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Montessori Mayhem, Part II

Dear Internet,

You are officially a bad influence

Picture 37

Egged on by YOU PEOPLE, I did indeed turn in an About My Child form with this doodle on it. I did not stick around long enough to see Ezra's teacher read it, because I am a coward.

Also, there was a parents' breakfast down the hall, and they had muffins. 


Ezra had a slight attack of the I'm-not-so-sure-about-this-school-thing this morning. 

He's so fearless and confident and verbal and smart and chomping at the bit for big-kid stuff, that sometimes I forget. I forget that yes, he needs just as much reassurance and patience as any other two-and-a-half-year-old getting ready to leave mom behind for the first time ever. 


Or, in this particular case, a good distraction, like being allowed to carry his very own umbrella.

He left the classroom at one point and plopped himself out in the hall in a fit of defiance, demanding to know where I was.

(Shoving my face full of muffins, is where I was, while Baby Ike was passed around the room from mom to mom like a squooshy little football, igniting baby fever like wildfire.)

I peered around a doorway while an aide and the school director tried to coax him back to class, resisting the urge to run down there and scoop him up and like, hiss at anyone who continued to insist that this child, THIS BABY, was an honest-to-God preschooler now. I was wrong! This is all a mistake! I take it back! We're going home to have a picnic in the living room and then I shall nom on his cheeks all day, as usual!

Something somebody said to Ezra apparently clicked, and he jumped up and ran back into the classroom with a big smile. That was the last I heard or saw of him until it was time to go home. He emerged with a conflicted look, both clearly relieved that I had not completely abandoned him to the Montessori way of life, but also...well, the block tower, Mom. The block tower is AWESOME. 

Before we left I let him have a muffin and some juice from the parents' breakfast. He spilled the juice but helped clean it up, and then spotted a plate of "acorns" someone made out Hershey Kisses and cookies (based on the school's logo; preschools around here looooooove themselves some acorn-to-mighty-oak imagery). He looked at me. Please say yes, please say yes, his big eyes pleaded. 

(Honestly, I was a little shocked he didn't already have like, seven of them in his mouth already. Clearly, this place is already civilizing him.)

Of course, I said yes. 


If you ask him about school, he'll tell you all about it: "I had fun. I ate a chocolate chip." 


kristen howerton

My two-and-a-half year old just started Montessori, too. *sniff*

Also, yours allowed a chocolate chip on the premsis? I think we're at the Tiger Mom Montessori or something. There is a ban on sugar, and plastic, and just about all of the things my children actually enjoy.


That top picture? The Storch is strong in that one.


That second picture is killing my hormonal pregnant self. His little worried face...

My three year old starts preschool tomorrow. He's never been away from me before. Although he's super-excited today, I don't know how he'll feel tomorrow.

Barefoot Liz

Aw, he's so cute! My son would be thrilled if he could eat a chocolate chip at school. Maybe he'd actually follow the rules if they offered him chocolate chips as a reward. heh heh.

Plano Mom

Awesomeness. And they just keep on growing, amazing you at every step. My baby is almost 13.

Soumya Gayatri

Awww....I LOVE your posts about Ezra and all your kids..They are super cute...i am always luring around to see if you have posted anythign new..Your posts just make my day!!

Heres wishing Ezra continues to have fun at Montessori..:)


1. It was the right decision to draw the picture. I am certain of it. It will endear both you and Ezra to the teachers, is my guess.

2. I was excited for a minute there because I thought Ezra and Henry (who started preschool this week too) had matching Crocodile Creek stegosaurus backpacks, but then I saw that the sides were different. I think we need a backpack shot.

3. I LOVE HIS DINOSAUR RAINCOAT. Off to Google it for Henry.


Awww. Just awww. Got another 2.5 year old who just started Montessori too. Today was day 5, and there were no tears for the first time. Not even a goodbye! I know she's ready, and doing well, but also have the urge to scoop her up, go home, quit my job and stay home with mah baybee forever.

Suzy Q

So cute! And that dinosaur coat is killing me.

Question, probably of the stupid variety: Do preschoolers really need backpacks?

Cheryl S.

He looks as sad to be leaving as he did to be going. That's actually a good sign! They all grow up so fast.

My baby started 1st grade 3 weeks ago. She has her first test (ever) tomorrow. I'm freaking out about it because what if she does badly and that ruins school for her forever???? Sob.

Michelle @ A Little P

So cute!!


Oh gawd... the sweet ambivalent face in the 2nd photo. Killing me softly.


Man do you make cute kids! Perfect break in the middle of a dreary mid-Atlantic day :)


@Suzy Q: yup, those preschoolers need something to bring home their craft projects in. Also library books at some preschools.


That little face in the first picture makes me want to grab him and snuggle him close and tell him he doesn't have to go.


The first picture is priceless! It gave me a laugh and I really needed one right now, so thanks!! I so love your blog!!


The first picture is priceless! It gave me a laugh and I really needed one right now, so thanks!! I so love your blog!!


@ SuzyQ

Sure! They need them for holding lunch, bagged up wet clothes from the occasional accidents, a comfort item for napping, and a whole lot of other things . . .


Ok.... I've changed my mind. Ez is not old enough to be in preschool. Although the "about" drawing had me shooting soda out my nose. :)


Dinosaur...raincoat...MUST HAVE. Pls where did you find it????


I love that raincoat! It's soooo cute.


Hooray! And phew.


Re: raincoat. Alas, it is a hand-me-down from my sister, so it's at least several years old. It's by Hatley, so they might still have something similar.

Oh, and hold onto your butts: They are matching rubber boots. I DIE OF CUTE.


ZOMG that face! Love it.


So cute I'm teary!


And now? When he becomes a twirling dervish and they ask you why? You can point to the picture and be silent.

Katie Kat

OWWWWWWWWCH, MY HEART!!!!!!! Can you please just send your children to me. I promise to only nom around the edges...

So glad he did well. YOU DONE GOOD GIRLFRIEND!

Big Gay Sam

That last picture should be in a gallery somewhere. I love it. I will never ever never ever get tired of your writing. :)

Thanks for sharing moments in your life. It's one of the highlights of my day.


Your doodle=amazingtown. Need an update if there ever is a reaction from the teacher. When I picked up my then 2.5 on her first day after a happy drop-off, I got, "I didn't realize how much I miss sed you". Sobs all around.

Maxine Dangerous

That last picture (hand on the door, little blue Crocs :)) is precious. What a sweetie! :)


The first picture - THAT FACE! Love it!


Yay Ez! Way to go, buddy! I lovelovelovelovelove your drawing and that you actually turned that sucker in! :)

Cheri Burke

Amy- Just wondered if you knew that the posts are left-justified on the page instead of in the center? It looks weird from here, but maybe it doesn't look like that to anybody else?


Awesome sauce. That is all.


I used to basically write a very detailed "I'm sorry, you're about to enter the most difficult year of your teaching experience" when my daughter did preschool...especially at 2 and 3.

I kept all the weekly notes sent home such as E ate chalk, E hid under the table and refused to come out to help clean up... things like that.

Now that she is 7...I kind of find the chalk eating endearing.


You're lucky you got anything out of him at all!!! Traitor! My son still won't tell me what he does at school and he's on his second year of pre-k. Wonder what the teachers thought of your handiwork on the "about me."


You're lucky you got anything out of him at all!!! Traitor! My son still won't tell me what he does at school and he's on his second year of pre-k. Wonder what the teachers thought of your handiwork on the "about me."

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