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Presented Without Comment

(Or at Least Without Any Particularly Wordy and/or Long-winded Comments) So Thursdays are my sort-of-mostly day-off-from-the-Internet. Sorry, Internet! I love you, but sometimes I really just want to stab you in the necktubes with a pencil. A few hours apart is good for both of us. All four of us, actually, if you count my Paypal account and Etsy habit. Anyway. I am just hopping online real quick to post more photos. Because that's all I do now, it seems. Photos! Look at some photos! I am the blogging equivalent to that crazy lady on the bus with a stack... Read more →

Four Weeks

WHAT?! I demand a recount. Not cool, relentless forward march of time. Not cool. *** Dear Baby Ike, You had your first real bath last night. Your belly button took its sweet old time healing up, no thanks to an assist from Noah, who accidentally knocked the umbilical stump off while trying to hug you, five-year-old cage-fighter style. (Your daddy then put the stump on the kitchen counter. I made him throw it out. I may lean toward the obsessive when it comes to documenting ya'll's childhoods, but sweet merciful crap, I am not scrapbooking anybody's freaking umbilical stump.) Noah... Read more →

Crowd Control

We spent the weekend -- the entire weekend, for reasons I cannot remember -- going places and doing things with and for the kids. All three of 'em. SPOILER ALERT: Going places and doing things sucks. On Friday we hauled everyone to the movie theater for Cars 2. (The boys loved it. LOVED IT! And I did not completely hate it! And the screaming baby in the theater did not belong to me! A victory all around, except for the part where we got out the door so incredibly late that popcorn had to count as everyone's dinner.) On Sunday... Read more →

I Did It All For The Gadgets

This post is sponsored by Samsung. But written by me. Hooray for sponsors! Polite-yet-bored golf claps for me. So I'm sure you've all heard about the "push present" thing, right? The completely-invented-by-jewelry-companies idea that you, as a childbearing female, deserve some kind of butt-expensive bling or present from your partner in the getting knocked-up process? And while I'm being all sarcastic and seemingly above-it-all here, you should be aware I am also totally the recipient of two previous sparkly gifts from my husband, and did not complain AT ALL about him caving to some silly fake tradition, because LOOK AT... Read more →

Humble Pride

There's nothing quite like those moments -- those rare public moments when the child you've spent years of your life raising as a kind, empathetic and polite human being opens his mouth...and says the most impulsive, selfish and socially tone-deaf thing he could possibly come up with. In front of God, everybody and at least 50 other adults with video cameras. So I left a little anecdote out of my entry about Noah's belt test. Because...well, it wasn't exactly the sort of story I felt deserved to be preserved for posterity. At least...not at first. At first it was one... Read more →


i have gotten absolutely nothing done today. i mean, besides keeping three children alive and clothed and mostly fed (APPLESAUCE AND AMERICAN CHEESE SLICES ARE TOTALLY A REAL LUNCH, WHAT?) and making sure nobody's eyeballs got poked out. i did scrub pee off a chair in the dining room and then brushed some vomit out of my hair. you can hardly see either now. (not sure about the smells, though.) oh, and i folded some diapers. and put some clothes in the dryer. i think. did i? i might have hallucinated that last part. anyway. point is: it's pure totally-outnumbered... Read more →

Heartbreak In A Cup

SOMETHING HORRIBLE HAS HAPPENED, Y'ALL. My hospital cup -- the new one, the one I spent close to nine months dreaming of and plotting over, the one I looked forward to stealing like nothing else in the room save for those sexy mesh granny panties -- mysteriously cracked overnight in a good three different places, then flooded the top drawer of my nightstand and NOW I DON'T HAVE A SECOND SPARE HOSPITAL CUP ANYMORE, AFTER ALL THAT I WENT THROUGH JUST TO SCORE A FREE SECOND SPARE HOSPITAL CUP IN THE FIRST PLACE. NOW what am I supposed to do?... Read more →

After Midnight

On Friday night, Pre-Third-Baby Anxiety-Inducing Imaginary Scenario #473 occurred: Alternately dealing with a newborn baby's usual night-wakings AND those of a sick, cold-ish toddler. Ezra came down with an extra-pathetic case of the sniffles, then added a seal-like is that the croup or not the croup? cough, and proceeded to appear -- all moist-faced and miserable, his blankies in hand -- at our bedside multiple times throughout the night and early morning hours. Usually either immediately AFTER I'd finished nursing Ike and gotten him newly settled back down to sleep, or right at the EXACT second we were treated to... Read more →