who sideswiped our in-perfect-condition trade-in car last week without leaving a note) and yesterday I caught him loading up an online shopping cart with some really cute maternity tops. (Two summer pregnancies have admittedly, left me pretty unprepared for this winter. Does anybody have a warm-yet-vaguely-stylish black maternity coat they'd be willing to sell, lease or lend? Something in a size small/four/ish? No? Eh. It's okay. I'll just...not button shit for awhile.) He asked if I felt like hitting the baby store yet -- I've always been in a huge rush to make that first exciting purchase, no matter how extraneous or unnecessary it really is -- and I was shocked at the force of my OH MY GOD NO IT'S TOO EARLY reaction. 

Sometimes the old crazy creeps back in -- something is wrong! I'm feeling too good! Good equals bad! Up is down and and wrong is right and meat is just too plain fucking delicious! -- but most of the time...I kind of forget. Which sounds awful.

I bumped into a friend a few days ago who gave me a big hug and a "Congratulations!" And I stood there for a second, blinking dumbly, before remembering. "Oh! Right! Yeah."

But it's not apathy. Or a lack of excitement. Not at all. More of a...familiarity with the process. It gets more "real" later, and no amount of obsessing or worrying or premature-wearing-of-elastic-waistbands will get me to that point any sooner. There will be -- knock on wood, fingers crossed --the quickening and the belly and the kicks and the big gender ultrasound, the name discussions and the washing and sorting of little clothes and then, oh my holy lord, there will be another baby, another newborn, another completely different little person who will be like no one else we've ever met. 

With all THAT happening in just a few months, well. Forget the nausea and the headaches and the sore boobs, what in the world am I supposed to do about this overwhelming pregnancy symptom known as IMPATIENCE?


Jean could be a girl this time with you feeling differently :)



You've been through this before, and you did it again? You're a better person than I, lady.



This makes me so very anxious for #1. :) Glad you're feeling well!

Truthful Mommy

Glad you are feeling well. I think crazy creeps in on all of us during each of our pregnancies. O never feel completely like its legit until they are lying safely in my arms.That lasts all of 10 minutes and then I start obsessing over their future:)Enjoy your pregnancy!



You've been through this before, and you did it again? You're a better person than I, lady.



This makes me so very anxious for #1. :) Glad you're feeling well!

Truthful Mommy

Glad you are feeling well. I think crazy creeps in on all of us during each of our pregnancies. O never feel completely like its legit until they are lying safely in my arms.That lasts all of 10 minutes and then I start obsessing over their future:)Enjoy your pregnancy!

Mama Bub

I do! I have a maternity coat that is cute (as far as maternity coats go) and has never been worn! (It never got cold enough for me to need it - Hello California winter.) Email me and it's yours!


Based my co-workers who have had children of both sexes, they all claimed their pregnancies were different symptom-wise depending on boy or girl. so my vote is on girl this time too! Woo!


This is the first time I've been able to squeal with shared excitement in the comments here, because I'm going to be an aunt and finally after 6 weeks of having to keep it secret after being told, it's so nice to be able to say it out loud! I know the level of impatience I feel of having to wait til May to meet the twins(!), so I can't imagine the level of impatience felt when you're the actual parent!

Jen L.

I'm glad Mama Bub has a coat for you. I've stood next to you and therefore know that my clothes would look like Barbie clothes on you. The arms would hit you around the elbows. Only I'm chubbier than you, so it would look like you were trying to wear your fat little sister's clothes. Yeah. Anyway, take hers! And if that doesn't work out, the outlet mall at Potomac Mills has a GREAT Motherhood outlet (you probably know this), which is where I got my petite maternity peacoat for $50!!!


Impatience! The most untreatable symptom of all. :)


Congratulations! Wonderful news, and you definitely deserve some of that :)


It's funny, I'm only a few weeks behind you with my third. My other two are almost the same age as your other two. We're on a parallel baby making track. Anyway, I'm glad you are feeling well. Now I you'll excuse me I have a date with some porcelin.


Congrats! As someone with 2 girls, my fingers are crossed for a girl. FYI, we just got the Toyota Sienna (aka the Swagger Wagon) and I love love love it. They had a really good lease deal that made it attainable for us.


So glad you are feeling great and "normal-ish". I'm quite jealous... I'm 8.5 weeks and feeling like crap. Pretty much exactly the same as my last pregnancy. Just got to keep reminding myself "only 7 more months".

Congrats again! Are you going to get a mini-van now??

Mama Bub

Oh, and we went the Honda Odyssey route a few months ago and I'm in love. With a minivan.


If I had a patience pill, I would for sure give it to you.


Yep. Totally a girl this time.


HA. If impatience is a pregnancy symptom I (a) have been pregnant for 31 years; or (b) will be a SHIT LOAD OF FUN when/if I am pregnant.


HA. If impatience is a pregnancy symptom I (a) have been pregnant for 31 years; or (b) will be a SHIT LOAD OF FUN when/if I am pregnant.

Goddess in Progress

I'm pregnant with my third, as well, though it's actually only my second pregnancy (woo, twins). But I hear a lot of what you're saying. It's a totally different kind of "excitement" this time around. Sorta surreal, a lot less "new." I've been surprised at the fact that I'm not jumping to make that first big purchase of baby stuff, even though I'm already 21 weeks. I guess I know that there's only so much stuff I need, the holidays are coming, and I can always make a run to Target in February. :-)

Glad to hear you're feeling well. Check Old Navy - they've got some cute maternity stuff, including outerwear, for pretty inexpensive.

Alicia Millis

this sounds very familiar to me! I am pregnant with my second, but it is sooo very different then my first. I honestly forget that I am pregnant, and I am 24 weeks! I am not so rushed or crazed or insane. It is nice. Time is flying by soo very fast. I hope the same happens for you :)


I am calling it right now - GIRL.


I'm going to tell you (and everyone else, I guess) something but you have to promise not to think of me a psycho: My husband have been talking about if we'll have a 3rd (I have two boys, close in age to yours) and the other night I had this dream that you specifically addressed me in your blog post and said: For god's sake just have that 3rd baby! It was hilarious. And a little weird. But good for a laugh!

Sprite's Keeper

It will speed by, can't wait to read more!


*Good god I can't type today. ...not to think of me AS a psycho Husband AND I... (OK, I swear I'm done now.)


Yep. Third child. You know what Dave Barry said about that? "Sterilization (v). What you do to your first child's pacifier by boiling it for fifteen minutes; and what you do to your third child's pacifier by wiping it off on your jeans."


Impatience isn't a symptom that disappears after pregnancy. In fact, it usually intensifies when mixed with exhaustion.


hmmm.....could it be a girl?!?


Your husband is buying you maternity clothes -how awesome is he?!? Reading this makes me want to be pregnant and have another baby RIGHT NOW. Unfortunately this is not a good time for us. Some day my little one will get to be a big brother...I can't wait.


Yay for third babies! If every baby could be a third baby, I swear I'd have five more. I felt great during my third pregnancy, wasn't too consumed by the process of gestating, had a super easy delivery (if you don't count the failed epidural) and at the end, was rewarded with a sweet, easy-going, hardly-ever cried but always makes us laugh third baby. Congratulations!
p.s. My other two kids are pretty great too.


I have a coat too! It's a Gap maternity long pea coat, dark dark blue. Size L though. I sent you a tweet about it (from @thefoxyg) and then went into the basement to look at it. I wore it once for about 20 minutes. I have always been SO hot to even bother with coats in my winter pregnancies.

Anyway, it's yours if you want it! Just send me an email. I live in your (kind of) neck of the woods--just northish of your area.


I'm so excited for you and glad you are feeling well. Your kids are about 6-8 months younger than mine. I just had my 3rd in July. Let me tell ya, it's a fun ride. And fwiw, we got an Odyssey. Love.

Hamlet's Mistress

This post is adorable. As are you. I love that we get to share this with you!!



I'm about 4 weeks behind you (shhh, I'm only telling the interwebs) and oh, the impatience! And this is my first so I'm waiting for every little thing to start happening. I've never been happy (well, not exactly happy...) to be nauseated before.


See... I think you're amazing to be able to muster impatience. I'm barely functioning well enough to be excited. I mean I am, but I'm just so darned tired and fat that I can't kick up my heels. I hope you continue to feel good - because that's great.

Amy Jo

I'm also thinking girl. As for the bigger car thing, we got a minivan when I was pregnant with #3. I sort of hate it and myself be association, but god is it awesome most of the time. It's like a travelling living room/petri dish! We lucked out getting an '08 Chrystler town & country when they were at the lowest of the lows, but I actually liked the Honda Odessy better. Good luck shopping!


it is sooooo a girl! (i secretly hope!)


Tell Jason I second the Toyota Sienna. I would marry mine if it were legal.

Jenn Bo

When you started pregnancy calendar, I followed faithfully. At the beginning, I was also pregnant, but a few weeks behind your pregancy with Ezra. Alas, that was the beginning of my infertility woes, yet I still read every week imagining the time this information might actually be relevant. But this time I am only 2-3 days ahead of you and everything is looking very good - Heartbeats for the first time! I'm sure this sounds like crazy blog fan, but it's kind of fun that I'm traking with you this time - Nov 3 marks 10w exactly for me.


I call girl with the meat cravings. All I wanted with mine was tacos, tacos, tacos.


I've been following your blog for months now and even took a whole week to read through all your old posts. (Your IKEA bad boyfriend post was how I found you after a bad encounter with our Malm dresser). I'm seven weeks pregnant now and am loving your calendar and you weekly posts on your pregnancy. Thanks for always keeping it interesting...


Lady, I do not envy you gestating with the pressure of an entire internet chanting "girl! girl! girl!" I remember feeling how you're feeling now when I was pregnant with my second. I kept forgetting! I still can't imagine how that was possible, but there you have it. I'm glad to hear there is less puking, and I hope the rest goes as smoothly, if not better.


My only pregnancy so far was during the winter (baby born March 30), and I was surprised at how warm I was. Hot even. I had a not so stylish winter coat with a draw-string that cinches the waist, and I was able to just let that out to accomodate the belly. But inside, I only wore short sleeves all winter in northern Indiana.

It's been a year and a half and still kinda "run hot".

Snarky Mommy

Three cold-weather pregnancies and not a maternity coat to be found around these closets. Towards the end, I just wore my husband's fleece instead of my own and my snowboarding jacket worked well when it snowed because it's oversized. I think you'll be OK with not buttoning or wearing Jason's.


I'm 7 weeks along with my 4th, and I have three boys. I gotta say that my third pregnancy was a lot easier re: the puking and the sickliness and whatnot. This time around it feels like #1 or #2, and I'm just wanting salty foods and spicy. So i call boy for you. Not that it means much! A lot of times, the subsequent pregnancies are easier because your body isn't as wigged out by the hormonal changes, it kind of goes, "Eh. I remember this."


I hope you're planning some posts around the carshopping experience. We're going to be in the market soon but have very few real life 3kid families to emulate! I have 3 kids under 5 and currently have 3 carseats in an Outback. It's doable, but TIGHT and as soon as the bigger kids are sophisticated enough to complain about legroom, I'm sure I'll be hearing a lot about it. We're planning on moving up to a minivan or cross over (like the Chevy Traverse) next summer when the baby is a year old and out of the infant carseat.
Are you definitely doing minivan?

FYI, and if the Outback is similar in size to your backseat, two Sunshine Radian carseats and one Graco infant seat fit.


I live in a snowy/cold climate, and I grew up in TX and lived in SoCal, and yet I still never got cold enough to buy a maternity coat!! Between a t-shirt, a hoody, and my regular roomy down coat that I could only snap the top button of -- I really was plenty warm. It was pretty much the *only* time I have ever been warm in winter!! the following winter was a painful return to reality....


You're feeling decent because daughters are generally pretty nice to have during pregnancy. I'm so calling GIRL!


Honda Odyssey - automatic sliding doors in the nightmare that is known as parking in the DC Metro area makes it worth owning! And, I have friends that love the Mazda 5 - a mini, mini-van..

For the record, had two identically horrible pregnancies, one boy and one girl - only difference in symptoms was the extra fun of worse heartburn during the second one..


We wanted a Mazda 5 really badly when we thought we were having our second. Had a miscarriage instead, so no need for the car. Cute car though, very highly rated by Consumer Reports and very affordable!


Oooh, now that everyone is speculating 'girl', I can share my story about why we did not go for 3! A former colleague of mine had two boys about three years apart, and after some discussion, she and her DH decided to go for the third (and hoping for a girl). Well, she became pregnant with fraternal twin girls, and then one of the eggs divided! Yup! Triplet girls! You don't want to know the size of the vehicle or stroller they had to acquire!

English Emily

It's funny, I have been reading your blog for about 5 years and this is (coincidently) the second pregnancy where I am only a few weeks behind you!

My first child was born in November 2008 (about 3 weeks after Ezra) and now I am 7.5 weeks pregnant with my second!

And yes! I know JUST WHAT YOU MEAN!
about everything!

with love and mutual excitment

in England


I relate fully...I'm 19 weeks pregnant with #2, while #1 is a mere 16 months old. And a BALLSY checker at the market asked me if we knew whether the next one was a boy or girl....and I stood there dumbfounded, couldn't figure out what she was talking about. Oh yes! I'm pregnant. Totally forgot about it between the screaming toddler, and trying to not forget any food item, and Geez woman, I'm wearing a baggy shirt, I don't look THAT pregnant yet....


I still have the big black puffy down vest you sent me with all the other mat clothes. It's sleeveless, but it might be perfect for fall. If you want it, it's yours. ('s actually yours.)

(And if you want anything else, let me know. I don't want to just send stuff back all willy-nilly on the off chance that you sent it away in the first place for a REASON.)


I had two boys, then a girl. The boys were born in late Feb & early March; the girl was born in early September.

You're lucky, fashion-wise, in that loose, flowy "cardigans" are in style, also heavier coats in cocoon styles. So you can probably find something that will work, without a pricey maternity label.

I went to a thrift store and found some kind of a knitted poncho that I wore a lot. Then, someone gave me a wool "jacket" that was in a very loose, flowy style, sort of like a poncho with sleeves and a zipper. The collar was more like a scarf I could either tie, or toss over a shoulder. I loved it -- and it fit, no matter what size I was or what I was wearing under it.

Even though it's probably a little colder here (Colorado) than where you are, you'll probably find that being pregnant keeps you warmer, so most of the time you won't need a heavy jacket or wrap.


1. you have had 2 kids and are still a size 4

2. you have a husband who shops. for you. and obviously thinks you NEED new clothes. and wants you to look NICE while pregnant

3. your husband ask if you want to buy unnecessary items for the new baby that HE also wanted!

plus the whole 2 amazingly adorable children yadda yadda...

sooooo jealous.


Black Winter Maternity Coat:
Just saw it on the 75% off clearance rack at Target. It was cute knee length double breasted number. Not wool. I am not pregnant. Our Targets here in Texas lump everything together on the sale rack.


I have this symptom too:) I'm 21 weeks- I just want to meet him already. He's flipping and kicking and having a party in there, I can't wait to see what he's like in person!!


You might hope for a girl with such a different pregnancy. I don't have a single friend who's gone through multiple of the same gender and have the same exact pregnancy, and then when they finally had that girl (or boy) it was SUCH a different pregnancy.


Sorry, I meant I haven't had a single friend go through that and NOT have a girl/boy after several of the opposite.

Parsing Nonsense

Winter pregnancies are so nice! I was never ever cold last year!


I have a cute coat from Motherhood Maternity and it's only from last season! I think it's a medium though. You've mentioned the DC area so I think I'm close by (Sterling) if you want to try it on :)


I had a winter pregnancy and I don't think I ever wore a coat. At one point, I was standing outside in the snow IN SHORT SLEEVES! People were politely suggesting I put on a coat. I declined because I WAS A FREAKIN' FURNACE. Come stand by me! I'm putting off enough heat to power this building.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is...wait on buying long sleeved anything. (In my opinion, but totally your choice.)


Old Navy has a really nice maternity winter coat that I just bought myself. It's not too expensive and it's all fleece lined so it's nice and fuzzy on the inside.


Yay for 9 1/2 weeks! I'm at 28 weeks with my first (**squeal!) and wearing a cheap empire waist pea coat I picked up at Old Navy last week. It works great as a maternity coat and I've gotten a ton of compliments on my "maternity coat" - peeps are fooled. They're on sale this week too - which = score! In case no one offers.


Yay for 9 1/2 weeks! I'm at 28 weeks with my first (**squeal!) and wearing a cheap empire waist pea coat I picked up at Old Navy last week. It works great as a maternity coat and I've gotten a ton of compliments on my "maternity coat" - peeps are fooled. They're on sale this week too - which = score! In case no one offers.


Let it be known that I called "girl" waaaay back at your announcement post so my guess, if right, trumps everyone else's here, right?

I'm glad you're feeling well and that Jason is clothes shopping for you! That's amazing!

You might not neede to sweat the whole coat thing. My friend had two winter pregnancies here in far, far upstate NY and never wore her coat. She said she was so warm all through her pregnancy that she couldn't stand to wear it. Weird.


I am 14.5 weeks along with my second and I SO relate with the impatience. I just asked my husband last night while laying in bed, "how much longer?...I am ready to be done." And I am barely showing. This process is SO DANG LONG! At least we are not whales. I think their gestation period is 12 months.


So excited for you- 3 kids is my dream. And for the record, I will be equally excited if you have a third boy! I am getting really annoyed at all of the "hope it's a girl" comments, but I hope you are much, much more magnanimous than I am and aren't bothered by them.


With two little people to look after already, you don't have as much time to dwell on being pregnant, there's just too much else to deal with! However the last few weeks will still pass far too slowly ;-)

I'm voting 'girl' this time too.

jordan 23

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Backpacking Dad


kim at allconsuming

everything you have just described is also referred to "having the third"


I also just found out that I'm pregnant with numero tres, and after a long history of infertility issues, it was likewise quite unexpected. So, here we go on the crazy train of parents about to be outnumbered by their children. Eeek, hope I can survive the ride.

More importantly I just went through my mountain of maternity clothes, and apparently in my previous pregnancies I thought I needed three outfits for each day of my pregnancy. I was going to take a pile to an upscale resale kids/maternity shop and sell them because we simply don't have the room for all of them, but if you want/need winter maternity wear, I'm happy to send a stack your way. They're all x-small or small/2-4-6/cute.

Email me if interested.


I bet it's a girl! I know that's totally unscientific, but most times when people I know have had entirely different pregnancy experiences, it's because the baby is a different sex.

With my second, I didn't show anywhere near as early; otherwise, the pregnancy was pretty much exactly the same (they're both girls). I got the tiny stomach pouch around the same time, but it wasn't anything obvious. With my first, I looked six months pregnant by three months, and I looked nine months pregnant (with twins) by seven. People would actually stop me on the street and ask me when the twins were due. They are so lucky I am not the kind of person who gets stabbity about such comments because if I were, I think I could justifiably have stabbed them. My second time, my belly grew at a pretty average rate. This is probably because my food aversions were so strong I would go days eating only lettuce and prenatals. I gained just six pounds. I still had an 8-pounder three weeks early, though (my first was a week early and 10 pounds).

Anyway, I remember that impatient feeling well. I love the pregnant belly and the adorable clothes, and I couldn't wear them! I was pissed. I eventually popped out, but it was never the BELLY I had the first time.


I've been reading your blog for a few months now because you're awesome and hilarious. I, too, spent a week reading your archives when my son was about six months old and I NEEDED to read about someone else dealing with this mom thing. I'm hooked now. Seriously. I second all the other moms re: the necessity of a maternity coat. My son was born Jan. 30th, and I was generally so warm I didn't need a coat. When I did, I just wore my regular Banana Republic black coat with the top button buttoned and the belt tied above my belly. Or my ski coat when I could get away with it.

P.S. I'm only just now (9 months out) starting to wax nostalgic about pregnancy and forget the details of those first couple months with a newborn, and these posts are not helping me to fight the second baby fever.


I'm pretty sure I still have a black maternity pea's Old Navy and remarkably warm and good. It's your fo' free if you want it! (i can give it to amybridges for deliver if you'd like)


Just had #3 6 weeks ago. Despite having my gall bladder removed at 24 weeks and puking 4 out 7 days a week for the entire pregnancy, until the last 2 weeks I just wasn't all that consumed by the pregnancy like with my first two. We didn't get the crib up until I was 38 weeks. My Dr. laughed at me and told me I was inviting chaos into my life by not getting that crib up. I also ran out of questions for my Dr. early on, we laughed at that too. At 6 weeks #3 has everything she needs. BTW thanks for the tip on the miracle blankets, I got 5 hours of sleep last night thank to those little miracles. #3 has been a calm, confident joy.


I totally know what you mean about being obsessed with being pregnant.

I am on number 4 and am 5 days from my due date.

I can't wait for this baby to come! Sure things have been hard...I mean I think I have a back still, but the agony has about wiped any other feeling from my body...

Thanks for the post, it is so nice to be a mom.


I have a Gap maternity peacoat, but it's a large, so you'd be swimming in it. But...the whole reason I'm commenting is: that sucker went on sale, big time, right after Christmas. Like "here's a wool coat for $29.99" sale. So if you can just hold out for 8 more weeks...


By pregnancy #3 the only time I remembered that I was pregnant was when I had to bend over to tie my shoes and my belly got in the way.


I just got a GMC Acadia and I have to say that if I was on number three, I would go for a minivan. Good luck!


Holy crap Amalah! I take a forced hiatus from the innernets (with the new babies i've been a tad busy) and come back to find out you're pregnant! Wow. Just WOW! Congratulations!


I have to disagree with all the girl votes (sorry). My daughter was SO tough, oh the heartburn and nausea. While my son was a piece of cake. They are 16 (son) and 15 (daughter) and the roles remain the same... save me from the drama of mothering teens. please? I too am carrying my 3rd child, I waited a loooooong time and now I'm around 7 weeks and not allowed to tell anyone yet, I kinda of want to blurt it to strangers all "Amy style". I feel great so far and sometimes I kind of forget that I'm pregnant, until I have to put on pants and then my fat ass reminds me. It's normal to be sort of showing around almost 2 months, yeah? someone say yes...


Thanks for a funny, happy post. I was (BOOOOO! past tense) about 4-5 weeks behind you, and thought it would be so fun to be on the baby train together. I'm voting PINK for this time, too haha;) yay for #3- as I said to my mom when my youngest sister was born, "now we have a whole handful'.

frugan amy

I'll throw my coat into the mix. It's bright blue wool. I know you said black. This can be your second maternity coat. And it's not a maternity coat, just a bizarrely generous cut that would only work on a pregnant woman, which I guess is why it was on sale. But it's totally cute and should be worn again. About me: Reader since 2003, size 2-4, no bedbugs.

You are not going to ask for my coat. So my advice if/when you're shopping is just get a pea coat (with an empire waist?) that is cut a little big for your non-pregnant self but still looks good in a casually, schlumpy way, so you can maybe wear it after. That was my winter pregnancy approach, anyway.


I think you should forgo the ultra sound that lets you know what the sex of the baby is this time....just for an added element of surprise!!!


Totally a girl.


Oh my goodness. This is fab news.

My third baby is 6.5 months old now and so wonderfulwonderfulwonderful. You'll see.

The third baby is everybody's toy. So much love! Squish!


I fully admit that I'm too lazy to read through all of the comments above for info on a coat. (I got about halfway through and got distracted with my own blog and yes, I too was starting a post with why I have not blogged for a few days other than the preset holiday gift idea posts. Like my readers care. I digress.)

Anyways, I'm 6 1/2 months now (though I look like I'm 4 months, the joys of the first pregnancy), and I definitely needed a warm coat since it gets WAY cold here in Ann Arbor. I looked at Old Navy, but the warmest coat there is now only available in XXL due to their outerwear sale. The Gap coats I saw in person, they are good for November in Michigan, but are so light weight I could never wear them all winter. The options from Motherhood and such are all in strange fabrics and shiny, I didn't need to be a big shiny puff ball. I finally ended up with this one from Kohl's, of all places. I'm not a Kohl's person, I was surprised by this. I even found an extra 15% off code online with a quick google search. Anyways, it came this weekend and it is pretty amazing. It's not strangely shiny, it seems very well put together and is just as warm as my puffy Eddie Bauer coat.

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