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This Post Is The Bloggy Equivalent To Flipping Fate The Bird

Two Weeks

Photo (27)

Current stats: 7 pounds, 12 ounces

In other words: HOORAY BOOBS

Photo (28)

Likes: Sleeping, eating, rocking, Mamaroo-ing, Mei-Tai-ing, car rides, butt pats, boobs, the top part of Mama's index finger, obscure expensive pacifiers from Sweden, spitting out said obscure expensive pacifiers from Sweden onto the floor, staring at things, scowling at things, looking vaguely alarmed and/or highly skeptical at things, being delicious, general turtle-face-making.


Dislikes: Diaper changes, hiccups.

Photo (29)

He is awesome. And I think we will keep him. 



He is just too darn cute. Enjoy this tiny little guy, because he won't be so tiny for very long. :)

Jess F.

What a precious boy!


Oh my. The baby deliciousness. Nice to know it doesn't get old, even with the third one. Thanks for sharing him!


I'd keep him for the toes alone!


He is a cutie-pie!! Thanks for keeping us updated! :-)


He's adorable. The posts you've put up over the past few weeks have made me feel so much better about having our second baby, who is due in September. I'm always glad she'll be here, but I have panicky moments as well, and I always feel excited about our growing family when I'm looking at pictures of Ike and his brothers.


So adorable and such loooong fingers!


And here I was hoping you've decide not to keep him so that I could take him instead. (JUST KIDDING!!)


Love the second picture from the bottom. His face is all "Are you bringing me some food?"


Ok... when are we going to see a fluffy butt picture??? He is adorable, but I want to know about the fluff and see it!


Must know! What is the expensive obscure Swedish pacifier!? Also, what is that contraption you're holding him in? All I ever used was a Hotsling and a Baby Bjorn. Anyone know?

Suzy Q

I cannot even believe it's already been two weeks! His fingers and toes are amazing!


He is beautiful & so very keepable...


he looks very intellectual! like he knows something we don't know. LOL! the turtle face... totally. love him!!! x


You do make some awesome turtle face babies! (Ez never really had much of a turtle phase though, did he?)


What in the world is that contraption you and Ike are strapped into?


He's so cute! Love the turtle face =) Keep the pics coming!


He looks a lot like Ezra in that turtle face shot. :)


Amy he is just adorable. I can practically smell his baby deliciousness through my laptop! And you look fantastic for being 2 weeks out!


Oh definitely. I'd keep him for those stripey trousers alone.


I love the adorable turtle face!!


The turtle face is adorable!


Love the mei tai!


Oh ... my 4 month old looks like a monster compared to these precious newborn days. And his fingers, SO LONG! Can't wait for a cloth diaper update!


That's a mei tai style baby carrier from Etsy (, combined with the Ergo carrier infant insert. SO COMFY!

Jen L.

Baby pants! OMG, I love baby pants. He's precious!


Adorable. You make beautiful babies.


He's adorable; I love the turtle face photo, and his fingers and toes are so long! Babies are just the best.


Wow, his fingers are crazy long. He's either going to be a piano prodigy or an evil genius. Which all works out in the end for M-O-M, any way.

Also? BABY FEETS! Om nom nom!


I love his little "Whatchutalkinbout,Willis?" expression.

Yet another adorable Storch boy...I fear we are being overtaken.

die Frau

OK, I want my baby to come out RIGHT NOW. I'm due Saturday. I don't think it's too much to ask.

What a sweetheart...and he already looks so much like his brothers!


That wrap/carrier thing looks rather complicated. What is it? Do you like it?


Never mind, I scrolled up and saw your answer. I thought that looked like an Ergo insert with something else wrapped around it!

My baby is due any day now and the only thing left on the to-do list is buy a wrap/carrier/what-have-you. I can't decide which one...


GAAAAAH! You got the ole uterus aching with this one! In fact, I think this is the first pregnancy we haven't anonymously shared. When you announced it I thought "On shit, I'm next!". Cuz you know, two total strangers are linked like that. Anyway, absolutely EDIBLE baby you got there!


Absolutely adorable.


You don't really need us to tell you how beautiful he is, as well as those other cuties you have running around, do you? I wish you the best always!


Am I too turtley for your turtle club?


The turtle face is awesome. And delicious. And awesome.


He's adorable!

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Baby is looking very Beautiful and Now, Baby is Two Weeks Old and Looking Healthy it's good Things.


He's gorgeous! I can't believe it's been two weeks already!


I love how his long toes are curled up. He's adorable! And hooray for working boobs.


My baby is about to turn 1 this month and your pictures are totally making me realize she's not that small anymore. Stop making me want anotherrrrrrr! lol


He's adorable! And has the exact same likes and dislikes as my 1 week old daughter - imagine that! (Similar expressions, too ;)


Love the long toes and the startled turtle look!!


He is so sweet! How is he already two weeks old? So fast!!


He is so beautiful! Congratulations on your handsome little man. And enjoy. :)


Your baby is awesome.


Oy, my aching ovaries! Yum yum.


Beautiful little turtle face. He sure looks happy.


I love the giant cloth diaper butt in the last photo!


GODDAMN that kid has long fingers.


Delicious. Absolute gorgeousness.

So, what is his position on burping? For or against?


He is so wonderful! I love the expressions and his big wide eyes!

Also, dress: where get? I just had my 4th and I'm stressed for easy clothing besides the one pair of maternity jeans I have.

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