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I'm Not Dead Yet

It's been a bleak couple days...scratch that, it's more like five days now...around here. We're all finally through the worst of it, I think. Kind of. I'm wearing actual pants today, at least. Jason and I came down with...whatever the unholy hell this was...on Thursday, while the boys held off until Sunday, but it's not like Jason and I were feeling any BETTER by Sunday, if anything we felt worse, since that was our solid third day of on-off fevers and hacking up lungs and headaches and congestion and basically having all of the strength of a pair of newborn,... Read more →

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Last week, the oncologist told my dad that it was officially time to stop the chemo. It still wasn't working. There was no reason to believe it would ever start working, now that he'd somehow soldiered on through three months of it, only to have the leukemia progress virtually unimpeded in the meantime. My dad said, "Okay, now what do we try?" Tomorrow, "we" try a different chemo with a different drug. A drug my mom won't even tell me the name of, because she doesn't want me to Google it. Today, I had an entirely different post saved in... Read more →

A Pregnant Woman's Ultimate Dream TV Wish List

Or, A List of TV Shows That Don't Actually Exist Yet, But Totally Should Or Or, Why I Should Be In Charge of a Television Network Already Or Or Or, Why I Should Probably Never Be In Charge of a Television Network This post is brought to you by XFINITY from Comcast. Watch all your favorite shows from anywhere with XFINITY TV. The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Comcast or its partners. MAN V. (PREGNANT LADY) FOOD In which Adam Richman is challenged to explore and partake of... Read more →

Life With Boys

1. While I cannot sufficiently EXPLAIN what is going on here, I am also not in the least bit surprised. I mean, that's a toilet paper roll holder. What did you expect? Toilet paper? Bitch, please. 2. Despite a rumored, God-given ability to AIM, I do not personally believe it. (photo of general toilet vicinity not included for the sake of human dignity and/or lunchtime, but SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS, it's not like they're expected to pee into a narrow little test tube here. IT'S A BIG OVALISH ROUND THING THAT I JUST CLEANED YESTERDAY GAAAAH.) 3. Some days, you are... Read more →

New Year, Same Crap, Now With Bonus CAPS LOCK

So. 2011. Another year, another realization that I missed my own blog's anniversary about a month or so ago...Thanksgiving-ish? December if we're waiting until I actually started posting anything other than entries that said stuff like TESTING TESTING IS THIS THING ON HA HA IT'S A BLOG BUT I'M TREATING IT LIKE A MICROPHONE OMG I AM LIKE THE MOST ORIGINAL PERSON TO EVER FIGURE OUT HOW TO ACCESS THE INTERNET? Anyway. Here I am, about to embark on my EIGTH YEAR of blogging, and I feel like the first entry of 2011 should be a good one. An important... Read more →