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More Real-World Style Tips From A Real-World Fan Of Occasionally Wearing Pants

Hey so remember the time I rubbed all y'all's faces in the fact that I got sent a heapload of free jewelry? And then was like, "okay I guess one of you can win some free jewelry too?" Yeah, so it turns out that a lot of you seemed to be very much in the pro-free jewelry camp (shocking!!1!), and also in the screw you, blogger, I can buy my own jewelry myself camp.

The post was a success, is my point, and I was then repeatedly asked to do another sponsored post/giveaway for JewelMint's sister site, StyleMint. Repeatedly! There is only so much resisting of free clothing with a side of bonus money a girl can do, you guys. 

So really, this is all your fault, if you think about it. DEAL WITH IT.

StyleMint operates the same way as JewelMint, only with clothes: Take a style quiz, get recommendations based on your answers, and every product comes with helpful Styling For Dummies suggestions to give you ideas on how to wear it and look like you have not given up on life. It's a membership site, so you can either treat yourself to something new each month or check in and opt to skip the purchase that month. (Maddeningly, despite very responsibly setting a reminder for myself on the first of each month in iCal, I have yet to take the "skip this month" option over on JewelMint yet because BUY ALL THE THINGS.) 

I was a bit hesitant about the StyleMint offerings because...well, they're designed by the Olsen twins. I am...not an Olsen twin.

In today's performance, the part of an Olsen twin will be played by Photoshop's shape tool, while the part of Amalah will be played by a hulking behemoth wearing too much jewelry and being vaguely threatened by a towering stack of cloth diapers.

So I was afraid that wearing something designed by an Olsen twin might result in something like this:


The giant sentient stack of vicious cloth diapers is probably unrelated to the shirt, BTW. 

I am happy to report that no one will be forced to see my midsection, as the shirts I ordered -- chosen carefully with the guiding style principle of Can I Breastfeed In It -- are downright roomy and forgiving around that particular, ahem, problem area. I can indeed breastfeed in them without destroying the necklines like I've done to dozens of less-stretchy v-necks. They also, as promised by the site's expert stylists, go with jeans. And also other jeans! Pants in general, actually. Which is nice. I think they might look kinda dumb with yoga pants, though not like that's ever stopped me before. 

(I wore one to New York this past weekend and while the top itself was super cute, I did learn the hard way that there is no cute top in the world that will EVER make having your picture taken next to a really handsome male model be a good idea. You feel badly about yourself and your neck then eat your feelings via the craft services table. But that's another sponsored post for another sponsored day. Alas!)

Anyway! TL;DR; just take me to the giveaway part, crazy lady: Two thumbs up, fine holiday fun. Get 20% off your first tee with code AMALAH20 between now and 2/29. AND YES, you can win any shirt of your choice by commenting on this post before Friday at noon, ET. Winner will be chosen at random and I will email you the good news and maybe even offer you some expert styling tips of my own for your selection. (HINT: IT PROBABLY LOOKS GOOD WITH JEANS. SHHHHH!)



I have the first job in my entire adult life with a dresscode of "if it's fairly clean and covers the important bits, it's fine", with a side of "if it's been ironed, are you going to a meeting?", so anything that goes well with jeans and doesn't come with a giant cloth diaper monster is good in my books. If it's free, even more so!


Win please.


I love the free, especially since I am not sure that sweatshirts and fuzzy pants constitutes a "style".


So, does the shirt do anything about the *squishy* little bit of extra around my midsection that my second child left as a constant reminder of his stay in said midsection? Cause that would be cool.


Here I am, commenting like a commenting fool. A t-shirtless commenting fool.


I like shirts! I wear them every day! wheeeee!


Yes, please!


I've been on the fence about doing this for a bit now, thanks for the extra push over!


So Many Comments! Pick me!


Dear, sweet Amy. You're always looking out for us! This'll be like a dream come true to me, who needs much coaching on fashion.
Seriously. My husband picks stuff off the racks while I'm in the changing room and he's The Best Ever. And very manly.


I WANT SOMETHING FOR FREE!!!! Maybe I should tone down the caps and the desperation...


i wouldn't say no to a free shirt, although in olsen-size i'm probably an XXXXXL. sigh. but! a cute baby to show for it!


Did your top fit true to size?


I signed up for JewelMint only to find (of course) that they don't ship outside the US (grrrrr... how heavy can jewellery be?). And now I get mails from them ALL THE TIME because - despite my best efforts - there is no way to unsubscribe from their site. I'd love a look at StyleMint but don't dare because I'm guessing I'll have the same problem. Living in France can be cool, but it sucks for this kind of thing (oh, and for streaming-of-good-US-and-UK-TV-show kinds of things too).

Amy R

My son is a few days older than Ike, and like Ike, was a prolific puker. And that breastfed baby urp? Doesn't wash out all that easy. At least not with my laundry routine! So I have few shirts that 1) fit, 2) are easy to nurse in, and 3) do not have unsightly spots. A new tee would be awesome!


"Which outfit would you wear to a business meeting?" Hmm, let's see, since I'm not 22 or an Olsen twin, I'm finding it really hard to imagine myself attending a business meeting in a miniskirt or skin tight black jeans. What a silly website. Can't imagine taking styling advice from those two women, who always look like something the cat dragged in.


Well if I win the free shirt, I guess I'll have to buy jeans. It's probably time anyway!

Mary O

I'm already signed up for StyleMint and I really like the t's so far... soft, flattering, seem like they're made from good material.


You know what goes well with jeans? My fetus.


Yay! I got the Midas ring from Jewelmint - Love. love the shirts too!


hey, I want a free shirt. Especially one that covers my stomach and allows for breastfeeding. Of course, then I would wear said shirt every single day, but that is not your problem.

Suzy Q

Free to be you and me in free clothes!


Thanks for the chance to win Amy!


After just having baby #3 I deserve some new clothes!

Linda Y.

Thanks for this giveaway!


I would love a new shirt.


I want free stuff too!


I spent my four day weekend in yoga pants and a shirt. the same yoga pants and the same shirt. I'd like to pretend this was unusual.

Lissa Iwasaki

Awesome! If I add a new shirt to my rotation, it will make 5 un-stained, un-stretched-out shirts. I'll be able to make it the whole week without embarrassing myself. Score!


Cute shirts that are also breastfeeding friendly? I am so down!


Sweet....yes, you should totally be doing this!

Elsa Meyer

Please pick me. Please!!!

Rachel C

I love:
1. free stuff
2. shirts
3. wearing jeans

So sign me up!!


Free? Yes please.


I have no style and operate on the principle that I find one style that I feel like I can leave the house in and I buy it in all the colors. I should probably take a look at that site.

Jess F

I love that you emphasized your cute new baby hairs! Also, the cloth diapers should be hugging you ;)


I wear jeans! And t-shirts too.


here's hoping that a new shirt will encourage me to put real pants on more often!


Do they have t-shirts that cover slight mummy tummies and bottoms and I can throw on a pair of leggings with? Then yes sign me up!


I'm in. I'm a big fan of roomy tees.


Can't hurt to give it a shot I guess...so long as it goes well with jeans...


Moar free stuff!


It doesn't work for me. The sign in popup has me caught in an endless loop. Oh well, the pictures I can see look nice. Have fun!


definitely want to try stylemint - have heard great things but am also wary!


If it's not A) cotton B) solid colored or C) from Target, it will be like a foreign object in my closet. Which is a good thing.


I would describe my current style as 'stretchy' and 'frequently stained.' Yeah.


Free clothes? Sign me up!

Emily Nightingale

Yippie!!! Tee-shirt give away!


oooh I hope I win! The last shirt I bought (for me, not my ever-stylish 2 year old) was last Valentine's day, so what, A YEAR AGO! Man, I need new clothes.


Roomy shirt? Yes, please.


I could use a shirt, I have nothing to wear at my new job.


comment comment comment


Yay shirts!


will comment for free stuff. Especially help with my style, since I have no style.

Teresa scali

I love free! And I love your site.


Pick me, pick me! :)


Yeah, I'm wearing khakis that are too big and low waist, an awful combination. I need some new CLOTHES!

And I just registered at StyleMint. Very cool.

Sarah C.

I haven't signed up for any of the Mints, but I could be easily convinced...

Sarah C.

This could be the beginning of a very unhealthy shopping habit...


Please save me from my inherent ability to dress like crap! Also, love that shirt. If I dont win I may just have to convince myself to sign up anyway. Okay, done.


Pick me! Pick me!


My wardrobe could USE some 'supercute', I'm in Canada, though!


Good because I am really tired of wearing the same black yoga pants 10 weeks post partum.


I like free stuff!

Also, I like you. Keep up the blogging. It makes my day happy.


We don't get even ONE picture of you in the clothes?


Yay for free stuff, I'm in!


Free shirt for me please!!


Pick me! Pick me! (pleeeeeeaase?!) :)


I wear the exact same outfit every single day- I could definitely use some more ideas.


Free Shirt? That goes with jeans? But does it go with the frumpy? Hmmmm.

Lynda M O

Here's my comment: One can always use a little new item for a change-I so seldom buy new for anyone anymore...


I too have never used StyleMint for fear of looking like an Olsen twin. Thanks for being our penguin! (You know - the one who gets pushed into the water to see if there are any seals around to eat the rest of the penguins. What I'm trying to say is thanks for trying it out for us.)

Kim S.

I like shirts. I really do.

Kristen McD

Oh, cute stuff. I wish the girls themselves didn't look so sad...

Candace Frye

Oh I love free clothes. And help stylin. I have no taste beyond Tshirt and jeans.


Free shirt? Yes please!

Jess F.

Yay, clothes! I dreamed that I was wearing a dress made from vicious cloth diapers last night. Hmmm...


Hello. My name is Melissa and I'm a Stylemint addict. After discovering that I love loose ts with skinny jeans, I went on an unsuccessful hunt for the perfect shirts. Lost cause. I fund a couple here or there...but nothing great. Then I discovered stylemint and proceeded to take advantage of every promo I could to stock up...yet...it's not enough. Love the shirts, they fit so well (the Monrovia arrived earlier this month for me as well and I love it).


I heart beyond words the stack of sentient cloth diapers. Mine have been eyeing me slyly asking for a good stripping. Those sassy diapers of mine.


Free things? Twist my arm...


Great idea! I need all the help I can get. My current style is mom frump.





Tammi Schneiderman

Despite my vast style board on Pinterest, I still own clothes from high school (well over a decade ago). My style is jeans and a tee with a scarf. I have a bajillion scarves, and it makes me feel like I'm mixing things up. And let's be honest, I feel fancy in jeans bc I wear pjs every day. I only change into jeans when carpool mom drops off my son bc she comments on how lucky I am to have Pajama Day Every Day. :/




love it so much!
though I can't say I can really get behind any of my options on the style quiz, but I'm sure the shirts are better in real life!


What I can't wear the same black jeans everyday to work? Why not?


I'll take one kthxbye!


fun! free stuff!


I need help. I look like I just rolled out of bed at 4 in the afternoon.every. single.day. Beginning to sit in car and let kids find me afterschool so I dont have to clean up... omg!


That site is dangerous...I just bought a shirt. Like it!


Love free stuff, love your blog, and love when you get artistic to prove a point!

Steph Starner

I forget how I found this blog, but you are funny. Yeah baby, free clothes. Pick me!!


I ended up LOVING JewelMint and am willing to take a chance on StyleMint. Besides....Free Clothes!!! Yay!


Mmm... Perhaps the only thing better than free cupcakes are free shirts that make me look less like I've eaten ALL the free cupcakes.


Style help, yes please!


Pick me!! Hells yes Olsen twins!!!


Ohh, free shirt here please!

Jamie B.

Hey, I like free stuff!


Me likey the Camden Colorblock tee.

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