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This Is Some Award-Losing Nonsense, Right Here

In honor of my shiny new super-organized (for now, but check back in 30 seconds) office, I present an entry without any topic at all. But disorganized, stream-of-consciousness writing is a valid art form as long as you do it while sitting in a chair, at a desk. FACT. Are you sitting at a desk? I have just legitimized everything you do today. You are a serious professional and nothing will change that. Go on, drip yogurt on yourself. You've earned it. Apologies to the non-desk sitters in the audience. I was you! All the way up until yesterday! And... Read more →


I bought a desk this weekend. I have not sat at a desk since 2006. April-ish, if I recall correctly. I bought a desk at Ikea and a fake potted plant, came home and sorted through a good four years of clutter, pushed an (Ikea) dresser down the hall into the boys' room, which I traded them for an (Ikea) bookshelf that I pushed back into my room, my office. The blinds should be replaced and the walls desperately need painted; the stuff I hung up is stragetically cover up the worst of the scuff marks in the meantime. Everything... Read more →

I Want To Belieeeeeeeeve

I have no idea how we got on the subject of Bloody Mary -- the ghosty sleepover dare, not the drink -- but somehow, we did. A little vodka may have been involved, but I am definitely sure that tomato juice and celery were not. Jason and I both grew up in very, very religious households, and because of this, had both achieved adulthood without ever -- EVER -- attempting the Bloody Mary game. We believed that just by THINKING about Satan or evil things, one was technically inviting demonic influence, or even full-on possession. That shit was real, man,... Read more →


I posted this picture to Instagram a couple days ago, but I'm reusing it here because it's now the last-known photo of Ike without a ring of multi-colored bruises across his forehead. Which I'm guessing he'll be sporting for the next few months, at least. Oh my GOD, this child. Last Thursday he started crawling on his hands and knees, pulling to a stand, making shaky (and mostly unsuccessful) attempts at cruising around the furniture, doing a combo wave/sign-for-milk thing with his hand and mimicking the words "kick kick kick" while, uh, kicking. And I do mean, literally, Thursday. All... Read more →

More Real-World Style Tips From A Real-World Fan Of Occasionally Wearing Pants

Hey so remember the time I rubbed all y'all's faces in the fact that I got sent a heapload of free jewelry? And then was like, "okay I guess one of you can win some free jewelry too?" Yeah, so it turns out that a lot of you seemed to be very much in the pro-free jewelry camp (shocking!!1!), and also in the screw you, blogger, I can buy my own jewelry myself camp. The post was a success, is my point, and I was then repeatedly asked to do another sponsored post/giveaway for JewelMint's sister site, StyleMint. Repeatedly! There... Read more →

Outside the Box

When the flyer came home in his backpack, I groaned. The Valentine's Day class party was going to have a "theme." A 1950s sock hop, with music and dancing. Dressing up in poodle skirts and "greaser" costumes was encouraged. Please remember that all treats must be store bought, not homemade. Sometimes integration in the general education classroom sucks. No way would the room parents in special education plan something like that, with so many of the kids easily unnerved by changes in routine and costumes and noise and cupcakes frosted with Red 40 dye. But there was no party for... Read more →


Surprise! I'm currently en route to New York City. You know, for stuff. Just the usual glamorous kind of drop-of-a-hat jet-setting that I am all about. To call this trip "last minute," however, is such an understatement that I think it might actually be offensive to minutes. I'm not even 100% sure I'm allowed to tell you anything else about the trip until later because I signed the contract thingie at 5 am this morning and therefore haven't the faintest idea what I just agreed to. I HAD A TRAIN TO CATCH AND ONLY THREE HOURS TO MAKE A 22-MINUTE... Read more →

Official Post-Valentine's Day Recap ExtravaganzSQUIRREL!

I had a really nice Valentine's Day, thank you for not asking, but allowing me to pretend that you did. We're all organic and conversational up in this bitch! For the first time in years, I was thoroughly pleased with my own gift-and-card-related offerings for Jason: Geeky Han-and-Leia bracelets from Spiffing Jewelry. Super-highly-mature card from Wit and Whistle. Usually I get completely out-gifted by my thoughtful, creative husband while I'm like: Here's a sweater? It's red? I bought you some chocolates but I ated them? Not that Jason did too shabbily himself, or anything. But he's an established pro at... Read more →

Cooking With the Mighty Zah

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! And good news! Thanks to the money-grubbing powers that be (AKA MY OWN SELF), I accidentally scheduled a sponsored post for today so y'all are spared having to read something goopy about my husband. Instead, we're going to talk about vegetables, thanks to Hidden Valley Ranch. Vegetables are romantic, right? (I know where your mind is going right now and I do not like it. I LOVE IT.) Specifically, I'm supposed to talk about getting kids to eat their vegetables. LIKE I HAVE ANY IDEA. The only kid in my house who is currently not a... Read more →

Technicalogical Difficulties

So I had this whole post planned for today, but this whole post centered around some photos I took with my real camera (I know, fancy, right?) instead of my phone, and thus everything depended on getting those photos off the real camera and I have now spent two! hours! looking for my memory card reader and then 20! minutes! trying every USB cable in the house, and yet the photos remain solidly, irrevocably trapped on the memory card because this is what happens when I try to like, not do things half-assed like usual. Lesson: NEVER TRY. AIM LOW.... Read more →