And On Third Thought...
The Five


And that's all I have to say about that

(Except OMFG.)

(And maybe SEND WINE.)

(And OLIVE OIL. And COMBS. And BLEACH. And perhaps an ATOMIC BOMB.)

(Because SERIOUSLY, he crawled in BED with me this morning and we were all cuddling and snuggling and talking about stuff and...why are you scratching your head so much? Lemme just peek under your hair for a second and HOLY GOD GET OFF MY PILLOW UNCLEAN UNCLEEEEEEAN!)

(Are you itching now too? Good. I pretty much came here just to make that happen.)



A few drops of tee tree oil in his shampoo will keep the monsters at bay. Also applying (if he will let you) some mousse on his roots, will keep the monsters from staying and planting a new home. The lice medicine is awful and sometimes it doesn't do the job.



I admit I'm surprised at all the "we had it too" comments. Lice is something that people DO NOT talk about, but probably should. Especially if your kid has it and has been to other houses to play. I got it (from a sleep over) in high school and it DEVASTATED me. I knew what friend was giving it to me and yet I was too embarrassed to tell her. So I just quit being friends with her. Completely. So lame. I'm not sure why I couldn't just tell her "um yeah, you have lice and you gave it to me. Here is some RID." Would have been much nicer then just never talking to her again!

(Now I'm super nervous about my kid getting it at school. AHHHH!!!!)


My son is eight and has never had lice so while I have never dealt with this scourge on a first-hand basis, I am totally squigging out and wish you all the luck in the world.

(I am typing this with all of my fingers crossed and my toes and am humming a mantra, crossing myself and praying to every god I can think of)


NO shampo....I REPEAT NO SHAMPOO will kill the eggs. May kill some but not all. SO...If you have to treat yourself....use a flatiron on your entire head for several days in a row. The eggs can't withstand the heat.


Ok, long time lurker, first time commenter, but I had to tell you my experience. I had lice for 2-3 years. In HIGH SCHOOL. My little sister caught it (she was a brush slut) and it got to the rest of my family. For YEARS we tried the chemical stuff and combing, but they always came back. The only thing that worked permanently was to order some of that oil product dead zone hair stuff that you had to put in your hair every night for two weeks and wear a shower cap over it and put a plastic sheet on your bed so the oil wouldn't soak through. Worked like a charm though. Plus, I got rid of the lice just in time to be named PROM QUEEN! Jk, jk, I still never got laid.


Just get Ulesfia, you don't really even need to worry about the nits because the 2nd treatment pretty much covers it. There's no science behind any of the other stuff - tea tree, peppermint, rosemary, whatever, it's all anecdotal. If your school has a no nits policy, campaign against it - the AAP, School Nurse Association, CDC, and Harvard School of Public Health all say that no nits policies are ineffective at curbing/stopping lice infestation and just cause kids to unnecessarily miss school.

Lee Laughlin (a.k.a Lisa Ryan on Tempo Rd from Cee's year)

Oh dear LAWD!!!!

Rebecca Van Hout

Now my head is itching something fierce LOL. So sorry you had to deal with that!!

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