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The Christmas That Ate Everything

Merry Belated Everything!

ARGH so I have no time to actually post anything substantial because I have a second wave of family arriving today and I have to mop floors and buy more booze but that last post is bumming me out especially because Christmas was absolutely 100% non-bummer-like in the slightest EVEN THOUGH it involved one teeny tiny little harmless emergency room visit and no I'm not joking but I'll tell you about that later because TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY COUGH AHEM COUGH so here:

Picture 95

(Pro tip: Forget holiday cards. New Year's cards are the last-minute procrastinating SHIT, y'all.)



Happiest of birthdays to you!! Also? I'm doing a New Year card as well since my urchins don't like letting me have any spare time.

April G.

What an adorable card! Ike looks so cute.

I thought I was going to have to do New Years cards, but I got mine out in the nick of time. I heard they arrived last Friday. Yesssssss.


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! And thank you for your blog!

PopMommy Pam

Happy Birthday!! And Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!


Happy birthday!!


Happy Birthday, Amy!! I hope that extra booze you're buying is for you!


The best IS yet to come, especially today! Pump and get ripped!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope your year is filled with joy :)


Happy happy birthday! I hope it's a great one.


Happy Birthday! I love your card. It made me feel warm and fuzzy.


Happy Birthday, Amy! Enjoy, and thanks for sharing your life with us here. All the best for 2012!


Love your card and love that I'm not the only one sending out New Year's cards instead of Christmas cards. Happy birthday!


Happy birthday and wha??? An ER visit???


Happy birthday !!!


New Year's cards ROCK for the lazy (um, procrastinators!). In fact, New Year's GIFTS are going to the kids' teachers. Because we are just that awesome.

However, our familial awesome pales in comparison to the Storch cute. Heifer.

And ER, huh? We tell these under 5 footers all the time (sit your ass down; nobody's going to the emergency room on (insert EVERY day of the week for the corresponding day). I just hope to GoodGollyGravy'sGoodGod that you didn't posion anyone. Merry belated everything!


Wishing you all the best, Amy. 'Cause you're awesome and stuff.


Happy birthday Amy! Your blog makes me happy. xx

Jess W

Love the card, have a happy birthday!!


Adorable. That reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, from Robert Browning: "Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be."

Glad to hear your Christmas went well. It was our first Christmas without my grandmother, and it was happy with bittersweet moments. We had a teeny ER visit on Christmas day too. Kitchen counter + boy face = stitches. Our pediatric ER is so awesome that my 6 year old actually had fun. Go figure.


Happy Birthday Amy!

Big Gay Sam

¡Feliz cumpleaños!


Happy birfday AND happy new year!


Happy Birthday!

Valerie Gibson

Happy happy birthday, Amy. Love the card! Procrastination with an air of "I have my shit together hahaha suckers".


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Amy!

The card is adorable.


Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! Darling card.


Happy Birthday! I like the New Years cards because we are ALWAYS late with the Christmas ones. You're a genius.


Right around Dec 15 when I realized I had no family shots with the new baby and I could not get everyone to smile and Ave pants on at the same time... that's when I decided to do Valentine's cards instead of Christmas cards. New years is still too much of a crunch for me. So what I'm saying is new years is not for procrastinators. You still have to be somewhat ready to do it in time.


Happy Birthday!! I was all set to get Christmas cards out this year...the ones I never managed to get together to send out LAST year! But they will be going out late, they are too cute to not send out! So New Year's cards or just "I had way too much going on to get these out on time cards!" :)


Happy birthday!!!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday, Amy!! Have a great visit with your family :)

Melissa C

Happy Birthday! And HELLS YEAH to the New Year's cards. We've been doing that for the last few years and it totally rocks the house!

Melissa C

Happy Birthday! And HELLS YEAH to the New Year's cards. We've been doing that for the last few years and it totally rocks the house!

April B.

Happy Birthday, Amy! Love the New year's postcard idea. It's also very traditional in Japan. Thanks for another year of enjoyable reading!


Fijne Verjaardag, van harte gefeliciteerd.
I hope that you will receive lots of birthday presents ;-) and lots of fun to!


Happy birthday!!!


Happy Happy birthday!! =)


Happy birthday and new year and all that good stuff! I totally pronounced your name Stork until I just saw the pluralization and now I'm going to have to get used to the new way :P


We're also doing New Year's cards - even better, we're using the family photos we took back in AUGUST because I am that on top of everything.

Merry Christmas, yo.


Happy Birthday, Amy!


Awww this is a stroke of genius! Happy Birthday!! Hope you're having the best of times during this holiday season. Look forward to hearing about it all when you get a chance.


Happy Birthday! (my birthday is today too)


Happy, Happy Birthday! We Capricorns are the BEST! Good luck with family v.2!


A most Happy Birthday.

And I converted to New Years cards about 5 years ago. My husband and I usually take a long weekend the second weekend in January. It's now my tradition to address the cards while he drives then I mail them at our destination. Total win. And cute card. (yours)


I wish you the happiest and healthiest year ever for you and your entire family.


die Frau

Happy, happy birthday!

We only sent out paper cards to family this year, and those barely made it out on time. Everyone else got the screen shot of the card in an e-mail. I'd say it's because we're going all green, but it's really because we're extra poor this year (and I didn't feel like addressing all those damned envelopes).


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!!!!


I ordered early valentines cards. When you can't even pull off new years and can't confirm they'll be in the mail for mlk day.


Happy Birthday, Amy!!

The card is spectacular!!

Bingo Generator

Happy Birthday Dear.:)

Really the card is adorable.


Love the card. Got it online, but still wish I was on your list :-) LOL


Happy Birthday a day late! I'm right behind you tomorrow but I'm way older! :) Got a brand new grandson for my Christmas and birthday this year!


Happy Birthday!


Have I ever told you that you're pretty? And you write well? So...uh...happy birthday!


Today is my birthday too! So, happy birthday to someone who no one ever remembers your birthday because it is so close to Christmas.... wah! :-)


Happy belated birthday!


Happy Birthday Amy!
Love the card. I made one on one of the many photo sharing sites then realized i had no time or $ to print & mail them so I just saved it to jpg and emailed it :)


Happy Birthday! I hope the booze was good to you!

We escaped the holidays without an injury so far, but we still have a few more things to go!


Happy Birthday, Lovely Amalah! :) :)


Hey, New Year IS "the Holidays" so any card than arrives within a week of that is STILL a Holiday Cards. Happy Birthday, BTW.


Yay! Happy Birthday (a few days late!) to you! Happy New Year to you as well! Thank you for blogging. It makes me so happy to click on your bookmarked link! xo


Beautiful card . . .and beautiful family. Had to laugh when I saw that you wrote "& Baby Ike." When he's older and looks back at this card, I guarantee he's not going to like being referred to as baby Ike.

No Drama Mama

Happy Birthday! New Years Eve card?! Brilliant. This is my chance to redeem my lack of Christmas cards, if I can just remember to do it before Valentines Day.


procrastinating to the max! Here I am 3days late not expecting you to post ON your birthday when you have BEFORE, HAH that'll teach me(rolls eyes, yeah right)

Belated Happy Birthday and Enjoy this New Year!


Happy birthday, lady.
I just found your blog from linking from here and there, and, oh crap, are you funny.
I'm crying. And laughing.


Happy belated birthday! And also? We have the same birthday! (Why is that always so flippin' exciting to find out?)

sean s

Happy Birthday! I just found your blog today for the 1st time. What an inspiration. I can only hope people will someday find my blog as useful and inspiring.

ccr in MA

Happy birthday! I'm sorry I was sick on your actual birthday, and am thus late with the wishes, but it just extends the celebration, right?

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