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Four Weeks

Crowd Control

We spent the weekend -- the entire weekend, for reasons I cannot remember -- going places and doing things with and for the kids. All three of 'em. 

SPOILER ALERT: Going places and doing things sucks. 

On Friday we hauled everyone to the movie theater for Cars 2. (The boys loved it. LOVED IT! And I did not completely hate it! And the screaming baby in the theater did not belong to me! A victory all around, except for the part where we got out the door so incredibly late that popcorn had to count as everyone's dinner.)

On Sunday we went to the pool. (I wore a bikini! That nobody saw, because I did not take the maternity dress I wore as a cover-up off for even a single minute. I sat in the shade and held the baby for a secondary layer of postpartum-belly-camouflage.)

And wedged in between: Saturday. Oh, my heavenly lord. On Saturday we trekked into DC proper for a big barbecue battle-slash-street-festival. I hoped to eat some decent ribs and have a beer or two; I spent the entire afternoon pushing a double stroller around the kiddie section of the event, which was far, far away from the food and especially the beer, while alternately:

1) Barking at the wild and free and unleashed five-and-a-half-year-old to COME HERE, COME HERE, STAY CLOSE, WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING COMEHERE COMEHERECOMEHERE.

2) Apologizing to the toddler occupant of the double stroller who wanted out because he NEVER RIDES IN A STROLLER ANYMORE, WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS BULLSHIT, but I'm sorry, Mommy and Daddy are outnumbered, your butt is staying contained.

3) Looking for shady, semi-private places to breastfeed that were not porto-potties. 

Jason and I never managed to sample more than two or three plates of food, we never made it down to and of the actual BBQ competition events, I never got to sign up for the Man v. Food Nation Hot Wing Challenges that were taking place every half hour that I WOULD HAVE KILLED AT, I WATCH THAT SHOW, I KNOW THE STRATEGY. We left after less than three hours but I swear, it felt like at least eight or 10. 




Dc-bbq-battle-0611-04 Dc-bbq-battle-0611-05







Man. Good times. I can't wait until this weekend when we get to totally blow their little minds with some fireworks. 


Life of a Doctor's Wife

Oh your boys are SO CUTE! And look at how much fun they are having!

But even though I love - LOVE - the cute kid photos, man I wish this post had a Hot Wing Eating component.


Is that bubble wrap behind Ike? Woman you are ready for anything!!


Hah - point #1 totally reminds me of Bill Cosby (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87uzTTXqIMY , minute 2:57)

Anthony from CharismaticKid

You can breastfeed in public now. Don't you know that's allowed and legal?


I love the Glee in these pictures!! We live in a neighborhood on the north side of Chicago, and there are seriously 4 festivals within a three block walk of our apartment. I'm really curious how it's going to go with the free range almost 3 1/2 year old and the five month old. It should be fun.

Also, I'm so impressed Ezra stayed through the entire movie. We took our little boy and he was done after about 30 minutes (what was up with the 20 minutes of previews?!). I so wanted to see the movie.


What kind of sling do you have Ike in? I desperately need to buy one and can't find one that I like.


BBQ Battle always feels like hours upon hours b/c I get caught listening to the damn live music, trying to make sure I have a front row standing spot for Chuck who usually closes the day and I never get to eat enough b/c I don't want to lose mah spot, I've stood here a long time for this spot; I'm not moving. Take your kids by the kids area and bring me some ribs.

Looks like the boys had a ball.


I know what you mean about being outnumbered. Wait until Ike is mobile. Yeah, just you wait.


That laugh of Noah's - I think my favorite smiling picture of him EVAR. Diggin' it.


@Anthony: Um, yes? I'm aware? But that still doesn't mean we're all comfortable popping a boob out in the middle of a huge crowd while standing up next to a speaker blaring music at top volume. There was just a definite shortage of places to SIT, is all I was saying there. Except for the toilets. There were easily a dozen portopotties for every chair or bench I could find.

@Jennifer: That's not a sling, actually. It's a weird angle, but Ike is sleeping in the back of our stroller. (Phil & Ted's, with the newborn bassinet/carrier attachment thing.) (Though for slings I'm digging the Mei Tai styles with the Ergo infant insert until he can hold his head up.)


so sweet! love the pic of noah - i know commenters say this all the time but he is a legit bona fide kid now.


You've moved from a man-to-man to a zone defense. You're outnumbered. I'm pretty sure it takes guts to ever leave the house with less than a 1:1 ratio@


Wait wait wait, did you get your beer?? I would kill for a beer, note to self: next time I am NOT being pregnant in summer.

Wants to have beer again...

I'm with Habbala...Is it wrong that we're so concerned with your beer(s)? I'm a new (again) breastfeeding mom still trying to figure out how to drink a beer without having my baby frantically wake up and want to nurse off schedule IMMEDIATELY after I'm finished, followed by ohhhh, the mommy guilt. And you were going to have two! I want to know how to do this...


Wow, you are so brave! I went to the beach with hubby and baby, we lasted 15 min since our umbrella broke and baby had a meltdown. It's hard to change my expectations of fun outings, to let's get it done outings.


@Wants to have beer again: BUY THESE!


Expensive, yes, but you'll quickly figure out how much alcohol you can consume before it shows up in your milk and not have to re-test EVERY time you have a beer or some wine.


Sorry about the hot wings! I know you would have killed!

And can I just say that Ezra's little face makes my heart ache? In the best way possible? Because it does. :)


Lord I remember the days of carting the 4, 2, and 0 year-olds around. You deserve many beers, and it gets so much easier as they get older. Glad you're out there making memories-- it's a helluva lot of work.

Parsing Nonsense

Yikes! This all just proves my theory that leaving the house is more work than it's worth.

Nah, I kid, I kid. But dang, the idea of being in close proximity to ribs you can't actually eat? TORTURE!


You are much more brave than I. A crowd like that makes me want to weep even when I don't have children in tow. If I ever do take my child(ren) to something like that, you can bet I'll be breaking out the child-leash. I haven't used it yet, but I would loose my mind in a big crowd with a fast toddler.


Man, your kids are ADORABLE!!


Hey...my kid's had popcorn for dinner...with milk.

That totally makes it healthy.


As I am preparing to attempt to make a baby, I am super excited to find out that they have techniques that will allow me to drink during the breastfeeding stage. This is FANTASTIC news! You seriously have the best parenting tips ever.


While seeing Cars 2 (also on Friday), our 6-yr-old son ate an entire bag of popcorn, mooched half his sister's Crunch bites, a few of my SnoCaps, and asked for more after all was gone. And he had had dinner before we went. Not sure that's any better than popcorn-as-dinner.

Sounds like you have a great attitude towards these things. It helps when you've got 3 adorable mugs to remind you of what's important!


My Grandma is german, and she always told me "Drink a beer, it'll make your milk come in". And it is true -the hops or wheat or whatever stimulate production. I say one beer cannot possibly hurt, as long as you are not feeling buzzed and have plenty of food with it, one beer or glass of wine is not going to matter. Here is something from the American Academy of Pediatrics about it:


Was in DC this weekend for a visit. On Saturday we ate at Hill Country BBQ. All the staff kept asking if we were stopping by the bbq festivities. We didn't, b/c I need to concentrate when I'm eating large quantities of meat...and we'd already spent hours at the air and space museum with the kiddos. Love DC. Fireworks are great in our Connecticut town, but nothing like the ones in DC. Have fun!


We have a 3 year old, 2 year old, and 1 year old, and yes, going out is indeed crowd control. Especially now that the 1 year old is fully mobile. Like Ezra, my 2yo does not want to be in the double stroller, but until she learns not to run away, her butt is planted when I have all 3 kids with me.

Tomorrow, we're going to a friend's house with all 3 kids. This house is not kid-proof/friendly, and every time we go there (despite the deep, deep love for the friends) I want to gouge my eyes out. I am going because I love my husband (his best friend), but I will seriously be counting down every minute until it is over. I keep trying to tell him he should just go for the day and I'll stay home with the kids, but no dice.


Noah! Look at him trying so many new things. That's awesome.

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April Purinton

It gets better...the whole going in public thing. I have two year old twins (two year old POTTY TRAINING twins) and an eleven week old, and I'm finally starting to venture out of the house as the solo person responsible...whew. But we're doing it, and although I've found all four of us steeped in urine trying to change outfits in several skeezy public restrooms on more than one occasion, that's about the worst of it. Congratulations on the beautiful baby, and on your two adorable and sweet and although they no longer look the part, first two babies.


I CAN'T BELEIVE IT....I was in DC walking around the outside fence of that BBQ thing because I did not want to pay $12 just to pass through...I totally walked past that kiddie area like 5 times...never thinking I may see you...of course you have no idea who I am because I usually just lurk...only have left a comment like 3x in 5 years...so...there you go!

I totally love the weather and DC...not sure I would feel the same when the snow hits...but for now, my sinuses love the humidity and I love the hot.

Happy Wedensday! Takning the train to NY right now...


Noah got on the big bouncy bungee trampoline thing in the middle of a crowd and loved it??!!??!! YAY!

My Maxx would want to play on it but he would be intimidated by all the people around.

The Mommy Therapy

The lack of fun for Mom and Dad sounds familiar. It's how we roll now, right?

The outnumbered thing is rough. My youngest is just starting to walk and I fear we are definitely losing one in public some time soon, we just aren't going to be able to keep track!

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