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I Really Hate Coming Up With Titles Some Days. (There. Done!)

And two days's still a boy!

What? Not quite as exciting anymore? Damn these follow-up posts. They're such a letdown.

I spent all day yesterday in rapid reverse-gear, solely fixated on my older existing-model child and visiting our kindergarten options for next year. A variety of special education flavors and regular strength. I started off the day with a pre-existing belief in one of them, only to end up with that belief shaken and stirred and coming home to wail that I DON'T LIKE ANY OF THEM, EVERYTHING IS WRONG. One option is too this and the other is too that. 

I still haven't come to any great revelations about the day and the experiences and what I saw, other than to randomly decide that I think I'm going to sign Noah up for a karate class. That will solve...none of the big issues at hand, but it's a DECISION. About SOMETHING. Everybody golf clap. DO IT. 

Oh, and I bought like, five boxes of chocolate truffles. They were on sale, because they're tied up with Christmas ribbons, and they're practically PRESCRIPTION truffles. Because once again, I showed up at my OB appointment having gained zero pounds. The baby is growing just fine -- super more than fine, if the ultrasound measurements are any indication. His (HIS!) size puts him (HIM!!) about a week and a half ahead of his gestational age. So that's good! He's big and breech. Fantastic. Meanwhile, I can't even keep pre-pregnancy jeans up over my newly bony ass because the baby is getting EVERYTHING while I'm just trying to stay upright in the face of the never-ending preschool germ onslaught. 

But this simply means 1) my pregnancy cravings have been booted to the very top of the priority list, so all I have to do is MENTION that hey, Indian food sounds kinda good to me right now, and BAM, I am stuffing my face with all the Indian food I want, and if I want Chipotle for dessert, my husband is like, legally required to not judge me, plus 2) truffles, and 3) milkshakes. 

In fact, right after the ultrasound, Jason and I went out for breakfast (sausage, egg and cheese sandwich with a full-fat grande Cafe Mocha) and then hit the grocery story to pick out a celebratory dinner (filet mignon, creamed spinach). He's getting kind of worried about how his cholesterol is going to survive this pregnancy, but I'm sorry, honey, it's OUR BABY. SACRIFICES ARE REQUIRED. 

Over breakfast, we agreed that despite having the baby's name about 99% decided for sure, we'll keep it a secret anyway. You know, in case we change our minds or a serial killer with that very name suddenly starts dominating the newspapers for the next four months or so, and besides, we're still currently going back and forth on a middle name.

AND there's the little detail that the name we love and really want is technically a nickname for another name that we're just so-so about. It's a nice name, but not one I really see us ever using. So do we give him the full name, just so he has the option of using something less casual-sounding someday (and weirdly, it's a MUCH easier name to pair middle names with), or just skip the whole "formal name we never actually intend to use that just complicates the birth announcements and school forms" thing and him what we plan to actually call him. 

This is all bothering me much more than Jason. AS USUAL. This was evidenced by him just casually dropping the name out loud while talking to him mother no more than an hour after we agreed to keep it to ourselves. And of course his mom HAAAAAAAAAATES it and thought he was JOKING, like you can't honestly be SERIOUS, you're not really going to CALL HIM THAT. Which wigged me out even MORE, because I thought the conversation would mean Jason would say we had to start ALL OVER, but then he hung up the phone and was like, "Uh, you realize the simple fact that my mother hates it just makes me like the name even more. You should probably get used to this concept at some point, what with having three boys who are going to become teenagers and adults someday."

I told him he was a jerk who should respect his poor, long-suffering mother's opinion more. Except this time, because she's like, totally wrong and stuff. 

Anyway! One last order of business and I'll free you from this meandering mess of barely-connected ramblings: We launched a fun sister site to Mamapop this week, thus expanding that haphazard empire beyond TV/movies/gossip and into the "LIFESTYLE" realm of blogging, which I think mostly just means "interesting shopping/beauty/health/techie/nerd crap that is not about TV/movies/gossip but we still really want to talk about." I dunno. I didn't read that far down the memo. All I know is, IT'S FUN AND I LIKE IT. Also, it's called Moxiebird, and I hope you'll check it out. 



I love names that give them versatility later on. Didn't you go thru a period as a kid where you invented another name for yourself that you felt "fit" you better? No? Just me huh. Well, my kids have endless possiblities with their names. Gabriella- Gabby, Bree, Ella... for example. I like them having the versatility for later. My son is Nicholas and we call him Nicky, and his school calls him Nick. And then Lilianna is Lily to us and sometimes Lil, and could be Anna later if she wanted.

Of course they all might decide to go by Bertie, Rick and Fran someday, but damnit I tried!

Oh, and there is at least one person jazzed to hear it's a boy! Me! Just IM'd my husband about it even. Yes I did.

Goddess in Progress

Good luck with the kindergarten and name decisions. Both tricky and both important, yet so obviously different.

Hard to give name advice without knowing the name in question (oh, and I LOVE talking names!). But I'm generally in the full-name camp, even if you already have a nickname in mind. Similar to what others have said - it simply gives the kid options, especially as he grows up.

But, of course, it really depends on the name. Naming him Jack instead of John? Totally normal, doesn't feel like you're naming him a nickname. You can argue that Jack is a nickname, but it works as a standalone name, too. Naming him Billy instead of William? Meh.

Can't wait to find out what the name is! We've settled on the name for baby girl arriving in 6.5 weeks, but are still keeping it pretty under wraps. I can't wait to tell people... (and yes, she's getting a "full" name, but I already have a nickname in mind)


We had the exact opposite problem. We named Michael Michael, knowing we would never, ever call him Mike. I hate Mike. I actually don't even like Michael but it was the only boy "M" name we could agree on. I fully expect him to be a Mike by high school.

Name the child what you want. I don't think it needs to be formal.

On karate, Michael is in a fantastic class and the teachers are wonderful, but it is a bit of a schlep. Email me if you want details.


I have an Eli and every once in a while people ask whether it's short for Elijah (it's not). To be honest, when we chose the name it never even occurred to me to name him something other than what we planned to call him. We gave him a nice, substantial middle name (Benjamin) to make up for it, so when he wants to go for formality and fanciness on his resume or something, he's all set.

So my vote is for the name you'll call him, especially if you don't love the longer version.


I vote for formal name, even if it is never used. This may be based on my husband's ex who was named Mandy. That was it. No Amanda. Aarghh, I still think that's ridiculous. Ok, that's probably not a good reason. Also, I think my mom hates the girl's name we have picked (I'm18 weeks along) AND I just found out a really famous celeb recently named her daughter the same. But whatever. We are sticking with it. Screw everyone.


I was thinking about this debate and what I would do and realized I am an example. My parents named me "Jodine" but I have always been called "Jodi". Until there was another Jodi in my class and then I became Jodine. I'm sure the teacher was very thankful to have that option.

As an adult I am rarely called Jodine, and don't particularly like it - yet never offended to be called it. I am actually grateful to have the option. It's nice to have a more unique name on occasion. And a more professional one.


Another guess for Eli/Elijah again. :)

If you name him the full and formal name, you're always gonna have to tell people that he goes by {xxx}. If you name him the shortened "nickname" name, you're always gonna have people addressing him by what they think his full and formal name is.

No matter what, people are gonna make assumptions that you'll have to correct. Do what feels right to you. :)


Officially guessing "Gabe."

Beth R.

Oh, man. At my 36-week appointment yesterday, the midwives were like, "Protein and fat. This is what you need to be eating. More fish. More things from grass-fed cows. Eat more protein. Eat more fat." I cannot complain about this.

Also, we are having a hell of a time with boys' names. We don't know if we're having a boy or a girl, but the poor child might end up with a girl's name regardless, because we just can't find one we like.


Just to be different, putting my guess out there for Leo/Leonardo...

I say, name the baby what you intend to call him. I used to work in a school, and oh boy, it can lead to some confusion. We actually had a mother threaten litigation because we printed her son's formal first name instead of his preferred name in the school newsletter. NOT that I think you're that type of mother, or anything.

And, may I just add, that I love Jason for his little comment about his mother's preferences. Ha!


Oh one more thing, everyone assumes Jodi is a nickname....for what, I don't know...(Jordan, I guess?)

I didn't even know Jodi was a nickname. So there you go.


It's Levi, isn't it?! And you're wondering if you should name him Leviticus.


We named my son Xander. Which is short for Alexander, but I don't particularly care for that name, and I REALLY hate Alex. So just name him what you're going to call him.

(Unless it's Xander. Then back off.)

(Kidding. Mostly.)


We picked our baby name based on a nickname I loved - Libby. But, get this. I didn't like "Elizabeth", so I went with Olivia, my grandmother's name. But NO ONE knew it was her birth name until, literally, she was about 11 yrs old. She is fully a Libby. But I wanted her, as an adult, to have a less-cutsey option available to her. I also like the not to my Gram. But for the first 2 yrs of her life, when people invariably asked, "oh, short for Elizabeth", and I said, "um, no - Olivia". My husband would just shrug and shake his head, pointing at me like I am nuts.


Also? And I see people have mentioned this - people will ALWAYS presume it's a derivative of the full name anyway, so at times he will end up being called that regardless.


We kept Tot's name a secret from everyone until his birth. For a few reasons, but mostly because I didn't want to hear smack about it. Also, I LOVE Maggie but notsomuch Margaret. I vote name him the the version you plan to use.


I was just the opposite. I named my son Elijah with no intention of ever calling him Eli. And I never have. But some of his friends do. And I'm okay with that. You can't name your kid something and hate the nickname b/c someone will end up using it. Anyway, good luck. And I put my vote in for Elijah/ Eli too. ;)

La Rêveuse

I always remember me because I'm special and it never remembers me. Argh.


I say give him the name you want, and a full middle, so he can be like C. Thomas Howell if he wants to be President. Or an actor. Or whatever. But name him what you want--stupid to give a name you don't like.

If he doesn't like it, when he's 18, he can go to a lawyer and for about $500 legally change it. My grandpa did--he was born Jorvan Luthart Lastname, and in the 50's became Joe L. Lastname. It was not a big deal, really. Now, Jorvan is kind of cool, but back in the last century, it was kind of a doozie. His son is Jimmie. Not James, Jimmie. We call him Jim, since he's in his 60's now. :-\ My mom hated her name, and always went by her nickname, too. It didn't matter.

But on the bright side, no one was named after my great grandma. Gertvorda. *shudder*


I say name him what you will call him. Your other boys don't have " formal" names and go by something else. Consistency is good. Although when you are mad you won't be able to yell at him using his FULL name, so he knows you REALLY mean it. :)
My name is Cynthia but have always gone by Cindy. I had a job where they assigned my email address using first name.last name and without asking used Cynthia. People got confused as to what my name really was. So, point here is to consider if the short name is obviously short for the formal name or not. (although I think it is obvious in my case but people can be such dipshits when it comes to names.)

La Rêveuse

Oh, AND!

(I love your all caps thing. It's so freeing!)

This is why we didn't tell anyone our kids' names until they were there. It really drove our family nuts. That was super fun. >;-D


I reckon it's Milo. 4 letters, short for ''Miles'' -- which is easy to pair with a middle name and lots of people say ''uh, seriously?'' when you tell them.

My husband vetoed the name, which is why I have an odd preoccupation with it. I'm unvetoing it for our second son.


Name him whatever you plan to call him. My brother's given name is Jason but has always been called Jake.... why? no one really knows, other than my dad really liked the name Jake. Just go with what you love.


One day this summer, my mom and I were watching kids play at the local swimming pool, and we started talking about names. I commented that I really like the idea of William, using Liam as a nickname. My mother looked and me like I had grown two heads and said, "LIMB? Why would you name a kid after a part of a tree?" There goes that name...


I'd have to say it really depends on the name...for most, I'd say definitely use the full name because then it gives the kid a choice later if they want to use the full name professionally or not. But sometimes just a short simple name is great. Case in point my cousin named her son Cy, and we were all like 'Whats that short for?' and they said, 'nothing. It's just Cy.' And my husband's name is Chad and EVERYONE asks if it is short for Chadwick. It's NOT.


I am the child of parents who named me what they wanted to call me. Everyone in my life from then on out a) spelled my name wrong because my parents spelled the nickname a little different b) assumed it was a nickname. My husband's grandmother still believes my name is a nickname and that we actually share the same name. Now that I'm an adult, as much I feel like my name is me, I believe that it would be better to have been named the full version to save all the previous stress.

my two cents.


Based upon your comment that the nickname is a name people are more familiar with than the formal name, I'd go with the nickname in that instance, especially if you never plan on using the formal name and you can picture a 50 year old man with the nickname name.


Prescription chocolate. Genius!


Just chiming in to say that we named our 2nd boy just Jake. Not Jacob cause I'm not a big Jake it is. Do what YOU want, screw everyone else and their opinions.


Oooo, waiting for another Babalah name is like Christmas. You guys do it so well.

I'm totally with Sonja and Jen O- Ignore the ASSpinions and there are no rules.

(My first guess was Finn too, however. Short for Finian... ;) )


I have two boys, and they both have "nicknames as real names" - on their birth certificates, school records, passports, everything. There are people who don't get it (his real name is Jacob, right? right? right, you crazy mother?) but it's usually fine.


I love this!

I have an Alexander, whom everyone calls Alex.

I have a Benjamin, whom everyone calls Benny.

And I have a James, whom everyone calls "Cookie."

You just never know where it's going to go.

P.S. As another mom to three boys, one of my favorite things to say when people say, "Oh my god, you have three boys??" is to say: "Why do you think I LOOK LIKE THIS??!"

Amy K

Are you guys trying to decide between Eli and Elijah? Because if that's it, Eli is an awesome name by itself.


Re: nicknames as actual names -- for what it's worth, both my kids' names are what would be considered nicknames, and so far, we haven't regretted it. They are 7 and 9 right now. I'll keep you posted.


I'm like comment 5 million, so I'm sure this will be lost in the shuffle, but here are my two cents about the name.
It really depends on the name. My brother in law is named Bob. That's it. Not Robert. I was not aware of this until after my wedding, in which Bob was a groomsman and listed as Robert in the program, table seating, and thank-you note. FAIL on the bride's part! But who would have thought that there was no Robert!! It seemed so self explanatory.


We named our third child "Kate." Not Katherine, not Kaitlyn. Just KATE. That's all we plan to call her, so we went with it. I was worried about naming her a nickname, but in the end, I'm glad we went with what we liked without complicating things with a "real" name. Congrats and good luck!


If you say the chosen name isn't so obviously a nickname of a formal name, then stick with it. A middle name will materialize... eventually... Heck, my name is "Holly" and people turned it into "Hollimina" or "Hollipitus" etc etc all through school. There is just no telling what will happen! :)


Being the rebels we are, we said stuff convention and went with the nickname instead of the full name. We loved the name Charlie for our little boy, but didn't really ever see the need for him to use the name Charles. I mean, do I look like the mother of someone called Charles???? So on his birth certificate it's most definitely says Charlie. Charlie now and forever. Unless he grows up to hate it and changes his name by deed poll.


I was bound and determined to name a baby boy Hank even though I don't like Henry. We were going to go with Henrik or Harrison for the formal name which totally works for my Scandinavian family but would have been really weird for my husband's Balkan side. Alas, we have three girls (for now...)


My grandmother named my uncle Ricky Richard. True tale. Odd bird, my grandmother. Is it Coby? As in Jacob? Guessing is fun.


I think it is Jude/Judah. Only because you 1) you obviously like somewhat unusual Hebrew names, and 2) this is a name that someone (like a mother-in-law, could hate.

We were between Jude/Judah and Asher for our 2nd and we went with Asher.

What do I get if I'm right?!?

Mazel. : )


Just call him Eli.


Oops - stupid me for not reading ALL 138 comments, lol.Sorry! Ok so is it Ash/Asher?


I was always called by my nickname growing up, but it was never an issue that my " real" name is different. And nownthat I'm in my 40s, I like going by Amanda at work (seems more professional, somehow) and Mandy in my personal life.


Well I can see the benefits and drawbacks of both options, don't stress over it. You can legally change it if you change your mind or if he wishes you'd made the other decision. Now relax and have a truffle or 10.


I say name him what you'll call him. We named our second son "Jack" and people would say, "is that short for John"? "is that Jackson"? we started calling him "just jack" because we were early on the popularity of the name (he is 18)


It took is forEVER to settle on a boy name and when we did, we had this exact same issue. After much back and forth, we decided to give him the name Elias, even though we only call him Eli (and so does everyone else, except the doctor's office). The only unforeseen hitch is that people seem to assume that his full name is Elijah, which no. That wasn't even on a short list. Still, that mistake is pretty rare and easily corrected, with the exception of one great great aunt who continues to address the baby as Elijah. But we know who she means so it's no big thing.


So my cousin Tina's name was originally Judith Anne. But her dad wasn't a fan. So one day, he went to town on a parts run (it's a farm thing) and swung by the courthouse and changed her name to Christina Marie. AND HE AND MY AUNT ARE STILL MARRIED. :-) Any time she was ever in trouble they never called her Christina, it was always Tina Marie. :)

Audra "I have no nickname..."

I'm in the name him what you want to call him camp. I have friends that debated the same thing and in the end they went with the shortened "nickname" version because that's what they want people to call him. They also gave him a very traditional and formal middle name. My own kids have less common first names that don't have nicknames and gave them each traditional middle names (James and Elizabeth). If they decide someday that their first name isn't formal enough I guess they have that middle name to fall back on!
Either way, I'm sure the name is adorable just like your nom-able babies!!


Just for variety, I'm gonna comment on the new website/bloggie thing. (Ok, not comment but ask a question.)

Does this mean you'll have a place for deodorant/sunscreen/lipgloss cagematches? Because I seriously miss those!


For the first 23 years of my life I was Chrissie and only Chrissie unless I was in trouble, then I was Christine Marie. When I graduated and went to work as a pharmacist, i did not want even the faintest inkling of Chrissy Snow of Three's Company fame associated with me, so I am exclusively Christine at work. Yeah, it took some time to train the teachers at school to call me Chrissie, but whatever. I'm glad I had the option of a more grown up name.

My son is 4 and he is my Jamie. But legally he is James Russell. When he grows up he can stay Jamie or he can be James or he can be Jim or Jimmy or whatever he likes. My choice is Jamie for now.

I personally like the option of having a more grown up name if the nick name has a young sound to it.


My 2nd son is named Daniel. I like Daniel & Danny but I really don't like Dan. Oh well.

I go back to my main opinion on names - screw what anyone else thinks and name him what you want to!


Okay, so lots of opinions here from people who comment more often than yearly, but had to add my two cents:

My dad's name is Laurie. He's a doctor, he's respected, he's never had a problem with sounding "professional". Sure, the odd person through his life wasn't able to grasp it - he still has a school prize awarded to some kid named "Laurence" in his bookshelf - but for the most part, people accept that's his name.

It doesn't really matter either way, since you're going to use the version you like - but why add more if that's all you need?

(For the record - a) congratulations on the boy news! and b) I hope to have kids one day, and would love to name one of mine after my dad, even if it is technically a "nickname".)


I solved the before birth name problem by telling everyone that I was going to name him "Bertram."
People would look at me in horror, collect themselves and say, that's... nice, is it a family name?

If I felt sorry for them, I would tell them that I was teasing and that I didn't particularly want to share the name but now if I chose Andrew or James or some such, they certainly wouldn't hate it as much, would they?

There was no judgement at all when we did finally reveal the name. And really, I enjoyed the horror more than anything because I had to field a lot of stupid questions this last pregnancy.

(Don't you want a matched set? Boy matches boy and I don't have to buy clothes. Geez people.)


Our son's name is Jacob and everyone in both of our families loved it. Then we had our daughter and named her Emrick, and my dad (Rick, namesake) was the only person who liked it at all. We named her Emrick anyway. Because I love it. My brothers still refuse to call her Emrick and she's two. Seriously. They call her Emi sometimes, but usually just don't call her anything. When I thought she might be a boy I wanted to name her Ben Joshua but my husband hated it...


I can relate to both name scenarios--only with girls! We have an Ellie, who is technically an Eleanor, because she is named for somebody and because my mother convinced us to give her the full name in case she wanted the option for her resume or to run for the senate or whatever. We were lukewarm on Eleanor but are now glad we did it b/c it turns out that while a lot of people don't actually name their child Ellie, Ellie is a nickname for a ton of other names--Elizabeth (no fair, they already get so many good ones!), Elliana, Eleanora, etc. So I am glad that she can always go by Eleanor in school if there are like, three Ellie's in her class. Also, ELLA is so common right now that it's a nice distinction (though she totally gets called Ella all the time). Finally, yelling "EL-E-NOR!" when she is in trouble cannot be underestimated...

We also have a Poppy, which is short for nothing, just the flower. While it was quite popular when we lived in England, it is definitely a love/hate thing here. We get a lot of "What's it short for?" "What's her real name?" and my personal favorite, "What are you going to call her?" (Answer: Poppy. Poppy. Poppy!) When we FINALLY told my husband's parents, after sitting on it for most of my pregnancy, the response was "Oh." It has never been upgraded, though we do also get lots of compliments on the name!

It's so fun--good luck! No regrets here.


My friend wanted to name her son Brody, but did not like Broderick as a formal name- and instead went with Brodyn which her and her husband kind of made up I guess. No one ever calls him Brody- always goes by Brodyn- my point is you never know what they will go with. I didn't even know my name was Virginia until middle school- have always only been Ginny or Gin. (just thought it was spelled weird)

Elizabeth @ Table for Five

Congrats on another boy! I get so excited when someone I know has their third baby, because then they will be a family of five too and at restaurants will ask for a "table for five". You'll think of me, right? :)

And names? GAH. I briefly considered naming Nathan "Patrick", but I didn't want any nickname, no Rick or Ricky or Pat, but I knew it would be damn near impossible to call a kid Patrick and have there never be a nickname.

I was called "Betsy" until the day I filled out my college applications and wrote "none" in the nickname space. Although as many comments as I get on being named "Elizabeth Edwards", sometimes I wish I could go back to Betsy :)


In general, I completely agree with all of the comments that it's best to give a baby the full, formal name in case he wants to be a Senator one day. But a few names, like Abe, sound great by themselves and don't need the longer version to be taken seriously. So I guess I think you need to give him the formal version if the nickname is a diminutive, like Danny, you probably don't need the longer version if the nickname is just short but still has gravitas on its own. Best wishes!

Aimee Greeblemonkey

Congrats on Moxiebird (you should see what my iPhone tried to do to that) and the 99% name. Remember, DECLAN is really Elvis Costello's name and what is cooler than that???


Enjoying all the comments. Have not had time to read them all, but I have mixed feelings on the topic.

We had a baby boy (our third child) last July. We decided to call him Charlie, but I am not as much a fan of the name Charles. I loooooove Charlie, though. For whatever reason, we decided to name him Jonathan (my husband is Nathan, so he liked Jo-nathan and we also have a very good friend we admire a lot named Jonathan) Charles. He goes by Charlie. I am certain this will cause an inordinate amount of confusion as he gets older (it already has at the pharmacy and doctor's office). Sometimes my family even forgets he is a Jonathan. But I did want him to have a formal name, and also, options. Jonathan, Jon, Jonny, J.C., Charlie, J. Charles, etc.
My name is just Tina. Never any options with that one. I had a long and complex maiden name, so my parents felt they wanted to simplify my life. I always wished to be Christina or Justina, not Just Tina.
Gee, I bet you never thought you'd get the psychological reasoning on all of your readers' naming decisions when you wrote this post. Lucky you!


FWIW, my husband is named Rick and has never been Richard. (In truth, his birth certificate declares that his given name is Ricky, but we let that one slide.) I don't like the name Richard much (no offense to anyone), but Rick is quite nice and suits him well. There's no reason not to give him just the short version, if you like it. Unless the short version is something super juvenile, like, say Ricky, in which case you might want to drop the "y" for the official name, and just call him Ricky until he hits fourth grade.


My second son's name is Luke. People ask all the time if his REAL name is Lucas. I liked Lucas, my husband did not. He said he would never call him Lucas. So, we decided on Luke. When he was a few hours old, in the middle of the night, my husband wondered outloud if we should put Lucas on the birth cert. Why I asked. No reason really...and after sending the sweet old lady from the hospital group that makes bibs and bracelets for all the babies away and telling her to come back in an hour when we figured this crap out...we stayed with Luke. His middle name is Edward, after my dad and brother. Formal and a nice flow.

#1 was going to be Anthony James and we wanted to call him AJ. People hated it. We changed it to Ryan Anthony which was good cuz he didn't look like an Anthony but I wished we hadn't told anyone first.


I think you are naming him "Will". There. :)


We totally got the whole eye-roll "you're going to name your kid whaaat?" thing for our son...and we chose to believe the FACT that we had better taste then my f-i-l. Loving our little's the perfect name for him. Also--for gaining weight...lots of milk and peanut butter did it for me. I'm 4 months post partum and have still got all of those "mothering portions". I hope they won't stick around for too much longer.


If it is Lucas or Luke - I vote for just plain Luke.


Is it Jed or Jeb? I can totally see a mother in law laughing at Jedediah or Jebulon. And I totally wanted to use one of those. Or Gus/August? Love that too. Can't wait to hear the choice!


Oh, and if it's Jed, you can do Joseph Edward and just call him Jed. It's so very West Wing that way.


Are you naming him Ra+Mon? Ra"""mon?
Or Qrystil?


Good luck with the name thing, and the new site, but what I REALLY want to know is this: what happened to your "Isn't That Special" link?? Please don't tell me your gig is done over there! :(


I'm not gonna try to guess the name, I'm just going to give advice that you can feel free to disregard.

I say use the longer name on the birth certificate so that it's an option for formal, grown up sounding use later on, and call him whatever you want to call him. Admittedly, I did the "name him what you're going to call him" with my older son, but that's because "Drew" is not the first nickname people tend toward with the full name "Andrew" and we didn't want people to call him Andy instead of Drew. We figured we would just name him Drew to avoid any confusion on what his given name was, but instead everyone heard his name and said "Oh, is that short for Andrew?"

Amusingly enough, my parents (Andrew, who is an Andy and Patricia, who went from Patt i to Pat during her life) went out of their way to give all three of us names that would not be shortened with any established nickname. Mine was the only one that didn't get shortened anyway.


I know a Jack. Just Jack. Not short for Jonathan (which is weird anyway).


Name him what you intend to call him. No need for nicknames.


Gabe? Jake? Abe?


Obviously everyone has a different opinion here. I'm Katherine, but have always, always, been Katy. Except I think I tried to make my parents call me Katherine for like a week when I was 4. Other than that, every first day of class I had to explain that I prefered Katy. Katy with a "y". No, not "ey" just "y". And then, everyone would glance at Katy and say "Kathy."

My folks went with Katherine in case I ever became a lawyer or something and needed a more formal name. So, guess what? I am a lawyer. A corporate lawyer. At a fancy firm and everything. And guess what everyone calls me? Katy.

And I've worked with male lawyers called Wood, Buzz, Buck, and lots of other stuff. No formal name required. Really, its just a hassle.


OK, I have to play the guessing game a bit - Mo/Moses - but maybe that's because I have a mad geek crush on Mo Rocca. Anyone else find him adorable?


I went for Eli just Eli not Elijah. Elijah is the fat kid on the bus who bit me. I could not name my child Elijah. But Eli - I loved. So my two cents is name your child what ever you want - just don't spell it silly. Nothing is worse than having to say "my name is Blank but is is spelled B'lanke with an apostrophe and a silent e on the end." Because that is just mean

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Already commented but just thought of something... Maybe if Noah and Ezra don't have longer names, it would be okay to just use the nickname-y name for the new baby, just for symmetry's sake? (Also, if the nickname is, as you say, not often used as a nickname - like Silas is apparently a nickname for Silvanus, which I never would have known until I read about it - then it seems like having the longer name would be a fun thing for the baby when he grows up rather than a making-life-easier type of thing.)

I am loving this discussion! Names are fascinating! Do you and Jason take into account meanings when you look for names?


OH, and I forgot to offer my guess, which is:



I'm gonna guess just for the hell of it: Eli, Max, or Leo!


I'm guessing the name is Luke (mainly because that is my son's name.) If so, you should stick with Luke and not name him Lucas or Lucien. Because Luke by itself rocks.

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