19 Weeks
Slow Burn

Second Wave

We were all feeling better. We WERE. I swear I did not just imagine it.

Noah went to back school yesterday. Jason went to work. I went to "work." And even Ezra didn't demand constant nose-wiping by screaming HALP ME NOSE! every five minutes. (It was more like every 10.)

Jason and I attended a kindergarten transition meeting at Noah's school last night where we were mostly successful at NOT being Those Assholes Who Coughed The Whole Time, thus interfering with other parents' enjoyment of sitting through an hour meeting that consisted of someone reading a PowerPoint version of the school district's special education services website out loud to us, and then I came home and powercapped Top Chef All-Stars until the wee hours of the morning.

That was yesterday. 

This is today.

Photo (24)

Photo (22)

Photo (23)

If anyone needs me, I'll be the other end of that couch. 



Please tell me this illness of doom does not start with a splitting headache. Because I have a splitting headache today and it won't go away no matter what I take. I may have tried every pain killer known to man. And I'm thinking I have to cancel on girls night tonight and I have a babysitter and daten ight this weekend and I will be so pissed if I'm getting the flu. I even got a flu shot!

Also, poor Noah.


awwwwwww. :(

Pinkie Bling

Wishing for full and speedy recoveries!


That poor baby! I hope you all start feeling better really, really soon!


He might be sick, but that middle pictures is too cute for words :)

Feel better!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Awwww... Feel better, all of you!


He's so. stinkin'. cute!
I'm sorry you're sick.
I hope you get better and that someone brings you something interesting and/ or tasty because clearly you deserve it.


Get well (again) soon!

PopMommy Pam

Oh, man. Get well soon! To all of you.


Poor Noah! And poor you. Feel better soon.


Oh dear, he looks very sweet. I am sorry that he is feeling so bad. Hope all of you start REALLY feeling better quickly!


My little guy has it too! Ugh! I am trying desperately not to get it since I need every.last.day.of.sick.time.for.maternity.leave!!!!! Gah!

We both had our flu shots but they say they *oops* chose the wrong strain this year.


I don't have kids of my own yet, so I still think that sick kiddos are precious. When my nephew is sick, all he wants in the world are cuddles from me which I love. I don't have to deal with the cleaning of puke or whipping of leaking faces, so I'm sure this idea of cute, cuddly sick kids will pass very quickly for me someday.


Oh. Well if those aren't the most pitiful pictures I've ever seen, I'm not sure what what are. Poor little guy! I hope he (and the rest of you) feel better soon.


oooooh he's so sweet. (they're always so extra sweet/soft/cuddly/lovable when sick, though)

Snarky Mommy

Exactly how my oldest looks right now. So pitiful I had to keep him home. On a school day for the middle kid. So my four hours of one-kid time (which includes 90 min of kid-free time during nap) was ruined. I mean I feel bad for him, but DUDE, he's not allowed to get sick on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Meg Collins

Right there with ya, babe. Whole fam-damily is sick. Uggggg. Deliver me.....


Um, not to be one of those alarmist types - but when my little one had the flu when she was 1 (and the stupid pediatrician neglected to inform us that she needed TWO flu shots that first year), she got better and then the second wave came which was actually pneumonia. You might want to have him checked if he is coughing and has a fever - especially if he had been fever free.


Awwww...I hope you all are feeling better soon!


Awwww that poor little red nose.


Poor baby! What a sweet little sickie face!

But, um, yeah. Happy to be just looking at the face on the internets. I'm just getting over my morning sickness. I can't handle the strain of flu that has attacked your family!


Hang on, where is the pillow pet? Surely that'd make Noah feel better?


I hope everybody is totally better soon.


The only thing I REALLY hated about being pregnant was not being able to take the good drugs, so...I get it.

Feel better soon, people.

bad penguin

My husband had this same flu and it just went on and on forever. He'd think he was getting better and then he'd be back on the couch, moaning. I felt awful for him. I also wanted to kill him because he is the most obnoxious sick person EVER, but he's finally on the mend now.

I hope you guys all get well as quickly as possible.


HALP ME NOSE is cracking me up! I love Ezra.

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