Ike's Birth Story

Home, Again, Now

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Oh, where to even begin?

I suppose I should start at the beginning, with the birth story, or highlights from our roller-coaster-y hospital stay, or what happened when Noah and Ezra met their new brother for the first time. Or I should tell you how the sibling thing is working out at home, or how breastfeeding is going this time around, or about Ike's first doctor visit today. 

I should. I will. I definitely will. But today, right now...

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I can't think about anything else except how round his head is, how crazy long his fingers and toes are, or about how perfect his little mouth is and how delicious he smells.

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Or about how it's possible for someone to be the most beautiful little person you've ever seen, even at times when they look alarmingly similar to Wallace Shawn in The Princess Bride

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I spent a lot of this pregnancy exceedingly worried about things. How would I cope with three children, three boys? How was I going to handle a newborn again, with all the pooping and crying and not sleeping and sore boobs and aching incisions and just...everything. Would my father's death hang extra heavy in the bleary and hormonal postpartum period? Would I be sad? Was I really ready for this? Had we completely screwed up our lives? WHAT WERE WE THINKING?

In all of my fretting and fussing and endless searching for the Perfect Tummy Time Playmat, I kind of forgot about one little thing: That I would have Ike. Not just a needy, cranky generic newborn, but IKE, the needy, sometimes-cranky-sometimes-chill-always-probably-hungry Ike. Whom I would love down to my toes from the second I heard his first cry -- a cry that caused me to burst into tears and immediately babble to Jason that he's it, he's it. I can't believe I ever doubted, because he's exactly it. 

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In other words, yes, I was ready for this. In fact, I love this. And I already can't imagine life without this, without him, without our sweet Baby Ike. 



This is the best post ever. Congratulations to you and your gorgeous family. :)

Amelia Sprout

You and Jason make adorable babies. He is perfect. You also just made me feel better about how I'm going to feel about the currently gestating one.


He's beautiful! Congratulations again.





Damn you, woman! Just when I think I have no interest in the behbehs, you go and post these pictures. That is one cute specimen you've got there.


So beautiful - everything.


Well that made me burst into tears. So happy everything is more perfect than you could have ever hoped.


oh oh, a thousand hoorays and congrats!

Jenny Joy

*sniff* Welcome home, sweet baby Ike.


I cannot get over how much he (adorably) looks like his big brothers. I'm not sure WHY I'm so stunned, but man oh man will they take some adorable photos as they grow up together.


He is just totally gorgeous! Big big congratulations xx


Killing me with the sweetness, here. *Sniffle.* In such a good way, of course.

Parsing Nonsense

You've got it exactly right! Babies are a ton of work, but your own babies? Are perfection. Absolute perfection.

Congrats Amy, he's scrumptious.


Congratulations again, he is just adorable. Isn't amazing that once they are here and you see them how all the doubt just disappears and it all feels JUST RIGHT?

Jen O.

Oh, he is beautiful.


So incredibly beautiful. I got all teary-excited to have my baby now. I've been SO nervous and anxious about the WHOLE thing (first pregnancy and all) but now I'm just excited to meet the little one.

the grumbles

waterworks. you jerk!


His eyes! Wow he's gorgeous, have a wonderful time with him while he still smells all newly-hatched.

Martha H.

That was perfect!


Woman--you have an in-canny ability to make me cry at work. Congrats to your family. Ike is perfect. Just perfect. :)


He is just dear!


Awwww, he is the most adorable little guy ever! Melts my heart :)


Good for you. Be happy...all of you!


He is just the most perfect thing ever!!! I am so happy for you and your family. I wish you both the easiest, most peaceful first few months of babydom ever :)


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Beautiful boy (love that song). Congrats honey....


Mine's only been here half a year and this post made me want another one. Welcome home, Ike.


Gorgeous - post and baby too!


Ooooh, so happy for you! (Even if you do make me think I should have a third kid, too!)


You do have some gorgeous babies. I'm happy for your family. :)

Life of a Doctor's Wife

So beautiful. Both your words and the adorable baby in the photos.


He's beautiful! Enjoy every minute!

Angie @ Musings of a Violet Monkey

Damn, Amy. I want one. Like now. You and I are the same age, and I haven't gotten around to any yet, let alone three.
Love this.
He's adorable.





Could he be any more ADORABLE????!! Oh my freakin' gawd. Love. Him.

Congratulations to all!!

Lauren E. E.

Thank you for this. I'm 37 weeks tomorrow with my second and in a lot of pain and getting little sleep because of it. I'm having a rough time right now. Thank you for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel. I know it's there, it's just hard to see it through the tough stuff. Your light, your Ike, is so beautiful (and so are you!).


He is adorable! And he looks just like Ezra! Good job, mama. :)


Oh, these posts make me so damn happy. It's like looking back in time and remembering what it was like to come home from the hospital with a new baby. Exhausting, but exhilarating.

(But we'd really like to hear about everything else you mentioned... You know, when you aren't so sleep deprived or achy. Because we're all voyeurs like that.)


The entire Internet wants another baby now.

I remember that feeling so much though - when we had our fourth, it was completely unplanned and we were not in a great position to be adding people and extended family members were looking at us like we were part of some excessive baby-having cult... but then she was there and she was amazing and I couldn't imagine how we'd survived without her. God bless your sweet family - Ike is positively darling.


I think he is the cutest little baby turtle boy EVER...the cutest! (I think baby turtles are adorable, so please do know that) Congratulations you now have, as I said when my parents made us a family of five, "a whole handful". 3 boys=awesome!!!

Ps am now triply behind/JELLIS. Kiss the wee head for the innernets.


Thanks for making me cry at work Amy!! lol

Those pics...those eyes...the perfection....what else is there to say ??........


Oh wow. He's really handsome. Not even, "handsome for a newborn." He's straight up, really, really goodlooking. He's also working Blue Steel. Congratulations!


I know exactly what you mean.


OMG! His cuteness! It's incontheivable! (In my Wallace Shawn voice). Congrats again. And Dayna -- I agree: the whole Interweb wants an Ike :o)

Operation Pink Herring

I am currently pregnant with my first (due in Sept), and lately I have been beset with fear and regret. Why did we think this was a good idea? Our lives were perfect just the way they were. What if I don't like staying home and changing diapers all day, how are we going to afford living on one salary, AHHH THIS WAS A BAD IDEA WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE'RE DOING WE'RE NOT READY. NOW LET'S ALL CRY FOR NO REASON. So reading this... man, it made me feel better. Everything is going to be OK. More than OK.

Ike is adorable. I can't wait to hear all about him.


What a freakin awesome mom you are so blessed with these boys you have and they in turn are so blessed with you and Jason. Congratulations to you all.


Wonderful. Beautiful. Adorable.


Tears. He's perfect.


Aaaaand, I'm crying at my desk. :) So very, very happy for y'all...he is a wonder!!


Perfect post. There is something about each of these new little challenges that come our way. We're never really ready and then it happens and we just have to lean into it and all of the wonder makes it so much easier to see the world clearly. So happy your Ike is here!


Totally made me sob.

Love that baby face.


Congrats to all of you! He's beautiful!


So amazing, congratulations. My baby turned 22 last week and you brought me right back to 22 yrs ago...


My first thought when I saw his photo was, "What a pretty, pretty baby" and you know what they say about newborns . . . not pretty. Well, Ike IS pretty and perfect and beautiful! Congratulations!!! What a sweet, beautiful post.


Very well said... Congratulations!


Aww. This makes me look forward to meeting my new little guy even more!!


You are making my pregnant, hormanal self cry over here. Stoppit.
Though, you have relieved a few of my very same worries (though this is my second of two girls). I will have HER (who at this point is still name-less.)
He's absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations!


Welcome home to you both!

The Mommy Therapy

So sweet. Congratulations! I am elated that it's going so well. Can't wait to hear all the details...but take your time and enjoy him!


he. is. beautiful. congrats again.


Ugh, now I'm blubbing at work. He's beautiful and so is your writing.


He IS perfect. Gosh you make beautiful babies. Congratulations again!


I love makes me believe that the same will be for me in about a month when we welcome our second, also a boy. Also, is he not the greatest mix of Ezra and Noah? So adorable! Congratulations again!



Four months out with my second boy, I so needed to read this, Amy. You totally blessed me. Thank you.

Best wishes to you and that houseful of beautiful boys!


He is just beautiful! congratulations!


Such a sweet face! (And extra props for matching your shirt to the fancy custom wall decals.)


So beautiful I burst into tears.


Well, good thing that was short, or I'd be blubbering like a darned fool. I'm so happy for you, and for him--to be so *wanted*. Gifts to one another.

He's so, so sweet.


i only just got the ikea ike thing. but just wanted to say that you have done a brilliant job describing the feelings that we all have with newborns. that sense of oh my god i MADE this thing and he is SO... SO what i knew he would be. i always got the feeling that i knew my boys already when i met them. so different from each other, but like i had met them in another life or something. please tell us the details in time, but enjoy that whole gushy love fest that happens first. we'll live through you!


Just made me cry :) I'm two days away from being induced with my third boy (no girls) and have been having a hard time getting excited about having baby. This could not have come at a better time :)

Sara H

He's just perfect, and looks so much like you and his brothers. Congratulations to all of you.


Ike is a gorgeous baby, and now I def need another one! Incredible writing, Amy!


We just had our second on Friday. I can't tell you how often I entertain myself by moving his chin up and down and saying "Inconceivable!"

Congrats, Amy. He's beautiful.


Awwwwwww....Congrats!!! He is such a cute and smooshy newborn. I am so glad for you and your family!


Thank you for this--another weepy pregnant lady who needed to hear it. That's it not a baby, but this baby, our baby. I just can't quite imagine it.


SO nice to hear those words. I'm due in less than two weeks with my third and I've had the same fears about my ability to cope in general. Reading that made me take a breath and even feel some relief.

Congratulations! He's perfect!


so very unbelievably happy for you :-)


I am only commenting to say that it doesn't matter if it's your third, your fifth, or your 23rd child... you still wonder, "what were we thinking?!?!?!"
and then baby is born, and it's as if your heart skips a beat and in that beat, it fell in love.

i love babies. i'm so sad that we're done having them, but we can't all be michelle duggar.


Oh he's just beautiful and perfect! Congratulations to all of you. And this post makes me even more excited (and slightly less nervous) about the brand new baby boy I'll be bringing home in just a few more months.


he's so beautiful and alert! sigh.


He is divine. The end.


So happy for you. Many congratulations!


Thank you.
I am 11 weeks pregnant with our #3. Scared out of my mind how the heck I might actually manage to raise the two crazy boys I already have & a newborn too. Forgot about the beauty of meeting that new actual person. Thanks for that reminder.


My Lord he reminds me of Noah!


And the most beautiful thing? It is just the beginning. Congratulations to everyone physically present and to those who watch from above.

Hairy Farmer Family

Oh, he's beautiful, Amy. Many congratulations!


Well, crap, you made me cry.

So happy for you.



Lovely post. Congrats!


I could read this post over and over again. In fact, I have. Amy, he's beautiful. My ovaries are currently ACHING for another one now. He's beyond perfect. He redefines it. You all do. You redefine love, and beauty.

I know you're a big blogger, and you have THREE boys now, but sometimes it feels like I'm sending my comment out into space, to maybe be read one day, someday.
But If you're gonna get anything from this comment, if none of my other comments or tweets... It's that yes. Always a big, emphatic YES.

Plano Mom

God. Is. Good.


A perfect set of boys there. Gawd, enjoy them, Amy.

Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves

So awesome.


He's so beautiful. And that captures exactly how I felt with my second.


Thank you for helping me remember what happy tears feel like.


You have perfectly captured what it is like to bring home baby #3. That is exactly how I felt when I brought home my third daughter 11 weeks ago.



Ain't love wonderful ;-)


Can't TELL you how happy I am for you all!


Congrats on your beautiful boy! He is sooo precious!

Dr. Maureen

Oh, he is so so cute.


He's gorgeous! And I totally hear you. I had an unplanned 2nd pregnancy, and spent all of my 9 months a nervous wreck because we are just skating by financially, and daycare is unaffordable for infants here in dc, and we just uprooted our lives after a layoff, and just moved here from another state, and and and..... And he is here, and I am more in love with him than I have ever been with anyone in my life, and I can't believe I spent all that time worrying,



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