State of the Boobdom, Round Three
another photo-heavy post because typing one-handed is tedious

Let's Check In With My Other Hugely Giant Grown-Up Children For a Minute


Belt Test, Round Two, The Sequel, The New Class, The Beltening!


The boards of destiny. This time, our young grasshopper would be expected to break one in half with his FIST. 

Now, while I generally like to believe that there is nothing my firstborn cannot do, as he is brilliant and awesome IF A TAD CHALLENGING AT TIMES, even I had to question the physics of this task. Noah's fist is the size of a small plum. 


Ezra had complete confidence in his big brother, though, and was on hand to take supplemental photographs. Mostly of his thumbs and the floor. 


Ike slept through the whole thing. 


Round kick!


And reverse!


Gleeful joy after kicking the target clean out of Mr. Justin's hands, requiring Mr. Justin to do five pushups. 


Um. Yes. There is a lot of yelling at these things. 

Ike also slept through this part. 


Mid-board-breaking attempt.





(Thanks to Mr. Justin for remembering the existence of MOM, who was also RIGHT THERE, WHATEVER, at least.)


The first moments with his very own yellow belt.


Do not mess with this one. Also, please stop taking pictures and help him assemble his latest Lego acquisition, the Harry Potter Hogwarts Express set, which we'd totally purchased ahead of time and snuck into the car during the test so when he came out, it was already there, just waiting to BLOW HIS MIND.

I asked him who he thought put it there. He said magic. Karate magic

Photo (23)

I think that sounds about right. 

Congratulations to the best yellow-belted big brother in the world, and I'm really glad you love your Baby Ike as much as you do, which is a lot, even more than the Hogwarts train, which: WOW YOU GUYS HE IS SERIOUS. 



So much awesomeness. Also, Ike looks HUGE in the pic where he's sleeping in Jason's arms!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners

Cuteness times a million. Congrats to big brother!


There is no way that is a newborn baby in Jason's arm. Holy Big Kid!!!

And congrats to Noah!!! Great Job!


Snuggles and Brotherly Love. XOXO to all of you.


Congratulations Noah!

Did you have to keep the board? My husband has insisted on keeping his board from his yellow belt test (when he was 25!) through 4 moves and countless declutterings. It only ever lives in random closets but boy is he attached to that thing.


I'm w/cc! My first thought was holy hugely giant grown-up Ike! Congrats on his yellowbeltedness and that last pic made me swoon. Baby love.


Magic indeed!


Love, love, love this post! Congrats Noah! =)


That is the most awesome thing ever! Congratulations to Master Yellow Belt Noah!


Awesome! Way to go Noah! It is hard to have a new baby in the house, so it is really special that he can have some attention for doing something really cool!

Thank you for sharing Noah's karate experience. My son is the same age as Noah, so I enrolled him and my daughter as well shortly after Noah started. It seemed like it was a great program, and we love it! Thank you for opening our eyes to something that has helped my kids grow. (Coincidentally, my son got his yellow belt too!)


is there anything cuter than that picture???? Me thinks not.


One day Ike is going to make Noah do five push-ups. I'm sooo looking forward for those proud pics :)

Congrats on the yellow belt, Noah!


Oh that last picture! Just...OH! So sweet!


Hi-YAH! Super awesome big brother! Love it :)


It was the "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, I did it, Daddy" picture that made me cry just a little. How wonderful.

Jen L.

Yay, Noah! Also, Ezra? Still so very nom-able. That is the sweetest picture ever of Noah and Ike. ;)


That last picture is pure awesome.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Yay Noah!!!!

Love all the photos - you have really adorable children. That last one makes me all melty.


I am having a really crappy day at work... but this post made me smile!!!


I'm all a couple months postpartum (I don't even know if that still works as an excuse, but it's still causing hairloss!!), and this made me all weepy! So cute! He is an amazing little man!


All of those pictures really made my day. Congrats Noah on the belt and the adorable little brother!


Oh, Noah! I'm so proud of you! Congratulations - that yellow belt looks awesome!


Congratulations Noah! And how awesome that he loves his new baby brother so much. I just love the sibling love. It just makes me melt.

April F



I think I just exploded from that last picture.

Also have you see the movie Your Highness? Not that I would ever admit to having stooped so low as to watch it; it is... I mean um, I HEAR THAT it is... so incredibly crude. However. I think you'd laugh too, even if you never admitted it.




stupid html. that "too" in my comment above was supposed to to be in "strikeout".
ruined my borderline funny. bleh.


I just have one question for you: why do you make me cry every time??????? You and your family are too precious for words.


Holy Moses, these are all super awesome, but the pic of him cuddling his new belt to his cheek made me tear up more than the pic with Ike.

He's just so big and proud of himself!

The Ike picture is amazingly adorable as well, of course. Your kids are so cute!


A few observations: Noah has awesome form, Ezra absolutely pulls off the I'm-a-seasoned-photograper look, Ike's freakin' adorable, and Mr. Justin ain't so bad himself. So.


Oh, this is great news! I remember you were worried about Noah and the yellow-belt test, a while back-- I'm so happy he passed, brilliantly. Well done, Noah-san!

Suzy Q

That last pic made my heart explode. Yay, Noah!

Parsing Nonsense

I love Ezra's look of rapt attention, the absolute confidence he has that OF COURSE his big brother can get his yellow belt. Congrats all around!


That's some awesomesauce right there! Love Ezra the photographer too! Great to hear everyone is getting along! :)


Congrats, Noah! (And that is a quite the Jason-esque look in the next-to-last pic.) (HE HAS STORCH EYES!)

LD's Mom

That last picture is the most "Ezra-like" I've even seen Noah look.

The Mommy Therapy

Adorable. Looks like a blast. Sort of makes me want to sign my oldest up for karate...except then I would have to take him to karate.

Looks like the family is adjusting nicely!


That last photo is going to be one of Ike's favourites when he grows up, I bet. So, so sweet <3


Noah is a rockstar. A rockstar whom I have I noted I should not cross, just in case he snaps me in two with his bare hands.


heartsplosion material, right there.


I just cried the entire time I read that post! Like I actually know you or something...but seriously, GOOD JOB, NOAH! You're children are just adorable.


can i have your life (in a non internet stalker way) this post is so awesomesauce !!


Congratulations, Noah! Now excuse while I go glue my heart back together after it exploded into a thousand pieces upon seeing that last photo.


Awwww. And WOW! And Yay! And, amazing how much Noah looks like his mommy.


I love it! Go Noah!!!!!!!!!


Aww, congratulations Noah!! Great pics (as always)!! :-)

Suzy Q

Also? Mr. Justin has a very nice ass! Missed that the first time around.


The pics of him cuddling his yellow belt? Then cuddling his baby Ike?


the bee

At least I am not crying while at the office as is my custom. Noah is amazing and I am so glad he loves his brothers as much as he does. What does Ezra think of the new guy ?

Nancy R

Good on you, Noah! Now tell your Mama to quit dressing Ike in big boy clothes, dammit.


That last picture is so awesome.......the only thing better would be one with all 3 brothers!! Congrats!!!


That last picture has killed me with the adorableness. It almost makes me want another baby. ALMOST.

Yay Noah! Congratulations!!


noah looks JUST LIKE YOU! I'm sure someone else already said this. Still worth saying again. Just. Like. You.


Congratulations, Noah!

That picture of Ezra is so unbelievably cute.


Um...holy cow those are some giant grown-up little people! Little people that break boards and sport the world's most adorable haircuts. And then there is Ike...oh my, he is delicious! That last photo melted my heart!

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