Let's Check In With My Other Hugely Giant Grown-Up Children For a Minute
Two Weeks

another photo-heavy post because typing one-handed is tedious

and i can hit the "upload photo" button way easier than the shift key.


noah graduated from preschool yesterday. he got a little diploma and everything.

Noah-pep-grad1 Noah-pep-grad2

but he was rather unimpressed with it.


ezra ate three slices of watermelon, two cupcakes and a brownie at the post-ceremony party. he is the little hungry caterpillar mixed with the white house party crashers in toddler form. 

ike is not pictured, because all he did was sleep. as usual.

speaking of sleep, this keeps happening:


noah's love for his new baby really is charming...


...yet also rather terrifying because he weighs like, six times as much as the helpless object of his I WANT TO SQUEEZE HIM AND LOVE HIM AND CALL HIM GEORGE-level affection.


but! those photos remind me that i can't believe i forgot to show you this:


what? jealousy? regression issues? ME? WHAT? No.  


(but also yes, maybe, just a littttttttle bit.)

and finally, because i know YOU PEOPLE and what you really want, here are the most recent photos of ike, the perpetually-concerned-looking baby bug:

Photo (24) Photo (25) Photo (26)

those last two were taken like, just now, as he finally opened his eyes and gave me some indication that i might be able to get my left arm back for a little bit oh wait no, he wants to eat again. goodbye, right arm! thanks for working double-duty to make this post possible OW OW FINGER CRAMP FINGER CRAMP.


The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful

If the ship were going down I would want you on it with me. Because you'd be bailing water with one hand while playing the violin with the other.

Three. Boys. Under. The. Age. Of. Five. Are you out of your mind? Or perhaps you're crazy like a fox.


Darnit, Amy, you are KILLING my productivity at work with all these cute pictures of babies I'll never actually meet.

When I put it that way...ok, creepy on my part. But yeah, I'll comment anyway.


Your boys are absolutely adorable!!


Keep yo' paper, bitches! I'm on my way to REAL school. And thanks, I damn near choked on my Pepsi just now laughing at Ezra. Hey, hey, don't forget about me! I'm still cute and wittle too!


Poor Ezra - now he's a middle child. Speaking from experience, you might want to get ready for a lot more of the regression / look-at-me-LOOK-AT-ME behavior from him. Lucky for him, he's seriously cute, as are his brothers.


Geez, when did Ezra and Noah get so huge and mothereffing PEOPLE looking? It's like they've grown a 5 o'clock shadow and gotten jobs with 401Ks overnight or something. That shit needs to stop. Like, now.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Your boys are so cute. Love the photo of Ezra in the hospital. And the baby is sooooooo adorable!

Robyn G

As a certified (crazy?) middle child, poor little baby Ezra is suffering from his first bouts of Middle Child Syndrome. Noah already knows how to be an older brother. Ezra already knows how to be a little brother, but now has to learn how to be an older brother too. Oh the anxiety! He has my sympathies.


Aww, I love that your oldest child keeps sneaking in to cuddle in the crib with the baby. Adorable.


Dude ... The Noah-Ike pictures are so like what's going on at my house... in our case it's a 30 lb. 3 year old.

The shift key is so overrated.


Can't believe you got a shot of the diploma in flight. Well done, multi-tasking Mom!

And the boys... Too much awesomeness to adequately comment.


The photo of Ezra in the hospital bassinet is maybe the best thing on the Internet this week.


SOOOO preshus!
Mine held his diploma upside down while we tried to tell him to turn.it.No!that.way...while snapping one-handed photos with baby in other arm - sleeping.


What a good big brother Noah is! I am sure you are so proud. Ezra is adorable in the bassinet. Ike is as cute as a bug in a rug.


Mighty mighty Ez!! Love him in the bassinet.


The one of Noah in the crib and them looking at each other? It makes me have an eye allergy. Yep. Allergy. In my eye.


I love those photos of Ezra at the hospital. And I think all of your boys are incredibly handsome! :)


Ezra looks adorable in the hospital bassinet. And sadly, not like a little baby boy that he was before. Reminds me that mine is growing up as well!

Dawn Bent

love Ezra in the hospital bassinet!! haha and Noah.. how sweet is that kid. Oh my gosh. And that tiny baby at the bottom is pretty sweet too.


Noah's being such a great big brother to Ezra and Ike. Looks like think he's imparting Life Experience knowledge to Ike in that crib.

Parsing Nonsense

Very hungry little caterpillar indeed! Though I do wonder about that book, when he says the caterpillar ate through five oranges. Wouldn't the caterpillar have stopped after the first orange rind? That stuff is nasty.


I love the "I love my new sibling sooo much!" moments. Reminds me of my daughter after I had my son. It was all hugs and kisses until he tried to steal her blanket.


Adorable - and also, kind of poignant (Ez). Do you get the sense that Ezra is jealous of Noah's attention to Ike, as well as yours toward the baby? I'm childfree and a twin with no other siblings, so this multi-level sibling stuff is all completely new and fascinating to me.


Noah in the crib with Ike is the Cutest. It looks like they are having a conversation


I gotta say it... I love your posts, but if you keep the pics coming, you can save your one handed typing for a few weeks or months. BABY PICS for the win!!


Do you take, like, 8000 photos a day?

Please say yes. Because you always end up having good pictures or at least ones with cute stories that MAKE them good, and in order to have that many pictures I have to take a bazillion bad ones.

Also, what Rebecca-the-twin said, above.

Furthermore, concerned baby bug is just what he looks like. The most adorablest buggiest concernedy bug. xo.

PS Tell ezra he's still my favorite. Because I don't have to be "fair".

Jen L.

OMG. Ezra in the isolet is priceless. :) Congrats to Noah on his graduation! Ike is awesome.


Cute boys! Delurking (sort of) to say 10 points for the Steinbeck reference


Oh my gosh, adorable pics! I just found out today that I'm having my third boy, and my older sons are about the same age as yours... So I'm looking to you to see what craziness adding third boy brings to a household! Lol! Looks heavenly to me... But I'm a little nuts to begin with. :)


Oh Ez, how I love thee! And Noah in the crib?? Loves it!!!


Such beautiful photos Amy. Thanks so much for your mighty one-handed efforts for our gratification ;-)

Does Ezra start pre-school soon? That may cause problems in that he may feel he is being pushed out in favour of the new kid on the block. If this does happen I suggest that you tell him that Noah has moved up to big school so that Ezra can have his place in preschool now that he is such a big boy.


You know who I miss? Ceiba!!


Sebastian, my oldest will every so often crawl into Baby Adele's (that's what he calls her and thus that is what we call her) car seat. But in his defense he did have it first!


The pictures of Ezra are hilarious. I may have to stage similar pictures with my two-year-old when my new baby is born (any day now!)

The Mommy Therapy

Those pictures of Ezra in the infant hospital "bucket" are hilarious. Too cute.

Poor middle child. :)

That Ike is too cute! Keep the photo posts coming. Love it!


That pic of Ezra is amazeballs.


Ezra in the hospital thingie: LOVE IT! Honestly, I have no idea what it is called, but alas, all three of your boys are so incredibly cute!


Wonderful pictures!! Wow, you make 3 kids look easy. We just had 1, almost makes me want another one soon. How are the pets dealing with the new baby? Just curious, we have a lot of animals, that's one of my reservations about adding more kids.


ike's fingers seem really long! future pianist?

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Congratulations! Your children are so beautiful! I hope Ike is eating well now and learns to sleep through the night soon! Thank-you for sharing your beautiful family with such humor - I really enjoy it! : ) : )

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