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And They Kept Asking If This Was My First Pregnancy, For Some Crazy Reason

36 Weeks & The Return of the Hysterical Nesting Syndrome Thing

I spent most of the weekend alternately convinced that 1) I was going into labor, or 2) never going to go into labor until I FINISHED ORGANIZING ALL THE CLOSETS EVER.

Saturday night:


Very Serious-Looking Self-Portrait With Toilet Paper & Assorted Hand Soaps (And A Very Bad Angle Of My Kickass Mother's Day Gift, Dammit). Taken at some point during three hours' worth of contractions, at times coming as little as three minutes apart

I figured the best way to put a stop to that nonsense was to pack my hospital bag, but then decided to take a quick bath first -- just in case, so I could shave some essential areas -- and BAM. The contractions stopped as soon as I got in the tub, which...was good! I'm still a week away from full term! I have to wash the car seat cover, and that one baby blanket I ordered hasn't shipped yet, also CLOSETS, and...and...

Fine. I was kind of bummed. 


Luckily, Noah was on hand to amuse me with his best Hipster Michael Cera impression.

Sunday Morning:


Very Serious Portait Of A Very Serious Breakfast In Bed. Perfect eggs Benedict with shaved pork loin and homemade Hollandaise sauce. Coffee and additional bacon arrived later, but by that point the rest of the plate was no longer as pretty because I'd practically eaten straight through the tray in a frantic rush.

Because I thought I was in labor. Again. This time, I was sure my water was leaking. It was not. 

I will...spare you any more details, now. 



(Don't judge all the shoes! In particular those green gardening clogs that I wear FOR GARDENING OUT IN THE GARDEN I SWEAR TO GOD DON'T MAKE ME STAB YOU IN THE EYE WITH A STILETTO OF WHICH I ALSO OWN ENTIRELY TOO MANY.)


Baby closet! Freshly stocked with a brand-new summer-baby wardrobe, which he'll maybe wear about half of because I am generally too lazy to attempt anything more complicated and snap-centric than a diaper. But still! The clothes are there! They EXIST! They have been washed and organized meticulously by size and style and maybe even color scheme a little bit!  

I am ready to have a baby. This baby. Because seriously: I have nothing else to do with my time now except sit around and imagine that I am in fake labor all the time or maybe relabel those bins of hand-me-downs with a more pleasingly color-coordinated tape. 

*stares at blue tape*

*twitches eyelid*

I...need to go. Now. Something...important...just happened. 



OMFSM - Noah is totally rockin' the hipster Michael Cera thiing!!

(Happy Mothers' Day!)

Becca Lynn

I can't believe he's gonna be here so soon!!! Keep nesting! :-)

Keri Always

I also am nesting. If cleaning off an end table counts as nesting, that is. It's ok though, I'm only 15 weeks. I still have some time to find my crazy.


Wow, he really does kind of look like Michael Cera. Adorable.

I could probably find it in the archives, but what's your actually c-section date?




Your hysterical nesting has made me feel quite unprepared. 34 weeks here and I would get around to nesting if I could stop with the hysterical napping. So, so tired and my bed is so, so comfortable!


Well, that was the mother of all cliffhangers, there.


I had contractions all weekend too, and boy am I cranky about it. I'm just sayin', if there's going to be pain, there should be a baby at the end of it. You look fabulous however, good luck.


That was quite the cliffhanger. Hope all is well, and looking forward to more updates!


The closets are pretty! So are you!


"I...need to go. Now. Something...important...just happened."


cindy w

I'm going to be obnoxious and one up you on this: 37 weeks. And? I just steam cleaned MY EFFING CAR. Why? Well, the house was already clean, so...

Yeah. I'm ready for BOTH of our babies to hurry up and get on out here!

utah hostage

I kept waiting for the punchline of "Oh & then I actually DID have the baby and wasn't making that shit up in my head after all!"


Just had a baby 8 days ago, and this was the most hilarious post!! You are so funny.


Just had a baby 8 days ago, and this was the most hilarious post!! You are so funny.


Screw the baby belly pictures - how the hell do you keep your bathroom sink so perfectly clean? LOL. It looks like we are in for another Amy pregnancy almost 10 pound explosion like before! And lastly, I am judging your shoe collection - judging you to be fabulous and me jealous!


OMG!! the closets are soo nicely organized..i am 33 weeks and still dont have the closests organized..!! :(

"I...need to go. Now. Something...important...just happened." Did you have the baby?


Well, damn, now I have to go join Twitter. WHAT! What just happened? How important?


I would NEVER judge your shoe collection. I am just sad I can't wear all my fabulous stilettos/strappy heels this summer :-( Also I feel like we are related on so many levels; the color-coordinated tape being just one of them!

Parsing Nonsense

I just did the calculations and you own exactly five times as many pairs of shoes as I do. LUCKY DUCK.

Congrats on nesting and organizing your closets. You are awesome!

Speaking of contractions and such, are you trying for a VBAC this time?


(Um. The important thing that just happened was me deciding to relabel the hand-me-down bins.)

(Sorry. No baby. Not even a little tiny bit.)

Heather B.

I'm in New Hampshire for three weeks so you can't go into labor yet. Please. Aim for the 26th if anything. Thanks.


Do I get points for knowing you were off to find more tape at the end there?

And, speaking as one did give birth at 36 weeks - You keep cleaning and let baby keep baking. As exciting as it is to go ahead and meet the kid now, it's not worth the troubles that come with have even a near-term preemie!


Tiny Michael Cera!

Amy K

Good luck! I hope we get to see some adorable newborn pictures very soon. And if you're out of closets to organize, I could really use some help with mine.


I can't wait for the nesting business to hit. Hit 27 weeks and energy levels just took a serious nose-dive.

Have fun organizing!!!


I'm a serial silent lurker, but I just HAD TO COME OUT OF THE SHADOWS to say: Damn, he really looks like Michael Cera. Really freaking adorable. Wow.


mini Michael Cera - love it!!

Happy mother's day! I hope the baby is here soon!

Erin S

Is it obnoxious of me to point out that 38 weeks is now considered full-term and 37 weeks is considered pre-term? Not that I'm wishing anyone an extra week of end-of-pregnancy OHMYGODLETITBEOVERness, but ... yeah. Am Acad Pediatrics changed their classifications a year or so ago.


I'm going to show your picture to my husband, who thinks I have too many shoes because he's a guy and doesn't get why I need more than like 3 pair.

And I don't see the green clogs... they must be really dark and unrecognizable. I have some cute teal ballet slipper-style crocs that I wear to garden and whenever I have to go do something in the yard (since we have a lot of 1-inch gravel, and my wussy feet can't handle walking on that kind of surface).

I don't think I ever experienced the "nesting" phase, and all 3 of my kids were full term. So go you!


There are times when I really, really miss my pregnant self. She kept underwear drawers immaculately folded, considered filing papers a joyful pastime, and thought color-coded labels were the best thing since sliced bread.

My non-pregnant self is a total slob in comparison.


you son is freaking adorable in a mustache.

also, i am somewhat (okay, extremely) jealous of your crazy nesting urges. i'm 29 weeks, and it's about all i can manage to keep my own head held up by my neck. i am so damn tired. when does all this "energy" you speak of come back??? right now the third trimester feels more like a death march... but if i'm dead, at least i get to sleep a lot. right? RIGHT?!?


If you need more closets to organize, I have a couple in CT that could really use your help. ;)




Totally jealous of your organized baby closet! 37 weeks over here and still just have piles of baby clothes sitting in the crib. They've been washed! Do I win something now?


Well, I just read through every single comment. I see what you wrote that happened next. Boo! I really thought you would say your water actually broke and you had the baby on Mother's Day.

Oh well. Enjoy the nesting and the benefits of organization!!


hahahaha mini Michael Cera :) also, i am jealous of your shoes.


Okay, you DO realize that you're going to wake up tomorrow morning and be all, what the heck is in my bed, and find a perfectly birthed baby waiting for you? He is clearly not going to need any assistance from you whatsoever. So, on that note, please come work your magic on MY closets. Please??


Wow! I love that bracelet! And you are so cute. :) Oh, and Jason rocks with the whole breakfast in bed thing!


I can't believe you're imminently going into labor already! It feels like you JUST told us you were pregnant! Woohoo!


Am I retarded? I didn't think it was a cliffhanger at all! I just thought she was being odd and funny in that "wow, I sound crazy so I'm just gonna go do something..else." kind of way. Did I misinterpret? I NEVER GET THINGS.


I thought the important thing was labor, too. Glad it was not. (Or not glad, I suppose, depending on how you feel about week 36.) (I hated it.) (And weeks 37-40.)


Sweet Sassy Molassy, that is a beautiful baby closet. Can you please tell me your secret because my baby is 5 months old and I am STILL finding pockets of clothes that he never wore and has now outgrown because of poor closet planning. Also, how do you clean your house (let alone your freaking bathroom) with 2 kids and a husband in the house? Because my place is a WRECK and I feel like I might need my husband to take The Kid out of town for a weekend just to get it organized. Sigh. I think I nested wrong.



Though it's a hard habit to break, you may want to not say "Am I retarded" . . . it's kind of offensive.

In fact, in some circles "retarded is the new n-word". Meaning you just. shouldn't. use. it.


If I promise to keep them tidy, could I come and play with and envy all those delightful shoes? Please?

Laura in Michigan

"I...need to go. Now. Something...important...just happened."

I'm waiting to hear.......


Ok, now that everything is ready you can relax ;-)


You look beautiful Amy! I can almost see the little guy all curled up snuggled against you. But you're making me nervous - no baby until Friday at the soonest, m'kay?


The mustache really made my day.

It's abnormal how excited I am to find out the new baby name considering we have never met. I love Noah and Ezra so can't wait to hear what new modern yet traditional yet hip yet not annoying name you guys are going with.

The Mommy Therapy

I spent the last month of my pregnancy with my third convinced I was going into labor. I had contractions regularly and drove to the hospital twice before I finally decided it had to be really painful before I would go again.

She was two days late.

So annoying.

But, she's almost a year now and she was worth the wait, but still so annoying.

Keep nesting! Good luck!


Holy hell, how did you get to 36 weeks already?


I am seriously jealous of your closet and the shoes.

You look fab!


Your arms are so thin!

My husband would be thrilled if I ONLY had as many shoes as you. That's nothing, honey.

I have five times that amount. And I work from home. But I have two girls who will inherit my massive shoe collection. Not that they don't have their own (my oldest can't wait to come home from school and change into her silver gladiator sandals).

Yeah, um, we have a bit of shoe problem in my house.

Good luck with everything -- won't be long now!


Noah actually looks so much like Michael Cera in that photo!

Patti B.

Define....something important! Good luck!!


I totes commented months, if not years ago that Noah reminded me of a mini Michael Cera. Just sayin... :)


Still lookin' cute. The closets are enviable and I love Mrs Meyer's soap.


I am seriously jealous of you because A) you are so organized! I love your cute baby closet (and your own, of course) and B) Eggs Benedict is awesome! I got chocolate chip pancakes which were yummy. But, Eggs Benedict is a favorite and so yummy! I hope you had a great Mother's Day and didn't pee in your bed.


That is SO MEAN to end it like that. MEAN MEAN MEAN.


be ready for a fast labor! My first baby took a good 20 hours at 37 weeks, but with my second I had all these pre-labor contractions and kept thinking "maybe this is it this time!" it wan't, several times, then at 39 weeks when I thought "meh, pre-labor again, i'm going to take a nap" I went into full-on hyperdrive labor, and had a baby exactly 3 hours from the start of another round of what I thought was false/pre-labor! it could be any time now...

Barefoot Liz

I'm in awe of your closet. And your cute baby belly. 36 weeks was the magic number for me... My son decided enough was enough. He's never liked cramped spaces. ;-)

mark kaplan

moustaches are too cool for school...

Play roulette

The signs of nesting behavior during a hysterical pregnancy. Such a beautiful mosaic of pictures and such a lovely idea as a reminder of photographs you have taken.

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