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Gnome Encounters, Part II

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The Gnome recommended the cheese plate, but I wasn't convinced that would be cheesy enough. So...fake pose time!

Also, for the record: MoMA is at 11 West 53rd Street, in case you find yourself at the mercy of the one cab driver in Manhattan who has apparently never heard of the Museum of Modern Art and attempts to drop you off a couple blocks away instead.

"I'm pretty sure that's it," he said, pointing at a random storefront.

"I'm pretty sure that's a Duane Reade," I said. 

I was right, but we got out of the cab anyway, because after pulling up MoMA's website to track down the exact address, I learned that it was closed on Tuesdays, and thus, yesterday. Because we excel at planning. Or this was just another attempt by the universe to save us from our excruciating lameness, since we decided to go to the museum in the first place to specifically see an exhibition about kitchen cabinets

And today, provided we are not foiled by Snowmaicesleetcapocalyptico 2011 or whatever the weather is doing outside right now (I have not looked out the window yet, our hotel room is still a dark closed-up tomb of sleeping the hell in),  we're going to visit what is, essentially, an extra fancy food court. Bring your cameras! There's stuff to eat and stuff! Then we have one more Restaurant Week dinner with the Gnome tonight (but I'm no longer nervous, we go way back now) and an Upright Citizen's Brigade show. Oh, and probably another nap in there somewhere. I'd blame the nap on being five months pregnant but you'd all know I was lying.  



you'll like eataly. get the foccaccia to go so you have a little snack available after your nap.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Ugh. Cab drivers.

I'm very curious about this whole gnome thing. Did Travelocity just give him to you to babysit all day? Did he have an escort/chaperone type person? Was he only available for photo ops, and then got whisked away in a limo or something?


Gnomes, this years most fashionable accessory. :P


You are my favorite kind of ridiculous.


Did the Roaming Gnome get recognized? I feel like he'd be a good conversation starter--like a cute baby or a hot pair of shoes.


Did the Gnome pay for dinner?..If so, did he make you feel like you "owed" him for it?..*ahem*


@linka72 - OMG...that's hilarious!


While I dig the gnome pics, I think it's high time we see some belly pics. Hop to it, would you?


All napping requirements can be blamed on being pregnant. They also become totally acceptable while pregnant :)


THIS is why you get paid to write. I laughed out loud at my desk at the gnome-menu shot. Then I had to show my co-workers and explain my I adore you so.

Not enough cheese...priceless.


I *still* wonder what the proper etiquette is for carrying that thing around. Do you address him out loud? I would seem rude not to. And I hope he paid his share of cab fare.


I've been to Eataly! It was packed and disorganized, but the food was really good. Try not to drop dead of sticker shock when you see the prices on the grocery items.


I need a mini gnome for my purse. My mom used to carry around one in the 60s for random photo opps too.


Jealous of your travels... and of your time with the gnome.

Is he, yanno... as "little" as they say?



I LOVE the Roaming Gnome!!!


I want a date with Gnome. There's gnome-body for me...


Yeah, I'm also wondering how the whole gnome thing worked out too. Does someone carry him around for photo ops? Do you speak to him? I'm very curious about this.


I LOVE Wall and Water! What did you think?? I had the edible flower salad and the filet mignon. Amazing! Enjoy the rest of restaurant week!


This is a non sequitur, and sorry if you already explained this somewhere...but where is your Isn't That Special column at The Stir? I miss it.


This is a non sequitur, and sorry if you already explained this somewhere...but where is your Isn't That Special column at The Stir? I miss it.


Oh Thank God you're here. I just found out my daughter, who is at a new school, has a friend whose mom has a blog of her own. It totally sucks in the most completely embarrassing way; I can barely look at the screen -- I had to click out and find you. I am spoiled, Amy, Spoiled rotten by your writing. Don't ever go away, you are gnometastical.

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