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Here Is Some Ezra, For No Particular Reason













(Who still, admittedly, sleeps with his Winkie blanket and sucks his thumb and blows raspberries on my pregnant belly and calls Cheerios "chowder" and says "I SCARED!" whenever Noah watches Harry Potter and "OW MY BUTT" whenever I pinch it but who also unloads the silverware from the dishwasher and counts to 10 and knows his shapes and is applying to preschools this week because it just now occurred to me that wow, he's not my baby anymore, he's my very funny, very amazing, very wonderful, very super-grown-up-looking little boy.)



Oh my god, he does look like a grown up boy-child. What is wrong with the world.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

No reason needed for some Ezra, in my opinion. ANY reason is a very good one.

Such a grown up looking little guy!


Ok I read that first line and thought OH NO WHAT HAPPENED TO AMY???? Woman, DO NOT do that again! **hugs** Noah is growing so fast! My son turns 11 in July and I keep looking at him and thinking... Who? How? Why? SERIOUSLY?? Already???


Mrs. Commoner

Oh so adorable, but so grown up. When the baby comes he'll look even more so.

They both look so much like you.


By Noah I totally mean Ezra... I blame the meds... it's ALWAYS the meds... **shifty eyes**


I have the same reaction whenever I look at Lex.

The nerve of these babies! Growing up into people!


Well, good thing you're getting a newer model, since this other one is obviously defective in not remaining your preshus baby. (What a handsome little man!)


WHOA. I remember when that happened with Noah, too. It's so crazy how they turn the corner from baby to kid in an instant! He's as darling as ever, though. And yay for a new baby!


"Chowder" is so awesome.


I have two boys and expecting our third (sex unknown) and I remember so distinctly how all of a sudden how BIG our older boy looked when he came to visit us in the hospital when his little brother was born. In the half day we were separated, he grew up 10 inches, gained 20 lbs, and all of a sudden looked like a BIG KID instead of a my sweet little baby.

I assume it's going to happen all over again when this little one is born. Sigh. So fast.


WOW, he looks so grown up!!! My baby informed me today that a month from today he will turn 9. It is not fair they grow up too fast.

The Tutugirl

Oh my god, he's starting to look exactly like Noah.

Parsing Nonsense

He's precious! Definitely heading into little boy territory, no doubt about it!


We just got son Sebastian's shaggy, always in his eyes, so long he has to hold it back to eat his cereal hair cut a few weeks ago. As soon as we did, not only did my almost 3 year old little guy suddenly look like a big boy, I also started noticing just how grown up he was getting. I still kind of tear up thinking about it.


It happens like that, one day they are a baby and the next they are a child. Sad but exciting. He and Noah will probably look like adults after the next baby arrives.


It happens like that, one day they are a baby and the next they are a child. Sad but exciting. He and Noah will probably look like adults after the next baby arrives.


This is one of the reasons my (just turned) two year old son has never had a haircut. Between being on the skinny side and off the charts for height he already looks too much like a "big boy." The addition of an actual haircut might just do me in.


Eek. Had that same thought with mine last night. When do they become real-live humans?

Still, adorable. So adorable. Thanks for the midday smile. And also: jealous of that nice green grass. Spring is taking forever in Colorado!


No kidding, he has grown up SO much!

Are you able to see how much he resembles Noah? I didn't see it much when he was a baby but hot damn, I sure do see it in him now.

Martha H.

Love me some Mighty Ez! He looks so much like Noah in these pics. I can't believe he is so grown up!

Heather B.

You know I can't handle this shit. Stop it. Please. Make them stop with the growing.


Aww! He stills looks like a baby to me.


He looks a lot like Noah! Especially in the picture where he's holding the tree. What an adorable brood you have!


Ah, today must be love the boy day:

Usually, I just lurk here, follow your family's growth, laugh and cry w/you (albeit virtually and weirdly semi-stalkerish since I do actually talk to the computer like you can hear me) and generally all around enjoy you. Today, though, in my own feelings of boy love, I decided to chime in.

Ezra's dishwasher emptying skills will be useful when the "get me that" starts after the new boy comes.


He looks so much like you, Amy! Don't worry, more baby forthcoming :)


it's when the baby cheeks start to go that I can't take it. When my son loses those soft round cheeks I am going into mourning.


heh. I just realized I typed soft round cheeks.

Barefoot Liz

He is just so cute and cuddly! Goodness, I miss that age.

Jen L.

Holy cow. He's ginormous. See, this is why I have not cut my boy's sheepdoggish hair in 2 months. Because THAT is going to happen to him. Gah.

Jen L.

Holy cow. He's ginormous. See, this is why I have not cut my boy's sheepdoggish hair in 2 months. Because THAT is going to happen to him. Gah.


Gawd, that is a ridiculously cute child. Srsly.


Dang! Them aliens done came an tooked Ezra upta there ship and repla, repler, replic, er...whatever that big word is for left a big ole kid down here instead! Told y'all ta put tinfoil hats on them babies to keep 'em safe but noooooobody lissens to me!


OMG, he has gotten so ridiculously big. So cute!

The Mommy Therapy

Isn't it amazing how quickly they transform from baby to boy? So sad and so wonderful.

Katie Serendipity

I swear, every time you post a picture of just one of your boys I have to stare reaaaaaally hard to figure out which one it is. With Ezra's round baby face all grown up now, he and Noah look so alike! And soooooooo handsome!

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what a precious little guy.


Ha "chowder". Ezra you're the best! :)

...please stop growing up.


Amazing how fast they grow, isn't it? I guess my parents knew what they were talking about when they said time goes faster when you're older. =) Someone stole my baby girl & gave her a drivers permit, HOW is THAT possible? Tears... Have the seen the subaru (I think?) commercial where the dad is talking to his toddler (who is in the drivers seat) about safe driving & then you find out it's actually his teen? Yep, reality check. Dang it, it's going too fast!


totally off topic and possibly stalkery but I had a dream last night that you had your baby and it was a girl.


He's like a little man now! An adorable one, but man, I miss that little baby face too! :)

Suzy Q

Jeez louise, it seems like just a month ago he was still breastfeeding and wouldn't let you put him down. Where the hell does the time go?


Ditto what Suzy Q said!

I can't wait to see what Baby 3 is going to look like, whether you're going to get another Noah/Ezra or maybe this time, a dark haired baby who looks like Jason!


Mine is growing up so fast as well. It feels like just a few months ago little Ez was yelling random words from his crib to let you know he was quite ready to be retrieved, and mine was rolling over for the first time. Now every time I take his picture if feels like he's running away from me. Too fast!

*sobs* Sunrise, sunset...


PreK snuck up on me too!! Next year. For my youngest. No more babies in this house.


Christ on a cracker!!..those children look JUST like you..The idea of family resemblance is SO fascinating to me!

Carrie Jo

Unacceptable to be growing up so fast!

He does look so much like you, though. Adorable!


That post was just a trick, y'all. Those are some pics of Noah from last year!



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