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Star Wars to the Rescue, Again

It was cold outside, so I put on my new earmuffs. 

Noah stopped dead in his tracks.

"What are those?" he asked, staring at me with rapidly darkening eyes.

"Earmuffs," I explained. "They're kind of like a hat. They keep my ears warm."

I watched his body tense up, his rigid little internal alarm sounding the different! new! unfamiliar! alert as he tried to make sense of the funny-looking circles on my head. Was it a costume? Was I playing dress-up? Did it bother him? How much did it bother him? 

"May you take them off please?" he asked, in his usual pained attempt to politely frame a demand as a request. 

"I think I'm going to leave them on, buddy. It's cold outside." As I said this, it was my turn to rapidly attempt to gauge the danger level of the situation, to try to figure out our odds of making it to the car without a meltdown, whether this was a don't budge power through teaching moment or one of those times to just give in for the sake of everybody involved.

"It's okay, really. Just think of them like a funny-looking hat, but just for my ears."

It was interesting, in a way, to watch this, and him. Usually his reactions are zero-to-sixty, his impulse control so poor that he's generally already too far gone into a tantrum by the time he realizes there's nothing to tantrum about, really, so to see him hover on the verge like this and actually process the existence of a weird thing on Mommy's head...well, it was different. And like him, I wasn't exactly sure if it was good different or bad different.

He chewed on his lip for about a minute more. He raised his hands up to chest level. That's usually followed by some nervous flapping, then some anxious foot-stomping, and then...

He broke out into a wide, amused smile.

"You look like Princess Leia," he said. 

I laughed. "I guess I do, don't I?" 

"Can I wear them?" he asked.

It was my turn to stop dead in my tracks. I silently took the earmuffs off and placed them on his head. Over his EARS. Next to his FACE.

"You are just full of surprises sometimes, you know that, Noah?" 

"Not Noah," he corrected me. "I'm Princess Leia. See?"

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Your heart must burst at these moments. He's come so far!


Awww. And he looks so cute in them, too. Go Noah!



also your kid totally has his shit straight. Star Wars is everywhere if you look for it!


The Force. It is with you. Awesome.


He's such an awesome little person. Seriously.

kari weber

I am waaaaaay too emotional lately. I actually started CRYING when I read this! SO awesome!


This story makes me melty on the inside. Major heart.


That is too freakin' adorable! I love when kids pull out these surprises. Fantastic Noah!


I love this post. That is all.


Go Noah!


Best post ever Amalah! Kudos to Noah and may the force be with him!


Well I'll be goddamned if he didn't totally rationalize that whole situation on his own in a way that worked for him. Great job Noah! Maybe he needs his own set of earmuffs.

bethany actually

God bless Star Wars!!!

Amy Jo

Yay for Star Wars, and Yay for Noah!


I can't think of a better reason to have to go back out and buy another pair of earmuffs. 'Tis filled with holiday awesome.


It's okay and not creepy at all to say I want to smoosh your child's face right? Because I do. Cutie pie!



Wait, no I mean, Woooohooo Princess Leia! :)


Wait, no I mean, Woooohooo Princess Leia! :)


Hurrah for Star Wars!

Lindsey Ward

It is so wonderful to read about his breakthroughs. Yay!


I want to buy the princess every single piece of Star Wars merchandise ever OMG.


Oh! Princess Leia made me cry. Seriously, not a sentence I thought I would type out today, but true nonetheless. Good job, Noah. Good job. :)




Don't you wish you had the power to hire the Star Wars characters to do things like record a video that says "Noah, eat your vegetables"? I think that all the time, but about my daughter and the Cars characters. She'd do whatever they told her to do.


Bless his heart! He is doing so well! I can totally understand how things are for you, my Toby is so similar.

Olivia sweet and wonderful!


oh Noah! How precious and unique you and your mommy are!


YEAH Noah! YEAH Star Wars. And happy belated birthday ...


Dammit, that gave me goosebumps...I've been following you for a *million years* and it's great to see Noah progress...what a cool kid! Awesome


Way to go Noah! He has come so very far.


Oh, what a lovely post, and what a great mom you are Amy! Well done to you, your little Jedi, and a big emotional *snif* from me!


Oh, Noah, you are such a little badass. Rock on, Leia.


once again, beautifully written. And YAY for Noah!!!


Aww... I just teared up a little. Yay Noah!


Go Noah!! I may be typing this through tears, I'm so proud of the little guy.

ms martyr

All choked up over this. Love these breakthrough moments. You guys rock.

Jen L.

That story put a huge smile on my that was needed very much today. Thanks for sharing with all of us!


Aw - now I need a tissue. That made me tear up a bit, Amy. Listening to "Turn, turn, turn" on my I-Pod (yes, I am a nerd), but I think the song is most appropriate right now!!!!


Love, love, love this!


Nice muff! (sorry but I had to say it. Actually perhaps that means nothing in the US):-)


The force must be with you.



I'm crying real tears over here! Noah has come so very far. Thank you so much for sharing this uplifting story and adorable photo. It is exactly what I needed on this deary day!


WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!! You rock Noah!!

the bee

I have been there many times.
Will asking someone to hang up a coat cause a meltdown? That is awesome Amy. Noah is getting it. I love that you did not jump in but let him figure it out. Good job Noah !


Awesome boy. Awesome mom!


This just makes me sooooo happy!!!


Oh my word, that is just so fabulous.




Did you hear that sound? It was me, falling over and melting into a puddle from the cuteness and awesomeness of it ALL. Congrats, Noah!!


GO NOAH!!!!!

Adventures In Babywearing

That is so sweet. I love those perfect moments of relief. :)



So sweet.


So sweet.


Wow. Good for you and SUPER DUPER good for Noah. It's wonderful seeing his little mind grow. Nice work, mom.


I've been lurking around on your blog for so long, and I'm not sure I've ever commented. For shame, I know... *SIGH*
Just wanted to say 1. Congrats on the new babe and B) it absolutely makes my day to see these stories of Noah's victories! I root for him with every post- he and Ezra are such neat little guys. :) Much love from the deep South!


Awww little buddy! That's so great :D He's so cute and also awesome.

Aimee Giese | Greeblemonkey


Pinkie Bling


I love this. YAY all around!!


Love that! You go, Noah! :)


I loved this. Good for both of you. And maybe Carrie Fisher.


i love it!


Oh Noah, you just kick so much ass. Love you!!

Lori McBride

Wow...that is just AWESOME!!! Sounds like if he can find a way to process things that make sense to him, he can work through it. make me so proud...even though I'm not your Momma...I'm grinning from ear to ear!!! :0)


Star Wars fixes all!

Yay for Noah!


My Noah is on the spectrum and don't I know those zero to sixty moments all too well.... that was an awesome and age appropriate interaction. I'm so happy you had that moment with him -- those little successes are awesome!

Michelle Baum

We were at Legoland in California a couple of weeks ago and I totally thought how much Noah would love it the whole time. My girls, eh, mostly not impressed. Noah would have thought it was the greatest...

christine stephens

This one made me cry. Thank you for writing. Yours is my favorite blog :)


Hooray!!! Yay for princess Leia. :)


Yep, made me tear up too.


Tears. Happy New Year to Princess Leia and to you.


Yay Noah! (Just don't let him become a cokehead. Like Princess Leia.)


This reminds me so much of me when I was a child... it's awesome that Noah is progressing and he's got someone so patient to help him learn :)


Wow. Floored, really just floored, and crying. Congratulations and may the new year bring many more breakthroughs, surprises and joys.

Big Gay Sam

You just filled my heart with love and warmth. Thank you. :)


What a sweet and inspiring moment. I hope 2011 is full of many more moments like this for you guys.

Barefoot Liz

He looks so adorable with them on! (I totally get the whole sensory thing. I just bought a sensory workbook today. Hope it has some "aha!" moments in it.)

amy turn sharp

little beautiful adorable victories all around us xo


so sweet.


Wonderful story, picture and what amazing processing!


When I read this all I could think was "Fuck yeah. Right on Noah." So I decided to "say" it.


I'm all verklempt. How awesome.




so wonderful! I teared up reading this! It is so incredible that such a little thing can mark such a huge difference. You've come such a long way. Congrats to you and Noah, he is such an amazing kid, you are doing such a great job.


Huzzah!! Go Noah- um, I mean, Go, Princess Leia! :)


Awesome. Heartmelting.

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