9 1/2 Weeks
Alive & Slobber-Coated


Overheard, in the back seat of the car this morning:

Ezra: Oh no, rain!

Noah: Not "oh no," Ezra! Rain is great! We need the rain! Without rain, there would be no flowers or trees or grass or pumpkins or bugs or dogs or cats or chickens or houses or buildings or bridges or roads or buses or cars or red lights or yellow lights or green lights or gas stations or restaurants or pizzas or candy or juice or soccer balls or airplanes or trains or cities or pyramids or spaceships or Star Wars or Leapsters or movies or bushes!

Me: Wow. That's a lot of things.

Noah: Without rain, you'd have NOTHING. You would not even have any. Hair. At. All. 

Ezra: Yay rain!



Rock on, science guys lol.

Jessica V

Awesome - just awesome.


THAT is funny!

Sprite's Keeper

So I shouldn't be cursing today's weather then? Huzzah for bad hair days!


Yay for Mr. Wizard! That's awesome! I wish he could come break some stuff down for my nephew like that!


Awww...and you're going to have another one! Think of the awesome stuff Ezra is going to tell him/her about.

Noah is awesome. So is Ez.


I love kids!


Your kids are awesome.


No restaurants?! I'm thanking baby Jesus that it's raining here too.


No restaurants?! I'm thanking baby Jesus that it's raining here too.

PopMommy Pam

One of my favorite things EVER is listening to my two kids (ages 4 and 2) having a conversation. It's hilarious.


It works, bitches!


(Dear Other Readers: There's an awesome t-shirt that says "Science: It Works, Bitches!" I am not calling you or Amy or the kidlets "bitches," just quoting the t-shirt. That is all.)

Nothing But Bonfires

No hair at ALL? The horror! This is enough to make me do a rain dance right now.


hunh. That gives me a lot to consider. Also, I will try to prove Noah's argument to my three year old. he may have compelling arguments against rain, though. I'm just warning you.


hunh. That gives me a lot to consider. Also, I will try to prove Noah's argument to my three year old. he may have compelling arguments against rain, though. I'm just warning you.


I love the rambling lists/stories/recollections that kids give. It's like the flow of words from brain to mouth are unstoppable even if they start to get out of breath.

I also enjoy that your boys have taken up educated debates at their young age.


Yes! The next time I hear someone complaining about the rain, I shall refer them to Noah.


Indeed. Yay! Rain!

the bee

Rock on little Science buddies.
That is just adorable and I like how Noah teaches Ezra.


star wars and hair. viva la rain!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I knew G-d wasn't the only one I should be thanking for pizza... Turns out, rain had a big part too!

Ya learn something every day.


Take that PDD-NOS! Hah!
I sometimes have to take out our big 'ol binder to be sure they really thought MY kid was non-verbal. MY Kid?


Geez I wish I could remove all the useless crap in my brain and just think like a kid. I hope you record them a lot, THAT right there is priceless.


To quote country singer Luke Bryan "rain make corn, corn makes whiskey!!!"

Rain is a good thing :)


Ahhh... the genius of a big brother...

Shauna (Fido & Wino)

That is incredibly cute :)


This could turn lots of Moms onto science! Adorable, as always!


I love it. To bad my own kids are scared of rain. Living in the desert is so not fair!

Plano Mom

Awesome Noah!

And I can't think of any other name for the other one than

The Mighty Ez.


No hair huh.........Ill never sing the "rain rain go away" song again.


Oh that is so cute!

kari weber

Well if that is the case than how come people in the desert aren't always bald?

Heather Wolf Turner

I read the title of the post, and the first sentence, and was delighted to know that I am not the only mother of a small child who belts out 80's songs from the backseat.


"I don't BEEWEEVE it...dere she gooooes AGAIIIN..."


They blinded me with science! =)


Just when you think Noah cant get any more awsome, he does!


How smart and cute! And sweet Ezra is learning from his big brother, aw.


Absolutely hilarious!


Oh and I sure hope you think about this next time you have a bad hair day!

Alberta grandma

That is the type of conversations that have gone on between my granddaughters, just be aware they are now 9 and 7 and the discussion can get heated as the younger one has began to question the older one's bold statements---enjoy them every day they are little such a short time--


I Love this kind of Science!


I don't think anyone should question Noah's knowledge on the "rain" issue. He was the one who built the ark and saved all the animals. Right?


That is too hilarious!


oh my goodness... they are the cutest :)


Maybe it could rain some more on my head? My hair is so lame.

Suzy Q

Just read your tweet. Squee!


That's adorable. Just adorable.


Love it, Ezra! We love to go puddle hunting.

karinya @ unlikely Origins

Ha! Yay rain indeed!

Olga @ MangoTomato

oh the comment about having no hair was hysterical! your kids are so funny.

Barefoot Liz

What a great way to look at rain! So cute!


It's a big world he has out there!


Woah, thanks Noah! Now I need to figure how to get my husband to stand out in the rain. Without a hat.

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