Slow Burn
I Wrote This Because I Don't Know What Else To Do With Myself


Hey! So who's sick of hearing about how sick everybody is? 


We celebrated the end of the flu onslaught this weekend with haircuts and grocery shopping. AS ONE DOES, when one is finally free to leave the house and attempt a couple much-delayed errands and the kids are walking into walls because their hair is long enough to French braid. NOT THAT I CHECKED OR ANYTHING. We went out for pizza. Some of us even ate some! We came home and put the kids to bed and a few hours later, as I mentally debated whether or not I could possibly tolerate the idea of my husband touching me without hacking up a lung all over him (sexily), Noah woke up screaming his head off in pain, because NOW he had an ear infection. 


I had this whole other tangent typed here, and then I read it. And...I'm not going to lie: I don't know what in sam hill I was talking about. It started off with something about ears and seemed to end up about two sentences shy of me lying face down on the floor, clutching the earth in terror and begging SOMEONE to assure me that this whole three-children thing wasn't that terrible of an idea, and that it was all going to be okay. Eventually. Once they hit college, maybe. 

It was a tad overly dramatic, is my point. Fueled solely by the power of hormones, sleep deprivation and some capsaicin-fueled mania from that spicy burrito I just ate.

Instead, let me ask those of you who Maybe Have Your Shit More Together Than I Do At This Particular Moment for some advice: Noah has basically been sick for a full seven days now. Seasonal flu, then a head cold, then an ear infection, with maybe one day of being "better" in between each onslaught. We did avoid both antibiotics AND any stomach-related illnesses, yet the child will not eat. At all. I mean, we're talking solid DAYS of him soundly refusing to eat ANYTHING, and even getting him to drink anything has been a challenge, thus thwarting my attempts to at least pump him full of smoothies or vitamin drinks masquerading as chocolate shakes. I think we've averaged one semi-decent meal every three days, while skipping the other two AND displaying total apathy towards his favorite foods and snacks. SNACKS! Who are you, child, and just how tight do you think those adjustable slim-fit pants GO, anyway? 

One night I got so desperate to see him consume ACTUAL CALORIES that I told him sure, he could TOTALLY have leftover Christmas cookies for dinner, TOTALLY...and he nibbled on one for a little while and then said Ezra* could have the rest.

Anyway, I don't even know what kind of advice I'm looking for -- I mean, I know all the sneaky ways to fortify and healthify junk food and all but I can't even get the kid to eat the junk food in the first place, sooooo...maybe someone could just offer an estimate from their experience as to just how long the post-illness food strike might last? Or at least assure me that there are more than enough calories in children's ibuprofen to sustain healthy organ function for another couple days? 

*Ezra's appetite is JUST FINE, in fact, do you have any meatballs? Like right now? How about some pancakes? How about some meatballs wrapped inside a pancake? 



Noah and my son should hang out. Well, maybe not, since they would only encourage each other in their quests to consume as few calories as humanly possible.

Those slim fit, adjustable waist pants are great... until you have it on the tightest setting and they are still too loose.

Pinkie Bling


(Sorry, if you don't watch HIMYM, that won't be remotely funny. Actually, even if you do.)

Hope he feels better and resumes consuming calories, STAT!


It's the one thing kids can control....what they put into their mouths (or don't). Try not to sweat it. He will eat when he is hungry.


Amy, I think you need to take him to the doctor. I was not hungry once after the flu, and I had an intestinal blockage that was keeping everything from moving along, and it was rotting in my tummy. I'm sorry to add to your hormone-fueled fears right now, but it's possible that he's having the same thing. I hope I'm wrong, but it's a possibility.


While not ideal, one semi-decent meal every three days is probably enough to sustain Noah at a basic level for a while. Not that I wouldn't be freaking out--I've got one of those sons who simply cannot wear any pants without that adjustable elastic. Try not to make it a big deal to Noah, but continue to offer him food in a low-key manner every chance you get. It's likely that his hunger will kick back in within a day of him truly feeling better. But again, if he's anything like my son, he might not recognize that unless a favorite snack is right there in front of him.


I should add: the flu caused the intestinal blockage. It wasn't just a fluke thing, like a "cool story, bro" thing.


I have no help to give on the "Three kids is a GREAT idea" front...because my three kids gang up on me daily.
However, as the adult, you will adjust and deal, because that is what *we* adults do. At times, it is even fun. Seriously!

As for the appetite thing. I know you get sick of hearing it....but he will eat when he is hungry.
Stick with clear liquids if that is what he prefers. The body tolerates time of fasting much better than dehydration.

Hope everyone is better soon. January sucks ass big time, doesn't it?


Is he drinking any milk? If so, maybe try Ensure. They have a chocolate version - maybe he will think Chocolate milk sounds good?

Sorry you guys are going through this!

mrs. q.

From my non-medical, hysterical-mommy experience, refusing to eat isn't that big a deal... they will eat eventually. But if he's not drinking, then you have to monitor his ins and outs for dehydration. Have you tried water-ific snacks like grapes, slushies or popsicles?


Popsicles are your friend. ("ICE CREAM!!) They seem like treats, kids love them, and they are packed full of re-hydrating water and body-fueling sugar, whee! By gods, they're practically HEALTH FOOD! (In this house, anyway, where we too have had every bug conceivable, in a row, all 5 of us, together. Some times there's just not enough bleach spray in the world.)

And as for number 3? He or she (SHE!!) will be your greatest delight yet. Fear not!


I feel your pain, really I do. And my kid that won't eat is only 15 months so I worry about when he's Noah's age, but anyway...

Has Noah been tested for Strep?


My kid eats something decent about once a week even when he's healthy. Yesterday I got so excited because he ate pizza for lunch and scrambled eggs for dinner (with spinach snuck inside both HA! Gotcha Kid!) because the 5 days before that? Some crackers and maybe a bowl of cereal. Dapper snappers are our friend.


I have no suggestions as my kids never had a problem with no appetite. It could be a matter of him not feeling completely well yet. I'm with Heidi, though. Give him another day or 2 to fully recover and if things don't change then check with his doctor. Maybe getting back to preschool will help, too, especially if they have snacks at school.


Your house sounds like ours execpt no pregnancy for me but you can throw in a husband getting his tonsils out. Anyway, Gatorade. Make that RED gatorade seems to be sustaining my six year old. And challah, got some at koshermart and it is a miracle.

My 2 year old is more like Ezra just switch cheese stick for a meatball and you can wrap it in a donut.

Good luck. FWIW... Continuous Chuggington episodes are a bright spot in our day.


Aww, poor kiddo. I hope he feels better soon!

(Also, in light of Heidi's experience: I think the sole symptom of decreased appetite does not really point to an intestinal blockage- you'd normally see other GI problems along with that, especially in kids. If hearing about the possibility is concerning, try pushing some potassium-containing drinks.)


My son went through a similar ordeal after having a stomach bug. He barely ate for 2 weeks! He is normally a big eater, so I didn't think it was a matter of wills - I think he just didn't have an appetite. Anyway, our pediatrician said not to worry about it and suggested giving him probiotics. They seemed to help, and he definitely made up for the lack of consumption when he started feeling better.


He may need some probiotics to set his tummy right- I'm sure you've tried yogurt, but I would push something like that. Get a little in him and the gates may open.


Could his stomach still be bothering him? Or his throat still be sore? Michael is a really good eater but when he is sick he won't eat anything. Especially if he threw up. He gets so scared he will throw up again.

That's not helpful, but my guess is he is still probably sick. (I know that is so not what you want to hear.)


Why does it seem like your motherly trials are so much more interesting and dramatic than mine? Oh, yeah, because I'm a geeze who can't remember all the crap that goes along with child rearing. And someday you'll be struggling to remember, too. I think if anyone can do 3 kids, it's you. You really seem made for this gig. I hope Noah is better soon and that the rest of January isn't so brutal. And, now I can't stop thinking about what Heidi said, so maybe check that out?

Rita C.

coconut water is the only thing i can get my girls to drink when they're ill that has some sort of healthy nutrients in it :)


If you haven't had him to the doctor yet, you might want to have him checked out. My girl also refuses to eat when she's sick...


I'd take him. He may have a sore throat, which is being overplayed by the ear infection. Not uncommon for kids to get a secondary infection after influenza or GI illnesses.


Don't worry about the third one - I always reckoned mine dragged himself up!

Amelia Sprout

Last time M did that it was a sore throat. Like not strep, but she had sores on her throat, which made it mad painful to eat. It passed as they healed. We kept to cold smooth things and just focusing on getting her hydrated. she would eat every couple of days, out of necessity, then it would hurt and scare her off trying for a bit.
I also like the probiotics idea. Yogurt was always my go to when I had the year of recurring strep, so it could cover two things.


My son subsists on carbs and juice. Never has even a chicken nugget passed across his little preschooler lips. Ear infections can brew and until they real start to flare up, I notice my kid will eat, say air, for three or four days and then basically not want anything until day 2 of antibiotics. Doesn't it hurt to chew and swallow when your ears are pounding?

If you have to, park him in front of a Star Wars film (although, like me, you will likely have to sprint to the fast forward button when, say, Anakin gets consumed in fire--"Whoops! No, no, he's just pretending to be really hot...and...burny...")and hand him a really cold Gogurt while his eyes glaze over. (Look, no one said I was proud.)


my pediatrician is big on the "they'll eat when hungry" thing. my daughter had a flu-like thing and didn't eat nearly anything (like, a little milk) for a good three days, fourth day she at a bit, and, even fourth day not quite normal. she refused ice cream, cookies, etc. (not normal for her). pediatrician said totally normal and nothing to worry about, just keep her hydrated. i'd give a call to yours to confirm but it seems like their bodies know what to do.


One thing my mom told me that has gotten me through food-refusal days - no kid, who has food in front of him, has ever died from starving. He will eat when he is hungry.
Just keep offering him the foods he loves and he will eventually start eating again.

Halala Mama

Maybe he needs antibiotics for the ear infection? I took my son in because the ONLY sign something was wrong as not eating, not sleeping, and in general acting like an ass - you know, toddler behavior x zoomillion. Double ear infection. Ooo... zpack here we come!


He got all that in SEVEN DAYS? That is...a lot of things. All I can suggest, since all of those things could involve postnasal drip is that it could be making his stomach sick. Every time my husband gets sick with something snot-related, he gets awful post-nasal drip, his stomach gets sick and he doesn't want to eat.


My son also refuses to eat anything when he is sick. He acts like it is pure torture to even drink anything. One time I was so desperate to get fluids in him that I took one of those little medicine droppers and would shoot liquid down his throat. Oddly enough, he actually let me do that. Anyway, good luck. I agree that cold, soft things might be the best!


Oh GOD, the food wars are ON in our house right now, with my two year old. I swear I didn't realize that a child could exist on nothing but Juicy Juice and pretzels for more than a few days, but we're going on weeks here. No advice since this is my first kid to be a picky eater, but a hearty pat on the back for having to deal with food issues, whether illness-related or not. They are no fun, indeed.


I've had good luck with Carnation Instant Breakfast when I need to get some calories into my kids. I make the shakes with milk and frozen yogurt. Basically a milkshake, but with protein, calcium, and some vitamins. I've even been known to put in double the amount of instant breakfast powder.

the bee

Orange sherbet in a cone and let him decorate w/ sprinkles.


I agree with an above commenter. Whenever I get a cold, the post nasal drip makes me nauseous. Sometimes even happens from allergies. And yeah, that just makes me unhungry


One of my sons has had many ear infections. He always stops eating when one is coming on. Now that he's gotten a bit older, he's able to tell me that it hurts to chew and swallow. I always got him an antibiotic as soon as possible because within 24 hours of starting those, he'd start to eat and feel tons better. I don't know if that's the RIGHT answer or not.


I'd take him to the pediatrician, if nothing else, to ease your mind, if he has strep or something else you will find out and be able to treat it and move on, if nothing is going on, you get that reassurance and can maybe not worry as much. Bless your heart, I hope everyone in your family is on the mend soon!!!


Are his, um...bathroom habits normal-ish? If the "outs" of ins and outs are OK, I probably wouldn't worry and would just chalk it up to picky-eater-meets-multiple illnesses. Poor little dude. But if his peeing/pooping seems amiss or if his little belly seems at all tender or distended, I'd take him in. Good luck!


I scanned the comment and saw strep mentioned a time or two and that was going to be my suggestion as well for the no eating. My youngest doesn't complain when she has a sore throat, but she doesn't eat either. Might not hurt to get him checked. And sometimes throat pain can refer to the ears? I'm pretty sure?


ok deary. 3 kids (boys 6, 3/12, 1) = all kinds of awesome- it does just kind of come together (most days) Not eating, 2 older kiddos went through it at Christmas (more cookies for me) did not eat (at all!!!) x 5 days. Then gradually resumed- Doc said it was ok as long as they were drinking something-enough to be peeing. Seriously kids did not poop that whole time either just an fyi. Um, 3 1/2 year old did take a liking to popsicles since we try to avoid sweets he was pretty psyched. Doc assured one week of frozen "fruit juice" and corn sugar would not ruin him. Good luck girl.


A couple of other commenters already said this but I'll just add to the general chorus - when you have an ear infection, it hurts A LOT to chew and especially swallow. Also, post-nasal drip can cause stomach upsets and take away your appetite. He's had an awful lot of illnesses in a week; if it were me, I wouldn't be eating much either. As long as he's still going to the bathroom (i.e. not dehydrated) I'd get him on some antibiotics for the ear infection and give it 24 - 36 hours for them to start making him feel better before I worried too much about pushing food on him.


I'm going along with the asking about the outs, because my son gets that same not eating thing when things aren't moving in the intestinal department.


Whenever I was sick, and I didn't want to eat, my mother gave me ice pops, ice cream, and pudding. Now I do that with my children. I know it isn't healthy, but it keeps them from getting dehydrated, which is more of a concern than not eating. Noah will eat when he is ready, just make sure that he is urinating a couple times during the day. Just remember that this too will pass.


My nearly-3-yr-old just came off a string of cold/ear infection/allergic reaction to shea butter lotion with hives EVERYWHERE/flu-ish business.

It took her about a week to get back to eating normally after the flu-ish business - we were down to crackers and Mrs. Grass' for a while there. I'm sure that he'll come around, poor guy.


He'll eat when he's hungry. And if you haven't, try French fries.


When I had the Plague last month, for a week after I was getting better, I would think I was fine to eat something, get about half way in, and decide maybe my stomach was a little too flippy-floppy. So I suppose it COULD just be that?

My son survived the 24-hour Plague, compounded with an intestinal reaction to an antibiotic (Augmentin), resulting in 9 days of diarrhea that caused him to scream when it was coming, followed by a yeast infection, which we finally got under control, had one normal bowel movement, then he went three days without one and screamed whenever it might think about coming, causing me to google withholding stool... pant pant pant...

ANYhow he was constipated that last bit there, and he was complaining the whole three days about his tummy hurting. So I suppose refusal to eat in Noah's case could be part of an underlying intestinal complaint.

But honestly, even as a non pregnant/hormonal person... refusing to eat for a long time is one thing, refusing to drink is another thing altogether. I have fasted for 30+ days with no ill effects.

Things we've had to try lately for both me and the tiny sickos:
Watered-down gatorade? (Well, they told me to water it down for my 2 year old, Noah's probably old enough to take it straight.) Pedialyte push-up popsicles? Plain old sugar-water popsicles, push-up or stick variety? (This was the only thing I could eat for about 2 days straight. It gave me enough energy back that I wasn't shaky all the time.) A packet of Culturelle mixed into some gatorade probably wouldn't go awry either, in case his stomach is complaining due to an underlying intestinal complaint.

But if he won't drink more than like 20 oz of liquid per day, I would really think you should get him to the ped. *HUG*


And speaking as someone who did 6 office visits in three weeks, I'm telling you, I was so sick of going in and paying copays by the last visit, but it ended up being worth it.


I would feed him Popsicles. Made out of anything nutritious-yogurt with fruit, ensure, pedialyte. He'll never be the wiser that there is actual nutrition hidden in there. You can make them in Dixie cups with a plastic spoon or get all official and try to tech down some mold in the middle of winter. :) Good luck!!


Think of it as building healthy immune systems for when the kids are older! The winter I was pregnant with my 3rd boy, my older two (who were 1 and 3 at the time) had stomach bugs once a month for 4 months straight. We had also just gotten a puppy, just to add to the madness. The last time, I ended up curled in a ball on the floor crying because the thought of washing every piece of barfed-on bedding made me insane. Now my boys are 12, 10 and 8, and they are hardly ever sick! Hang in there!


Wait till he is asleep and throw food at his open mouth. Create a drinking game around it so you get to have fun too after such a stressful week.


I think as long as he's drinking, he's probably okay, especially since he's eaten every third day or so, but I also think it's probably a good idea to call the pediatrician's office in the morning and see if you can talk to a nurse or doctor and see what they recommend. My son had a bad bout of strep throat (over the vacation, of course) and wouldn't eat anything, ANYTHING, even turned down ICE CREAM, for three days straight, and then resumed eating fairly slowly ... but eventually he got back to normal again. Good luck!


I feel ya sister. My two year old is just getting over the flu and has eaten very little for a week. She is drinking well though and will eat pasta and yogurt so I guess she'll survive!


I wouldn't be as concerned about the no food as I would be about the no liquids. Do you think he's remotely getting enough liquids to stay hydrated? If not, dehydration can also cause a decrease in appetite. I'd take him to the doctor (sorry).


My almost 4 y-o son (he turns 4 next week, and he's my last child, and I'm not very happy about this whole "growing up" thing, shut up) has had some kind of plague this weekend, ruining his and his sister's birthday parties.

Yes, both parties were scheduled for Saturday. Yes, both their birthdays (and mine!) are this month. Yes, April is a good month, thankyouverymuch.

After his nap yesterday, I told him that I would get him something to eat - ANYTHING to eat - from anywhere he wanted, if he would just eat.

His answer? Disney World.

His very clever sister picks up my cell phone and fake-dials Disney World and orders him a pizza and very skillfully arranges for them to drop it off at Little Caesars.

I have no idea where she learned to be so sneaky, but dang! I'm proud of her!

He ate an entire slice. Yes, it was upside down, and he started at the crust. But he ate all of it.


My daughter does the same thing when she is sick. She won't eat a real meal for 3 days at a time. And she's already skinny, barely keeping those adjustable waist pants up, so it does make you start to worry. But really, he's ok!


Is he drinking enough fluids? If so, then I would not worry too much.

If he is not drinking (and peeing adequately), you need to maybe thing about going to the ped to rule out bronchiolitis.

Although they don't do much for it other than to push fluids. Maybe a nebulizer treatment for wheezing.

So I guess, cut out the middle man and push fluids.



I'm so sorry you all have been sick! Maybe someone already said this, but truly, just worry about fluids. He will eat when he's ready, and there's not much you can do about it. The major concern is offer him every kind of drink all day long, popsicles for meals...and if you don't think he's getting enough, give him a teaspoon of juice in a syringe every 10 minutes and let him squirt it in his mouth for fun. Watch for his fever to come back. I bet he'll start eating soon. My kids both stop eating when they are sick, and I know how you will do anything...offer them chocolate all day just to get the calories in!


I have a very selective eater, and I generally don't sweat the not eating thing. She always comes around. It also seems like this wouldn't necessarily be considered out of the ordinary for Noah, either.

BUT - given the flu, the ear infection, everything else - I think it's at least worth a call to your Ped's nurse.

If he's taking fluids in some way - popsicles, ice cubes, water - then he's probably Ok and is just finishing getting over those other things, but it could be something more and that's why we pay our doctors - to answer our questions no matter how much they roll their eyes (which you can't see on the phone, so even better).

Also, IMHO I highly discourage anything dairy-related right now. My daughter was a heavy milk drinker, and 5 days post flu was desperate for milk. We learned the very hard way (as in, the projectile way) that it can sometimes take a week or so before the tummy is back to normal.


What kind of vitamins does he take? My oldest got the same way a couple of times when she was around 5 - seriously, she would not eat chocolate chip cookies!! Both times there had been changes in her vitamins and when I went back to giving her vitamins with iron, she got better. Although the nurse I took her to said she seemed just FINE, wouldn't test her for anemia, and said that, you know if I would just feed the child some meat and vegetables, she would be fine. Gee, that never occurred to me. And, no my children have not been back to that particular nurse. So, long story short, it might be worth checking his iron levels.


I haven't read all the comments, but just wanted to add that if he has an ear infection - and if he maybe had one for a bit - it might hurt a bit to eat or drink.

Other than that *hugs*


Amy- I'm not sure if anyone has suggested this or not, but have your thought of having Noah's throat checked? If he had an ear infection, chances are his throat is probably sore since the fluid typically goes from one to the other and may explain why he won't even sip on anything! I went through that with my daughter. Took her to the pede, ears were infected by throat was fine, but a few days later the fluid that was in her ears drained in her throat. She was too young to explain that her throat hurt, the only way I was able to tell was the lack of appetite. Hope you all feel better soon!


Pedialyte now makes popsicles, which add all the electrolytes they need and keeps them hydrated. that of course is if he doesn't have tactile issues with the popsicles.


Off to the doctor I think. All of his illnesses especially the ear ache could include/involve and throat problem too which would make swallowing painful. Actually just earache make eating painful. Sorry my dear but it could be time for some antibiotics.


I resorted to ice cream many times during these hunger strikes. (I'm a fairly seasoned 17-year veteran of motherhood, with four children.) But, my big clue to your problem is the ear ache. An ear infection makes sore ear drums hurt more when you swallow. I'd head off to the doc for a look-see and maybe some antibiotics. Also, a bunch of swallowed mucous can make a body nauseous. (Don't give him french fries as that was a running joke in my house: french fries plus a mucous-y head invariable meant vomit in the mini-van). Hang in there. Three kids is FUN!


Right now I'm flashing back to a case of bronchitis in 2001/2002 over Christmas break where I had so much mucus in my sinuses that I couldn't breathe and swallow at the same time. It inspired vomiting and nausea at least twice. Particularly if his ears are full of junk, he could feel nauseous and not feel like eating anything. I eleventeenth all suggestions of popsicles, clear fluids, etc. and bet once he's got a couple of days in a row of feeling better under his belt that he'll have his usual appetite back.


Last year, when my daughter had croup (then a virus, then an ear infection... basically from December - January), she didn't eat for 5 days. She was drinking, but not as much as usual. The doctor said, as long as she keeps that up we're ok, if she stops drinking then worry. I just kept the favorite foods - be they snacks, or whatever, out for grazing all day long - in the hopes that she'd take SOMETHING. Also, if you can get Noah to take a sip of something, anything - every 15 minutes or half hour, by the end of a day he'll have had 8-12 oz of fluid. Not a lot, enough not to dehydrate.

Hope he feels better soon!


I am 12 weeks pregnant right now and came down with a stomach bug a couple of weeks ago that was slow to disappear. It took almost a week for me to start feeling normal again -- and then I promptly was hit with a second stomach bug followed by a sinus infection. I ended up not eating a proper meal for about 8-10 days although I was drinking fluids quite a bit. Just went for my OB-GYN check-up and the doctor was not a bit concerned about my spate of illness, pregnancy and all. This kind of thing happening to me (and me surviving it!!) always helps me to feel more reassured about how my kids (4yrs and 21 months) behave when when they get sick. So I think that Noah will be fine with not eating as long as he is drinking enough not to become dehydrated.


And I'm sorry you are going through this. I'm on edge myself waiting for the next illness to strike our house!


I would definately give probiotics a try. His little tummy is probably completely out of whack and a couple of days of good bacteria will probably do the trick. When my kiddos are hunger striking during/after an illness, pretty much the only thing I can get them to eat is frozen yogurt tubes. Stonyfield Farms makes good ones that actually have active cultures in them (although freezing them probably kills most of them anyway). Good luck and I hope everyone recovers quickly!

Sarah Leslie

Don't know if anyone said this yet but Ginger Ale - lots and lots of it - with ice cubes and a straw!! This is very important - and none of the organic, healthy ginger ale. Just some good ole Canada Dry or Schweppes (and yes, I'm granola, but there's no budging here). Also, italian ice is key - lemon italian ice. if you're adventurous, frozen blueberries from Trader Joe's. But Ginger Ale and italian Ice are the winners (I have an 11yr old who is extremely fussy when sick and has some sensory issues - does that help?)

Sarah Leslie

oh, and the ice cubes make it super cold and believe me, the straw is super importante.


Poor you! Don't let the worry get to you. If he threw up when he was sick, he might be afraid of puking again so he's doing what he can to prevent that from happening. My oldest boy did that quite a bit when he was kindergarten-aged.

And, p.s., I love your blog, I've got 4 boys, ages 9, 5, 3, and 2. No babysitter, nearby family or anything. Having all these boys is totally do-able. Not easy, but never boring either. So happy for you on your new arrival!

Anne B.

I second the advice to take him in to get checked for strep!


Not a parent, just want to say... I might take him in, if you're anxious about it (which you probably are, poor thing). I know the last thing you want to do is bundle everyone up and haul them to the doctor to sit and wait in the jam packed doctor waiting room, but there COULD MAYBE SLIGHT TINY POSSIBILITY be something else the matter with him.

Hope he feels better.

Carla Hinkle

Sprite. And gummy bears. Lots of both to fight dehydration and add calories.


Last year, my son stopped eating for 10 days. He had a really bad flu and then cold and then a sinus infection. He didn't want to eat, and we couldn't get him to take anything other than the occasional glass of water. We brought him to the doctor, and he had lost 4 lbs in 10 days (he only weighed 38). What got him back to eating was the BRAT diet - bananas, rices, applesauce, toast/tea. We started slow and it worked. He was eating (his) normal foods in a couple days. It took him 4 months to gain the weight back, though.


Ok, here's the thing. I've got 5 kids. Five. Yep, FIVE. They all get sick at the same time ALL THE TIME. (But now most are old enough to clean up their own vomit! SCORE!) Anyway - while none of my kids have sensory processing disorders (we just get wicked ADHD here), I say don't worry about it. Offer him a REAL chocolate milkshake - if he eats it, groovy. If he doesn't, it'll be ok. He's not going to waste away in a couple of days.

John Rambo

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Take him to the Dr to get checked out, secondary infections hit harder after the flu and that ear infection needs antibiotics! Try any food possible, when my kids aren't hungry but ARE feeling better, I've literally given them the run of a grocery store. BOTH of my kids are like 3rd percentile for weight and height (thanks to genetics!) so it FREAKS me out when they get sick and lose so much weight! I take them to the store and say "put whatever sounds good that you'll eat in the cart!" That way they have some ownership of it!


we had a similar incident at our house with stomach flu, head colds, etc etc that lasted several weeks last year. about three or four days after my then 3yo felt better (three solid days of feeling fine) he spent an ENTIRE day eating. it was beautiful and disgusting all at once.


My four year old, whose food choices revolve around carbs with a side of ground up chicken parts and white cheese, went on an eating strike last week. I found canker sores in his mouth while brushing his teeth. It's possible Noah has canker sores? Or a sore throat? that are making even the mere act of putting food in his mouth painful. And fruit will just make it worse.

The only food my kid will eat when he has canker sores is yogurt, which if it isn't too loaded with sugar, can be a natural remedy for canker sores. I also get capsules of pantothenic acid (a B vitamin) and mix it with raw honey and feed it to him; canker sores are often caused by a lack of B vitamins.


This is late, and you've probably already done it, daughter always got dehydrated after a sickness like that (especially if it was even remotely gastrointestinal). She almost always needed a trip to the ER and an IV of fluids to set her right. If he's not drinking, and he's lethargic, that would be my guess. Get him seen.

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