All Is Love (And Really Freaking Attractive Conference Attendees)
Little Fish

Baby Ike, 10 Weeks

AKA Deep Intellectual Conversations With Things That Jingle and Make Crinkly Noises


Hey man. What's up?


Heh. I know. Right?


Hehhhhhhhh. Heh. You're crazy, man. 


I love you, but you're crazy. 


But seriously. You raise an interesting point.


Whoa, really?


This is exciting! This requires hand gestures!


I just...admire the way you think. And I mean that. Honestly.


Wait. What?




Why would you say something like that?


I think you've gone too far this time, man.


Nah, I'm just messing with ya. We're cool.


I had you going there, didn't I though?


Anyway, good talk. I gotta go see a girl about some dry pants now, 'kay? Catch ya later.

(Let me tell you, if there is a baby out there who does NOT lose his ever-loving soup-brain over the Lamaze Freddie the Firefly toy, I...uh, did not personally give birth to him. We are three for three over here.)

(We are also on our third freaking Freddie. After the initial smiles and coos comes the gumming. And the drooling. And then the gumming and the drooling and the puking and the hurling from the stroller and the running over with the stroller and alas! Poor Freddie. You burn fast and bright and brilliant and then you are thoroughly disgusting and Mommy is all, I gave Freddie to another baby who needs him. Another baby who lives in the trash can, and who is made of germs.) 

(EDITED TO ADD SHAMELESS PIMPAGE: I'm recapping Project Runway at Mamapop. Aren't you excited?)

(Don't answer that.)


Cindy B,

His expressions are priceless. Totally love the last one.

Angie @ Musings of a Violet Monkey

Best Ike post yet! Love, love, love. My favorite is the "Why would you say something like that?" pic. Omg.


Life of a Doctor's Wife

Such a cutie with the faces!

That last line was hilarious: "Another baby who lives in the trash can, and who is made of germs." HA!


*clap clap clap clap clap*

Too awesome.


Awww. so cute.
our Freddie was named Annabelle. I didn't know we changed his gender.


We love our Freddy too! Thanks for making my day with the photo montage; I envy your creativity.


Sooo funny! Am thoroughly jealous of Ike's cuteness. Would like one, please and thank you!


Dude. I just overdosed on the adorableness that is baby Ike.


That was awesome. Seriously. Gah, he is so dang cute!!

PopMommy Pam

I totally missed out on the Freddie! We had the Lamaze giraffe - I still miss that thing. And how cute is your kid???!! Awesome pics.


We want cloth diapers!


Ha! Ike has some awesome faces. I love it :)

Ms Scarlett

We love Freddie here, too. Only Freddie went on holiday and never came back. Lamaze's Jacques the Peacock is an adequate but not quite so fascinating replacement.


He looks soooo much like Ezra.

A baby made from spun gold and pure sugar. How do you not eat him up?


LOL, absolutely hysterical! I love everything you write, but this is especially priceless :)


Cute, cute, cute!!! So CUTE!!!


Wow, will order one! We have the Bright Starts giraffe-cow - I had been calling it a cow for a long time, and my Mom pointed out the giraffe attributes, oops, so we call it both now. He LOVES it,it attaches to his carseat. We just got back from 2, week long plane/car trips in 3 weeks and this saved us all.


too funny i just posted pics today of various crazy baby expressions. your babe is adorable! and you a funny gal!

Jen L.

Look at his cute old man shirt!!!!! That baby is the king of awesome facial expressions.


Ahaha I love these!! I think my favorite is the "whoa, too far" picture. I just wish we knew what the Lamaze toy was saying back... ;-) .


You have made some pretty cute humans! I know you said you were done with three, but I think the world may need a few more of these adorable boys.

And, as always, you are hilarious! But aren't all babies made of germs?


We are a Lamaze Jacques the Peacock family. Two for two so far.

Maxine Dangerous

"But seriously. You raise an interesting point." was one of my faves. :D He reminds me of the baby in Look Who's Talking. (This is a compliment.) :)

Jan Ross

This is hilarious. I had to share it with everyone I know on Facebook. Makes things even funnier when you share them, don't you think?


This is my favorite post in the history of ever. I've just been envisioning Ike these past few weeks with an eternally skeptical expression on his face.

Also, the "Why would you say something like that" face looks like a face Buster Bluth would make.


Great expressions/captions, and the shirt makes him look like a little old man! I've been reading forever and I still think of the picture post when Noah was a baby and he had on his Hef jacket and woke up under the rolling chair thing that I can't think of the name of. I think I'll try to find it and get another laugh.


So unbearably cute!!! Those facial expressions are priceless!


This made me laugh so hard, especially starting from the "Wait. What?" And the giving of the toy to the baby in the trash can who is made of germs.

I AM excited that you are recapping Project Runway! Love your recaps! But I can't read it yet because I haven't watched last night's episode.


I thought the was Freddie. My baby girl loves him! Ike is too freaking cute!


"...I am opposed to the continuing career of Jennifer Love Hewitt."

or something like that.

your kids say funny sh*t.


I love this so much! I'm sitting here, slaving away on my homework, then I open up to this beautiful, happy, funny post. Made my evening all better!


He totally looks like Seth Green to me. Which could be a good thing or a bad thing. Of course, he's much cuter!


Yay for recaps!

And Sir Ike is awesome.

Hairy Farmer Family


Enjoyed that!

emery jo

the hilarity is making my eye ducts leak all over my face!! hahahaha

Anthony from CharismaticKid

My parents have pictures of me doing this at age 27. Needless to say, I am quite adorable.


Pic number 3? THE BEST.


Oh, all the faces! Oh, how fun!

I had my baby last weekend, and right now his faces consist of sleep, cross-eyed scanning, and smashed in boob. And those are wonderful and it looks like it just gets better.


Oh, all the faces! Oh, how fun!

I had my baby last weekend, and right now his faces consist of sleep, cross-eyed scanning, and smashed in boob. And those are wonderful and it looks like it just gets better.


1) YOUR KIDS ARE FANTASTIC. Or maybe it's the mixture of them and your dry wit...

2) I read your Project Runway recap, and you certainly know a lot about you have a secret design school past we should know about?


I dragged my 17yo son to my computer to see. Even he smiled! You're too funny and Baby Ike is edible!


I have that outfit for my little monster man :-) He is 7 1/2 months old now and i wish he was still little like Ike.. :-/ Ike is too cute for words! btw - where does one get a firefly? :-)


I'm so glad you had another baby so that we can have more posts like this. Really, Amy. That's taking one for the team, yo.


Awesome! Ike is adorable!


Do you also have Mortimer Moose?
My daughter stole him from Babies R Us and it was an absolute obsession. The antlers offer way more chewy goodness!


ZOMG! Did someone say ProjRun Recap?!?!

PS. Oh yeah, cute kid ;-)


Well, I don't blame your three, because I almost lost my brain-soup over the picture at the Amazon link. And I'm [calculate, calculate] approximately 171 times Ike's age.


Buy a 4th Freddie for posterity and grandkids. I am saddened by the state of some of my kids' favorite toys that I wanted to pass along.


What a cute kid!!
LOL more pictures..


Freaking hilarious!

And, yes, we had Freddie lovers in our household as well.


OMG. Priceless!

Laura Scarborough

you have delicious, gorgeous babies that make my arms and ovaries ache.
Thank goodness my first born will be having a baby soon to alleviate that ache. Yeah, she knows I get to hold that baby as much as I want/need to and the daycare is free...lucky her!
Ike is amazing and priceless, just like his big brothers.


What is it with the firefly? My husband actually asked me if I dipped him in breastmilk - our son loves him. And sorry, ew... But that's my husband for you. I take no responsibilty.

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