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The Five

Shh, shh. Let's not talk about any further unpleasantness. Let's all just cross our fingers and hope that things continue in their current state, which is fine. And dead. As in, the scalp in question is fine, and all the unpleasantness that we are NOT TALKING ABOUT are dead. I think, should this blogging thing not work out, that I may have found my calling as an Obsessive Scalp Comber. I am ruthless and thorough. I am the Nit Whisperer. I am...talking about the thing I JUST SAID I didn't want to talk about anymore. 

Let's change the subject. 

Lookit! Pitchers!


Last Christmas, the lovely and patient Isabel sent me a gift card for the lovely and patient Blue Lily Photography.

I was pregnant, AS YOU MAY RECALL AS I THINK I MENTIONED IT ONCE OR TWICE OR A BAJILLION TIMES, and I went ahead and signed up for a shoot in October, knowing in my head that there would be five of us. That there would be a baby there. And that baby would be four months old.

Basically, an eternity and a half away.


And then suddenly. BOOM. October. 



BOOM. Five of us. 





Blue-lily-shoot-oct11-006 Blue-lily-shoot-oct11-007



Three, omg.




Five means there's always going to be someone acting like a goofball...


Someone who's found something to be unsure about...


Or be completely unimpressed with the entire proceedings.



And there's definitely going to be someone who's infinitely more photogenic than you could ever hope to be.


More than one someones, probably.


But sometimes the cats are successfully herded...


...or close enough, anyway.

What matters is: FIVE. There are five. And it's picture perfect. 

(Thank you, Wendy, for photographing us.)



*sniff* your boys are the pinnacle of awesomeness. And bowl cuts. And turtle faces. WAHHH I LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH!!!!!


Awesome photos. You look amazing. And I want your boots.




Such great photos! Really nice.


AWESOME!!!!! I love the pictures. You all look wonderful!


Wow! What a good looking bunch you are!

Christine @ Quasi Agitato

the pix are beautiful. and the other thing? I have so been there. I lived in fear of it...and then it happened...and it was horrible. But the good thing is now I know how to handle it. and my fondness for the lice lady (she's kinda famous in these parts) is deep deep deep because she coached me through it and gave me the tools I needed. Literally.


How very beautiful.


Trying to figure out why this post made me teary eyed. I blame it on postpartum hormones. And the fact that I want pictures like that of MY family!


Beautiful pictures. But, seriously, the Nit Whisperer? Priceless.


dude. I never comment and that makes me a bad friend, uhh, blog reader, uh, somethig - dammit I'm just bad.

I'm here today to scream from the top of my mountain, "your family is beautiful and I'm glad/honored to know you all." that's all.

Also, Que Pasa. (soon, Ike. very soon.)


Gorgeous - your only problem now is picking which one to use for your Christmas card!


Oh thank goodness; a RED barn! And some great pictures too.


Oh, man, those are great photos. And a beautiful family. Look! I am so happy for you (a person I have never met...sheesh) that I have tears in my eyes.


Your family, maybe more than any internet stranger I read, just makes me want to burst into happy tears. You are all so lovely and you just seem to LIKE each other so much.


Such beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing! I grinned like an idiot through the entire reading of this post. :-D
From: We Who are Three

Laura Diniwilk

I came from a family of five, so there is always something that seems so right about that number. For the first time, you just made me a teensy bit sad that a) we are stopping at two kids and b) we will never have a boy. Your family is just beautiful!


Yay for fivesies (where're mah jacks?; I gots a hankering now). Although, secretly, and in true not talking about it fashion, I want sixies (as I look quickly over my shoulder to make sure he can't see this).

Beautiful boys and pictures. All Octobery harvesty and stuff.

Her @6degreeslove

Wow, gorgeous. LOVE love love.

And, I am the Nit whisperer. At least it was boys...

PS: you gave me a wonderful idea for what to ask for as a christmas gift! A family portrait! Brilliant.


OMG Ike looks like people all of the sudden! What a sweet face!

I love being "five". LOVE it. Nothing better!


Those are all fantastic, but I think I like the one with you all walking down the road the best.


They turned out great! I am the person who waylaid you and introduced on the way to your car after your session and introduced myself as a reader of your blog, BTW. The voyeur in me was hopeful that you'd post your photos because I was sure they'd be fabulous based on how well ours turned out. Wendy was wonderful! So glad you liked yours as much as we did ours :)


Beautiful (times 5)!


OMG! What wonderful photos. What a wonderful looking family. And your hair is extra specially fabulous looking in these, btw.


:) beautiful


awesome! 5 is lucky

Lynda M O

What a great looking family; as mentioned above-you genuinely like each other and it shows.

Good job mom and dad.


beautiful, gorgeous, and girrrrrl you look good! love the boots!


Great pictures! I can't believe that when I first started reading here, you'd only just had Noah and now you have THREE gorgeous boys! Amazing.

mark @ yelling near you

Nice pictures and glad to hear the unpleasantness that shall not be named is eradicated! Here's to a plentiful pumpkin crop on your new farm!


Gorgeous pictures!


Simply lovely.


Wow you have a gorgeous family, every last one of yas


You have a beeeeyootiful family, and YOU are gorgeous. The pictures feel so warm because of her lovely use of natural light - and she even gave you that halo you've always deserved ;)


Shallow McShallowpants wants to know where the fabulous boots you're wearing came from.

What gorgeous afternoon light Wendy managed to capture. I love every single pic. :)

Lee Laughlin (a.k.a Lisa Ryan on Tempo Rd from Cee's year)

WOW! Just Freaking WOW!!! Keeping in mind that I knew you when you were The Little Sister. Just, wow! Amazing.


It made me laugh when I came here and the ad at the top was for Lice Shield.

Great photos!


Love your family.. Love the pictures. 5. Love the number, but think 6 would be...even better. :)


Aw. Gorgeous family!


Love the pictures. Such an adorable little family of FIVE!!


Funny coincidences: we're also 5; we also had a photo session this October that I offered my wife while she was pregnant (and so we decided to wait).


These made my heart soar a teeny bit up into the sky and i needed that feeling today, so thank you.

Suzy Q

You have such a lovely family. How lucky you are!


How do you get your hair to look like that?

Lice, bedbugs, I've had all the good infestations. Not to brag.


Gosh you guys are cute.

r4 3ds

You have such a lovely family. How lucky you are!

Wendy Blue Lily

Ah, Amy. Thanks for this post. You were are really fivesy family, and damnz you look hot.


kristen [rage against the minivan]


bop nam

Funny coincidences: we're also 5; we also had a photo session this October that I offered my wife while she was pregnant (and so we decided to wait).


Glowy and lovely.

Heather B.

Ike's face kills me.

And this is good because I need new photos for my office. My colleagues still think Noah is two years old and an only child.

And yes, I keep photos of bloggers' kids in my office. What of it?


Y'all are perfect. Beautiful!!

PopMommy Pam

The pictures are AMAZING. What a wonderful way to capture the five.


Awesome. We only have three, plus a dog, and our photos are a far far cry from these.


OHAI turtlefacecloseupcutecheeksnomnomnom.

Lovin that one of Ezra covering his mouth! And you hugging Noah!

You guys are adorable.


Ok, obviously the kids are way super cute and all, and your hair is fab (yeah for making it to appointments!), but the BOOTS!!! Did no one mention them yet?? They are all kinds of fab. Amazing.


Wow, this is just absolutely breathtaking. What beautiful pictures, honestly. So natural and perfect. You look wonderful and happy!!

Shannon Lell

That was a sweet post. I love the pictures and am also jealous of how great you look four months post-partum. I did the same thing, schedule family pics while pregnant. Ours our this Sunday and my baby is not even three months. Why oh WHY did I do that? You can be sure that I will have one of those babes sitting directly in front of my thighs.

Beautiful family!

Heather b

I had a hard time seeing last few because of the tears in my eyes. I wish i could write like you do!


so much awesome


You look fantastic. Love your hair!


They are all great but the picture of you and Jason is absolutely perfect. You have a beautiful family!

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