Two Months
And Then Suddenly, BlogHer!


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He has a loose tooth. He just GOT that tooth. 



Heather B.

Eff that sh*t.

I know this is family friendly but No. Just no. NOOOOOOO.


With you Heather - no flipping way.


Cutest picture ever. And I can hardly believe it too. We love Noah in our family. All 3 of my kids say " A ball! A ball! Aballaballaball!" and going back a post, the two month pics of all 3 of your boys, I was just giggling at Ezra's. Looks like a very relaxed centerfold! And his face looks JUST like Ez to me!


NO!! Just NO!!


My younger child (ma bebe!) just lost his first tooth, which prompted me to wail and cry ... yikes. This damn time won't stop flying. xox

Anthony from CharismaticKid

Maybe you should just let him know that the gig is up. Tooth fairy ain't real.


Squee! Adorbs photo!

The Tooth Fairy might want to stop by an ATM sometime soon!


I think thoughts on the tooth fairy are worthy of a post...


Head on over to the bank and stock up on Sacagawea dollar coins.

They're magically golden and sparkly.


He looks like Ike in this picture...the first time I've actually seen a really strong resemblance!


Loose tooth! But you just had him!


No! It's too soon. Too fast! I cried when my nephew lost his first tooth. Don't make me cry, Noah!!


NOOOOOOO!!!! My son is 9 months younger than Noah and I dread the day of the first loose tooth.

Loose teeth, teeth coming out, OMG choking hazard, empty spaces in mouth... ACK!!!!!

Not to mention it is confirmation that my baby is indeed growing up. :(


What? That doesn't really even look like Noah to me. What is happening to our world?


My niece is seven and has lost a few teeth now and I'm so sad to see her tiny, far spaced teeth gone!

Amelia Sprout

I'm still stuck on him looking like Bieber. He will break hearts as a teen.

The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful

First it's the teeth, then it's a daughter-in-law trying to put you in Shady Acres Geriatric Gardens. Watch your back!


Oh, just you wait. The tooth next to it will come out in *seconds* after the first...


Kids these days, oy vey. Where on earth do they get the idea that they're allowed to grow up?


Where the heck is the pause button?!

And holy crap, wasn't it just yesterday that you were posting about that damn tire and an infant Noah?


Hold up. Who is that kid? Because it does not look like Noah.


One minute it's just a tooth, next thing ya' know it it's his first day at college.

...-sigh- oh how time seems to just fly by....


Teeth? Your kid has teeth? Your oldest kid has teeth? And is losing them?


You are mistaken. Or I'm in denial. Whatever. (It's someone else's kid, right? Right? RIGHT??)


I just did my very first (guest) blog post on my son losing his first tooth at 5 1/4. You may want to check it out so you can benefit from my myriad mistakes with this first milestone!


The other night at dinner we noticed that my 5 year old had a hole in his bottom row of teeth. All I could think was WHEN DID HE GET OLD ENOUGH TO LOSE TEETH???


My kids are doing this to me as well. They need to slow down and just stay little for a while longer!

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