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It's Tradition, Dammit

Hey, so you know what happens when you get an email from your blog provider that reads, "The credit card on your account expired. Please provide a new one within X number of days or else you won't be able to post on your blog?"

And then you forget to provide a new card within X number of days? You totally are not able to post on your blog! Just like they said! I know, right? 

And then you're like, OKAY FINE, WHERE'S MY WALLET and you can't find your wallet and you're like, SCREW THIS, IT'S A HOLIDAY ANYWAY and you put it off again and  then you find your wallet the next day and finally update the card information...only to realize that this exact anecdote about mildly suspenseful credit card hijinks is the ONLY INTERESTING THING YOU HAVE TO TALK ABOUT ON YOUR BLOG. 


But hey! I've been saying both of those things since I started this blog back in 2003. And hell, if I can't even be bothered to find my wallet within a perfectly reasonable, specified time frame, I'm probably not going to do anything that requires much more effort than that. Maybe by the time this current credit card expires. In 2015.

It's nice to have goals, I think.


We took the kids to see fireworks last night. But the actual fireworks were waaaay less exciting than the part where they got to sit on the roof of the car. 

Photo (47)

Seriously. Experience of a lifetime. Next year we're staying right in our own damn driveway. I'll throw some glowsticks and shit from the shredder basket in the air or something.

Photo (49)

Ike watched the fireworks from my lap in the front seat. And by "watched" I mean "completely ignored the copious amounts of commotion and BANG BANG BANG and WHOOOSHEEEEE noises and a bonus crazy lady wandering around the parking lot yelling at all the double- and triple-parked cars (of which we were one), all YOU CAN'T PARK THERE YOU CAN'T PARK THERE."

We ignored her too, actually. Bitch, we've been double-parking next to this same dumpster in the same back corner of this same semi-suspicious-looking gyro shop every Fourth of July for five years now. This dumpster and us go waaaaay back. We call her Smelly. Don't you be hassling us about Smelly, okay?

Anyway. Ike nursed and stared into space for awhile, and then Noah and Ezra got bored of the roof and decided they'd rather sit in the driver's seat and honk the horn, like, yeah, MORE NOISE IS WHAT WE NEED HERE.

Photo (50)

Also: Hair. Has anybody seen all my hairs? I had some a month ago and now I haz no hairs. Woe.

And when the fireworks were over we came home and put everybody to bed and then I ate some Advil. The end. Happy Fourth!



I must say that your baby captions are the reason I've kept coming back here for five years.

Thank you, LOLZ friend.

The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful

You baby. You toddlers. You go outside. Yoo Hoos are a delicious chocolate drink. You rock.


When I was growing up, my parents used to let me and my cousins get up on the roof of the house to watch the fireworks. And, yeah, sitting on the roof with a quilt and a push pop was WAY more exciting than the actual fireworks.

Glad you had a happy Fourth!


No fair, I wanna sit on the car roof too!


Kailee, We let our kids sit on the roof of our ranch style house for the fireworks & it totally gets us out of traffic spending $$ on food vendors. Win win! =)

Amy, love your posts & the pics of the feet.


OOPS! "traffic & spending" (forgot the "&", grins sheepishly)


Fire works in our town started 45 minutes to an hour late - we gave up after 25 minutes of waiting with 3 boys chanting very loudly for fire works and this is a rip off - they were super hyper which was lovely. We ended up with our friends at their house where the Dad did his own show in the back yard and the boys had the best time ever. I'm thinking that's the way to go next year. A beer, a screened porch away from the damned bugs (for me anyway) and no traffic. And, yay, for Ike no crying or what not over the noise!

Erika Mitchell

That poor weird parking enforcer lady. It can't be fun to be her, all bogged down by the rules and incapable of relaxing enough to enjoy fireworks.


You make me laugh so hard. Love it...


We drove home down 270 from Gaithersburg and were amazed at all the cars parked along the shoulder of the super dangerous highway to see the fireworks. I worried someone would be driving along the highway watching the fireworks and run into the cars (with kids sitting on top) and hurt some people.

(I guess I was like the crazy lady).

We saw no fireworks.


I was the crazy lady driving around my neighborhood at 12:30am yelling at people to STOP already with the fireworks as SOME OF US HAVE TO WORK TOMORROW!!! Plus, doesn't the 4th of July end at midnight? Let's not carry the celebration into the 5th!! :)


We missed the fireworks this year. I'm pretty bummed.


We did everything on the 3rd (including fireworks)and were bored out of our minds on the 4th.


You just totally brought back a memory of us sitting on a blanket on the hood of our old station wagon when we were kids. That was the most awesome part of the fourth! I totally forgot about that until I saw the pictures. Thank you for that memory. :)


That looks like a fun, roof of the car time!! Man, we live on a little lake, and it seemed like everybody in town shot off fireworks over it- pretty, but awful since our 3 month old is teething/going through a phase of RAGE at any sign of us putting him to bed: pacifier, heading to the rocking chair, etc. And loud explosions are not bedtime-friendly, neither are 4 scared barking dogs.


NUZZLES for the turtleface :) nuzzzzzzzleeeeessssssssssss


What a CUTE baby!

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