Just. Start. Typing.

Five Months & Change


The baby is sick. A terrible, awful, hideous-sounding cough that I KNOW is just a cough and nothing to get worked up over, except TOO LATE. I am a little worked up.

Three kids in, and I still completely suck at sick babies. My nerves cannot take sick babies, because my nerves believe they are single-handedly responsible for keeping said sick baby alive through the power of staying completely alert and on edge for 48 straight hours.

He's coughing! I better go check.

He's not coughing! I better go check.

I am much better at handling sick children, once they're older and already have a few dents in them. (And I'm allowed to dose them with an assortment of sticky liquids and droppers and meltaway chews and other things that say MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS FUCK YEAH.) But when a previously mint condition baby gets sick and your comforting options are limited to Vicks BabyRub, steamy baths and getting your boobs sneezed on? That just kind of stresses me out. 

Although Ike had a better run at health than Noah OR Ezra, making it all the way past the five-month mark before succumbing to one of the many, many strains of pestilence his brothers have brought home and/or attempted to smear his face with. I am grateful for that, though it's making little difference in my belief that he's somehow contracted swineRSVmoniacroupflu, or some other superbug that I accidentally willed into existence from too much Googling. 


Possible swineRSVmoniacroupflu aside, Baby Ike At Five Months is doing quite well. On the advice on our pediatrician, we started solids a wee bit on the early side for turbohork-related reasons and I am thrilled to report that I have not been projectile vomited on since last Friday. And when it happened I realized that not only did I not have a burp rag nearby, I did not even have a burp rag on the same floor of the house, because I haven't needed them. Praise ye gods of rice cereal and sweet potatoes, but that's a phase I am happy to be leaving behind. 

(Speaking of solids, I am thinking of maybe making a section/sub-blog thing about homemade baby food and cooking for kids and other assorted nerdery? Because clearly I just don't talk enough on the Internet already? Y/Y?)

In other suspect advice from our super-old-school pede, I attempted to break Ike of the swaddling blankets. His doctor maintained that any sleep habit can be curbed in three nights -- by night four they won't even remember what they're pissed off about, she insisted. (Or course, she also was like, "just let him cry for 45 minutes or so, he'll get over it" and I was like, "I'm smiling and nodding only because this is my third baby and I have figured out that I actually don't have to do everything you say, because LIKE HELL, LADY.") 

But I decided to try to get Ike to sleep sans Miracle Blanket, which he's pretty much outgrown anyway. I hedged this plan by buying a SwaddleMe Blanket in the next size up, just in case, and sure enough! I managed to get Ike asleep and in his crib on the very first try! It's like he HEARD me accidentally throw out the receipt and remove the original packaging! 

Our adventures in swaddle-less sleeping lasted three nights, and on the fourth night Ike suddenly remembered that HEY WAIT THIS IS BULLSHIT and started thwacking himself in the face several times a night and waking up supremely pissed off at all that terrible freedom. Also, his hands were really cold. 

Long story short: Ike now sleeps swaddled in not one, but THREE goddamn blankets, none of which are the completely useless SwaddleMe, which he can bust out of and turn into a Baby Toga costume in like, 15 seconds flat. Bedtime now involves a complicated set-up involving the arm part of a Miracle Blanket, the leg part of a Sleep Sack and then a Winter Papoosening with a crocheted wool blanket to seal everything up for freshness.



Sleep disturbances aside, he is a good baby. ("We'll keep him!" she says, finally and symbolically tossing the receipt.) He is such a good baby that every time a certain neighbor up the street sees him she announces that he is the best, most adorable baby she's ever seen and doesn't cry ever and I feel this weird urge to like, apologize for my good fortune and insist that of COURSE he cries sometimes, but she always shuts me down like, "NO. HE IS BEST BABY. NO CRY EVER. STOP LIES, MAMA."  


Fine. Baby Ike is the best baby ever. Just following orders, Internet.



Angie @ Musings of a Violet Monkey

Nom, nom.

And yes, I vote YES for the baby food/kids eating sub-section thingie... PLEASE! :)



I'm doing this parenting thing wrong apparently as there is no transition with my kids it's all just...BAM! No more bottle. BAM! Teeth brushing! And...the like.

Ike is beyond adorable and glad to hear the turbohork days seem to be left behind. Yes also to the cooking/babyfood sectin/column/blog as I attribute my new-found love of sweet potatoes entirely due to making baby food. Hi random comment!

Rebecca S.

Cooking for kids--yes, please!! Our sweet Penelope is six months now, and we're wading into solids. God what a mess. But her expressions are the best.

p.s. have I mentioned how much I love your blog? Even when you say you have nothing to say, you are hilarious and your writing is wonderful. The posts, I have read them all (Penelope was 14 days late, so I spent weeks 41 and 42 of my pregnancy mostly on the couch, mostly online). And your blog made those endless weeks a bit better. :) Thanks!


This right here, me too!! "And yes, I vote YES for the baby food/kids eating sub-section thingie... PLEASE!" I have a 15month old, a picky 6yr old and a JOB. Help me make quick and healthy foods for all! Maybe I need to take this over to the Advice Smackdown...


My middle child was swaddled til 12 months. Fearing that I was destining him to a life in a Snuggie, we finally got him to sleep on his own. I was lucky that my Ped said it was fine (uhh yeah, he's sleeping. Why mess with it)


Yes please to a cooking for kids section. I have a 2 year old that is not a fan of "rez-pies" he only wants "in-greed-ents, just on da plate mama". A delightfully adventurous eater mind you but I'm getting a little exasperated with the flat out rejection of all things not easily recognizable in their 'original format'


yes yes YES! on the homemade baby food section (please!)


My daughter was swaddled until she was 9 months old. She is now 6 and still the best sleeper on the planet.


Yes to the kid-food-blog. I did the homemade babyfood thang for our daughter (now four) and was really glad I did. Would love to have some additional ideas/resources for #2, due in January, when the time comes.

As for the swaddling, I apologize, but I nearly busted out laughing at the thought of transitioning a kid out of swaddling at Ike's age if they were responding as well to it as he does. Above-mentioned daughter was still being swaddled up until 13 or 14 months....I sewed together four smaller swaddling blankets to make one large one and she got burrito-ized like a Homewrecker at Moe's. Because otherwise her brain could. not. shut. down. And no one slept. Which is just not survivable. So goes with what works and I love your McGyver-esque solution for him.

Plus that looks like a GMD workhorse diaper he is wearing in one the above pictures??? I just today am receiving a MASS order from GMD of bunches and bunches of workhouse fitteds, Thirsties covers, and GMD doublers to cover us hopefully through 30 lbs with the above-mentioned #2. Given that above-mentioned daughter hit 20 lbs at right around six months, we'll see how long that actually is. But you've played a big role in me deciding to cloth diaper #2 so thanks!!


I LOVE the baby food idea! And please include a section on feeding 3 year olds who have decided they don't like the old standbys of peanut butter sandwiches and chicken nuggets, not to mention the kale/fruit smoothies I try to bribe him to eat. I am tired of feeding him noodles and blueberries! HALP!

Also - super adorably sweet little Ike!


How I envy you the best baby ever. I did not have one of those.

However, my horrible baby is now 7 and quite lovely. But during his babyhood he was never down for the count for more than mere minutes. It seems screaming terrifies all manner of germs and viruses.

That's exactly what it was! A protective screech shield.

Enjoy, humidify, and cuddle that boy (as I'm sure you do.) And why wouldn't you? He IS perfect!

Hope he's (and you) feeling better soon.


I'm cracking up because this could not have come at a better time. I literally JUST got home from our 4 month appointment, during which our pedi said we should start weaning off the swaddle. And I felt GUILTY for swaddling her as I put her down for her nap right when we got home. Maybe we'll try weaning her from it, see how it goes, but now I know the interwebz gots my back if I want to stick with it!

And I also laughed heartily at the mental image of your swaddle solution, since that's the EXACT road we will be heading down soon when she outgrows the Miracle Blanket (umm... WHY do they not make a bigger size???)


I just want your recipe for fish sticks as I am planning a penguin-themed party for Snackbox's 3rd birthday... TIA!


Ya know, my pediatrician has never offered advice on sleeping, pacifiers/thumbsucking, bottles vs. sippy cups, and all that non-medical stuff, so I can't decide if she rocks for leaving us to make the parenting decisions or she sucks because she clearly doesn't give a flip about the welfare of my baby at all (I'm joking. Of course she cares. She just figures that with 3 kids, I'm a pro - yeah, right). I however have no problem offering advice on swaddling. Now I don't have a medical degree, but I am the parent of a child who was swaddled until she was 8 months old. Two words: DOUBLE SWADDLE!!! I used two Aden & Anais muslin swaddles which meant she was warm enough during the winter months. It saved my sanity. I think she broke out twice in 4 months. Google "double swaddle" for instructions. It is awesome sauce.

And I might agree with your neighbor because yes, Ike is clearly adorable and a fabbo baby. Plus she scares me a little with her fervor. I hope the little tike is all better soon.


I kinda want to see pictures of the epic swaddle. He must look like an adorable caterpillar.


I had to laugh at your swaddle- that's basically exactly what we do with our 5 month old- pin the arms down with a receiving blanket tucked around her arms and underneath her butt, while she's in a sleep sack, and then wrap a muslin blanket around everything. We've been trying to wean her off slowly by doing one arm at a time. I think she's getting pretty good at the one arm out sleeping. But her little hand that's out does get really cold! Not sure what to do about that.

I'm totally jealous of that picture of Ike passed out in the jumperoo. My kid would never just fall asleep during the day by herself while playing. You do have a good baby!


Hope Baby Ike feels better soon!

I'm really looking forward to the days of no projectile vomit. Baby is 2 months old and loves to bathe me in partially digested milk. Apparently, she saw me read about 'happy spitters' and decided that it sounded like fun, and she'd give it a whirl.

Yeah, that can stop any time now. Glad Ike seems to be making strides toward complete digestion. (oh, and also? said baby is a heavy wetter, as well. wth? aren't they puking out the excess?)


So do the docs fear the everlasting swaddle because they think it affects hip development or something like that?

I would love a baby food section. I look at billions of tiny jars in the store and think, why?


Cooking for babies blog, yes, please!


P.S. I am sorry Ike is sick! :^(


Get well Ike! I vote YES YES YES OMG YES for a baby food blog/subblog.


my daughter is just a few days behind ike, and duuuuuuude... DON'T MESS WITH HER SWADDLE. oh hellz no. she's already a pretty poor sleeper (she likes mommies boobies at night, oh yes she does) and a pretty active little one (sitting up and crawling-ish already? WTF? stay immobile,baby! i'm not ready for this!) and that combination + no swaddle = BIGBADNESS (aka NO SLEEP + possibly some facial scratches...)


When Ike is in college in his man-swaddle, my three-almost-four-month-old will be sleeping in a sex swing. Because dude refuses to sleep in his crib for more than 10 minutes at a time, but he'll sleep for 12 hours straight in his swing.

About the swaddling: my pediatrician told us at the two-month appointment that Henry should be out of the swaddle. What? Doesn't that seem...early? I mean, it's fine, because he wouldn't let us swaddle his arms anyway because nothing makes him happier than swinging his little fists and punching himself in the eye. Maybe this is why he will only sleep in the swing.


Crap. Just bought a SwaddleMe. My four-month-old currently sleeps in his carseat with a Sleep Sack. He's 18 pounds, so baby + bulky sleep sack = arms wedged in car seat, can't move. We're (half-heartedly) trying to move him to the crib and I hoped the SwaddleMe would fix the problems that causes with face hitting.


Bestest baby eva, I'm sure (let him hork on her just so you can say told ya so). And um, Y/Y on the food/cooking b/c well, why the hell not?

And yup, three babies in and I'm still all shit he didn't wake up last night, lemme go make sure he still CAN wake up. OMG mah brain

Not Beehive

I have 2 cute kids of my own but I have to say that Ike is just about the cutest baby ever ever EVER!


My daughter started rolling at the point, but was a disaster without the swaddle. It was also winter, so we went with the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit (fondly known as the "fat suit" around our house). It didn't help with cold hands, but was an amazing transition to swaddle-less life. It's like a heavy snowsuit, and basically keeps their arms out to the side all night like that kid in "A Christmas Story."


Whereas our son bust out of his first swaddle at ten minutes old, and when we /one time/ tried to reswaddle him at two days old screamed as though he were being bathed in acid until we came to our senses and let him loose. Not happening.

Kid won't fall asleep with a blanket on him, and has been know to ocassionally wake up if you try to cover him while he sleeps, leading to our family joke of "What kind of a MONSTER puts a blanket on a sleeping baby!?"


My 7-month-old daughter REFUSES to sleep without a swaddle. Epic screaming, flailing limbs, etc. When she outgrew her Miracle Blanket, I ordered the Woombie. Best. Invention. Ever. It comes in three (3!!!!) sizes, so I'm pretty sure she'll still be a snug little inchworm months from now.


It's a yay on the sub-blog/section. My daughter is a month younger than Ike and my son is two months younger than Ezra.

I'm totally not pregnancy/child-producing tailgating you here at all.

Maybe a little.


awww, hope the little guy is feeling better soon! at 3 1/2 months Avery had her first emergency room visit on Halloween. For very mild croup. Do you have to ask if this is our first kid? didn't think so. (but we called the pedi and he said to take her in so...)

Yes, please to the food info. Something I have MUCH to learn about.

Kevin Hartnett

My son Wally is the same age as Ike almost to the day...and also, ENTIRELY dependent on his swaddling blanket (so say his parents who are too scared to try and experiment). A few weeks ago we left his one and only Miracle Blanket at my parents' house, got home that night and PANICKED. We rigged something up MacGyver style: a warming blanket tied around his body with the string from a hoodie. Then, after laying him down in his bassinet for a minute we realized that string was maybe a bad idea/an-incredibly-obvious-strangulation-hazard and let Wally loose. I'd say he slept worse than usual but he never sleeps so who's to say. I wrote about it in a post called "No sleep to spare":

Jen Pacyga

Don't worry, my son took about 8 months to handle sleeping out of his swaddle. It was about when he could roll side to side really easily and was almost crawling. I thought there was something wrong with him, too, because his sisters were done swaddling after like 2-3 months!


Yes please on cooking for babies section!


We actually did the ace bandge around the swaddling thing. No lie. He just wasn't ready. Between six and seven months he was able to do it. Before that? Wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I was prepared to hand swaddling duties over to his college roommate if necessary.


would love the section on baby food...especially considering this is my third child too and I can't seem to remember what or when I fed my other two, who are only 3 1/2 and 2....


Yes, please, on the food section, esp. for kids Noah and Ezra's age. KThx.
Also, you are absolutely killing me with the Ike pics. His beautiful eyes and blond hair just make me want to have another one and I can't.
That is all. Carry on.


HELLS YES to the baby food section! My little guy is 5 months now too, and we've starting experimenting with cereal.

Also, thanks for trying out not swaddling the baby for us. My son is almost too big for his Miracle Blanket too, but I am SO hesitant to give it up because he (and we) sleep so well! Maybe next month...


I'm pretty sure I've worried about swineRSVmoniacroupflu before.

Yes to the idea of baby food and cooking. And particularly so to the idea of grabbing the best ideas of traditional purees (Yoren's super baby food is where I started) and baby led weaning.

And on the swaddling, we do almost the exact same thing except we are still able to use the foot part for now. Our guy is actually 10.5 months (8 adjusted), so you'd think we could sleep wtihout the swaddle, but each of the attempts has been so horridly awful that a month ago we swore we wouldn't try again until well, we get stupid again?

He was born just over 10 weeks early because of the in-utero death of his twin sister and he has some severe reflux issues, so he's tiny and so I'm sure we can get him in well into year two. And yes, I know we will have to stop some day... I'm thinking about the time he's ready to potty train?

I am totally envious of the not having a towel sensation. Solid foods have improved the reflux part a lot, but this fella has some issue with food and so it makes him gag and he typically vomits with each meal. The gastroenterologist loves us.

ANd that's my longest ramble ever!


Okay, so I'm an old school mama, but I'm just curious why you can't just swaddle him in a blanket? We did regular blanket swaddling until the bebes got sick of it and never had an issue. I largely regarded "swaddling blankets" in the same camp as "wipe warmers" - making more trouble for yourself. But maybe I'm totally wrong???


Yes! Food section please! And yes, Ike is flippin cute! :) You and Jason make cute babes.


Yes- Baby food. The books are weird and I am looking down the pipe at that now with #3 because I now stay at home and need to save $! Thanks!


I would love to hear your ideas re: baby food! My 5 month old is not on solids yet, but she probably will be next month. I plan to make her food, but as of yet have no idea as to what that will entail.


Hi Amy! Delurking to say that I'd LOVE a homemade baby food section. I read everything you write, and my daughter Naomi is a month older than Ike, so I'd be super interested. Your zero to forty is hilarious and awesome and got me through my pregnancy. Ike is adorable sleeping in his jumper, by the way. Love your writing!


Diaper geek question the first: is that a GMD workhorse fitted? That was not mentioned in the manifesto? I'm asking only because I have a little money left in my cloth diaper budget, and was considering picking up 5 or 6 in the newborn size to get us into my bigger sized options.

Confession the next: I hesitated to comment on any of your other spitting up posts (because, oh, I would be judged on this one)--but my little guy had reflux in a bad way. I also wasn't able to breastfeed. So...proceeding on the advice of my super old school pediatrician, "oatmeal bottle" became a nightly staple in our house from about 3 and half to six months. Combined with meds (for baby, not me), it made my life worth living again. In my defense...our ped first recommended rice cereal in the bottle. The hippie in me went with baby oatmeal.

Random suggestion that I have not tried but am really intrigued by: maybe a woombie? I'm thinking of supplementing my miracle blanket stash with one.

Finally: I hope baby Ike feels better soon! There's not much worse than a sick little one.


I swaddled my daughter WAY past 5 months. I had this big piece of stretchy, soft cotton jersey that I just wrapped around her like wrapping paper on a tube. She loved it.

Lynda M O

Swaddle until they reject it; they being the little woobers themselves !~! What can the pros be objecting to when they say to stop while the baby obviously unready ?? Who thinks up this insanity... hang ‘em!~!

Lynda M O

Swaddle until they reject it; they being the little woobers themselves !~! What can the pros be objecting to when they say to stop while the baby obviously unready ?? Who thinks up this insanity... hang ‘em!~!


Yes yes yes please on the baby foodie subsection. Im open to any new idea especially on the older two. Mine have shot down everything in my (extremely limited) arsenal.


I'm so relieved to hear that turbohork lessens with solid food! We've got a couple months, though, but hurray for something to look forward to!


Delurking to say...
We JUST stopped swaddling my ELEVEN month old daughter. We tried multiple times to rid her of it and she would not have it. We had one giant fleece stretchy blanket that I worship, because it is the only thing that will hold ridiculously old swaddled baby.


I just gotta say thank you, Amy, for helping this mama regain her sh*t at the end of long days at home with two kids (3 yr old and 8 month old) since 2008. Well, in 2008, 2009 and 2010 it was only one kid but still, you know, it doesn't really matter how many kids. I've been a lurker for 3 yrs. These past few weeks have been especially bad. But I feel 500% better and almost human after reading your posts, so thank you.


This could be me! This morning I decided for no good reason that our little 6 month old possum should sleep unswaddled... so he screamed, whacked himself in the face, did not nap, until I got smart and squished him into his favorite Miracle Blanket and then he fell asleep. What was I thinking?? If he sleeps well, why do we think we should mess with it??


My kid is eight. Eight years, not eight months. And I still sleep with him sometimes when he's sick, because I don't want to leave him alone at night.


Said it before, but Ike is just profoundly cute!

PopMommy Pam

That face! That FACE! Can't. handle. it. And I'm seriously done having babies, but you make me want to reconsider with that one there.


Please do create a blog about feeding your children...I have one almost three year old and I am FAILING miserably at feeding her anything that even comes close to healthy or fresh...and she is picky so there is a lot "please just eat one bite" begging and letting her still drink LOTS of milk because I am afraid otherwise she will waste away

I need your advice on that and it would be very helpful to have you make that blog!!!

Shannon Lell

Baby Toga Costume... where do you come up with this fantastic shit? My son is 3 months and a bit on the portly side. By portly I mean a big, fat, sweaty man-baby. I wish I could use more than one swaddle b/c it would prevent the baby in the toga costume situation that I currently confront every morning but I'm afraid that if I did he'd sweat himself to death. I may have to get crafty like you did.


Yes! Please make a kid/baby food recipe blog because omg. My kid only wants bread and I'm running out of veggie smoothie ideas to hide veggies in. Also? I need a veggie burger recipe that stays together! and is tasty! Please!


have you tried a http://www.woombie.com/ ? i've only heard good stuff about it, especially for swaddling older kids...


Yes yes please to that baby food thing :)


First, yes to baby/kid food blog. I think we do pretty well around these parts, but I can always do with more reading of your particular brand of writing.

As for sick kiddos. Just for my particular brand of kid, I will take the sick baby over the sick big kid ANY day {this may be subject to change as baby and big kid get older} The big kid is absolutely unbearable when it comes to having a cold. And if I can get the goopy cough/cold medicines into him it is a damn miracle. Night-time wakings are the worst for this objective, he says he wants the medicine to feel better but the second it is poured and to his lips it is like I am trying to get him to drink poison. Baby however is generally happy with snuggles and back/belly rubs until he falls back to sleep while sick.


Of course he is the best baby ever :) You make them the very best!


Baby Ike is adorable! And you know what they say, the third time is a charm.

Yes!!! to the baby food/cooking for kids blog!


Also, I will have you know that I am starting off with prefold diapers just because of the adorableness of that second photo.


We NEED a picture of baby Ike super-swaddled!!

Thank you for sharing your family with us. Your boys are gorgeous!


I remember when my newborn - 2 day old baby caught a cold from me and I was so freaked out since his nostrils were soooo tiny and full of gunk.


I swaddled till 9 months, also. I was ashamed of it but he just wasn't ready. And I needed my sleep. At 9 months he was not to be contained anymore and he just kind of naturally weaned off of it. He sleeps just as well now as he did before!
yes to the baby food! Pleeeeease! I need guidance!


A baby food blog would be great, but what I really want to read about is a baby sleeping blog and how you have such good sleepers. My daughter is a month younger than Ike and will not sleep more than 3 hours at a time and barely naps. The sleep deprivation is beyond out of control. Have tried the Miracle Blanket, Swaddle Me, Aden and Anais and Woobie. No luck. Unswaddled is worse. Hates the swing. Ugh.


ha! i have a photo of my baby with sophie-the-giraffe's legs sticking out from under his head too. it's almost a rite of passage, isn't it.


Have you ever heard of a Woobie. Google it, it's awesome and fit my swaddled #2 until well past one year until the fateful day I forgot to pack it in the diaper bag and my wonderful sitter taught her how to sleep without it.


Um, my almost-13-month-old may or may not start out each night and each nap in a Miracle Blanket (comes to about her shoulders, now) wrapped up in an Aden+Anais swaddle from Target. Sure, she gets out quickly (while sleeping!!) but without the wrapping paper she WILL NOT GO TO SLEEP. With it? She's a darling. So she can go to Ike's frat parties in her very own toga-ish contraption.

My boy stayed in his until around 7 months. I thought that was long. I had no idea.

And yes on the food blog!


I would freakin' love a sub-blog or whatever on homemade baby food and cooking for kids. I'm a home canner so I already have a food mill, and I'm really jazzed about the idea of making awesome baby food that will taste good and be nutritious!

LD's Mom

Love the cute little blonde hair that seems to be growing in.


No worries, Kennedy will be his RA and will understand because she'll still have her crib in college. The chick will sleep in her crib for as long as I can make it happen. She's 2.5 now and seems to have no desire to sleep in a big girl bed despite what her friends may be doing.


Hallelujah to not being puked on!


OMG, you had me at baby toga costume. Laughed out loud. First time today. THANK YOU!!!


I can't get over those cheeks!! He's so completely adorable.


I have to say he is so cute and he looks so little I love little babies and fat babies OMG! they are so cute you just want to play with their little baby feet so adorable.


I have a 6 month old, and use 2 blankets a night also. If by some chance I haven't done the laundry and 2 are not available (most nights) we tie the sleeves of her pajamas together so her arms are stuck by her side. Crazy? Probably, but she will wake herself up 4 or 5 time a night, and we have tried letting her cry it out.


I, too, got all freaky when my baby/little kid got sick - he's older now and I don't go into freak out mode as quickly and completely, but I think it is also part of being a parent. Or at least how I parent. "OMG I've dun messed up and let my kid get sick."


A few thoughts:

First, I would really enjoy a column about making one's own baby food and cooking for children. It makes me feel capable and healthful and like a good mom to think that I'll make my own baby food in a few months-- but I am intimidated. A column might help with that.

Second, my baby sleeps so much better with a Miracle Blanket, because he's too big anymore to swaddle with our receiving blankets, and he's a dextrous bugger. But he hasn't even reached three months, and I can see he won't fit into our Miracle Blankets forever.

I wish they made a bigger size.

But I'm glad to hear they can be frankensteined into usefulness even when a baby boy won't fit in the baby bag anymore.

Third, I hope Ike feels better soon. And you.


Ohhh he is just pure cuteness!!

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