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Those of you who have been reading for some time now -- particularly the stuff I've written about Noah over the past three years or so -- may remember The Thing About Birthday Parties.

(For those of you who haven't been reading that long: The Thing About Birthday Parties is that Birthday Parties Suck Elephant Ass, Most Of The Time.)

But we went to a birthday party on Friday night -- the birthday party of the very same little boy whose at-home, laid-back party was so perfect for Noah when I wrote this post, almost exactly a year ago. The party that came just hours after one of my lowest moment as Noah's mom, a moment that left me frustrated and angry and embarrassed and...scared. So very, very scared.

This year's party was not at his house, though. It was at one of those dreaded kiddie gym places, with the parachute and the games and the singing and a good dozen activities with a dozen transitions in between. Basically, EXACTLY the sort of party we have avoided for years now. A ton of kids, a ton of colors and music pumped in over loudspeakers, with lining up and taking turns and Staying With The Group and Other Kids Bumping Into You and Things That Require Motor-Planning Skills and a million other everyday things that most kids are okay with, because it's a party! It's fun! No reason to melt down and scream sensory bloody murder here, right?

But we went anyway. 


He's the one in the blue Yankees shirt. You know, if you couldn't pick him out from the crowd, having the time of his life, just like every other kid there



Way to go, Noah!!!

Tina C.

hooray!! he's growing out of it and/or the therapy is working!!!! either way: awesome.


I would really like to know what the song is that is featured. How fitting it was!
Good stuff.


I love how when the little girl falls down, he turns and goes to her and then makes a game of falling down, and then the other kids join in. She bounces past all happy. And so does he.

how fun!




Wonderful!! No other words.


This is ssssooo so wonderful!! yay Noah!!


These posts always bring tears to my eyes. You are doing such a great job with him!!! WAY TO GO NOAH!!!!!!!!


Did I ever tell you about the first time my son went down a slide at a playground without screaming in abject terror? It was the Fourth of July, 2008. He was four. He went down the slide all on his own, with no urging, and said, "Hey, this is FUN!" in the tone of someone sharing a major epiphany. And then he ran back up the stairs and went down again.

We were supposed to go, as a family, to a Fourth of July fair, and meet some friends. We skipped it. We just let our kid go down that slide, again and again, for two hours. It was one of the best days of my life.

If SPD has given me any gift alongside all the pain and frustration, it has been a permanent shift in my vision that allows me to see immense value in so many very ordinary things.

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I seen the video and It's really very good and great fun done on those day. Thanks for sharing with us.


LOVE IT!! aww, Noah, keeps making leaps and bounds little man.


Quit making me cry, girl!


Love the extra little hops in line... :D

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