BlogHer Part One But Not Really

And Then Suddenly, BlogHer!


I leave tomorrow. I am not packed. I am not caught up with any of my deadlines for later in the week. I am undeniably sick with a cold and woke up this morning to an Attack Of The Eyebrow Zits, Like WTF I Never Get Eyebrow Zits But IT SURE DOES FIGURE. I am currently calling my hair salon every hour on the hour to inquire about cancellations because my roots are visible from space and my color has faded to a drab strawberry blonde that does not look particularly good on me, although it sure does coordinate with the zits around my eyebrow.


Yesterday I spent -- no exaggeration -- five solid hours on the phone attempting to rectify an emergency posters situation for Friday night's legendary BlogHer/MamaPop Sparklecorn shindig, as in we had no posters because of a communication kerfluffle, and I needed to order so many posters that my online shopping cart was crashing AllPosters.com. That's a crapton of posters, you guys. So five hours, it took to manually order each and every poster over the phone. Five hours of qualifying to a sales rep named Allison that yeah, okay, yes, I am ordering ANOTHER Justin Beiber poster but it's meant IRONICALLY. Now give me every freaking Lady Gaga poster you have, post haste!

I actually felt a pang of sadness when I hung up, because I was really going to miss her. 

Speaking of missing people...


He's not coming. He's just too little and the flight is just too long, and since I went back and forth and back and forth about my decision to take him or leave him or just stay home, work obligations be damned, I couldn't even coordinate with someone local to help me out on the flight, like I did the year I brought Ezra. My mom offered to come with me but flights hotel room money etc. blah. I am confident that breastfeeding is established enough that it will be okay once I return, and Jason is more than capable of keeping our children alive for a couple days on his own. So I am lugging my breast pump across the country for all of...oh, not even 48 hours, as I arrive tomorrow at five pm and will hop on the first plane out of Dodge on Saturday morning, probably while sobbing in a hormonal little puddle because my baaaaaaaaaybeeeee.

I actually don't want to talk about it anymore. It's obviously making my eyebrows break out. 

(Also not talking about the possibility of missing Noah's first tooth falling out while I'm gone and Ezra...well, Ezra just doing everything awesome and hilarious that Ezra always does, BUT I WILL BE MISSING IT.)

Standard BlogHer spiel: If you see me, for the love of God please say hi, though be prepared to be hugged. I am really good with blog/commenter names and Twitter handles but kind of shitty with faces, so please don't think I'm an asshole if I squint at your attendee badge for a minute or two while my feeble hamsterbrain makes the connection. Or if I leak breastmilk on you. Though I promise to take every possibly precaution to prevent that from happening. 

And Sparklecorn is Friday night at 9 pm, no RSVP required (HOORAY), so please come because it is going to be insanely awesome. DJ Skribble. Drinks. Dancing. A cake that will blow your mind. And free Justin Beiber posters at the end of the night, if you're lucky. 



have fun! :)


Wish I could come! I love the sound of this party, but sadly I can't justify a flight from London for the Bieber poster. Damn!


Oh, Ike. He's all, "Mama's going bye bye, but more importantly she's taking my MUH MILKS with her!" Such a serious little dude with his adorable frowny faces :)


I'll be at BlogHer, and if I see you I'll try not to act too much like a scary fangirl.

Just Shireen

Oh, that face!

Have fun!


Hi Amy! I'm going to be there too. I would LOVE to meet you and give you a hug. Can we arrange that? Or is that too "stalkerish"? ;)
(the one who made the fingerprint charm for you in case you forgot who did that)


That face is all "Who is this No Milk Man?" DO NOT WANT NO MILK MAN.


As a San Diego girl, I'm definitely jealous that you're heading to my hometown (even though I only live 500 miles away, I only get down there a few times a year). I know you'll have a blast!

And that picture of Ike is just making me want to cry.


Oh my word. I love that photo of him. Seriously. I will stop now though.

I do hope I see you. I promise not to say awkward stuff in an elevator like last year.


Come for the unicorns, stay for the Biebers.


I am so so so looking forward to leaking milk onto you too. I'll be the one acting as if you ARE Justin Beiber and I am a 12 year old girl. Don't be scared.


O.M.G. that face!


If I had known that you were looking for a helper I would have shown up on your doorstep with my bags packed! Have a wonderful time and tell Jason to call us if he needs help. Although I am sure that he will be just fine...and you will have a blast! :)


Have fun! Oh, just a sidenote: the last time I called personally to order 15 posters of Justin Beiber, they notified authorities and did a background check.

You might just want to polish up an alibi for Friday night. Just in case.


I'm sorry, if I was going I totally would have flown with you again. We had fun on the flight. And roomed with you! But you are going and I'm home. And sad.

C @ Kid Things

Too bad I'm not going to BlogHer. My niece would love me if I brought back a Justin Bieber poster. And I just typed Justine, so you know, that's how I feel about that.


Oh dat little baby face! That's how the babies get you to have more. Those evilly cute WAAAA-I-need-me-boob-on-demand faces!!!!!


Have no fear on the loose tooth front. My daughter just lost her first and I don't know if you know this but those suckers take forever to fall out. By the time it did come out I was thinking "thank god, I thought it was going to stay there permanently by that one little thread and my kid would have two sets of teeth like a shark". Hoping in your case as well that 48 hours will have no effect on that tooth.


He's doing the lip thing. I admire any mommy who can resist the power of the pouty lip. He is too cute.


Don't worry about Noah's tooth coming out while you're gone. You have at least another month of wiggling and whining and questions about whether it's ready to come out while he screams at you for trying to touch it to find out. It's not coming out til it's barely hanging on by the tiniest thread of his gums. I'm looking forward to the post telling us about that, believe me.


I went on a business trip about 6 weeks after my Mia was born (one week before Ike! you were my pregnancy friend, and didn't even know it!), and I managed to convince my husband to take a week's vacation to accompany me. Yeah, he got some points.


oh, that baby face. SLAYS me! And last year I sat behind you at the autism panel and was all like "OMG AMY" but I was a weenie so I didn't say hi. Damn. This year I have to take the stupid GREs, so no blogher for me! Have funnnn.

Mama Bub

If I don't leave Sparklecorn with a Justin Beiber poster, I'm starting a Twitterstorm.


I think they both look like they will miss you terribly. Have fun and keep us informed. You deserve a break today!


Good luck with everything! I wish I were going but am not. You will do great and be a better mommy because you have this side of you. It gives you a confidence that trickles back to your parenting. All three will benefit from you being a career person in addition to a damn good momma. Best of luck!

Becca Lynn

MARK MY WORDS: One of these years, I am SOO going to BlogHer, mainly to meet you. But will be profoundly disappointed at the lack of 3 (Okay, 4. Jason is adorable too. ;-) ) adorable boys attached to you, because, though this is creepy, I kind of love them as much as I love you. Which is a lot, for someone you've never met. Or talked to.


Becca Lynn

ALSO? My baybeeeee is 13 months old, and I had long since forgotten about that all-encompassing, inexplicable NECESSITY to be with your newborn AT ALL TIMES.
Until now.


Ike looks just like I do about not going to BlogHer. I totally look exactly like that. Superpout.

Anyway even though I'm not going to see you I am going to tell you you looked gorgeous anyway. Because I just know you will. Half-dyed hair and all.


That bottom lip is KILLING me! Thomas does the same thing (he's just a few days younger than sweet Ike) and it renders me helpless. Lord knows when he's of an age to use it for procuring toys, candy and ice cream I will be in big trouble.

Have fun, lady!


That is the best picture. I love Ike's face! Have a great time. Enjoy a few hrs of not changing diapers or filling a sippy cup.

Ashley Fitting

So yeah... I'm going, and I may be looking for you and your roots to hug at some point. I may also have had a few cocktails so don't be too afraid. It's my first blogher and I'm stoked! :)


Have a great time. I wish I would have known. I really wanted to go to Blog Her and I would have so flown out with you and Ike. Next time for sure.

You will be great once you finally get there.

The Mommy Therapy

I have total BlogHer envy.

I'm sure it's tough, but you will probably have a great time. Enjoy the few moments away and know you'll be right back!

Wombat Central

That baby face! Too much cuteness. I hope you have a sparkly time with the bloggers and the Biebs!

Shannnon @nwaMotherlode

His lip poking out is just too freaking cute! Saw on Twitter where you had a few mishaps on the way home. Hope you're feeling better and your eyebrow zits are manageable now. Can't wait to hear more details about BlogHer! I am GOING NEXT YEAR, DANGIT!!!!

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