It's National Blog Posting Month. Which Means I Barely Posted At All.

Alive & Slobber-Coated

Isn't it crazy annoying when bloggers start a post with an apology for not posting? Like they automatically assume you EVEN NOTICED in the first place, and CARED in the second place, because they are self-absorbed egomaniacs who imagine that dozens of people are sitting at their computers terribly worried because they couldn't be bothered to sit down and grace the world with a few sparsely punctuated sentences? I know, right?

Anyway! I am very sorry for not posting there, for a few days. I went back up to Pennsylvania again, for about the millionth time, for a good old-fashioned terminal-illness-related family reunion with some of my siblings. Siblings I haven't seen in years. Like, before my children were born years. Family togetherness for the WIN. 

I kind of don't want to talk about it. I mean, it was fine. It was just strange and very...heavy with cancer. You know? I think I'll just post some pictures instead.


This is my brother's dog Jack. Jack is the dog for whom the phrase WHO'S A GOOD BOY? was invented. Because he is the best boy, yes he is, shnuffle shmoopy etc. Noah especially enjoyed riding him like a pony. 


I am not even slightly exaggerating. 


Jack is an incredibly patient Pillow Pet animal. Noah is now requesting that we get a "real dog." 


Ezra spent a lot of time in the closet playing peekaboo, but I think the poor little guy was mostly just trying to stay out of the Line Of Nonstop Doggy Kisses. The perils of life at tongue-level, unfortunately.


I took about 25 photos of the boys with their cousin. This is the closest I got to a "good one." There are six boy cousins/nephews/grandchildren in our family, and only one girl. (Who is now 22 years old and no longer amenable to pink frilly princess clothing or toys.) I cannot even tell you the amount of open, naked pressure my current fetus is under to break the streak. 

Speaking of that, my belly officially popped and rounded out during the car ride home from Pennsylvania on Sunday, which was not really comfy, what with my wardrobe choice of skinny jeans and all. I mean, I know that it's not the baby or anything...more like my intestines have been forced upward and outward to make room for things yet to come. Like limbs, I suppose. And another giant 95th percentile melon head. 

Anyway, I would have posted all of this yesterday, except there was Blogging-Excuse-You-Don't-Care-About number two, which is that I was supposed to have a big fancy sponsored post go up yesterday, but didn't, for various Oh-My-God-There-Is-No-Way-Anybody-Cares-About-This reasons, and then I thought it would go up first thing this morning but I still haven't gotten the green light or the tracking codes or the logos or the pudding pops or whatever else it is I need. So I figured I'd rush in and post something else instead while I wait, thus pretty much guaran-goddamn-teeing that I will have to publish the other post FOURTEEN SECONDS after hitting publish on this one, because that is just how things like that work out.

(This scintillating look at the inner workings of corporate sponsored blogging is brought to you by the letter A, the number 4, and zombies.)


E @ Oh! Apostrophe

That dog is awesome/a saint. My dog would have eaten one of your child's limbs for doing that. (Hmm, thinking that could be a problem when my first kid arrives in March.)


I did notice! I'm not a stalker, and I'm glad it wasn't for any bad reasons.

Poor Ciba. A real dog, indeed. I know that soon my 2 year old will be able to voice his wish that we get a dog - he loves my sister's. Well, he'll get a lot of practice begging for one for the next 15 years or so because there is no way! Sorry dude. Enjoy the cat!


I totally noticed. You are not narcissistic blogger. Yay!


Wow, that is a big dog.

Brenda Flynn

Thank heavens! My constant refreshing of your blog and testing inquiries to my cat about "WHY HASN'T AMY UPDATE YET!" have managed to magically induce you to update with important dog-licking-related-content!

Now to start the refreshing for your promised next post....


Thank God you're back! I noticed, and I was starting to be very very concerned :o)

Jack looks like a great dog!


I have to admit that I noticed. And am a little embarrassed to admit that I was the teensiest bit worried something might have happened, what with recent events and all.


My parents had that exact same blue and white couch/loveseat set during my childhood. Brings back memories. All of my cousins and sisters are having girls, and I have a boy. That is why I am hopeful that #2, when we decide to have one, will be a boy.


Welcome back :)


No. I was worried. Any time someone whose father has cancer and who is gestating goes off the blogging grid, I have to restrain myself from posting, "Are you okay? Please say you're okay" comments. So, thanks for updating. :-)


Your boys are so cute! I must be having baby withdraws because I have wanted to chomp on the legs of every small child I have seen lately. I haven't been pregnant in over 8 years, maybe I should have an "accident"...


Glad you're back! People who are in early pregnancy aren't allowed to stop updating, it makes my brain go like ooooomfgslkjdslkjfdlskjflksdj. In other news, I desperately want to play peekaboo with Ezra now.


@Christina - me too, I'm glad everything is (relatively) ok.

That third picture down with Noah on top of the dog is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen :D .


That dog looks awesome. I'm hoping your fetus knows that being a girl is equally awesome. The end.


Yeah, I noticed. But then, I haven't on my collaborative blog in a while (GUILT!)


I looked *maybe* 2 or 3 times yesterday for a new post, but totally not more than 5 or 6 times. :) Glad you are ok and alive!


I looked *maybe* 2 or 3 times yesterday for a new post, but totally not more than 5 or 6 times. :) Glad you are ok and alive!


OMG, the look on Jack's face in that 2nd photo is absolutely priceless. That is the perfect combination of patient exasperation and are you effing kidding me with this? LOL! I love it!


I noticed, mostly because I surf the web on my phone while my acrobaatic 10 mo nurses. I was stuck reading archives, and I kept noticing how much Noah and Ezra looked alike as the bebes. Then I see today's post, and nope, not so much.
Keep posting, though, yes, please.


We also have about forty of those "as close to a good one" pictures of my boys and their cousins. Except we have 6 kids, 6 years and under to wrangle. One of them is almost always crying, looking backwards, or poking someone in the eye. By the way, Noah on the dog and Ezra playing peek a boo are the cutest ever.


I love it when zombies bring me stuff.


I totally noticed too! I really enjoy reading your blog. It is one of my favorite lunchtime "treats" of reading something not work related. Keep posting! And adorable pictures, Noah looks so happy on Jake!


Am glad to hear from you!!


I missed you. I guess that makes me really sad (or lame in Amerispeak).


I'm sorry, but Ceiba totally had it coming. "Real dog." Heh.


So yeah, like the rest of the comments. I was a little concerned that something had happened, what with the gestating and your dad... too many things to count. And it makes more sense to worry about you than to dwell on how Daylight Savings has SCREWED my kids schedule. Ugh.


I am glad you mentioned your belly popping - I am being a totally paranoid first time pregnant person, and my belly has rounded out. I am 11 weeks, so I figured it was too early to be showing. SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG! :) Or, maybe it is just my leftover beer gut. Who knows.


Jack totally looks like a pound puppy!


I was in fact wondering if all was ok because I kept checking my feed for a post!
But we know you have a life so don't mind us but know we care.
Prayers for you and your family...


Totally glad you are back. Love the photo of Noah and the dog BOTH smiling. Utter cuteness.

I was surprised to read that your sibs had not seen your children before. I would never, ever wish your Dad's illness on your family, in fact it sucks to the utmost circle of hell, but I do hope there was some real win in that family togetherness.



I Missed your posts. Ezra looks like he's all, safe to come out yet? Nope? OK. I'll be in the closet.


I noticed and am glad that you are back!

That is the cutest dog I've ever seen - what is he?

Jen L.

I noticed and was actually worried. Glad all's ok. Also, I would like to haz that dawg.


Ever since my nephew BIT our dog a year ago, he has been leery of "hairless puppies". So when our baby, Jackson became mobile last month (at 6 months old!), Hunter (the dog)is keeping his distance. Contact is limited to a quick sniff or a run by licking... And Jack wants nothing more than to get the doggie, or at the very least his doggie dish! (by the way, I'm hoping it's a girl for you too!)


Thanks for coming up! Except for Sunday I hope you had a good time with us sibs. I really loved seeing you and the boys! (Kevin was thrilled to hang out with them too).


I was a little bit worried. In fact, I had a dream last night in which you and I were shopping, and I kept losing you in the store and was constantly trying to find you, yelling "AMYYYYYYYY!" over and over, garnering nasty looks from snooty staff. Weird. And probably creepy. Sorry.

In short, glad to see your post, and please stay near me when we shop together, gawd.

p.s. I bet I was not the only one of your readers to instantly hit refresh at the end of this post, just to see if you did indeed publish your next one already. STALKER ALERT!


dude...i totally missed you and kinda worried myself over how much I was checking your site...i mean, clearly Amy has a life. Amy's got stuff to do....i should be working anyway, ect. ect.

oh how small my life seems.

anyways, i'm glad you updated. I love the doggy pics. if 2012 EVER gets here (gah! the year of planned conception....unless there is an accident which i'm not even trying that hard to prevent anymore while my husband is all "don't forget the condoms") i'm hoping to break the boy streak in my family as well....though i'm not holding my breath and already trying to psyche myself up for 2 boys. your blog helps.


Jack's expression in that second picture is priceless. "The fuck... seriously?"



We have two boxers. Both are exactly the same. PATIENT with kids (and sometimes us grown ups too). Our two year old rolls all over them and they never move. They look at us the same way . . . totally chill but eyes also screaming are you effing kidding me?!

Heather Freeman

OMG, Jack's expression when Noah is on top of him! It it is pure LOLcat. (LOLdog?)


Those pictures could be the poster shots for Why I want a Boxer. They're sooo awesome! Congrats on the belleh pop, glad the reunion went....Take care, no apologies.


Huh. I forgot about Ceiba. Interested in why you haven't seen some of your sibs in so long...ALWAYS miss you when you don't post. Glad you're a-okay and popped!


my son, who was my third child, was the first boy grandchild. he was #9. the last boy born to the family was my brother, 27 years before.

no pressure, little baby fetus.


I notice when you don't post and I get all sad, cause I worry and all that.
It's nice you got to see siblings, but I am just so sorry about the reason, you know?

Sarah B.

Cute dog! Apparently Noah likes to ride ponies backwards. But. Whatever floats his little boat.


OK so I worried a bit. Glad you had some fun at the reunion even though the reason for it was crappy. Families are wonderful things ;-)


You kinda gotta give Noah the "real dog" thing. Next to Jack (or alone), Ceiba, while charming, looks suspiciously like some rotund member of the rodent family.

(I'm (clearly) biased.. adopted my dog thinking she'd be a giant. She reached 45lbs. We've moved past it, thankfully, but..)


Wait... that's it? I wait all this time for a post and that's all I get ?


Gotta admit, I did notice the lack of posting and hope you were okay.

Love seeing Noah and the dog!

Prima Mama

Don't feel vain, I was totally stalking you and wondering where you went. Your feelings are justified. Just, don't get all weird on me now.

LOL at Noah's want for a "real dog." I have a cousin who calls his aunt's spaniel the ugliest cat he's ever known.

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I think the name Jack ensures the dog is a good dog. Our Jack lets the kids climb all over him too.

Jenn Bo

Your commment re: belly popping made me take an honest look at myself... I've definitely got something round going on and wonder how much longer before I cannot possibly keep the lid on my news without co-workers thinking I've decided to become a whale.


'A real dog!' Ha! Hahahahahahaaaa.


I don't think you're vain! Plus, I'm sure your stat counter showed how many of us clicked obsessively looking for the next update.

I love the pictures, especiallyu Ezra's cute little "cheese"! And i can completely relate to what you're going through. I went through the same thing with my father and his cancer just a year ago. The reunions that were shrouded in sad were especially difficult.
Hang in there!


Oh, I am in love. With your kids, always. But, oh, that GOOD BOY!

Is he a boxer? Or is he an American Bulldog? He is a beauty. I LOVE big headed dogs.


I read this whole post and all I saw was


Eeee! Still so excited for you. Is that okay? No pressure, though!

ms martyr

Of course we missed you. As a pessimist, I always fear the worst when one of "my" bloggers doesn't post for a while. So, are you going to add a big dog along with a tiny baby?

Big Gay Sam

I wasn't sitting at my computer waiting for you to post!


Prayers and well wishes are being sent daily. We love you very much. :)


Belly pics?


Adorable dog! One of my favorite shelter pups, Yoda, is like that out at an event this past weekend who was awesome with kids crawling on him and playing. I think she's still available at Washington Humane Society ( if you're interested...

And the name is perfect for Noah...


I know that boy feeling. After my 2 boys my 3rd pregnancy promised to be a girl (according to ultrasounds). He ended up coming out a boy anyway. Now my brother has twin boys and my sister recently had her second boy. I don't think there's a girl baby in any of our futures. Good to see you posting!


Belly pics? Any chance? I don't mean to be intrusive. I had babies at the same time you did both times, so I lived together with you a bit, and I'm a little sad to be left behind...but I had two the first time so I'm out. I'll have to live purely vicariously this time.


I heart that dog. And not just because those spots around his mouth remind me of my grandma's lips. If she were all goth and wore black lipstick.

She will probably strike me with lightening from the heavens for saying it, but the dog kinda looks like her in the pic of Noah riding him. I'm not a horrible person, I just miss her that much, and I become immediately endeared to anything that remotely reminds me of her.

Heather @ Creative Family Moments

My kids will be simultaneously mad and jealous; they have always wanted to ride our dog like a pony.


Your siblings have never met your children?!

Nicolette {Momnivore's Dilemma}

Time to trade in those skinny jeans for leggings.

Most. Comfortable. Preggo. Clothes. Ever.


are you planning to update the pregnancy calendar? i love reading your blog.

maisie mitchell

great pictures and somehow the dog seems to fit !

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