Turkey Run

Holiday Bonus

Remember that fuzzy little blob-thing I posted about six weeks ago?

Well. BAM! 


12 weeks, two days. Absolutely perfect and adorable (that ARM! the little SHOULDER BLADE! the EAR that you can just barely make out before the image goes all blobby and wonky!). All expected and required parts present and accounted for. 


Well. Okay, it's really, really difficult to determine the sex of the baby FOR DEFINITE SURE at 12 weeks, but I'm just going to break it to you and let you down easy because about four bazillion million of you have been screaming for a GIRL GIRL GIRL, but...

Yeah. Right now, things are looking familiarly, unmistakably...dangly and boyish down there. Prepare yourselves.

Actually, wait. I'm the one who's probably going to end up with three boy children running around without any pants on while beating each other with Wii lightsabers and yes, that actually did happen last night and yes, there is video, but HELL. If anyone should be getting "prepared" it should be ME and should probably involve some helmets and whiskey. Screw you guys.  Happy Thanksgiving and whatever. 




my kid just said "looks like a unicorn!" heh


That's so exciting! Great picture. And, I mean this in the nicest and most supportive possible way, good luck, sister friend.

Amelia Sprout

I was really hoping for some estrogen for you, but any healthy little nibble worthy ball of love is good.


Oh my word. That is a precious photo. Truly. YAY babies.

Eh, it's too early. You never know. But either way? It's very exciting.

I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving.


Well whatever it ends up being it's perfect. :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Amy.


So beautiful! Congratulations on your perfect little fetus!
My midwife told us she thought for sure it was a boy when I had an ultrasound at 11 weeks 4 days. However, my daughter would beg to differ (you know, if she could talk, but she will happily screech for you!).


Heeeee... Boy or girl, it doesn't matter. I'm expecting our second in January and we didn't find out the sex, but I'm almost sure it's another boy. I'm terrified of two boys... but three???? EEEP!!!

I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.


Heeeee... Boy or girl, it doesn't matter. I'm expecting our second in January and we didn't find out the sex, but I'm almost sure it's another boy. I'm terrified of two boys... but three???? EEEP!!!

I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.


Yay! Baby!

Beth @ I Should Be Folding Laundry

I love this and that photo is AMAZING.

And I can't think of anything better than being a Mama to three boys.

C @ Kid Things

Even with a girl in the picture, you could still have 3 kids running around pantsless, hitting each other over the head. Not that I know anything about that or anything. Ahem.

kari weber

Did you go for a 3D ultrasound, or is your doctor's office just super high tech?

anne nahm

I am so excited for you! It's amazing how fast things change inside the baby oven. Unless, of course, you are the one housing the baby oven, in which case it probably feels like being pregnant forever.

samantha Jo Campen


I want all boys too. Such a gift. Being a mama to widdle biddle boys.

Off to go get pregnant now. . .


I know this is fairly obvious, but... ah! It's a little person! Adorable.


kari - Yep, this was just at my doc's office. They upgraded to the fancy machine right around the time I got pregnant with Ezra. Most of the scan was done in regular ultrasound mode but my doctor is always super nice and switches over to the 3D mode for a picture or two.


Feel free to prepare by coming to my house and hanging out. 4 boy children. Actually, now they are 4 almost men boy children. *shudder*

Congratulations!!!!!! Nom.


My husband is one of three boys (the third was a last ditch effort for a girl). Three boys would be so much fun. Congrats!!!

the grumbles

we saw a "mysterious dangler" on our early ultrasound too. the tech never mentioned it, but i pointed it out to my husband later and said, "do you think that's a...?"

and it was.



Aww, boy or girl, no matter...that baby is adorable.

(Also, if it turns out to be a boy, please congratulate your husband on his manly sperm. heh.)

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!


I know I've posted before saying how uncommonly photogenic and adorable your children are, but damn! So is your fetus!

So, congratulations! I'm 2 weeks behind you with my first, and I cannot wait to get a less blobby ultrasound picture of my baby. Thanks for sharing!

Hope you have a delicious (puke free) and happy Thanksgiving!


I got me 5 kids with dangly bits and only one without, the one without has been harder work than all the others put together but I did so enjoy buying all the frilly and pink stuff.
Oh it is the best and most splendid thing to be a mother of many sons, especially when they are grown men and treat you with all the reverence and glory you so deserve.
Dear little arm and ribs and itty bitty everything, growing babies is miraculous and I never ever tire of seeing U/S scans. 2 weeks and I shall see grandbaby #2's itty bitty bits when I take my DIL for her 12 weeks scan, oooh lovely days!


Awww... congrats on another little dude! I am so jealous you already had another ultrasound... I think I have to wait until 17 weeks or something for my second one. *pouts*

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


I also want to nom of your baby's arm. And my womb contracted painfully when I saw that picture. I cannot wait to have my own, similar picture!

Congrats on your new little man!


Congratulations! Three boys is pretty awesome, trust me. And, yes, it will be just as you described, only ten million times better. :)


Oh, your baby is just beautiful and perfect! I would love to snuggle him/her. I am almost 20 weeks along and my big anatomy scan is next Monday. I can hardly wait! Three little boys running and chasing each other sounds just wonderful (and yes a little scary!).


What a beautiful baby! Boys are awesome, and now you can go around talking about "My three sons!"


Wow, I am jealous of your super-great ultrasound photo! What a gorgeous little creature. And congrats on more dangly!


I know lots of people disagree and think that little girls are all sugar and loveliness, but I am dealing with my 13 year old daughter right now and can say for sure that 3 boys... maybe not such a bad deal.


Just think of how you will be worshiped forever and ever.

And that is an exceptionally adorable arm.


Boys rock! And nom!


Yay! Congrats again. I always wanted all boys, but for some reason I think since I want all boys, I'm going to have all girls. :) Healthy? I'm happy regardless, which I'm sure you will be too. Just think about how much easier it will be in the future? No periods, not near as much drama, not as many mood swings, and you will be the lady of the house and they will all have this AMAZING appreciation for the number one woman in their life. :)

Miss Grace

I have three brothers. Three boys will be awesome.
Also! Now we can talk names?


Three boys!! OMG. Congrats, girl. That means four men in love with you. Lucky. xoxoxo


At least you know you make really cute boys! I have 3 boys too, all climbers and danger seeking, but I know I will never carry wood or mow the lawn for the rest of my life.


Oh!! I want to nibble those teeny-tiny ribs and kiss on the little shoulders. Congratulations again!!


Congrats! You've got a lot of company in the DC blogosphere with three boys, like Stimey and mommy4cocktails.

And your boys are just so adorable. And now you can get ready for everyone to ask you if you are going to keep trying for a girl?


You guys make darling baby boys, at least you can be thankful for that!


I totally got a glimpse of a boy part. I was totally Team Girl Storch Baby, but the thought of having ANOTHER adorable Storch Boy Baby that may resemble Noah and Ezra in any way is totally OKAY WITH ME. Cuz, ya know, I'm sure you care what I think and all.

Congratulations, Storches! And have an AWESOME Thanksgiving!!!!!!


That is a cool picture! It almost looks like someone is holding him!



That is like the cutest shoulder EVER.


Holy wow! Isn't it crazy how quickly they grow all of their parts. There's a little BABY in your stomach!


At 12 weeks, Samantha was DEFINITIVELY, DANGLY LOOKING. Boy. BOY BOY BOY BOY BOY. Ultrasound tech was all BOY!

Well. She's not a Samuel if you know what I'm saying, and you know Sam, so I think you do.

You never know, though, but I know you're thrilled with whatever, natch.


SUPER EXCITED-NESS aside.....am I the only one who noticed that you said you were 12w2d, but the actual picture says 13w2d? I'm less concerned with the dangly bits because it has been proven that you produce gorgeous adorable children regardless of their bits. :)


Hey, we're a house of three boys (plus the male dog!) and it's pretty awesome. I know it can be a little sad feeling at first to realize you won't be doing ballet and princesses and etc etc, but little boys, as you well know, RULE. Not to mention that everyone you meet will think you're a superhero for raising 3 boys.



three boys here- ages 7,5,2.

i wouldnt trade it for anything. welcome to the club! you are now officially a princess forever among your boys.


Congratulations! What could be better than three boys?

With my twin boys, at 12w3d, they said baby A was a boy, and they wouldn't venture a guess on baby B.


So sweet! I'm with you on nom, nom, nom.


I'm so very happy for you!


Megan - the 13w2d ultrasound date is based on my LMP, but I apparently ovulated a week later than what's considered "normal" and thus the baby has been measuring a week behind that ever since the very first ultrasound. But measuring right on schedule for the probable date of conception. Wonky cycles ahoy!


Just so you know, I WANTED a boy the first time, and my RE did a sono at just over 11 weeks and gave the caveat about too early to know FOR SURE, but she saw dangly bits. And, well, my daughter is about to turn four. So, yeah, for sure it's too early. That's what I found out. Also, I would like to nom with you. That picture is TOO cute.


Hey, if it was good enough for Fred MacMurray!

I'm still hoping girl, because of what the others said. Plus I had two boys and a girl (never any ultrasounds, though... this was back in the days when it was new), and liked being able to do a little of the girly stuff with her.


FYI- girl parts are dangly before about 16 weeks. So you may end up with some pink after all. Boys are great though, my second one is due in March.

Lady in a Smalltown

Next Baby is so amazing. I want to stroke his little rib cage, but only because I can't see his nom nom-able feet.


Ok, way to make me feel like a wort-bearing Ogre for crying when we saw dangly parts on our 2nd, due in March. You are all glowy and braggy about it! (whereas I still elbow my husband when I think about more penises!) Ahhhhhhhhhh!
Can't our men produce a female for crying out loud?
I'm better about it these days but y'know...he is coming in less than 4 months so I shouldn't probably GET OVER IT!
Congrats, Amy! You deserve to be adored by your little guys!


I love, love, love being the mother of boys. Congratulations, however it turns out.


Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and your family. And the new little one...

3 boys. For the love... I will gladly step up to the plate and be your whiskey surrogate currently.


Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and your family. And the new little one...

3 boys. For the love... I will gladly step up to the plate and be your whiskey surrogate currently.


Baby v 3.0 is simply precious! Congrats!


too early to tell! But either way, very exciting times! Wee arms are so delightful!! Happy Turkey days!

Kim S.

I need helmets and whiskey and I have THREE GIRLS!!! Perhaps we should join forces. Three will kick your ass. Sorry to tell you. But also? Look at that damn elbow. Yummy.


I also had a definite boy at that ultrasound that was a definite girl by the 20 week ultrasound (confirmed at birth). Either way, that's a pretty cute ear.


So cute and so excited for all of you!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Jen L.

That's the best 12 week ultrasound EVER! That sweet little arm and those tiny riblets! AAAAAAAAAAAAH! I love boy babies (I know you do, too) and given your track record of incredibly awesome boys, I have no doubt you'll produce another in your fine line of male offspring if that's how it turns out. (And THAT was your obligatory Thanksgiving Run-On Sentence Comment from Jen. Happy turkey.)


Have you tried the Chinese Gender chart thingy? It was right for my first (boy!) and also worked for a couple of my girlfirends. We are only 7 weeks, but if the chartis right I will be one happy mama to a girl!! www.babygenderprediction.com/chinese-gender-chart.html


OMG-that is the cutest 12 week, 2 day fetus I have ever seen (and I have had two in my own defective uterus).

I think three boys is perfectly delightful.

I just had a miscarriage (my second in four months), losing what I was hoping was my 3d boy.

But that said, I'm soldiering on, and you need and deserve this beautiful, delightful, adorable baby right now.

I can't wait to see future baby deliciousness.

Happy Thanksgiving!


So excited. Great picture!


My husband is also one of three boys, and they are the best of friends.


Oh, and of course, congratulations! I am so, so happy for you!

Suzy Q

Congrats! That is the cutest arm and sweeteest little elbow ever!

Parsing Nonsense

Absolutely beautiful and delicious in every way! Congrats on a healthy little baby!


Can men have biological clocks? Because damn that's cute.


OMG squee! But seriously your little fetus-that's-possibly-a-boy issocute! Not like it matters, but if you need a little reassurance you might not end up with 3 tiny, pants-less, saber-wielding dudes running around there's this: in the 80's, my mom thought she was having a boy. Then on April 1st, she had me. You never know!
Congrats again, & happy thanksgiving to all your boys[& potential boyparts].


I forgive you for not having a girl only because your boys are made up of superior cuteness to any babies ever, and it's pretty damn likely that your third (THIRD! BOY!) will be too.

ccr in MA

Oh, wow! He (or she) is so cute--congratulations!


I've always thought it would be cool to get to say, "my three sons"...lucky you! Congrats and happy Thanksgiving! :)


hey amalah!
long long long time reader; don't know if i've ever commented.

i had my 12ish week u/s 5 weeks ago. the tech ventured a guess (upon my request) and said, "I would bet money that this is a boy." I hadn't FELT boy but hey this is my first kid; what do I know?

Yesterday was our 17ish week u/s and it's 100% a girl. I even might have cried a little when she said, "I don't know what I was seeing at that 12 week ultrasound..."

So regardless, you have a gorgeous baby growing in there!!! But it might still be a girl :)


That shoulder blade makes me want to have a third child. Gee, thanks.
(And congratulations!)


My mind boggles at the idea of how many speeding tickets, fender benders, and annoying aggressive slutty 12 year old girls calling the house would be generated by three boys. But since you do pretty well with your boys, maybe a third would be pretty darn good. You'll just have to produce a fourth in a couple of years and get a girl.


i have three little boys... just turned 4, 2.5 and just turned 1. they never stop. ever. and it's WONDERFUL.


A girl would have been nice but healthy and full term works every time for me ;-)


I concur regarding eating that child's arm. Immediately.

The arm is not usually my favourite part, mind you, but so far your baby does not seem to be producing in the tummy, thigh, or heel department. Talk to that kid, already!

On a more serious note, he (or she...God, if it's a girl don't tell her during a puberty related argument that "ALL MY READERS THOUGHT YOU WERE A BOY!") is absolutely beautiful in a weird, black & white, amoeba way. So happy for you and yours!


Oh mah gaaah! So thrilled for you! He looks perfect and darling and lovely and will sleep thru the night and be wonderful! I can't wait!

lorrie @ clueless in carolina

I wanted girls so so so bad and I got 'em. A 12 and 10 year old. And I know everybody jokes about how difficult adolescent girls are but...IT'S NO JOKE. They are VERY VERY difficult. And I have the favorite blue jean jumper with Elmo on the pocket hanging in the laundry room just to remind me that I once ASKED TO ADOPT someone who could wear that.


Congratulations! I always read but never comment. Life is too hectic with MY 3 boys in Philly - Noah 6, Ray 3 and Lee 9 months. It's fun being the lone lady. I am insane enough to dream of having a fourth boy. Happy Holiday!


Speaking from experience, you will never have more fun than with three boys. You will also never experience more rank odours. But it's fun!


Three boys here- 10, 5 amd 3. It's awesome. I'm hoping #4, due in June, is a boy too. Boys rock!


That is a pretty cute arm and shoulder!

Have you heard the term "angle of the dangle"? Both sexes have dangly bits at this point, but girl dangly bits point a different direction. This website explains it pretty well: http://www.baby2see.com/gender/external_genitals.html

I can't wait to hear what your baby is for sure! I have a feeling it's a girl. :)


I can guarantee that with 3 boys, there will never, ever be a dull moment in your life. It is fabulous, fun, and might just make your hair turn white.


I have 3 boys and 1 girl. Ok, I only gave birth to one of the boys, the others are my stepchildren. But, oh my. Boys are SO much less drama, SO much less high maintenance. Especially when they are in their teens. So if this adorable little newbie is a boy, yay for you!! Congratulations - such an incredible miracle!

Plano Mom

I am so jealous. Boys ROCK.

Plano Mom

Oh, a girl would be AWESOME too, but boys ROCK.

the bee

Boy or girl that baby is beautiful and I cannot wait. Any names coming to mind ?

Barefoot Liz

That is such a great pic! So exciting!
I really wanted a 3D u/s but things ended up being way too hectic (and unexpected.)

Lumpy badger

Chewing on 12 week old foetuses (feti? foeturtles?) is not recommended. And they taste funny, too - all amniotic-y and slimy.

But congratulations on a beautiful baby with all the relevant bits. And you make beautiful boys, so why not make it a threesome?


Ezra and my baby boy were born a week apart. I now have a 2 yo and a 4 mo...but damn if seeing that ultrasound pic doesn't make me want to get pg asap!
Am so happy for you!


Yay for cute baby pictures! I am so happy for you! I personally would not hold too much faith in the sex "guess" at this stage, I have heard they all have dangly bits at 13 weeks... but then again I am "team green" (25 weeks!) and no expert... All you children are adorable, the latest is no exception!


I just searched for purplish line down my turkey's back and was directed to you. I thought you would love that.


There is something to be said for being the only girl in the house. Yay! For 3 boys to pamper you on Mother's Day.


Since no more babies are coming out of this uterus, I'm loving these updates! WOO-HOO! BABY ARM!!!

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