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I've been away so long that Typepad logged me out of my blog publishing-y thing. And I couldn't remember my password. Or the real, actual word I'm thinking of when I call it my "blog publishing-y thing." 

So we went to New York! It was fantastic. I think I finally succeeded in gaining a million pounds, thanks to Travelocity and Restaurant Week and Mario Batali's Eataly where I ate pasta and then had a cheese plate and more pasta for dessert. Or maybe that was considered pre-dessert. We were there for like, four hours and didn't stop eating once.

That was also where I spent a good 45 minutes staring at some poor random guy a few seats down from us at the crudo counter that I SWEAR was on an episode of Law & Order or something, only to realize once he got up and I was actually sitting directly next to Andrew Zimmern.

You will all be terribly proud of me, I think, for managing to NOT start pointing and shouting "BIZARRE FOODS! Hey! You're BIZARRE FOODS! What up, BIZARRE FOODS. I TOTALLY CAN'T THINK OF YOUR REAL NAME RIGHT NOW, BIZARRE FOODS."

Jason, always the bad influence, was all, "Do it. Go say hi. Buy him a glass of wine. Totally dork the hell out. It'll be funny. You can write about it on your blog."

You know, counter seating is totally underrated. It's really easy to kick people in the shins at that angle. 

Anyway. Bizarre Foods Andrew Zimmern remains blissfully ignorant of my entire existence, as God probably intended. We were supposed to come home on Thursday, but then it snowed, and we had to decide whether we felt like spending a million hours watching the lousy-with-delays departures board at Penn Station, or like staying in New York another night and eating some more instead. 

In summary: I am fat now. It feels real good.

Also: BAM. 22 weeks pregnant. 


I swear, five days ago everybody I met was like, "You're pregnant? What? And you're HOW far along? You're barely even showing!"

Behold, the power of cheese, you guys. 

We finally got home on Saturday, only to find that our house had no electricity. It went out sometime very early on Thursday morning, in basically a total repeat of the LAST time we took a vacation in the dead of winter and then returned to a Snowpaccalaccalypse and an extended power outage. This time, luckily, we missed most of it, as our power was restored after we left to go kill a couple hours at the mall, where it was warm and well-lit and not awful and we could at least surf the online real estate listings to see if we could afford to move someplace else that wasn't so prone losing electricity for days whenever like, a goddamn bird decides to nest in a load-bearing tree next to our power lines. (SPOILER ALERT: No, dammit.)

Anyway, I know I'm forgetting about a million things I wanted to tell you about, but I really need to get back into the flow of things and posting over at the still shiny and brand spanking new Moxiebird and Mamapop and Alphamom and do SOMETHING about the four frillion unread emails I let pile up last week -- though at this point, that "SOMETHING" is probably going to involve the "delete all unread emails" function and praying that I didn't miss anything too important. But then! Back to life and business and blogging as usual, with exciting kid-related photo essays and whining and probably more talk about cheese. God, cheese. It's just so awesome, you know?


Heather B.

Damn, girl. Do you want to eat with me next week? You can say no.

Mrs. Flinger

You look fabulous, lady! Behold cheese. Cheese baby FTW!

Sara Plays House

I bought my husband a shirt with a little cheese man on it that says, "Cheese: Milk made AWESOME"
This is a true story, happened last week. You can find yours at Cafepress.

Sara Plays House

I bought my husband a shirt with a little cheese man on it that says, "Cheese: Milk made AWESOME"
This is a true story, happened last week. You can find yours at Cafepress.


Behold, the power of cheese.


Cheese makes me look like that too. Except, I'm not pregnant. Sigh.


"Behold, the power of cheese, you guys."

Now THAT should've been the post title!

The Domestic Goddess

See? No baby in your belly. Just mass quantities of cheese!


Yea, cheese! And, yea, minimizing snow-related inconvenience!


Yea, cheese! And, yea, minimizing snow-related inconvenience!


Glad that you had a great time and even eked out an extra day! Sorry to hear about the power outages y'all been having. That has to be vexing to say the least.

You look great (as usual) - that is an awesome bump. And yes, cheese does have magical properties.


Awesome. The same thing happened to me over the weekend (I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow), although mine was due to the amazing power of chocolate. And some yogurt. And finally being able to eat. I will be SO GLAD when I stop getting judgy comments from strangers about "barely showing." Hah! You look fabulous, lady!


Wooo! Yay cheese and happy Amy and growing baby :)

Sprite's Keeper

Cheddar makes everything better.


I would LOVE to eat cheese and see my budding belly pop out. Alas, the only pregnancy symptom that I have had this entire 15 weeks is the inability to poop. And cheese ain't gonna help that situation! This TMI was brought to you by fiber, fiber and more fiber.


How adorable are you, Miss 22 Weeks?! Glad to hear you are already raising that kid RIGHT with all the pasta & cheese.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

22 weeks! You look great, by the way. Sounds like NYC was pretty awesome!


We are facing our own Snowlapalooza here this week, and top on my last minute ohcrapiamoutofmilk shopping trip was not milk, but cheese, in several different forms. Because you don't NEED to cook it, so if the power goes out we will have something to eat (although if I can't have nachos for lunch tomorrow, I will be so sad).


mmmm... cheese. does that go with chocolate??


Bah, cheese has not been so kind to me. I'm 30 weeks and look like I'm barely second trimester. I'm drinking eggnog as fast as I can and it's not working!


Dude. You totally should move to VA and out of MD! We didn't lose power once during last year's multiple storms, and this past one we lost it for just an overnight period - maybe 12 hours max. NOVEC, baby (I'm in Centreville). All of my MD friends are always without power for days, while I'm all smug and warm.

Parsing Nonsense

This reminds me of an episode of 30 Rock when Tracy Jordan makes cheese friends. Now all I can picture is a giant cheese friend rolling around in your tummy.

PopMommy Pam

You are such a cute pregnant chick. And yay to NYC and lots of cheese!

Parsing Nonsense

Here's the video, because I'm helpful:


Cheese and pasta huh? Mmmm cheese.

You look gorgeous.


Awwww! You look adorable. 22 weeks looks good on you! Welcome back. We missed you!

Kacie are so NOT FAT!!!! You look beautiful and I cannot wait to hang!!!!!!!! Oh, and you could totally buy a HUGE house up here in Leesburg for CHEAP! Come on...pleeeeeeease!!!!!!! :)


totally not fat. New York for Restaurant week sounds simply divine, dealing with 16 inches of show was/is hellish

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Mmmm. Cheese.

The Diamond in the Window

You look wonderful, but please allow an unrelated question: what has happened to "Isn't That Special?" Is it no more?


Ooh, in this case you were right to override Jason! I've met Andrew and he doesn't drink, so if you'd brought over a glass of wine you would have had that awkward dance about it...


Now that's a lovely looking bump. Glad you had a good time in NY. shame about the power outage that greeted your return home.

Keep up the good work, cheese, chocolate and cake - the food of champions ;-)


I'm pissed that you didn't take a pic with Bizarre Foods! Dammit anyhow! lol

I heart that guy, but I think I'd rather hang out with Anthony Bourdain...

Lumpy badger

You look stunning - all glowy and beautiful! And that is a cute dress. Whoop for cheese!


Love me some goat cheese. Or asiago. Or feta. Or cheddar. Or parmesan. Or gouda.

You get my drift. Jealous!

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