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Zah's Take

Meanwhile, this one has no idea what's going on, new-baby-wise.


Then again, he thinks he's holding an "apple" when it is CLEARLY a thoroughly zested orange. Silly toddlers. They're just not that bright sometimes. 

(I'm kidding! My child is of course frighteningly brilliant and amazing and the smartest child to ever respond to the announcement of a new sibling living in Mommy's belly with blowing a big fat raspberry on that belly right before declaring said belly "funny" and "squishy" and "jelly" and OKAY KID, we get it, you know a lot of words but that's still totally not an apple, SO THERE.)



Hahaha, I am such a fan of toddlers.


Awwwww. Also; ORANGE! :)


Oh, I'm sure he'll have something to say about it eventually! (And we can't wait to hear about it!)

Pinkie Bling

Out of the mouths of babes...

Sounds like that (super cute) kid just earned himself a nap!


He's very possessive of that orange. Mine!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Such a cutie! Can't wait to hear his thoughts on the baby whenever he has them. (And he WILL, I know it.)

E @ Oh! Apostrophe

Ha! What's in that belly is totally going to rock Ezra's world... have you informed him that he's no longer the littlest??


My little one calls everything not pasta or meat an apple. Honey, that's a blueberry. APPLE! Whatever.


It looks like a delicious peach. And his face looks delicious.


What is that? A two year old thing? In Harrison's mind, all fruit is either apple or berry. The end. There is nothing else.

Parsing Nonsense

Awww toddler raspberries! Aidan blows baby raspberries, which usually just results in me getting a ton of spit on my face.


Probably pointless to tell him much about it until you're a lot closer to birth. Unless he notices your big belly or Noah starts talking about it!


I am wondering who the new baby (hereon in referred to as Bearius Care) will look like. Noah looks so much like Jason, and The Mighty Ez looks so much like you.

I think we should start a sweepstakes.


I want to hug that boy.


Yeah, he thinks he's so cute with the squishy belly comments but who still uses diapers, huh? WHO?!?

That's right. Not Mommy.

Though, after 3 kids, bladder control isn't always a given...


Margie K

At what age do kids "get" the concept of having to wait for something off in the future? Is he the kind of kid that when you tell him you're going on an outing next week, keeps asking over and over, "when are we going? Is it time yet? But you SAAAID..." :( (pouty face).

If he's there -- or hasn't gone through that yet -- it might be wise to wait until closer to the actual reality.

Bill McNutt

I've run into this before. I had a nephew who would declare stuff to be other stuff, and I once saw him eat an entire onion, screaming "APPLE!" between bites. He WANTED it to be an apple, and by force of will, would make it so.

When it was an onion.

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