Peace in Brain, Goodwill Toward Self

Merry Geekmas


(Sorry, Star Trek! Mama's bringing things back to her fandom this Christmas.)


(Even though she's usually about as crafty as your average garden slug.)


(So please don't look too closely at R2D2. He was tragically maimed in a freak gasoline fight accident.)


(Though Boba Fett turned out pretty badass, I think.)

(Printable DIY Star Wars snowflake diagrams are here, though I'm serious: the R2D2 one will make you want to punch kittens in the vagina.)

(I still need to make Yoda and C3PO, but decided a little break was in order after I started seeing the face of Darth Vader on my parchment paper while baking Christmas cookies.)




(Thanks to Jackie for the snowflake link! It's not I had anything productive to do during all those hours.)




I am so making my husband create these with my boys tonight. Have you seen the star wars cooking stuff at williams sonoma? spatulas, aprons, sandwich cutters, pancake molds oh my!!!


I made these as well! I found them quite theraputic in a stabby, xacto knife, high chance of the bleeding kind of way. I am proud to say that all fingers are intact 7 of them later. I have them hanging in my cube at work. As we are a video game company, I have been the focus of much admiration. Bonus. Tee!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Yes, totally Darth Vader in that parchment.

The snowflakes are AWESOME. I am kind of speechless with all the awesome. Merry Christmas!


Those are SO COOL. I love them! I doubt I have the patience for them, so I'll just keep looking at yours:)


I cannot wait for the boy to be older and interested in some worthwhile viewing. Because Die Dora!

Lynda M O

Dude, you are a righteous scissors-bearer; some people's talents tend more to the 'running with' sector of performing arts with sharp objects.
Where'd you stash Face-sucking Amoeba while you played with pointy prongs ?~! I need to sniff behind his ears please...


That is amazing. Sheer awesomeness. I'm making some just to impress my cousins who are Star Wars fanatics. We went to see the music of John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl, and they were pissed they didn't bring their light sabers. I personally get my geek on for Harry Potter.



Also? Totally is Darth Vader.


I'd be careful posting that last picture, lest people start making a pilgrimage to your house.

Aunt Beru

Greaaaaat. Now I am going to have to do this frigging snowflakes. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Reading (and chickens)

That snowflake link is saving Christmas vacation. Thank you.

Jo G.

Love it! My tree has more Star Wars ornaments than bulbs. This year my cut out cookies are Star Wars and trees. My boys got the Star Wars cookie cutters from Williams Sonoma last year. I was hesitant they would look decent but they turned out great with my cut out cookie recipe.

May The Force be with you this Christmas!

Erika Mitchell

Crafty indeed! Wes and I will have to save these for our kids when they get older, the snowflakes will go so well with our Star Wars Easter Egg kit and jack o'lantern designs...


I totally see Darth Vader on the cookie sheet. Also, I'm a little hesitant to show these to my hubby, lest he ask me to add them to the decor. We already have two Star Wars ornaments on the tree (one of them has Darth Vader talking to the emperor!), and I bought him the cutest little blown-glass Yoda this year.

Amy K

Wow, those are awesome! I'm more of a Star Wars than a Star Trek geek too, but I had to purchase this ornament on Etsy:


These are fantastic! I love it. We're hard core sci-fi geeks over here so those printable designs are ACE. Can't wait to do some of them.

Cath @ Constance Reader

Holy shit these are awesome.

Amanda Pack

I bask in your royal geekness. I could only aspire to the awesomeness that is you. The force (and patience) must be strong in you.

Amanda Pack

Wait WAIT WAIT wasn't there a Princess Amalahdalah in one them there picture shows about space and war?

Rebecca Van Hout

I totally must make these! And yes the parchment paper is SO Darth Vader :)

Jo Green

LOL - these are cute! You did a great job!


Did you use regular 8 1/2 by 11 paper, or is using square paper recommended? Those are way cool!


That does not look like regular Darth Vader. That looks like Stewie as Darth Vader.


My four year old is going to freak the hell out now. Thank you for making our Christmas way more awesome. Someone ready a kitten!


OMG, that's totally my darth vader plushie!

(now I know what I will be doing this weekend, btw.)

ray ban uk



Lol awesome. If I tried that, they would look retarded with a smile on their face when their not suppose to a smile. That's totally darth vader there, too bad you stop there and kept going so you can see him also when you close your eyes haha

Surprise you didn't do Ahsoka, as far as R2D2....yeeeaahh(starts to look for a kitten)


fail typing. Suppose to be "their not suppose to have a smile on their face"

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