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How Bad Was My Weekend


After a brief turn for the better last night and this morning, we're now back to taking it one sip of Pedialyte at a time over here. Even popsicles are too wild and crazy for this party. And the less said about that banana, the better.


Fuck this week. I'm out. Let's meet up on Monday for a do-over, deal?



So. There's a biohazard suit sitting in your shopping cart on Amazon, no?


That poor little boy!! Prayers coming your way for an "all better Ez"!!


Poor Baby! Prayers coming your way for an "all better Ez"!!


Poor, poor little guy. Hope that you all get back to feeling better soon.


poor poor peanut. We have the same jammies at my house, they are our favorites!


Bless his little heart, feel better soon Ezra, and here's hoping the rest of you don't get it!

Cath @ Constance Reader

Good luck, dudes. Feel better. And for God's sake, don't fuck with any bananas!!!


Oh god, they are so cute and pathetic when they are sick. But...UGH. Hope things turn around over there soon.


Hoping he gets better soon, and that all the rest of you are shielded from this horribleness. And I mean that, because I've been horking at a similar rate to your little Ez. And at 31, it's not cute anymore...

Martha H.

Feel better soon, Ezra! Cuz it's Friday, time to partay!

Erika Mitchell

Poor buddy! I hope he feels better soon and those germs just keep to their darn self!


Poor guy! We had success using an infant medicine dropper/plunger to get pedialyte into our guy last time this happened. The novelty of drinking this way was the only way we could get fluids in him. Sorry for you :-(


Aw, bless his sweet little heart. Even sick, he is one of the prettiest boys I've ever seen.

Long distance love to Ez!


Poor guy!! Hope he feels better soon..


Agreed. Fuck this week. In the same boat over here, sick kids all week, fevers, cough, leading to pneumonia in my 2 year old. All because the stupid doctor wanted to "watch & wait" before prescribing him antibiotics (despite my pleas to just call it in already). Needless to say, we are getting a new pediatrician. Now my husband has the stomach flu, and I swear if anyone else gets that I'm gonna lose it. SO ready for next weeks do over. Get better soon Ez!


awwww...feel better sweet zah!


Make him some jelly. It's fun, very digestible and full of protein!


Poor, Budders. Feel better, Ezra!


I told my husband about your post yesterday and he asked if I was your ghostwriter or something! That bug hit us 2 weeks ago. Hope the weekend gets better! Keep Cloroxing everything!


Hope tomorrow brings a turn for the better. For all y'all.


poor buddy!


This is serious.

It ravaged our house last weekend, too. No food at all & teensy little sips of Pedialyte & apple juice for 3 whole days. For both of us.

Poor Ezzers. My ribs still hurt from the puking, but he should be through it by tomorrow & hopefully feeling a bit better by Sunday.


Oh, poor little sweet guy. I hope he feels better soon. Hang in there. This, too, shall pass. Just not soon enough.


Aw! So sorry. Hope by tomorrow things are better, cause Monday is way far from now!


Awh! Here's hoping the mighty Zah gets his mightiness back soon!!


Poor baby, poor, poor mama. Hope your sanity holds out. If we lived closer I'd come babysit the others for you but 800 miles is a bit much.

Loretta S.

Same thing in the far Southwest, only it's RSV season here. But I'm with ya on ending this daggone week. Hang in there Storches!


Ugh. There's lots of rotovirus / arbovirus going around. Here's to a fast recovery.


Hope he's better quick and that,somehow,everyone else is spared.


Here in the Netherlands we have saying that everything comes in threes, so 1 down 2 more to go:-(
Good luck and take care.


He is so absolutely precious. I hope he is feeling better soon and that no one else is felled by the sickness.


Just happened upon your blog. Sorry about the flu. That sucks. Otherwise... nice blog. :)


Bad, bad, bad. I hope he get's well soon! God, I know how bad this is, I can deal with colds but stomach flu is BAD. We had a bout of that recently and then I caught it and spent the entire night in the bathroom (and my husband was away for work...) and the toddler decides to get up at 5 (!!!) a.m. stands next to me and declares "mommy pretty". I never felt prettier...


Just dealt with it this past wkend with my hubby & daughter... good times! My daughter bounced back pretty quick, hubby - not so much. He's home today, but has been keeping food down since yesterday. Hope it doesn't spread to the rest of you! God Speed

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