Here Is Some Ezra, For No Particular Reason
36 Weeks & The Return of the Hysterical Nesting Syndrome Thing

Bragging + Blogging = Mommyblagging? Brogging?


SOMEONE had a preschool interview this morning. His first -- and likely last, because the kid just totally got himself accepted to our first choice school, the uber-precious Montessori down the street that strikes that perfect balance of all-plain-solid-wood-toy adorableness, completely imaginary snob prestige, and oh yeah, being in our goddamn price range, holy shit. 

Though I originally THOUGHT we'd apply for a two-day two-year-old program, only to find out that no, Ezra's mid-October birthday is still early enough to admit him as a three-year-old. 

Three-year-olds attend five days a week, they said.

Imma gonna need to call you back, I said. And promptly passed the fuck out. 


Oh! The sunrise/sunsettiness of it all! My baby! MAH BABY. 

I told Ezra he'd be visiting a school this morning. He promptly requested a backpack. When I told him it was time to go, he said, "OH MY BUS IS HERE!" and hustled out the door, where he was crushingly disappointed to learn that no, he would be chauffeured to school by Daddy. In the minivan.

Jason took him; I pretended not to care in the slightest because WHATEVER, PRESCHOOL, but of course as soon as they returned and I oh-so-casually asked how it went, Jason called my bluff and told me, "They said he's not a good fit."

Well. HE thought it was funny, anyway. 

Ezra arrived in the classroom and immediately and painlessly separated from Jason, like TOYS TOYS THINGS BYE DAD, quickly settled on his activity of choice and sat down with a teacher for a quick mini-lesson, chatted politely with her for awhile and then obediently cleaned everything up when they were done. 

Then he wandered over to some flash cards and pointed to one with the number nine. 

EZRA: Nine!

TEACHER: Wow! You know your numbers already!

JASON: Um. I...guess so? Apparently? Yes?



(HI, MAX!)

So it's settled. Come September I will be the mother of a kindergartner and a preschooler. And an infant. A fresh one. With that nice new-car head smell. Well...actually even that one be three months old by September, and possibly outgrowing clothes already and making his first rolling-like attempts at mobility and Ruining Mama's Life and growing up so fast and I will need another new little baby to stay home with me forever and ever AND I AM SENSING A FLAW IN THIS HAVING BABIES THING ALL OF A SUDDEN. 



Please tell Ezra to stop growing up now kthxbai. (Seriously! And he looks so much like Noah who practically looks ready to sit down for the SATs. Unacceptable!)


that is fantastic! Go Ez! Mighty indeed!

p.s. now you can take naps with your new little squishy while the boys are at school! WINNING!


Where does the time go?

Okay, funny thought-maybe now we get a glimpse into why Michelle Duggar has had so many babies? She didn't see the flaw in that plan.

And damn, woman, you have another one as cute as the first two and the blog is going to need a warning label when you post pictures of these adorable boys.


(MAX!! Missed you kitty!)

I was in the same place as you, one in Kinder, one in preschool and a 3 month old. But I got to have so much quality time with baby and I loved it. You will, too.

Amanda Pack

I just looked at pictures from my "baby's" first birthday. Holy crap who was that LITTLE BOY in those pictures. He looked so GROWN. He is about to walk and I am excited/dreading the last thread of babyness leaving my child. Reading your adventures through Mommyhood has helped prep me. It is like watching my son grow is like trying to hold a handful of sand. (getting all misty here) Love you and keep sharing your world. You are awesome.


First, your kids are so stinking cute. Second, I am right there with you, my 23 month old started at his older brother's school (also Montessori) a month ago and he's doing super great - they take them starting at 18 months and a spot finally opened up for him. God I love Montessori. He was at a day care before and learning absolutely horrible things from the kids. It's weird looking at him in his little uniform, carrying his backpack and lunch box and running into his classroom without a backward glance toward the "jumping work," aka mini trampoline. He's my second and last so I feel bittersweet about it. Third, I am shocked to hear you say the school is in your price range - in a good way. We used to live in Arlington too and I looked at all those schools and wondered how the hell I would ever afford it. Cheaper where we live in Florida now but it's funny how all these things that used to eat up our family budget (um, shopping for frivolous crap) are suddenly second fiddle to education and you realize, holy cow, I can actually afford this. You just had to take me away from Tyson's. And Clarendon (Crate and Barrel AND PB in the same place? AND the container store? Wallet = empty) Oh, and Ikea. There isn't any of that where I live. :(:(:(
Good luck, I know the boys will so enjoy being in school and you will enjoy having the time with your new babe.


Aww! Every single pic of him is adorable!

I laughed at your "Thanks Nick Jr.!" line, as I watched WAYYY too much Sesame Street/Mr. Rogers/every other PBS show at the time, and then Nick Jr., growing up. Definitely watched more per day than the "experts" recommend. Yet, I still turned out (fairly) ok and I think I learned a lot from those little shows growing up. As cheezy as that is.


You know, I've been reading this blog forever. When I first started reading, I was trying to get pregnant and you were trying to get pregnant. And then you had Noah and I got insanely lucky and had a baby. Anyway, I just wanted to say that it really does my heart good to see you pg for a third time. It's just lovely. : )

Susan @WhyMommy

SO fast! He's growing up so FAST!


I'm pretty sure it was exactly this mindset that had my mom head down the path of having 9 kids. Well, 9 babies. Now we're all grown ups, and she still sighs wistfully when she speaks about the 10th child she wishes she'd had.


I've never met you, but I feel like I can hear your voice in my crack me up. Congrats to Ezra.


Congrats to Ezra! And he's looking so grown up. Why do our babies have to grow up? It's not fair! Can't wait for baby boy number 3 to arrive - if he's anything like Noah and Ezra, we'll all die from the cuteness.


You DO know he's delicious, right? Because he is. My older will begin K in the Fall and I'm in denial. My baby is two, but a former preemie with special needs, and I like to fool myself that she will never have to go out there in the cruel world of preschool.


Wow, the kids are big?! Look at MAX!! Hahaha love that picture. Yeah, and yay growing boys etc.


And THAT is how I ended up 4 months pregnant with a 4th kid now. My youngest starts preschool in September, which just breaks my heart a little. Why, why do they have to grow up???

Your boys are adorable. :)


It's Max!!!

My older guy just turned 3 and he's been in daycare since he was an itty-bitty guy. I had my second boy the week before his 3rd birthday and everyone was like, "Oh, now he's going to be in preschool, right?" I said "No. I'm going to be staying at home for two years, so I'm going to keep him at home with me. He already knows his letters, shapes, colors, he can count... yadayadayada..." Everyone thinks I'm crazy.

I'm sure it's the same in the DC area, but parents in Chicago are so hyper-competitive that they apply to preschools while babies are in the womb. I'm just not there yet.

Good luck to Master Ezra. You have some pretty awesome kids, Amy.

Amy M.

Ours kids are roughly the same age & all adorable, of course! I feel your pain! I've been toying with the idea of a 3rd, especially since it all seems to go by so quickly. . . *sniff*


Yay for Ezra! Love the preschool "interview" thing. My daughter goes to a Montessori preschool in DC and we had the "interview" also. And same thing - a mid October birthday meant she could begin full time even though she wasn't even 3. Sob! He will love it. You will love it. What a milestone.


Aw, I can totally picture Ezra rocking Montessori. It's such a cool way to let kids learn.

I'm in almost the same boat as you (my kids are also 5 & 2), except my third baby is due THE DAY BEFORE my eldest enters kindergarten. The middle-child-to-be will start preschool a few weeks prior. I'm torn between sadness that my baby just isn't really a baby anymore and glee that at least I will have a few hours a week where I only have the baby to lug about.


Congrats, Ezra! :D

"new-car head smell" awwww


Congrats, Ezra! :D

"new-car head smell" awwww


Yup, my three year old starts preschool in September. Just this week, he had a massive growth spurt and needs all new clothes. I've already got a nearly-six-year-old so you'd think I'd be used to the "my god, they grow so fast" but I did have a bit of a quiet weep this morning as I packed away the socks my youngest has outgrown.

Also, "new-car head smell" is teh awesome.


Stupid babies, always with the growing up.

I do enjoy the new car head smell though. I miss that.


First off, Yay Ez! Second, how too totally cute and awesome is he? And third, my hunger for a third baby started when my youngest was about 4 months. Still waiting for hubs to warm up to the plan though...


Whyohwhyohwhy with the growing up. My two year old is starting to really smell like boy. I'm going to start huffing random people's babies soon.

But yes, go Ez!


HA! I recently had a long conversation with my 3 y.o.'s preschool teacher where she was gushing about how it was "obvious" that we work with her all the time at home, because she's starting to read already. I was torn on whether I take the credit or give it up for Sesame Street and Super Why. I mean, I DID buy those refrigerator Leap Frog letter magnets... that's totally working with her, right?


Babies GROWING? Bullshit. I'm still mad nobody has invented some drug we can give babies and puppies to keep them small. That sounds abusive, but I mean it in the most loving way ever.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Awww! Congrats, Ezra on rocking the interview!!


OMG Nick Jr. you are evil "preschool on TV" my ASS but wait, wow, surprisingly useful. Huh.

Go, Ezra!

And also: stop making me want to get pregnant again.


Awww...the moment when you finally realize the flaw in the baby plan is when you decide to get your tubes tied and get a puppy.


And one morning you trip over someones carelessly discarded size 11 (adult) shoes and yell "WHY DO YOU STILL LIVE HERE?" but not really mean it, but do. If that makes any sense. It does.

Parsing Nonsense

Way to go, Ezra! Of COURSE he's a good fit, he's awesome. Who wouldn't want him in their class?


OMFG he is so freakin' cute!

That is all.


My babies are 19-28 -- yes they do grow up fast! Hate to be a downer but that 'new car smell' is actually kind of toxic
:( so at minimum air it out..Check out an amazing new book My Healthy Home) really please.....with those beautiful babies.


My babies are 22 and 2 weeks away from turning 26.

I, apparently, am Methuselah.

I miss that new car baby head smell.

Suzy Q

Love that last pic! Max FTW!


And that is exactly how my mom ended up with 5 kids!!


The fourth will be a girl, I just know it.


There should be permababies. Just as there should be permapuppies and permakittens.


A couple of things - I am a lurker and I don't comment often and when I comment I always feel like I am listening in on a conversation I shouldn't be. I know, I know.

Your kid is adorable:)

And your cat! Looks just like my old cat Ming Ming -- she was 23 when she finally went to siamese heaven.


Congratulations, Ezra!

I'm happy for you both.
Good news is good.

(This message brought to you by the number 9.)

Jessica R,

Yeah, these second kids, they learn stuff without you realizing it... seems my 3yo can spell... words and stuff. So, thank you WordWorld... I guess?

YAY on the school and the easy-ness of it all. And double YEAH on 5 mornings a week to cuddle with a baby in the fall.

Amy jo

Yeah. That's how I ended up with baby #4. *facepalm*


Why would you want your 3 year old out of the house five days a week?


Mazel tov on the preschool news! BTW, your kids are making the ovaries of this mom-to-a-14-year-old do somersaults ... geesh, are they adorable!

@Cathy, maybe Amy and her husband know their child and his particular needs much better than, say, someone who presumably has never met the child. And, maybe, they would rather make a decision based upon what they feel is the best thing for their own child and their own family rather than defaulting to what anonymous posters deem to be proper parental decision-making.

Amy, Ezra will ROCK the preschool world, and I'll bet he'll be thrilled at all of the new friends, challenges, and experiences he will encounter.


"Thanks Nick Jr." = awesome line. My husband and I are both teachers, and really should know something about the whole learning thing. When we went to our son's conference in kindergarten, the teacher said, "That's so great that J can read! When did he learn how to read?" We just looked at each other and asked, "Did you know he could read?" Yeah. Good one, Mr. and Mrs. Teacher-Parent.

casey byrd

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so excited for you all. . . these are the best days of your life. . . ENJOY EVERY TINY LITTLE SECOND.


This is exactly why my husband is one of four.


The only "problem" you may encounter is the one that slapped me upside the head when my duaghters got into the best pre-K program available in our area. I "sneaked" each of them a year early and their teachers, a retired K-garten teacher & her mother, also a retured K-garten teacher, "taught them too well."
So, when each reached K-garten, while some children were learning to read, my girls' teacher was borrowing 1st grade, 2nd grade material for my kids.
Not a bad "problem" to have, if you think about it.
Besides, won't it be fun for you to sit beside him in a university classroom when he is 13? You'll love it!


Would it be too weird for you to email me offline the name of the school you picked for Ezra? My son is just the same age, and we're in the process of moving to someplace that I think is in your neck of the woods, but I have totally stalled on researching preschools.


Just realized there is no such thing as emailing "offline". I think you know what I meant . . .


There is such a flaw in the whole baby having thing. The problem is you keep going back for more. I've been cut off the baby drug by my husband at a mere number three. Sometimes I think "what a douche-bag", but mostly I know he's probably right.


Guess how I feel - my baby is coming up for 40, and it's only a couple of months ago that he was born! It's absolutely terrifying, the speed at which time flies.


Awww, yay Ezra! That's wonderful news. And Happy Mother's Day Amalah! Thank you for sharing your mommy adventures with us all the time!


LOVE!! That's just great. Bittersweet, but so great <3


MAX!!!!!!!! Moar kitty please!

Greg S.

Amalah, not to give you a heart attack or anything, but I was greatly amused that the ad I got immediately below your text was for an online MBA.


Totally what Vanessa just said. (I love seeing Noah and Ezra... but miss MAXXXXXXXXX and Ceiba posts!)



"They said he's not a good fit." HA HA - good one, Dad.


Your babies are so cute, my baby starts high school this fall, please make time stop now.

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