Like Sand In A Swim Diaper...

Two Months

Okay, so we're back from the beach. It was fun. And sandy. And tiring. But before I bore you to death with those photos, I must continue a silly little tradition from around these parts. Ike had his two-month check-up today. So....


Noah, at birth: 9 pounds, 15 ounces and 21 inches long.

Noah, at two months: 12 pounds even and 24.5 inches long.


Ezra, at birth: 7 pounds, 7 ounces and 21-1/4 inches long.

Ezra, at two months: 12 pounds, 12 ounces, 24 inches long.


Ike, at birth: 7 pounds, 9 ounces and 21-1/4 inches long.

Ike, at two months: 10 pounds, 15 ounces and 24 inches long.

So if you've ever wondered what happens when you take the exact same set of dominant genes and some Y chromosomes, then toss 'em in a cocktail shaker three separate times, well. There you go. You get the same basic baby, more or less, just with varying amounts of chub and skepticism.

(And differing levels of pissiness re: the two-month vaccinations. The photo might not reflect it, but IKE IS VERY, VERY PISSY RE: THE TWO-MONTH VACCINATIONS, LET ME TELL YOU.) 



LOVE that you have pics of them all in the same outfit. I can't believe how similar they look and yet how they're each their own little man too.

Angie @ Musings of a Violet Monkey

The three cutest little guys, ever, I think. Love the tradition. :)



I just showed this to Doug. His response: 1 and 3 are the same. Wait, was that not the question?


Wow. Hadn't gone back to look at Noah as a baby, but others are right, Ike is the spitting image of Noah as a baby!


How sweet! Great tradition!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I LOVE this! They are all so cute. And the "varying amounts of skepticism" - so clear. You can see Ezra plotting mischief right there at two months.

Handsome boys, all three.


OMG, Noah! looks like Noah! Erza, I can see but not so much, it is so cute how as little boys their baby pictures look like there little selves but you don't see it until you look back (you know what I am saying, I know you do)


Ike's pissiness might be in direct proportion to the size of his diaper.

Excellent photo series. Beautiful boys. Congratulations.


I am completely impressed by your "keeping the same onesie" then "finding said onesie for two month photo" skillz.

Also, LOVE your boys. So cute. :)


So sweet! I wish I'd thought to do that with my kids!


So adorable! And fascinating! I keep adjusting the page so all three images are visible at once and it's like you have time-traveling triplets. If I ever make it past one, I am totally doing this.


And the same 2 month curly toes!


Is this a test? Because I could swear the first picture is of Ezra.


Eek! I can't even keep their names straight. I meant the first pic looks like Ike, not Ezra.


Holy shit girlfriend you have 3 beautiful boys. So jealous. Noah is all "let's have an articulate conversation about the finer things in life." Ez is saying "tee hee hee, moar boob plz." And Ike is all "shew, that sucked woman. lemme relax with my hand behind my head."

Erika Mitchell

I remember those vaccinations well! Poor little mite! It's funny, thought the first photo was of Ike for a second and I thought, "Gosh, he looks JUST like Noah!" Then I read the caption.

So what I guess I'm trying to say is, take comfort in the fact your oldest son looks like himself.

Cynical Nymph

Oh, wow. It's totally flabbergasting how much Noah's and Ezra's different personalities come across already in those photos, in retrospect! I hope you'll post this same trio again in a few years so we can see if Ike's matches up, too. :D


almost like triplets! i love it!


I love that you've either managed to keep the same onsie or bought it 2-3 times for the photo. Nice idea. I'll have to consider that for my first when she comes at the end of the month.

Sarah that a diaper explosion on noah's leg? :)


i think that is a vaccination band aid


Noah and Ike are the same baby! Cannot get over the cuteness.


My favorite is Ike's diaper bum.




Okay when you do it like that I just get confused. Each time you post a photo of Ike I think he looks like a different one of his brothers. Now...well I'm confused.


I think it is mighty adorable how they all have the EXACT SAME NOSE.


Gar, I'm an idiot - I looked at the photos and not the captions, at first. Picture 1 - "Wow, he looks so much like Noah in that one!"...Picture 2 "Wow, and there he looks like Ezra!"...Picture 3 "Wait a MINUTE!?"


Now you have to have the fourth to see what the recessive genes will cook up. Come on, you HAVE to! It's for SCIENCE!


Love, love, love the tradition! Can you make my daughter 2 months old again so I can select a onesie and take her picture with the little bandaid on her leg? Then I can put the same onesie on her sister (who is due in December)and take the same picture after her 2 month shots. Sigh, I wish I would have thought of this.


Those are some very cute people you've made! I make clone babies too it seems. All three of my girls looked very similar as babies. We had our third seven weeks ago and she is shaping up to look most like her eldest sister, but happily this one's noise hole doesn't damage your hearing permanently like the first one's did.


at first glance, I thought you posted the same picture three times, then realized it was of your three boys.
THEN realized that even at two month, each of their personalities are so evident: Exhibit A: Noah's very polite and proper-looking. Exhibit B: Ezra looks like the epitome of "scamp" Exhibit C: what is with that arm behind head-laid-back-coolness? Babyyyy Ike!


mmmm, love those precious little babies. hard to believe one is about to lose his first tooth! also, ike is just about the cutest little serious baby i have ever seen.

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