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The Great Confession

A long time ago, back when I only had one singular solitary child, my car had to go to the shop for a few days. I rented a car in the meantime, but when I arrived the rental place had given away the last mid-size class car I'd reserved. 

So they offered me a minivan. I think they thought I'd consider this a fabulous upgrade, since I was clearly SUCH A MOM and all, but I made a face, like, really? Ugh. My mom car is a Subaru WRX! It's a turbo. And a stick shift. It's fucking fast as shit. We used to take it to the racetrack for rally-car driving lessons. Until we got tired of replacing the tires so often. And, you know, we had to put a car seat in the back and a stroller in the trunk. And stuff. 

But I took the minivan. And to this day, I remember that moment out in the Enterprise parking lot when I opened those remote-controlled side doors and saw how easy it was to get Noah in and out, and all the interior room, and how smooth and quiet it drove and was like, damn, I could get used to this.


So my Great Solution to the minivan question was to simply never, ever drive one again. Because I knew.


Last night, after test-driving every giant-ass all-wheel-drive SUV option in existence, Jason finally convinced me to sack up and go to a Toyota dealership to look at a Sienna. We needed to look at ALL the options, you know, before we could really make up our minds. 

We approached the sad-looking row of fat-bottomed symbols of I've Officially Given Up Everything I Used To Be on the lot and I immediately started bitching. It's ugly. It's too big. Why is the trunk like that, what the hell is that thing for, the DVD screen blocks my visibilllllllity, blah blah blah. 

"Where are the keys?" I asked the saleswoman.

"Push-button start," she explained, "Right there."

"THAT'S DUMB," I muttered.

I pushed the button. Whee! Heh. I like buttons.


The saleswoman smiled from one of the middle-row bucket seats. She reclined it a little and flipped out a fancy, La-Z-Boy style footrest.

"No SHIT, WHAT?" I sputtered. "That's ridiculous. This whole car is ridiculous."

Jason looked up from the brochure. "So you can hook up an XBox in here too?"



I drove it about 10 minutes down the road, executed a ridiculously easy U-turn, and practiced parking. Jason asked how it compared to the last big lumbering crossover SUV we'd just finished test-driving, the one I said was "fine" and "not too much like driving a truck, only kinda."

"DAMMIT," was all I said. Which told him everything he needed to know. 

We switched seats and Jason drove it back to the lot. The saleswoman left us alone to play the 4,000 other various buttons and cubbyholes. 

"I knew this would happen," I sighed, after discovering the built-in sunshades on all the back windows. 

"I know," Jason said, while messing around with the iPod interface on the navigation screen.

We went inside. I sat down and sighed deeply.

"I want a white one. Do you have a white one?"


They did.


And now so do I. 





Bwaaahahahahaha!!! Welcome, my friend, to Minivanlandia! We freaking love ours. Freaking. Love. It.


Check it out -

Parsing Nonsense

Ha ha! That right there is a nice-looking car. It's not a symbol of having given everything up, it's a symbol of appreciating the hundreds of hours the engineers over at Toyota put into making your life AWESOME.


I'm on my second Sienna. It has 127,000 miles on it and still looks new.

Now that my second son will be heading to school in the fall (Univ. of MD!), there's really no reason for me to be driving a minivan, but I'm going to drive it until it dies.

Did you know you can fit a full sized couch in the back, and still close the tailgate?


We had one...bottom of the line though. No connections, tvs, and certainly no footrests.
I liked it for long trips but could never find a parking spot large enough and ended up getting keyed A LOT! Also, people love to cut you off in that thing.
There aren't a lot of options once you get to the third child. Living room on wheels...that is what my brother used to call ours.

Sara R.

Embrace the minivan! We bought the same van last year (although we opted for "South Pacific Pearl"). I put a travel potty in the back and now I can drive my 2 toddlers around all day...there's nothing mobile motherhood can throw at me that the van can't handle! I love it hard.

And I'm way impressed that your mom car was a WRX. We own the same one you guys have (had? Did you end up trading it in?), and I tear my hair out every time I have to get my kids and their carseats into and out of that tiny thing!


We have a 2005 AWD Sienna -- as the only AWD minivan (at least at the time) I knew that was what I wanted after our twins were born in 2007 and we realized that jamming the baby buckets into the backseat of my Forrester just would not work. It is super convenient - you can change diapers in the back seat or way back and on rainy days you can all sit in the way back and eat ice cream or have a picnic - or at least the kids will be able to since you won't be able to fold down both of the 3rd row seats since you (will) have 3 kiddos.

I hate to say it but I love our Loser Cruiser.


I too, got a minivan with the third child.

I cried. Seriously.

Guys don't look at women in minivans (never mind I'm married to my best friend and the best man on the planet). Minivans are NOT COOL.

But, we women make all kinds of sacrifices for our family.

Now I love it. The ease of travel with three kids and all their stuff in a minivan makes life so much better.

Welcome to the club, Amy!!

yolanda vasquez

Oh, my goodness the same thing happened to me. So easy not only for me- but for the kids, too.
We picked up our fixed SUV and sadly said bye bye to the mini van at the rental. (We need the big SUV for 4 wheel and towing) But I'll never forget the week we drove around in a mini van... (shh. but don't tell any one)


Surely it has the Bluetooth too? I love that my new Sienna and my new iPhone work together. Great choice. I love my van.

Backpacking Dad

Built. In. Sunshades.

Oh, Toyota. You asshole.


Odd... I was just in a brand-new "Limited" Sienna last night. White also. We totally LOVED the ride.
Note: she HATES the GPS that came with it, and did NOT spend the extra $300 for the updating disk... You may want to hang onto your old one if you had an affection for it.
You guys deserve the sweet new ride!


Well, in 18 years when you kids are grown, you can get a super fast car with 2 doors.

That's what I tell my husband anyway.

I kinda love that white van, we drive SUV's though. Mini vans handle like shit on ice and snow, at least that's what my husband tells me.


I just handed our second Sienna over to my husband and bought myself a Mustang convertible. I now have my non-existent street cred back. The kids no longer need car seats and can climb into the itty bitty back seat by themselves.
This too shall pass.
But that footrest and XBox sound tempting. My older model doesn't have them.

Amy in StL

My sports car driving, single self shall mourn for you. I've been looking at the WRX to replace my Firehawk in the next couple years, but I hear VW is coming out with a sick hatchback! I'm sorry, it's a white minivan. I'm sure you can have a fun car again after the kids leave home.


Ok, I don't know if anyone else has shared this with you, or if you've seen any of these commercials before, but the Sienna has an amazing marketing team. This is hilarious


'minivans' have come a long way. i have a mazda MPV that i will drive til the wheels fall off because it is so cool :-) congrats on your party van.


Why people gotta hate on the minivan? I've never understood the stigma, or why they are any less cool than some of the ridiculous SUVs. I think it sounds tricked out and awesome. As a mother of one I hope I can justify getting one someday.


U R a crazy fruit loop. Love your new minivan!!!


This makes me kind of sad. I don't even know why.


I thought you were recently talking about not having $ for some fancy preschool. Now a brand-new posh vehicle? Congrats!


It might help to know that minivans are much safer than SUVs. So, there's that.

Michelle Smiles

I have never and will never drive one for that very reason. I don't want to know. I don't even want to be tempted. I just did the car dance. I didn't drive one. I bought an Acura MDX which I love so I'm not listening to this propaganda. *lalalalalalala*


YES! Swagger Wagon mamas unite! I think I said when I commented on your other post that they will have to pry the keys out of my cold dead fingers, and I am serious about this... they are fucking awesome on road trips. We hook up the Wii in the back and the kids barely whine at all. And you are going to love those sliding doors beyond all reason when you have a baby to get in and out. CONGRATULATIONS!


Love my Odyssey! I don't care about being the soccer mom driving the two kids around in the minivan because that's who I am now. Enjoy your sweet new ride.

Meredith @ Now Is Good

I sold out 6 years ago and I'm never looking back. When my black Odyssey dies, I'll buy another one just like her. Even though I'm now divorced and the minivan is so.very.NOT the hot MILF-y single mom car, I can't bring myself to care. Three kids make it a necessity. A blessed, I-heart-my-uncool-minivan necessity. Give in to it ... it feels goooooooooooood!


I'm so jealous of my friend's Honda Odyssey that I sort of want to throw myself off a bridge for being such a mom stereotype.


Oh man. You did it! And it sounds super nice. but....gah. A minivan. Wow. I still can't wrap my mind about that possibility looming down the road. Thankfully #1 is still just cooking for me (12 weeks today! yay!), so I can stick with my itty-bitty Honda Fit for a while. But I know once #2 makes its eventual arrival, the decision will have to be made. I'm hoping by then, we will have won the lottery so I can just get a Cayenne, or something along those lines, and call it good. :)

Congrats on the new ride. Maybe a photo tour of all the bells and whistles will be forthcoming? ;)


This was me last summer. I hated the minivan, but was pregnant with my third and drove a too small for three kids SUV. So, I finally convinced my husband that maybe we should consider it. We drove the Odyssey off the lot. I love the doors that open and not having to get out of the car in the kindergarten drop off line in the morning!! I love my van.


Ohhhh! You fancy, huh?

Congrats, mama!


But it makes sense, and will continue to make sense for a loong time. Then you will think "Wait, I want one of those bad-ass SUVs!" and you will get one.
And you will miss that old mom van something fierce. But you won't admit it...


YAY! Way to support the American auto industry.




Heh. I have a white Sienna, too, but mine's a 2005.

I freaking love it. LOVE IT! Especially now, when I spy all those forlorn Navigator owners getting all teary-eyed at the gas pumps. Screw you, bitches! I'm comfy & don't have to pay $100 to fill my tank half full.


Also, if you need a new car seat, the Combi Zeus rocks my little world.

It *swivels*, so you don't have to break your back trying to wedge yourself between the front seat & back seat to buckle your little one(s) in.


Yes, I remember the day I gave up on this particular fight. It's been two years now and I still love it.


I've always been a little bit of a gearhead, but when we got my Odyssey in 08, it CHANGED. MY. LIFE. The ease of getting childers in and out of carseats is worth any lapse in dignity. Mine is *light blue.* It is the MOM-MO-BILE. I love it.

Also, big ups to heat seaters. ;)


I hope the reason minivans are "mom cars" is that people old enough to be moms have gotten past the "cool people drive/wear/do certain things and ONLY those certain things" stage.

Also, I am so glad I hadn't realized minivans weren't cool before I bought one, because I lovvvvvvve it. (It's a Sienna, too.)


It's the sunshades. That's when we plunked down our cash and bought the exact same van. It goes down in our books with "We'll never have a living room full of kid stuff" and "Our kids will just adapt to our lives."


Please embrace your mini-van days. They'll be over before you know it. Mine were.

Big Gay Sam

awww.. it's so cute. :p

nicolette @ momnivores dilemma

new series on amalah:

pimp my minivan


Once I saw a minivan in a suburb outside Chicago with the license plate: I SURRNDR


Welcome to the dark side. I love my minivan. ;-)

Nancy R

One day I may get rid of my minivan...but I don't think I can ever drive a regular CAR ever again. I'm all Yertle the Turtle up in the driver's seat.


I have an 06


Sorry, premature entering syndrome. Anyway, I have an 06 Sienna which ended up in the shop for 4 1/2 months (random problem which happened to something like 3 other people in the entire US). Toyota gave me an '11 van to drive for free since it was their damn fault they couldn't get the right part. Anyway, the point of this is that the key-less entry KICKS ASS. I am so hating digging in my purse for my FREAKING keys every second. Now I want an '11 ;-). LOVE my minivan and my friends in their 'I'll-never-drive-a-minivan-BMW SUVs' with their 3 kids kicking and hitting each other scrunched in the back seat can all go suck my automatic 3rd row seats. ENJOY.

Suzanne Stewart

I love my Toyota Sienna. There's a reason why mom's drive them...


Have you seen this yet? :) I love it!


I got the pride in my ride, in my swagger wagon.

My family knows the whole song.

We don't own a minivan.


I have a daughter and then got pregnant with twins....we got the mini van too. Damn all those options and interior space!


Been there, done exactly that. We are now on our second Sienna. First one was white too. A week from now, you will wonder how you lived without the damn thing.



I only have 2 kids... 18 YEARS and 13 YEARS and I love me my Sienna! Probably never go back to a regular car! Welcome to the end! :o)


I ended up driving my minivan for 10 years. Awesome with kids--especially once my two boys started playing sports. I could carry all the equipment (even the defense lacrosse sticks), a couple extra kids, and everything else we might possibly ever need.

One of the best features on some days? I could position everyone so I didn't have to hear "he's touching me!"


My husband first suggested a minivan when I was about 5 months pregnant with our second child. I was literally ANGRY that he would suggest such a thing to me - who had recently already sacraficed my convertible Mustang for a 'safe, practical' Corolla. It's funny how those crash test ratings get to you though- and the Sienna is unbeatable on all sides. Sigh.

So...our XLE now has 80,000+ miles. :)
It ended up being a smart purchase. When little #3 came along we were already good to go! The luxury of remote doors and the ease of loading an infant carseat, a toddler, and a preschooler all at once was undeniably awesome. No worrying about other cars pulling in/out next to you - your doors don't stick out! The ride? Not bad at all (this is not your mother's minivan folks).

You have all the new cool features on yours, so you guys will really have a good time in the white road warrier.


Margie K

Yay! You have a new car!

That's what matters, right? A car that will meet your needs (with enough amenities to make up for its fundamental flaw).


Same thing happened to us & dammit, they are awesome and tricked out and, just...anyway. We just traded the minivan in for a truck. But, we live in Texas, so that's a rite of passage or something.


All the mom's I know, who drive SUVs, LUST after my mini-van. I never wanted one, ever but not could not live without it!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Minivans rule. \m/

XBOX parties for everyone.


Oh Dude. Seriously. I feel your pain, because a couple of short months ago, I was kind of in your position. And the minivaners were all like, "dude, you will LOVE IT, I swear." Enticing me to drink the minivan kool-aid (which doesn't stain the seats, because it's kid friendly kool-aid, or magic kool-aid for parents that causes you to experience the same high as weed, or something). And for a brief moment, I was like, "well, maybe it's not such a bad idea." And not that I'm here trying to pimp my blog, and be all REAAAAAAAAAAAAD MEEEEEEEEE, but I was THERE, dude:

And to be fair, I only have two kids, and will only have two kids, because we are done, and I'm an SUV mom (AKA, the station wagon of the 00's, AKA, a fucking pussy's minivan), I couldn't do it. For you, with three kids, it just makes sense. And I totally want to come to your x-box party.


I have a white 99 Sienna. Still the best car I've ever owned...I had an Avalon before it and a BMW before that. Done nothing to it but tires, brakes, and windshield wipers in 12 years.


I love you so much!


Ok, I'm not even a mom, but I'm kinda jealous. I've driven minivans several times for work trips and when babysitting, etc. As uncool as I feel driving one, I gotta admit they're a pretty nice ride. Now I'm not going to rush out and buy one any day soon - but I'll live vicariously through you. Congrats!


It's like driving around a luxury living room right??? I swore on all that is good that I would NEVER EVER NOT EVER own a minivan. And now? Now I would be happy to live it in.


We have a Sienna that we love so much that when it was time to replace the second car (Jetta Wagon) we bought a Mazda 5. We refer to it as the mini-minivan. And I love them both s much, I don't care if they are frumpy.


Congratulations! LOL




FWIW my 30 yo brother and all his surfer friends are jealous of my sienna because it A. Is big enough that you can change from your wetsuit in the back, B. They claim it's a chick-magnet, leading me to believe that C. Surfers of a certain age are all trying to pick up on divorced moms...


I just wanted to say that a Subaru WRX KICKED MY CAR'S ASS one night on the freeway!!! I had a Supercharged Pontiac Grand Prix GTP and it was black and sexy (like me..guffaw) and I was a cocky bitch that would blow away cars at lights ALL the time..that was until that damn Subaru pulled up beside me..sigh..some minivans are kinda sexy


Welcome to the dark side (says an Odyssey owner who refers to her car by model name and never by the phrase "minivan"). Just put your hair in a ponytail and the people in the cars around you will think you've borrowed your mom's car. And when the doors magically open for you next to the mom struggling with kids, a baby carrier and enormous SUV doors, try not to snicker until you're inside.


The minivan got me too. Our twins were born in oct, by December the Honda odyssey sliding doors hooked me. My husband had to convince me, but now I am a minivan mom with easy open doors and so many buttons and things. Welcome, nice ride!


Did I mention my hubby traded in his stick shift six-speed sports coupe for ours? That's true love.


Sweet ride! No shame in comfort and convenience.....enjoy!


This sounds like a conversation I'll be having with myself and my husband in about 5 years since I say I'd rather walk then drive a mini van....


Ha Ha Ha Ha......Been there. After Jake had his accident (brain injury) and I kept hitting his head trying to get him in the middle seat of my Subaru Outback (I loved that car), I realized that I needed a minivan. I swore I would never get one but the automatic doors and great space were a necessity. I got the Honda Odyssey and I love it. It's the car you love to hate. BTW.....all my friends make fun of it but I got 8 adults in there on the way to Steeple Chase (a Nashville tradition) and there are like 18 cup holders in my van (several of which fit wine bottles.....just sayin;!). Enjoy......


That's one sexy minivan, and I oughta know, because I have one sexy station wagon. It's a VOLVO, OK, and even though it is very SAFE and has BUILT IN BOOSTER SEATS, it also corner LIKE IT'S ON RAILS, and it now has 170,000 miles on it (had it since 32,000) and I still love it. It is also white. But I am jelus of yur x-box and footrests.

Amy J

Congratulations! I only have one child, I refuse to look at them.


Congrats! The white Sienna is awesome, I should know, we got one after baby #2 arrived. And I loved it. And yet I hated it, and hated that I liked it, and hated that it seemed so excessive. 4 months later, I traded it in for a Scion XB box, fine for the two kids, great for my sanity and self worth. But now, as we contemplate #3, the Sienna is beckoning once again...

kim at allconsuming


Madness I tell you. Complete madness.

We have the box on wheels VW Transporter - the tight-arse version of the VW Multivan (if that's what they call them in the land where you can buy a car already pimped to PLAY FUCKING XBOX).

My TWO sole criteria?
1. Plastic flooring
2. Enough space children could not physically touch each other.

The end.


girl, after being a nanny for three years i don't judge anyone for driving a minivan. 3 car seats is a lot of car seats, and ideally, you want to seat children out of arms reach of each other to avoid swerving all over the road while hollering over your shoulder. also, torn rotator cuffs are commonly caused by reaching around to comfort an infant in a back facing seat, and finagling an infant car seat out of a door it doesn't fit easily through. there is no shame in making your life easier. rock the minivan!


That's what I'm talking about! (I think)

the "quietly awesome" guy

i am a dude who owns a fucking car dealership. i have a strong relationship with cars. i actually care about what i drive. at least a little.

yeah, i remember this feeling. it also happened for me between kid 2 and kid 3.

at the time i worked for car dealers so i always had my choice of demo. once, i got stuck with a van for a few months due to someone quitting and not wanting to put another new vehicle on the road with the van already "used" because it had some miles on it. so i "took one for the team" and drove it. this was with kid 1 and kid 2 only.

it was SO FUCKING CONVENIENT. comfortable, practical, a tiny bit fun to drive and full-o-gadgets. i promptly forgot about it once i turned it in so we could sell it.

i went out and got a GMC YUKON DINALI. the absolute biggest thing on the lot. for that specific reason.

fast forward 2 years. we were about to go from 2 car seat/booster seat combinations to 3. i had an infiniti fx4 by then. so amazing. leather, luxury, gadgetry. the 7 seat option was not nearly practical. enter the nissan quest which had become more like a gulfstream jet on wheels over time. all that was missing was the galley kitchen really (and the ability to fly i guess). dropdown LCD dvd screens, wireless headphones, gaming compatibility, cup holders everywhere, etc. Dual sliding doors, a goddamn automatic TAILGATE.

i did the most logical thing, i went and drove every SUV i could find. but the van ended up in my driveway.

at some point the symbolism just stops being important. it starts to lose out to the ability to put shit in your trunk without getting your hands dirty or putting down the kid / bag / stroller / whatever so you can pop the tailgate. it just lifts up for you like it's doing you a favour. and your other kids are already in their seats, buckled in by themselves. you just have to check that they did it right and you are off. and the flexible seating makes for easy separation of warring factions.

"billy is touching me with his arm" ends immediately with "billy" sitting in the 3rd row unable to reach his sister to pester her anymore. some headphones and a dvd and you can even listen to YOUR OWN MUSIC CHOICES on the stereo. no more fucking RAFFI or SHARON, LOIS and BRAM with that stupid elephant song.

sooner or later we all have to let go...

and good news! you only need to keep it for 8 years (or lease 2 consecutively) because the soccer/karate/baseball/hockey years end with teenagers.

teenagers who let you off the hook vanwise because "who wants to be caught dead riding in a stupid old mommyvan, drop me here in this vacant lot and i'll walk the rest of the way"

and hide behind this here bush until you are out of sight lest their "street cred" become a problem for their text buddies, condom connections and weed dealers or whatever kids are up to these days.

so you can get cars you like again. i now have a nissan 350z and an infiniti G35x. they work out fine. the sedan is great for when 5 of us go out and it limits the number of kids i drive around to the number of seats.

if i don't want to drive, i just say "i only have the 2 seater so it's me 'n you only" and like magic they find other ways to get to their various events. i watch hockey.

so, a silver lining all wrapped up in a very long post.


You know, I never thought I'd drive one, but those auto slider doors swayed me. I also started a trend among my friends. They figured "Well, if JC can drive one, I can too!"

Resistance is futile.


Oh GOD I'm laughing so hard because a similar thing happened to us. And we only have TWO kids. Yet we succumbed to the shiny new gloriously-gadgeted and fast and fabulous Honda Odyssey last summer. And my husband drives it and I. am. actually...jealous. Me: I have to drop of BOTH kids today honey, can I take the minivan??? Him: But you don't listen to Sirius and I need my Howard fix. Me: But the doors. They like, open at the push of a button. Pleeaaaasssseeee? Him: only if we can have sex tonight. Me: Done.
See? Pathetic. I don't care.

Elizabeth Newlin

Dude, I LOVE having a minivan. Mine is orange. I call it The GOV (for giant orange van). You'll be so happy.


Congratulations on your purchase. Now that you have the minivan you need a new house -- the one across the street from me is for sale. If you moved in I could maybe forgive my neighbors for leaving!


In your defense, that's a pretty badass looking minivan.

Barefoot Liz

I would LOVE to own that! White is my favorite color for a car and all those gadgets would have me blissed out.


I did the exact same thing not 30 days ago, right down to the last Dammit. And I love love looovvveee it - the shame washes away quick with all that legroom.


I broke down with kid #4. Said I would NEVER drive one. It is perpetually mortifying. But also? Really, really convenient.


Now I'm pissed because MY Sienna doesn't have footrests! Just wait. You will prosthelytize to strangers, trying to convince them to convert to the First United Church of the Minivan.

Plano Mom

So your parties no longer involve beer bongs and baskets of condoms. Party is a state of mind, baby.


the toyota sienna is MAGICAL. ours isn't quite as new and fancy as yours but it's still AMAZZZZZING.


That's a rad minivan. It kinda looks stealthy. Ya know, so the playground doesn't see you coming. Hahaha! I kill me.


And I will never ever ever go back. I adore the mini-v and it's 72 cupholders and built in car seat mirror and sunglass case. I don't even have a fancy-schmancy one and I will never ever go back to ordinary car-ness.


I had a WRX STI. With the turbo switch and the driver-controlled center differential. Sweet. And then I got pregnant. And couldn't get the seat pulled far enough up to reach the clutch because of The Belly.

So we now own an Acadia. It's very comfortable...but not very sporty. But I am proud to be a mom, so it's all good. Rock it!


Hehehe.. I drove alone with 3 kids, 4 days round trip from Texas to Florida. What saved my sanity? The dvd player in the Sienna, and I had room for *all the stuff.* So we had AC/DC and Alice in Chains up front for mamma, Megamind, Bambi and blessed silence in the back.

Plus the looks you get when you're by yourself cranking the local rock station are so worth it!

(P.S. Still trying to talk hubby in to letting me put flames down the side of my Sienna, but only because I miss my Mustang.)

The Mommy Therapy

I have this exact van. Marroon. It was a sad day, but impossible to ignore the joy of it. You will sadly love it with the new baby. I can't imagine how I would survive without it with my three. Congrats and my deepest sympathies. :)


LOL! I'm so there with you. I can't stand minivans...maybe for the pure and simple fact that I secretly love them. Fancy bells and whistles - like the remote controlled doors and trunk. What the hell?!

I'm so proud of you for making the leap. Maybe someday I will too. Eeek!


Welcome to the Dark Side! It's awesome over here, what with the being up high, and the room, and the easier-to-back-up-than-in-a-Civic. And being able to put your kids in separate rows! Yippee!

(I feel the same thing-ish about chili fries as you did with the van - they look so luscious, and I don't need one more thing to looooove, so I Never Go There.)


Welcome to the club. My Sienna is in "Predawn Gray Mica."

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